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unidentified talk

“Since you must know that I will not tell that whatever is not the truth, because I’m not here for any political gain, of commercial gain, no sir, I’m here for your own gain, about [unclear: sounds like about Genu?] if you want to gain, [unclear]. Now see for yourself if this is the truth or not. You can see with your naked eyes. These people have seen, the Kundalini pulsates, you can see it pulsates when people touch My feet, in many cases, it pulsates, they have seen it. They are not all liars, and why should they lie? Nothing to gain. No money, first of all, that’s cut out. So what is the other truth? This Kundalini rises and you can see it rising, passes through all these chakras, and it stops at a place where you have a problem. For the other day we had a very big man, when he came to see Me, and his Kundalini came up, and was just pulsating here – like this, like that – and the whole of this part was pulsating, and only that part. So the people asked him, “Are you all right?” “Yes, I’m all right.” “But you have a liver problem?” “Yes I have.” You can see Kundalini [unclear] it pulsates, so you have to correct the liver, you have to correct the whole thing, and so many problems, physical, mental and emotional. But whatever may be the problem I’ve sorted out, all permutations and combinations I’ve worked out now, there is no permutation that now I can say that is not worked out, except for one that is the worst of all is misidentification. If you carry on with misidentifications, truth cannot help you. You must know that you must identify with yourself and with nothing else. Then only it works out, that is the only thing is the misidentification with [unclear]. Ask for the truth, and truth will be given to you, but ask for the truth, not the truth that you have made as truth. Truth is as it is, you cannot make it, you cannot give it a form, you cannot say, “This is the truth,” no, it is what is. You have to see it, you have be that, you have to appreciate it, you have to become that. People, how they pass remarks at Christ, even person like Christ, everybody has become so ego-oriented, I mean they think they have a right to criticize everyone. Christ is a person about who you cannot think. For sahaja yogis I cannot challenge this part. They are realized souls, when they start thinking about Christ they become thoughtless. He is beyond thinking, how can you rationalize Him and bring Him to this level, and put Him to this level that you become absolutely [unclear] asking questions, “So how did You have Your resurrection?” How can you understand, what do you know about Brahma? What do you know about divine workings? What do you understand this kind of divinity? This little human mind can only become a drop in the ocean. It cannot understand the ocean and its work. This is the thing you have to realize, and once we realize that we a are part of this ocean, we become the ocean all right. But this is not lecturing. Again, I’m telling you, it is a happening. You start feeling others immediately. When you are a drop outside the ocean, you do not feel what other drops are there in the ocean, but once you jump into the ocean, you start feeling everyone in your hands, absolutely, rationally, which can be understood in the fingers, on the chakras. Now this knowledge about Kundalini, was not known even to the greatest sages, even to I would say people like [unclear: Naria or Naga] people. It was not needed, the time had not come. You know when, say for example, electricity is not created, what is the use of telling them about the switches? They were realized souls, all right, they had vibrations, all right, but they did not know about that, this is chakras, and their character, and these are the things are missing. They did not, but I know [unclear] they think: What have these modern people done that they should get all this knowledge? That they waited is the main point These people try to show off so much, all right, go ahead, they are fixed as some officers, some men in charge, they are not going to be the [unclear: sounds like “inheritance”?] For example all these people like Indra and the gods who are in charge of the weather, or all that, are settled down very nicely on the right side of God. I made things easy for you, as the caretaker of this things. But you are the people who are enjoying the fruits of it. What can we do? You waited, you’ve got it, and if you get it, that is in your right. But this I do not, to pamper your ego again too, because you have to get it, you have to settle in. And the third knowledge is the thing where you are just in the center, where neither you are in the ego nor in the superego, you are in the center. And the space is created on your forehead, in the Sahastrara. If you see it when the Kundalini rises, the gap between the center where the Kundalini rises and she opens this Sahastrara, which we call as baptism, and there you to you enter into that subtle awareness of collective consciousness. But as soon as your Kundalini passes this chakra of Agnya, immediately you becomes thoughtlessly aware, means you will be aware but there won’t be any thought which is described by Jung and what he has talked about – collective consciousness, from where these ideas of his. Means it becomes your own nature. It is an actualization; it is not talking, it is an actualization in your body. Like a human being you become a super human. From animal to a human being there’s definitely difference in awareness. In the same way, there is a difference in the awareness of a man and a superman, but the only exception is that in your own consciousness you see it happen. It’s the only human being can see their evolution and not the animal, because you have been given freedom to see that, but the way the freedom has been used, you can. So better not go into that, let us forget about it if we can do without, for instances mistakes which we can manage it better do, but if the mistakes are there, we’ll face them all. I’ll be with you throughout, absolutely with you, and it should work out. Now if we say that this is wrong, we should not do this, don’t get angry. For example the other day I told somebody that “drinks and alcohol goes against Sahaja,” he got very angry. He said, “Do You own a shop?” Why is it, I mean it’s a simple thing I’m telling you, should I tell, “you go get drunk”? Should I tell you, “It is a good thing, you can do anything with your sex life”? Now you tell Me what, in this whole world where you have all kind of moralities so called, where is a man crowned for drinking? In the whole world. Tell Me, any man crowned for drinking, getting drunk, or [unclear]. Have you seen any man being garlanded for being licentious and perverted? That means collectively human beings never accepted this kind of nonsense. So far, I mean I don’t know, collectively everybody becomes [unclear: a satan, God only knows] but even in the Roman Empire when it was the worst of all at that time, this was not. So collectively human beings have always accepted the holiness, righteousness and [unclear: as the right thing] And even since today, those people who lived in ordinary houses and huts are respected, and huge, big properties are being made in their name, because that name itself gives them that power [unclear] They are insulting them, they are actually hurting the souls of all these people [souls, bhoots..] but what to do? What are human beings do it for [unclear], they do it out of ignorance. If they do it out of ignorance it will be forgiven, everything will be forgiven, take it from Me and you will be amazed how it works out. Now I would say, if you have any questions you better ask Me, because I felt still I have not still able to answer all your questions, despite I know what is in your mind. So anyone of you has any questions, please ask Me before we start the program, but not too much of it, because some are just there and if you ask funny, foolish, stupid questions, we are going to divert our attention again. We have not achieved it, we are not there. We are still nervous, we are nowhere. So please don’t disturb others. That is important, if you are doing only for your guru, fake guru, otherwise you are here just to show off, the other day somebody said, “In this book this is written.” Now, am I to answer for all the books that are written? No. Actually, I am not even a graduate. How much did Christ study? This is another knowledge I’m talking about, so don’t waste your energy and My energy and everybody else too. Now if you have come here show off, I would request you go out, because this is not to show off but to show in. So do not try again and again I request, you have wasted a lot of your time [unclear: in sin?]] and the time has come [unclear] you would not be there. Otherwise you would be sitting in some discotheque, or if not there in some race course somewhere there, but when you are here you are the saint who are to get it, but you have to be a saint. [unclear] I would like you to ask Me questions if there is any explanation you get or anything [unclear].

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi