In America, women speak too much, whilst the husbands keep quiet. Women should not speak; When they try to compete with the men, they make the men ‘homosexual’. Aggressive women do not behave like women… and make the men impotent (1985-0528); Why are you wanting to become like men – you are the powers behind them (1985-0901); So there is no competition between men and women, but the style of work is different… if you understand that, then only this kind of revolution will take place… and not a rebellion. Actually women are rebelling against men… a nonsense it is (1983-0821); And if women fight… they are not women, you see (1983-0821)

Man is the extrovert, whilst women are the introverts, and they should enjoy their introversion; Women can bear anything, and are much better off – so why compete with the men. The most powerful thing is a married woman (1985-0528); The woman is very important – without her we cannot be here, and cannot be Realised (1980-0517.2); Where the women are respectable, and respected, there reside the Deities (1986-0921.2)

‘Any’ woman who is a Sahaja Yogini is your sister… except for your own wife. Unless and until we develop that pure feeling within ourselves, you cannot work out Sahaja Yoga… I know it’s rather difficult to digest… but it’s a fact (1986-0818); Where women are not respected… calamities come in… like Bangladesh… Pakistan… Saudi Arabia… Iran (1995-0625); Women have to have that sense of chastity within themselves, because they are the powers. Women must look after their chastity (1985-0901); When it comes to war… a woman can become like a Joan of Arc… or… in the peace time… she is the one who is the creator of peace… she is such a powerful thing (1995-0625)

If you are a woman, and if you are dominating, then it’s a difficult thing for Sahaja Yoga to cure… you have lost your quality of being a woman… at least you have to be a woman to begin with (1983-0821); So the women of the West must understand that the nonsensical ideas that they have taken from men, must be completely discarded… they have to become women first (1983-0821); The women have to be… great… large… receptive… receiving and… nourishing. It’s absolutely wrong to ‘tell’ the husband to do something… ‘do this’… ‘do that’… then you’ll lose completely the power of giving that nourishment of a woman’s love… which is the power of a woman. I think it’s one of the biggest problems of the West… that men are neither men… and women are not women. So a woman must try to be a woman, and a man must try to be a man (1983-0821)

The women… have another bad habit… is to gossip… about this person… criticise that person… it is a very bad habit of women, to gossip. I never pay heed to anyone who gossips… and I don’t like a person who gossips… cheaply, frivolously talking about others (1986-0504); Talking ill about anyone, complaining about anyone to me… will spoil your Vishuddhi – if there’s some sense… if I ask… then is alright… but all the time talking ill about each other will spoil your Vishuddhi. If possible try to talk good about others, always – by telling good about another person, you will help yourself and another person. When you judge others… you should know that you are judged by God… it is ‘His’ judgement… which is going to decide how far you are (1980-0127.2)

So what is most important is to just love… and try to please others… if women can do that, they have achieved that ‘womanhood’. All the time telling against somebody to your husband… all the time criticising somebody… that’s not the way… on the contrary, never tell or complain about anyone… unless and until that person harms you. Always tell something nice… that’s the best way. For example… somebody comes to tell me about somebody… ‘Mother see he did this to me… he did that’… so I tell him a lie… that’s allowed… I tell him… ‘now I don’t understand… how do you say these things about him… he was just praising you… all the time for one hour he praised you’… finished… really. That’s how you can run the family… that’s how you can run everyone around… and Sahaja Yoga. The first thing the women must know… they have to be compassionate and loving… their main power is in compassion (1995-0625)

You should not nag your husband for anything. Supposing he doesn’t like some things… you shouldn’t do it… whatever he doesn’t like… small things you know. Also you must understand how you have to take to the style of life of your husband. Women should be entertaining… they should not mind if somebody comes to stay, or live with them… on the contrary, they should be happy they are able to look after someone who is a Sahaja Yogi. So for Sahaja Yogis, you must keep always your heart open… your house open. It is the responsibility of the women to make their marriage happy… depends on their intelligence, and on their dedication to Sahaja Yoga… it’s their responsibility. And if you see in a wider sense, the responsibility of making a good society is that of a woman… even if she has to suffer, she can… like this Mother Earth, she can suffer anything… she never feels she suffers, she is so great. You are the shaktis… so as shaktis if you have to suffer you don’t mind… and what you have to feel is that we are responsible for making our society a perfect society… that’s our responsibility. All your greed… all your ambitions… everything… should be directed towards making a very very happy married life (1993-1228)

Women have very little sweet things which they do, which make men very happy… but women have lost now that sense – not the fighting, but thinking of what sweet things we can do for each other. It’s a kind of a very sweet relationship… a sweet rapport between each other… thinking of what sweet things we can do for each other… the little little things you know. Even a small thing like… early in the morning you get up, you find another person is sleeping on one side, his blanket is on another side, his pillow on another… so you just put his head on the pillow and cover him with the blanket… that’s a mother’s job… not out of fear, but out of sheer love. Like, even if it’s cold, and buttons are open, you can button up a person… he’ll like it… little little things you know. And also sometimes teasing, is alright… sometimes tickling, is alright… a kind of a sweet rapport between each other… even the feeling that we can do this, is a master’s job… it’s a master’s job. The one who is a ‘master’ can do it… those who are not, will not be able to… they will again come back to hurt… ultimately they will end up with hurting, or fighting, or coming to blows… but those who are masters will be so beautifully doing the whole job. It’s a kind of a very sweet relationship… it’s called Madhuria… without any lust, without any money business, anything… just a sweet relationship… and the joy would be bubbling… and all these perversions, all these things will drop out (1983-0821)

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– end – 21 Mar 2003