Unidentified Talk after Evening Program, eve of Shri Ganesha Puja


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Unidentified Talk Eve of Ganesha Puja Maharashtra India.

[Gopa] saying please take me across this ocean of  illusion, this [pandurangara] is requesting Shri Krishna – Panduranga is Shri Krishna in Maharashtra is called as [unclear] Also there’s a big story about it but I’ll tell you later on. So he says he is requesting please take me across and this is what I wanted.. But the way he sang it  with such devotion, sincerity and honesty. It’s really just stirred up all the vibrations I know and you are feeling all that. You see we Maharashtrans are very lucky people, that we had such saints who were realised souls. They knew about chaitanya. They knew about vibrations. They knew about the higher life and all the time whatever they have sung is the hope that everybody will get realisation, or they have described that state of realisation.

I mean I must say the Maharashtrans are the luckiest people. I don’t know if they understand it or not but they are the most blessed people because there are so many saints who were realised souls.  They are Nathas who were realised souls and all of them have sung the song and the place of this higher state of life. And this one you can see now. This song also says same thing that let me go beyond this. But I must say one thing, congratulating all these Sahaja Yogis from the west that they never had heard about these things, never. They never knew about these things. They never knew there’s another world so beautiful as that. But the way they have accepted it, they way they have got into it and the  way they are enjoying this Divine music is very remarkable. They have never studied any Indian music at all.. They have never heard any Indian music before, but the way they enjoy, it is because of chaitanya ok – because Indian music has been coming from OM and that’s why because you are Spirits you can enjoy it. [Hindi].

You see only an atma can appreciate this song of atma. And that’s why without understanding the language; without understanding the meaning; without understanding the music and intricacies of that, just enjoying it. That’s what we to do is to enjoy. After all why to have the – why to have anything just to enjoy and this what we have to thank [unclear – Ajib?] for this thing. A great thing that he has done. He himself has got his realisation and sings with that wonders and when he sings you see we get immediate vibrations. He is the only singer I have seen so far and who has been that good, and who has been able to  keep you united with the chaitanya.

So we have to thank him very much for this beautiful music which has touched all your heart and now in this song also he is saying, “Oh God please make your heart large and give me realisation. So God always has a very large heart. Only thing you have to ask for realisation you see it cannot be forced. So now the culmination of our spiritual life has come. All the saints have a meaning.  All the Shastras are meaning. Every incarnation has a meaning today.

Tomorrow we are going to do worship of Shri Ganesha.You know how important he is and he has come here and he will also attend tomorrow’s puja and everybody will help us there, and I’m sure you will all enjoy it.

May God bless you.