Letter in Marathi II from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 14 (March-April 1983), Page 11

(Location Unknown)

Letter in Marathi II

I have received letters from all of you but have not been able to write because now in London Sahaja Yoga work has started with great drive.

Delhi Sahaja Yogis write very few letters but most of them are happy. Sahaja yogis of Bombay are alright, Sahaja Yogis of Rahuri are enjoying. Sahaja Yogis of Bombay have great responsibility and therefore had to face many attacks. The first attack came when I was in U.S.A. At that time many Sahaja Yogis were affected and many fell away. Later on when an attack was on all London Sahaja Yogis collectively followed wrong path which was full of dangers and harms. Many wicked people from that part are, still hiding themselves in some Sahaja Yogis in the form of ‘badhas’. You have to vigorously use Sahaja Yoga methods against them. These wickeds attack you from Agnya and Heart. From Agnya they send Anti-Sahaja Yoga ideas in your mind and from Heart they make complaints. If you identify them they will become ineffective. There is one remedy for it which can be applied only after the realization. Because if your car does not start, your brakes and accelerators are of no use. But if you do not use the accelerator even after it starts, how will your car move?

You can attain any destination that you fix. All your auto suggestions will materialise. The remedy that is to be used is : your attention should be on Me and you should make the following conditioning of thoughts on your Agnya “ How fortunate we are to have been realized ! We are Sahaja Yogis. God has chosen us. How can we work if we remain weak ? Adi Shakti has given us the Power to redeem the whole mankind. We can do it and we will do it”. On heart you should criticise with these thoughts “ How deep is God’s love for us ! He has given us the realization. He is the ocean of mercy. Ignoring all our mistakes, He is working hard day and night for our welfare and, instead of praying for His forgiveness of our mistakes, we are making complaints against Him and blaming Him” ! The following thoughts will please your Hearts, “O God, please give us the power of Your love. May I be the drop in the ocean of Your love that is enveloping the whole universe, so that its loving pulsation is vibrated through my life and I remain engrossed in that bliss”.

May your life be flooded by the waves of Divine love. Always loving you, much more than myself.

Your Mother,