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1970-0101 Talk About Nizamuddin

[Note – the talk has been taken from the tape: 1995-03-15 Conversation with Princess Nun Bangkok]

Nations land, where Hazrat Nizamuddin was buried, He was a great nabi and a sufi and in his whole poetry he has used very symbolic things and for people of that level they do not think of any religion being exclusive. Even Mohammad saheb never talked only of Islam. He talked of all the people who came before. Like Abraham, then he talked of Moses, then he talked of Christ and his mother specially in Quran he has talked it. He never talked that I am something separate, never exclusive. They can never be exclusive because they know that all these great people came on this earth to do the emancipation of human beings, so their expertise and same as Hazarat Nizamuddin. Long time back before my marriage when I came here I was the first I think to put a chadar of flowers on him and my father also was a great soul. He told me this is Hazarat Nizamuddin and his disciple was Kusro was a great poet in Hindi language, he is regarded as a very great poet and he is the one who has written this beautiful song, now the symbolic is this chap means is the Muslims. Tilaks are the Hindus. I have given up everything once I met the reality. But it’s very deep and beautifully explained and though they were born in the Muslim community, they saw the reality in every religion and these sufis are everywhere and I am surprised they are in Turkey and also they are now when I went to Tunisair they are there. All over the world the sufis are there. These are also the sufis but now they have become real Sahaja Yogi sufis(Shri Mataji laughs) and this is something is exactly the Sahaja yoga. Spontaneously, as soon as I saw you I lost all this nonsense. Very spontaneous. Sahaj and this is what so beautifully expressed in this song. I read, I read this song when I was a very young girl. Wanted to see sometimes the tomb of Hazarat Nizamuddin Saheb. He was so great and whose brought so much luck to this Delhi(unclear) aprat from that we are dam dam saheb(unclear) We have all these great people very dear, it’s a very precious place. So when I, we wanted to have a program here the police people came and told us that don’t have it there because there are lots of Muslims they will kill you. I said what sort of muslims there? They said, they are all disciples of Nizamuddin. I said, they are my people. Don’t worry. They won’t do anything to me. I know that. So this oneness of spirit can only be felt by people who have enlightenment. Those who do not have enlightenment, see everything separated different and fight but those who are enlightened see. I always give an example of a Marathi poet. He went to, he was was himself a Tailor and he went to see one another great saint who was just a potter. So this potter was kneading the mud. When this saint the Tailor, Namadeva went and saw him kneading the mud. He just stopped and looked at him, and what he says that, In Marathi says ” Nirgunachabheti alou sagunachi” meaning, I came to see the aaa, Nirakar, I came to see here formless but here it is formless is in form. That is you. Only a saint can appreciate a saint. Only can a saint can understand a saint. So, was Nizamuddin saheb, we have (unclear), we have got Middin saheb, we have many sufis in India and they are worshipped and respected by all the communities. Shiridi Sainath was another one Nath, regarded very great nath panthis. They were all enlightened people. They didn’t have this kind of a nonsense this dharam, that dharam, that dharam,no, for them only oneness with God and these two persons, Ameer Kusros, (Unclear) When I was very young and I was surprised people never understood him. I wish you all could read his poetry and understand with a symbolic meaning. May God bless you.