Unidentified Hindi Talk (Extract on Agnya Chakra)

(Location Unknown)

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Translation from Hindi

Sitting here, came to the Program and still thinking about your problems and worries. Oh, this happened with me, that happened with me. And, when should I discuss this with Mataji? What calamity has fallen upon me? Instead of trying to understand what is being said. You continue to overthink about your problems, and, are allured into illusions and in these illusions, you get cancer. Or else you get this disease or some other disease. Similarly, see the mentality – what is it that we are thinking? What type of thoughts do we get? All these thoughts that we have this grief, we have that grief, this mountainous problem. But, what you should rather think is “count your blessings”. How many blessings Shree Mataji has bestowed upon us?

Crores of people live in this city of Delhi. How many of them have taken to Sahaja Yoga? We are some special people. We are not useless people that we should spoil our attention. We have been blessed with Sahaja Yoga. We should have a realization of this from within, and, should go deeper into that inner being. That is how you can get rid of these deceitful limitations. And if you will not break free from these limitations yourself, somehow you will start having such experiences that will break these shackles automatically. For whatever you will think, this is ours – you will say we are from Delhi. One day will come when these people from Delhi will outcast you. You will say, we are from Noida, then people from Noida will run after you with their guns. Then you will realize why did I say I am from Noida. Then when you will run towards Delhi, the people from Delhi will scorn you why are you coming here, you are from Noida. This way, you will belong to nowhere and will have nowhere to call your own – neither this way nor that.

Unless you will realize or go deeper into this, you might call yourself a Sahaja Yogini or a Sahaja Yogi, I don’t think you have become one in the real sense. Because the first attribute of a Sahaja Yogi is, he has a tranquil attention and is extremely powerful – not scared of anyone. Is strong, his life is very pure, his body is pure, his heart is pure, and, he spreads love in the whole world by the light of his Spirit. I think somebody who cannot love, cannot be a Sahaja Yogi at all. He hasn’t ascended even the first step of the ladder.

Like you see so many kites flying in the sky, but, the strings of all kites are in someone’s hands (control). If any of the kite’s string breaks, or if your grip is lost, then you will never know where the kite will fly off. That hand is similar to the Spirit. So, keeping your attention towards your Spirit, and, making yourself pure in this process is the penance (tapswaroop) in Sahaja Yoga. For this you did a hawan today, this is also a penance (tapa) because fire engulfs and destroys all the things. Similarly, by penance all the bad thoughts, all the wrong, all the limitations within you are destroyed. Receiving this bliss is your right and you can achieve this joy, and, you have achieved it too. But, to spread this joy, you must have the depth.

If you go to Yanuna Ji with a small bowl so you can fill water in that bowl and come back. And, if you take a pitcher you can fill water in the pitcher and come back. However, if you can make some arrangement so that water from the Ganges can be redirected towards you, so you will have the whole of river Ganga, flowing all around you. So, you should watch your state. Are you taking water in bowl in Sahaja Yoga? Are you limited to the joy of self? Or for everyone’s joy? And, if you are yourself the source of this bliss, then this Agya Chakra is penance (tapa). This is a penance. To attain the depth, you need austerity (tapaswita). It spreads far and wide. Sahaja Yoga spreads extensively. You see when I go for programs, sometimes I wonder whether all people can be accommodated in the hall? How will it be managed? It will spread rapidly. But, how many attain the depth? So, for attaining this depth, austerity is required.

By penance, it doesn’t mean you sit and fast. It is not required. But, if your attention is on food, then you must abstain from it. To watch where is your attention at all times, is the penance in Sahaja Yoga. Because, you may spoil your Agya due to your attention. Where is my attention? What am I thinking? What am I doing at this moment? What am I thinking? If you watch your attention, always watch your inner being, then your attention will be illuminated in Agya. This is the penance to control your attention, observe and watch your attention, and, thoughts. Watch now, where is your attention? I am talking and where is your attention.

The moment you start talking about attention, where did it go? The attention is so distracted. I am talking and where is your attention. So, you should watch your attention. Controlling attention doesn’t mean do it forcefully. But when you watch your attention in the light of your Spirit, then your attention becomes illuminated. You should focus and watch your attention. Watch anything. For example, this is a pillar in front of me, it is adorned with beautiful flowers. Now in each vision you can observe something. I can remember everything, where, what, or, how much is the difference. Everything becomes clear. This focused attention is what forms the attention. That is what improves your memorizing capability. You can know everything in totality. You come to know of everything through your attention. But, if your attention is distracted, then you cannot grasp the depth or intensity of anything. If your attention is moving outside all the time, you cannot remember anything. So, you see, I keep watching everywhere, like at the airport. Talking to someone here but looking elsewhere. Looking here, then looking there. But, won’t remember anything. Who is it? What is it? So, pure attention is when you are focused. And such attention will absorb what is worthy to be absorbed. Something that isn’t worthy to be absorbed, pure attention will not absorb it. It can’t see such things. It will be averted from such things by itself. Because it is so pure that it can’t be corrupted by impure things. It cannot go there. Now this is up to you that you watch within, where is your attention going. This is the penance. In Sahaja Yoga this is the only penance – where is my attention going. Where am I going? Where is my heart going? If you are able to do this penance, you will be able to cross Agya. And there are no doubts about Sahastrara because I am already sitting there.