Letter, Meaning of Puja

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Old Letter in Marathi – Meaning of Puja.

My dear Nirmala

Many Blessings

Received your loving letter. I have also very much enjoyed Navaratri Puja.

But Puja is also an external offering. Even your heart has said so. But you should understand how you get the reward or blessings of the Puja and its prasad. A Puja or a prayer grows from your heart. Mantras are the words of your Kundalini. But if Puja is not performed from heart or if Kundalini is not associated with recitation of Mantras then that Puja becomes a ritual.

If you become thoughtless in Puja, know that your heart is also involved in it. Collect the Puja material and offer it sincerely. There should be no formality or bindings in the offerings. It is correct to wash hands, but is your heart washed?

When attention is on heart it does not go to others. Although you remain quiet from outside, you are speaking from within. Hence you should not, be silent for long time.

If man’s heart is not clean, then the silence becomes very harmful. At the same time loose talks can bring catastrophes.

You should say the Mantras in Puja but with great faith (Shraddha). There is no alternative to Shraddha. You should perform the Puja when Shraddha grows deep, so that heart itself gets all Puja performed. At that time waves of bliss start flowing because it is the Spirit that is saying, how can any thought come at that time?

People pour their wine in the glass. Your Puja is like that. In that, wine is your faith and the glass is the recitation of Mantras and the worshipping.

When you are drinking that wine forgetting everything, how can a thought come! Then only bathing in the ocean of bliss! How can that joy be expressed in thoughts?

Who will pour that wine, back in the glass, which is to be drunk and that too in the inferior glass of thoughts?

However, the joy that you get after drinking the wine is eternal and ever-present. It becomes your asset.

Many such Pujas have been performed in my presence. Every time a big wave comes and take you to a new land. Experiences of many such lands become your own. They give vastness to personality and open new gates of joy. Best is worshipping in the heart. If, the photo by looking at it, can be placed in heart or, after the Puja, its view goes to heart, then the joy which you get only at that time, can become everlasting and ever-present.

Show this letter, to all Sahaja Yogis and send its copies.

Your Mother Nirmala