Letter to Dr. Raul, from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 8 (Mar.-Apr. 1982), Page 23

(Location Unknown)

My dear Dr. Raul,

I received a very detailed letter from Damle. It was a very wise step on your part to have met Shri Gagan Gadh Maharaj. What he says about the miracle of Sahaja Yoga is absolutely true. The reason why this great sanctuary never manifested in reality was that whenever Adi Shakti descended as incarnation (She) did not have all the chakras integrated through Sahasrara. The complete harmony and unison merged into an integrated instrument of her personality is bringing forth these fantastic results. So much so that I am surprised at myself.

I think he (Gagan Gadh Maharaj) also cannot imagine the dynamics of this Discovery and hence he feels that ‘Avadhutas’ have to be away in the forests and that Cancer can give you reaction. You have cured the Cancer of Phadke’s father. Did it give you any reaction? When you are at a giving end how can you receive anything? You are reborn as Lotus which does not take anything bad from muddy surroundings but transforms its surroundings with its beauty and fills it with fragrance. This is the magic of a realised soul.

Do you think doctors will accept that there exists the Kingdom of God and that it creates us and that the Lord of our autonomous nervous system is our Spirit which is the reflection of God? You can quote the names of people like Mr. Bose and Mr. Daftary and Mr. Sharma who is miraculously cured of his colour blindness through Sahaja Yoga.

In any case I am going to America next year. One of my dear Sons Dr. Lanjewar has now become the president of the Medical Practitioners Association of New York and is very anxious to have a conference next year in New York. Due to our slavery for so many years, doctors in India have lost the capacity to know that we are the people born on the Yoga Bhumi. Their thinking is so slavish that they think all our ideas about medicine are stupid while western knowledge is very sensible.

I bless you with all my heart that Dr. Ramlingam has good vibrations. Shri Rama in him would have wisdom to understand the ways of God Almighty. I send you my love and protection so that you can break that barriers of ignorance of our medical men. Let them know that the time has come, for them to accept that science is not every-thing. It only discovers whatever exists and appears before the gross being. Once we become subtle rising in the fourth dimension, we see the subtle being, the Spirit and contentment and Divine working of this love. It cannot be done by argument. One has to be realised. One has to evolve through Sahaja Yoga spontaneously as this is a living process.

For Cancer, best treatment is of water, i.e., putting feet in the river, sea or in the water at home with the photograph. Water has the religion (Dharma) of cleansing and hence Shri Vishnu and Dattatreya, who are responsible for the religion (Dharma) of human beings, are to be worshipped. They help you to cure and also the local Deity of the Chakra that is attacked. Put the patient before the photograph with the candle and his feet being in the water, bring down your hands across the sympathetic nervous system towards the water. The patient will cool down gradually. If he gets realization, then he is cured. More in the next.

Your loving Mother Nirmala