Birthday Puja (year unknown)

Mumbai (India)

1970-01-01 Birthday Puja Mumbai NC Different Source NITL HD, 26'
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HH Shri Mataji, Birthday Puja Public Program, Mumbai, India

[Yoginis singing a welcome song ends 6’55”]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It is very kind of you all to have come to celebrate my birthday. 

It’s all the work of your goodness. In modern times, who looks after the mother? One of the signs of modern times is that the parents will be neglected by the children. They may have to stay in an orphanage. But I find all of you here with such love, with such affection, all the way from all distances, you have come to greet your Mother. Words stop at this point. I cannot understand the love that is pouring so much like an ocean over Me. I just get lost into the beautiful feeling of a Mother who has thousands of children, who are so kind and also after my image of a good son or a good daughter.

We had another great mother here, in this Maharashtra, was Jijabai, Jija Mata. And she is the one she has made [unsure] up her son, that one day her son will be able to establish the kingdom of God, of honesty, of freedom, of character. Such ” Yuva [unsure] pushas” are born in many years.
Even his son [Sambhaji] could not come up to his standard, to his character.

The way he respected the daughter-in-law of Kalyan Subhedar, the way he came towards people, the way he led a life of dynamic bhakti. Such people are rarely born and he could not even create someone like him.

But today, I am so very fortunate to have children of your great character, understanding and such spiritual values. Sahaja Yoga has created a new culture of spiritual value. The value system has taken a funny shape in the modern times but it is modern times only when the shackles of this horrible culture – whether you call it eastern, western, modern, ancient, anything, because all of them have gone to the collapsible stages. One finds a new culture, a new life, a new age of a new race coming up.

I am so gratified that you are all here to represent that culture of spiritual values, where we do not believe in any separatist ideals. We are not reactions. We do not react to any concept. We are self-made, standing on our self-experiences and the truth, that is so evident. We are not the people who have taken to a kind of a violent or a peaceful – if you call it – reaction to the society. Like we have many organisations today I find, “This is a reaction to this, that is a reaction to that”.

This is not a society that is demanding anything like money, power – nor is it a society that calls itself an downtrodden or underprivileged people. It is the most privileged society we have today. The essence of this privilege is that you are all Yogis, you are all saints, you are all Safiyas [pure]. That there is satisfaction in your heart, that now the time has come to give, no more asking for oil or for light. What you have got is the light and the oil all the time flowing in you. You have to just spread this love into the whole world. Such confidence of love, such modesty of dynamism, such sharpness of compassion, such deep peace. It‘s prevalent in the society of Sahaja Yogis: the friendship, the love like many waves of beautiful thoughts and feelings. This ocean of a new understanding of a higher life, of a sober life, of a sublime life has to break all the barriers, all the nonsensical work.

Today we are facing, face-to-face, thank God. Due to fundamentalist, due to fanatics, due to non-believers, due to politicians, economics, scientists, all of them, who are conditioned by whatever false path they have created. Scientists are very much more conditioned than everybody else. They just refuse to accept that there is God Almighty above us. They are not scientists, because they have no open-mindedness. If you don’t have an open-mindedness, you are not a scientist.

Now the time has come for you to prove the existence of God and His Realm, which gives us security, peace and joy. About Kundalini – I don’t know how many lectures I’ve given and worked it in so many ways that it should be appreciated, understood, knowledgeable to all of you. Only the knowledge of Kundalini is not going to help us at all. You might find some people who have much more knowledge of Kundalini than some of you have. They might have read at least hundred books on Kundalini, but it is not known to them, it is not the knowledge. It has to be given [unsure], it has to be known on your central nervous system. It has to be in your being, that you should be able to know what is Kundalini. As soon as you see somebody you should know where he stands – as far as spirituality is concerned. As soon as you feel the atmosphere, you should know where you are as far as God’s realm is concerned.

