Letter in Marathi

(Location Unknown)

Translation of an Old Marathi Letter I. Probably written in London, c.1975.

My dear Modi and other Sahaja Yogis,

Many blessings. Received your letter. I am very glad to know that your Ida Nadi has become clean and I hope, Ida Nadis of all have become clean at least to some extent. Here I had told all, that I would work, while under anesthesia, to clean the Ida channels of all. I worked for 3 days cleaning it by vomiting nearly 50 times every day and it is nice that the cleaning has become possible. This physical being has to be used for the mission for which it has been taken and therefore I am not bothered by the illness and other troubles. On the contrary all such and different experiments with this incarnation will have to be performed. Why are you so anxious about it ? What else is the use of this body ? I never have any pains. All I want is that, in the laboratory of this body, some work or the other must go on.

Time is short while the work to be done is very big. You cannot do the cleaning of Ida channel only on the strength of your realisation. I knew that it had to be cleaned from within. In ancient days all seekers had to do this action (Kriya) constantly right from their childhood at the residences of their gurus at isolated places. The seekers had to do it individually in many lives. Because, now you have attained the state of collectivity I have done it in collective consciousness. Although you say I have done it, the distinction of you and I should not be there in collective consciousness. Mantras ‘’Twam Bhawani, Twam Durga, Twam Ambika etc.’’ are good for Ida Channel, but when you are established in Sahaja Yoga, you will have to say ‘Aham Bhavani’. However this Mantra can be said only when your purity becomes one with that of ‘Aham Bhavani’ and I tell you now itself that this wiIl happen. After cleaning the Ida Channel I am awakening Pingala Nadi. Sahaja Yogis had become rather lethargic due to the conditioning of Ida Channel. Laziness and a tendency of avoiding the work was dominating in them. Their attention was being frittered away on avoiding the work. But I have now started the work of awakening Pingala Channel. All of you should raise your right hand from right side over your head and leave it on the left side but while doing it, you must apply your will power so that your desires will materialize.
With the awakening of collectivity, you will have many people to share your work which you are doing alone. The sphere of Sahasrara envelops your heart. When conditioning of heart is reduced, as if the glass of a lamp becomes clean, rays of ever resplendent Spirit awaken Sahasrara sheath and the light of bliss spreads, which is felt in Sahasrara. This light enlightens all sides of colorful heart and decorates it with the qualities which can be described as pleasing, blissful etc. Gradually this state will grow and become stable within you. Most of the Sahaja Yogis should try this method, but there should not be merely the mechanical movement of hands.
Whatever you do, it should be done with the faith that you have in worshipping, zeal of a warrior and sensitivity of an artist. There should be complete purity in the recitation of Mantras to awaken the deities and your heart must be involved in it. Only then the awakening will take place.
You should understand a simple principle. How can a big fire be lit with a small match stick? Will a wick hold the flame if water is mixed in the oil? How can those Sahaja Yogis have enlightenment who are using Sahaja Yoga to solve only their own petty problems? And why should God give them the enlightenment? Lighthouses do not show light to themselves even for a moment. Therefore, they are considered so important and are looked after.

Please circulate this letter among all Sahaja Yogis.

Your Mother, NIRMALA