Wobbly Eyes


Wobbly Eyes

Wobbly eyes… the movement from ego to superego and back again… between the two (1979-0616); You can find out in a second whether you are on a conditioning side or not… if the left side is catching, then you are conditioned, and may suffer from pains etc. If the right side is catching, then you are on an ego trip, and may have health problems. Or you may be wobbly (1980-0517.1); Attention should be all the time inside. Like when walking on the road, people have a habit of seeing this… seeing that… and like that the attention gets frittered away. What you should do is to see about 3 or 4 feet at most from the ground, and not above… because you can see all the beautiful children, the flowers, everything… there is nothing very beautiful above that… and also, if possible, to fix your attention so the attention becomes concentrated, and you feel very relaxed and relieved of too much of wobbling of your eyes… eyes are very important (1988-0921); With right sided people, the brain is so wobbly… that you just can’t bear any discomfort… a slight discomfort in the body makes you very very upset (.0011)

You should not pay attention to nonsensical things, but try to put your attention while walking or anywhere, on the Mother Earth. If there are thoughts coming, just you see that you stop the thoughts… and you can’t afford to have wobbly eyes in Sahaja Yoga… that’s very wrong. If that happens, try to put down your eyes, because these eyes cannot allow your Kundalini to rise (1987-1224); We can steady the Agnya, by soothing the eyes – by looking at the green grass, or by looking at the ground (instead of always looking at every man or at every woman, which only leads to wobbly eyes) (1978-1218); Attention also works through the eyes (1978-1005); Entities are being exchanged in flirtations, and result in wobbly eyes, and also are the cause of those ‘attractions’ that we cannot explain or understand (1978-1218)

We also can become confused and wobbly when we drink alcohol, which is against our attention (1981-0328); Our attention, our awareness, is based in the stomach, in the void, and can be spoiled by drinking alcohol, reading bad books, following wrong or bad Gurus, fanaticism, identification with one religion to the exclusion of others, by materialism… (1978-1005)

The liver looks after your attention… and those who have liver problems, their attention is horrid… when they walk… they don’t walk straight… but their eyes are going this way… that way… their attention is wobbly… because of a bad liver (1982-0514); If there are thoughts coming, just you see that you stop the thoughts… and you should not pay attention to nonsensical things. You have to have innocent eyes, without any lust and greed (1987-1224); People have their attention here and there… attracting people… it is one of the ways we allow our attention to fritter away… this attention has to be brought under control. When it happens, just point your eyes down, keep your eyes down (1987-1219); Ideally our attention is to be kept on the Divine at all times, whatever our activity, just like the boy flying his kite, or the lady carrying the pitcher of water on her head (1990-0923)

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