Unidentified Hindi Talk, date unknown (extract on Swadishthana)



Swadishthan Chakra.

The quality of this Chakra is that you become creative. Your creativity increases. People who never even wrote a line, start writing poetry. People who had never given a speech started giving  long speeches and people who had never painted, never been artistic, become artistic. Become very creative. We have our architects, who  have scaled great heights. So creativity comes into human, and he believes that his creativeness is very important. He does not care about money, he cares about being creative and neither do many people want to get a big name, for which create some or the other weird thing. Today  many weird things are made so that we become famous, people will remember us a lot, but there is no art in that. So you receive great degree of art (creativity) when this second Chakra of yours, the Swadishthan Chakra becomes alright. And because of this, because of Swadishthan, what we think, we use the power of the the grey cells in our brain. So this Chakra supplies that required power. This Chakra. so, people who think too much get all kinds of illnesses, which we call the right sided illnesses. One of the illness is that the liver is spoilt and another is that he gets diabetes in his Pancreas. If not that then he could get kidney trouble, if not tat then he could get constipation, if not that then he could get Asthma, if not that then he could get a Heart Attack and he could also get Paralysis. So all right sided illnesses come from the Swadishthan Chakra and also the left sided illnesses come from this Chakra. So it is very important that we maintain the Swadishthan Chakra in good condition. Now how the Kundalini takes care of the Swadishthan Chakra and gives it….. that when you awaken the Kundalini of somebody and his Swadishthan Chakra is caught then in the back, where the Swadishthan Chakra is there, you will think there is heart over there. When there is fast throbbing, you know that this man’s Swadishthan Chakra is caught. When is right Swadishthan is cleared, then his attention become pure and all the stress etc. which is within him nowadays is finished and he becomes settled in peace. Nowadays it is very important that we keep our Swadishthan Chakra in good condition as we are burdened with innumerable workloads nowadays. By keeping the Swadishthan Chakra clear, however much the human is troubled or he has nay problems , he sees them in a peaceful and detached way and he understands what has gone wrong. Means that his Swadishthan Chakra gets so much spoilt nowadays and so many illnesses are caused. Everything is there, but there is some specialty of the Swadishthan Chakra that it is so bad in this Modern age.  Then there are also those other diseases, I don’t want to go into their details but will say this that other than diseases, human being become very dissatisfied and becomes very angry. Becomes right sided. In little little thing he is short-tempered, he feels that I am a man of my such a position but no one respects me. A nobody also believes that he is important person. This happens due to the right side Swadishthan and when the left side Swadishthan gets caught then the Person becomes very worried and sad. He becomes depressed and he thinks that there is nobody worse than me. Everybody is troubling me. I have problems. All kinds of Philological cases happen. So these two sides of the Chakra, the left and right, should be taken great care of and this is very useful thing in Sahaja Yoga because both these chakras become cleared. When they are clear then you understand everything as if you are watching yourself from the outside.  Oh….so now you are getting angry…., take a seat, you laugh at yourself. Make fun of yourself.  You think about yourself …..Yes what I do….what I am doing…. so in this way human put his attention in that place and your attention becomes enlightened and it corrects the attention. Sahaja Yoga is very important for the Swadishthan Chakra and nowadays all the problems are due to the Swadishthan, this I ……..