Handwritten Notes on Leadership compiled by a Sahaja Yogi

(Location Unknown)

Handwritten notes on Leadership. (Advice to leaders)

To sense how the natural process work through the Principle of Kundalini. For this knowledge the leaders must meditate and follow their vibration’s dictation about themselves. First before meditation give 7 time bandhan. Have an open mind. First locate the conditioning and your preferences & prejudices.
Prejudiced leaders when they are not deep see in others what fits their prejudice.
To know how things happen do not use your mental projections or deliberations. They have their linear movement that recoils into their polarity. Do not try to make things work. They say “we wish make amasses work”. You just work the principle and the process will manifest.
There is no mental analysis needed as there is no cause or effect. The Spirit which is enlightened by kundalini works out everything because it has a built in capacity as the seed. The mother earth is the Param ? Power.
Allow the Divine to work it out, through your Spirit. You work less mentally, you be only the instrument. To be is the becoming.

This works through surrender “Oh Mother come in heart, Please come in my head, Please come in my attention”. The kundalini will do the job for you.
One cannot surrender the leadership which is difficult. True simplicity is not easy for a complicated mind. The leader teaches by example and not by lectures which bloats the ego and creates Shabda Jalam (a rain of words?) for the leaders.

Do not seek or worry about money or praise, there is plenty of both in Sahaja Yoga. I have seen people lose it in no time when they start thinking mentally and conclude “nothing is wrong with me “, because they are leaders, “I am absolutely correct.” They are ejected out of Sahaja Yoga by centrifugal force of truth and in thirty nations, the bells that were singing their praise, suddenly become denouncing the ending, murmurings do loud open condemnation.

Constant intervention with the group blocks the progress of the group. If one individual is constantly troublesome put attention on him through your Mother either he will leave or improve. Do not worry who leave Sahaja Yoga. There is no place for half hearted yogis in the kingdom of God.

Remember that all mental projections have polarity and in Sahaja Yoga it acts very fast. Anything very pure white shows the smallest black dot clearly. Leaders should never talk about their own problem, life or dismiss to the group. Any such obsession is dangerous for one’s growth and that of the group. The good leader should never show off his holiness or his so called closer relation to Mother. It is improper to have your favorites even your wife is to be treated like other Sahaja Yogis.
She should not be consulted, on the contrary, if she advices you against some one or for some one please tell her that you know everything. To be yourself fully grounded in the Parama chaitanya and being aware of the group, you can permeate innate religion Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. There is no need to create grades in the group because it will create competition and jealousy. Leave it to Mother’s discretion. The leader’s own state of consciousness makes him more open receptive and secured. Thus he gets the respect, style is no substitute for substance.

The good leader is not spectacular but his group is. The fame that he seeks carries him away from the work. The leader should not outshine the teaching. A leader should not have favourites, Please get your emotional conflicts clean. Lead with nourishment
Lead without destroying or hurting

Do not take credit for helping. Lead without possessiveness. Watch the silence in the group and feel the content and the concern of the group. Feel the essential mood of the group. How the wind is blowing in the group.