Quote 1 from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 13 (Jan.-Feb. 1983), Pages 23 and 25

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Quote 1 from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 13

Magnanimity of mind is very pleasing and it attracts others. This magnanimity lies within human being and is awakened by Kundalini. But how can those people have this joy of spontaneity who are living in artificial atmosphere ? Although Kundalini has been awakened and She has pierced Brahmarandhra yet heart must be pierced. But some Sahaja Yogis have hearts like stones, absolutely devoid of love; they use sarcastic words while talking to others and want to show that they are great. On many occasions I have seen, people push others or shout at others even in my presence. Particularly, when you shout at the children, I feel pain in my heart. At least Sahaja Yogis should have deep love for each other. When you know that you are the children of the same Mother, why do you look down upon some people ? Are you perfect ? Are there no faults in you ? We only talk of universal love. If you have no love for each other amongst you, then in which mankind will it be seen ? All I want to tell you is to clean your minds of venomous thoughts that you have for other Sahaja Yogis.If a Sahaja Yogi visits your town, invite him, look after him, as if he is your brother. His happiness will purify your homes. I cannot understand how there can be groups among the Sahaja Yogis, because every moment your condition is improving or going down.Know that making such groups is disastrous. Look at the good qualities of others and enjoy their love. Don’t worry about their bad qualities. Leave them for me. You will realise in meditation that this is the only way of opening the fountains of bliss.