Letter from London (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGES 17-18)

(Location Unknown)

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My dear Doctor Raul,

I have already written to you one letter. In this, I will explain to you, why you do
not get electro-magnetic vibrations in the machine. The explanation is more to
make the scientist understand.

Chaitanya is the integrated force of your physical, mental, emotional and religious (sustenance) selves. Science is the analysis of that synthesis. If we have to record the electro-magnetic vibrations of any matter, we have to reduce it or analyse it in such a manner that electro-magnetic vibrations are liberated from the bondage of synthesis. A human body has electro-magnetic vibrations but they cannot be recorded because they are synthesised in a living body. But by any method if you can liberate or separate the electromagnetic vibrations from a human being, you can record them Where we can find a machine that couId record synthesized living vibrations of Chaitanya and even a machine that could record the aesthetics of Matters? Science can only record the dry side of Matter.

Till the human stage for working of the sympathetic nervous system expresses
the synthesis of our three Dimensions but the fourth one (Religion) though existent is not understood or felt within. Religion sustains the human being. lt
acts through Nabhi Chakra. Everything in the creation has sustenance (Dharma). Therefore, human beings have to know law of Dharma.

The Ten Commandments in the Bible, is the description of the human Dharma, in a nutshell. But Indian Philosophy has dealt with it in much more details and
clarity. The opposite of Dharma is sin. The greatest sin is to sin against your
mother (sex perversions). In all the Scientifically advanced countries this sin
has been capturing the minds of human beings in the holy name of liberation of sex. In the underdeveloped countries the sin that has prospered is the sin against God (Almighty). That is to say, to forget that there is God who is our father who is looking after us and we should not worry about our well being. The developed countries started their fall by committing the second sin to begin with. They worked on their Sun line to improve their condition but they got completely
exhausted . Now they have reached a state that they have no interest in money.
But now they have fallen on to the other side of their being (Ida Nadi or Chandra
Nadi) by which they are in a terrible mess. The confusion of Ganesha with
Mooladhara (Mother’s Abode) has reached its climax. These people if they do not take the Sahaja Yoga will be following the line of Rakshasas. Therefore
with all the advancement there is no sanity in their lives; contentment has no existence in their hearts. If Indians of the Great Yoga Bhumi could understand
its heritage and give up the nonsense of money hankerings by cheating and cutthroat foxy methods, they can short-circuit their progress to Divinity. Otherwise, gradually they are going to lose their Dharma, the part which others have already lost.

The reason why I have written so much about Dharma is to explain why the human being, who is the synthesis of the most evolved physical (electromagnetic vibrations), mental, emotional being must have the fourth being of Dharma established through Temperance and Piety. He receives the Blessings of the Mother through Chaitanya. Chaitanya (Pranva), which is the power of Adi Shakti. It is the force which is the integrated completely synthesized one power which vibrates. So, it is impossible to record them on the machine. The existence and working of Chaitanya Lahiri can be only
verified by the curing of people through working of parasympathetic nervous system which is expressed as awareness and is felt through central nervous system. The integration is like the assembling of lamp, wick and the oil. The Sahaja Yoga is the igniter that enlightens the lamp. This light is felt through central nervous system. The Sahaja Yogis reach a state of higher synthesis when all four human selves synthesise or integrate through the fifth force which is the source of all the four. Thus, he becomes the recording machine of the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system. Instead of a dead machine, a living machine is created which records, corrects the problems and fulfills the patient with medicines, the source of all the medicines the greatest i.e., Divine Love.

For the psychologist there is a great discovery of the universal unconscious
made so easy. They are still plodding to create the stage for Sahaja Yogis but the people who made the stage never stop on to it. Therefore I have not got much hopes about them. Their thinking has definitely exposed to the human understanding the existence of universal unconscious. You, Sahaja Yogis, have already entered the realm of universal unconscious. But how can the psychologists who have built the stage can step on to it because the stage builders can never get on to the stage. In the same way scientists have created a stage which they cannot enter. They just say that further than this we cannot explain or understand. For example in the human beings the mode of action of Acetylcholine and Adrenaline cannot be explained. A Sahaja Yogi can explain because he knows the know-how of Kundalini. You know from factual experience that the deities are looking after it and managing the show.

Please convey my blessings to all the Sahaja Yogis, all my blessings and all my
love to all of you.

Yours forever
Your Mother


H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi