Letter in Marathi III from Nirmala Yoga

(Location Unknown)

Translation of an Old Marathi Letter -(from: “Nirmala Yoga 15-1”, May-June 1983)

Man wants peace, wealth, power, etc., but God is the origin of all these.  Then why should there not be the desire for God?  Why should there be no aspiration and ambition to meet God?

We should pray to God for peace, and keep the desire to meet God who is peace itself.

This should be the difference in satisfaction of a common man and that of a Sahaja Yogi.

One should be ready to surrender the very desire to meet God at God’s holy feet.  All attention must be on Him.  For that – one must have dedication, determination and concentration (tapasvita), in that all material attachments should be destroyed.

What is there in this world to cling to?  You must realize the glory of those feet in which all fades, and becomes peaceful.  Only then, will you have your glory!

Why should one brag of one’s achievements?  You must understand that whatever is being done by you, is all God’s power, that is, the working of the Adi Shakti and you are only the witnesses to see these miracles. For achieving that stage, you should pray: “May our ‘I consciousness’ fade away.  May the truth that all of us are a small part of your being be assimilated within us, so that your Divine bliss would resonate every particle of our bodies and this life would be filled with beautiful melodies enchanting the whole of mankind, and showing the light to the rest of the world”.
Let love flow from your hearts. Love is unlimited. Your love is unlimited. Your attention is on material things and you are talking about eternity.  Your attention should merge in eternity, so that you will have eternal life.
You are officials of God’s kingdom – then why are you sulking?  All deities are your elder brothers in this kingdom.  They are present in many forms along the path of Kundalini.  You should recognize them and attain them. Kundalini is your Mother.  Learn to always remain under Her care.  Be Her child, and She will take you to the Ultimate.

Once you accomplish that, from where everything is born, you will have the rest very easily!
But you are not consistent in the practice of meditation, love, and a peaceful life.  You are talking casually even to me.  But how eager you are in worldly matters!  How adamant you become on having what you want!  Why are you not casual in that respect instead?

Do not run away from the reality because I am Mahamaya!  Attain Me; I am yours!  I am for you.  I have given you that which has been beyond the reach of very great sages and saints. How will you make use of it?  You have been given a very big asset.  Thousands of stars and planets were created with just its one wave!
There is great significance to your rebirth.  But you, yourselves, have to achieve that – you, yourselves have to find the meaning of “SWA” (Self)! Sahaja Yogis can do it.  It is a big contrivance.  I have told you the secret, but what have you achieved?  Nobody sulks, having been benefited.  ‘You are unhappy’ means you have not been benefited!

If you achieve the trick, you will open the gate of Joy and forget yourself, while enjoying the bliss! Nobody becomes happy from worldly matters.

I have given you the key to the treasure, which others haven’t got.  But you must work to open the Door!  You have taken everything casually. You want Mataji to feed you, to wake you up in the morning, to make you sit in meditation, and to clean you of anger, hatred etc…
Today is the day of Guru Puja.  What ‘Guru Dakshina’ (Gif to the Guru) have you given me? Understand that your money is not worth the dust on the feet of your Mother Guru!  You should give your hearts – only clean and holy hearts.  You must clean your physical beings. Do not be lazy in that.  Make a vow! You must get up early in the morning and spend at least one hour on meditation and worshipping. Perform ‘Aarti’ and meditation in the evening.
Satan’s disciples work hard at a funeral place [a dead place].  I cannot understand why you are taking everything so casually!  Stop all gossiping! Leave all jealousies and quarrels! Time never waits for anyone.  Do you want to go empty-handed, despite having the Key to the Treasure?!
If you do not accept God’s kingdom, Satan’s kingdom will come, and you will have yourself to blame for it!

Remember, because you Sahaja Yogis are dear people, [that] you have been selected as officials.  If you ignore it, on the one hand you will be deprived of a great source of joy, and on the other hand, you will lose your authority, due to the incomplete knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. Hence, be wise and stand firm!  Every movement has thousands of directions.  Let your ray; spread in different directions.  You will do the welfare to the whole world.  Get over your ‘inaction to act’!  You are to be captains!  Let God’s melodies be sounded from your flutes. Transcend in your feelings above those who have not been realized and blessed, and God’s kingdom will be yours.

May you get that auspiciousness?  All my efforts are for that!  You have been made like temples.  Keep it clean.

Some of you are enjoying yourselves in the ocean of bliss!  My blessings are that all of you should be happy.  Your worldly life and satisfaction should be of the same level.

A Sahaja Yogi’s satisfaction and the circumstances he is in, are balanced.  Both of our legs grow together!  If one leg is shorter than the other, you will become lame!

I do not want to tell you to lower the level of your circumstances, if the contentment is less. But a Sahaja Yogi’s satisfaction does not depend on circumstances.  He is happy in the circumstances that are prevailing.  If he is not, then his satisfaction is superficial, and not from within!

May God grant you an eternal place at His
Your Mother, Nirmala