I must tell you a story. Once I was travelling with my husband in Kashmir and just in a very wild place, I felt tremendous vibrations. And I said, “From where these vibrations are coming?” So, my husband said, “How can you have vibrations in this forlorn place?” He asked the driver. He said, “No, there is no temple, nothing here, it’s a very wild place.” I said, “All right, let’s go that way this road is”. And we went one way ahead, about five miles and there, some Muslims, poor Muslims were living there. So, the driver asked them, is there a temple here? They said, “No, there is no temple. But about a mile ahead there is the Hazratbal [Hazratbal Mosque].” Hazratbal was the one hair of Mohammad Sahab. Can you imagine the vibrations? I caught them of about 5-6 miles away, from one hair of Mohammad Sahab.

When we deny Mohammad, when we deny Christ, when we deny Krishna or we deny Dattatreya, we are denying the truth, because they are all one. There is no difference. They are like crowns on one tree of life. We are not their judge. They are our judge. We are not to judge them, we haven‘t got that capacity to judge the people. What capacity we have, that we have to achieve, that we have to reach, that has to mature. The spirituality has to mature to that extent where it is Hazrat Nizamudin or it is Shristi or it is Sainath. You should see nothing but Dattatreya through pouring in them. For that you have to have that sight of Kabira. You have to have that growth of Nanaka. Otherwise, we just talk.

Those who have understood Sahaja Yoga have understood that all these barriers of religion has no meaning. It‘s all integrated, well-woven and worked out beautifully by sending all these Incarnations, all these Great Prophets on this Earth. To create the humanity which is described by Confucius. To create valencies, our valencies, which are 10 valencies that we call as Dharma, of a human Dharma, which is described by Confucius. It is described in different, different ways no doubt, but still, he says the same thing, same tone. As I said this morning Sahaja Yoga has only one theme and that is pure love. It has no greed, it has no lust, it has no ambitions, nothing! It has nothing but pure love flowing through your channels to the whole world.

I hope we have achieved a very great height. To think that we have people from all over the world who follow this path is very difficult.  Now it is for others to see whether they can come up through all this turmoil or not because Sahaja Yoga is not a thing where you can be a member, you can pay some money or you can sort of put a sign board that I am a Sahaja Yogi. Is the becoming of Sahaja Yoga is. So, those who have that capacity will come to us. Don’t you worry if the whole world doesn’t come. For Me, you are the world.  Those who want to come, can join us and can enjoy themselves, can have that.  We cannot run after them, we cannot fall at their feet, that come along – take to God. Let them themselves come on their own and enjoy the beauty of their own being, which is created by God specially for them.

Today, I must say that every year, the age reduces in a way because you are going towards your goal. But one has to remember that every year you mature. You mature like a seed comes up to a tree, then becomes a flower and ultimately a fruit. And the fruit has to fall again to the ground, to give the resurgence of the same.  In the same way whatever it is,, whether the time is passing, one has to just judge how far have I matured in compassion, in love, in understanding of the truth. How far I can stand against all the atrocities done to others who are suffering. We have to open our eyes to the society, to our surroundings, to our country, to other countries, to everyone. We have to be alert. It’s not to be enjoyed only by you. It is to be given to others and for that those who come to us,  we have to tell them. 

I am sure one day will come when many will open their eyes and see for themselves that the only solution from this world’s turmoil is Self Realisation, to know themselves, that still they are not there yet.  Once it happens I am sure, I am very, very sure that this world will become a beautiful garden of Oneness.

May God bless you all!

Audience applauds. 


Indian Sahaja Yogi: By the grace of Shri Mataji, it has, all have reached that one wants to be during the pujari of the puja of Shri Mataji.  May I, while in passing make a remark, that Shri Mataji with Her own mantras has given a different interpretation all together.  Shri Mataji, with Her own interpretations, has given a different, all together, meaning to Gita, to Koran, what Nanaka has said, and our Sahaja Yogis have been glad to know of it. One such … has written … Nirananda and I would request Shri Mataji to have Her blessings, which is total Nirananda.  (Audience applauds)

Another Sahaja Yogi:  Most Holy Mother, Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi, all of us who are Sahaja Yogis, we bow to You.  We thank You very much for having given us the  Self Realisation, for having given us what we have come to know is love.  Today with Your shining words You have given us depth, which we are and which we look forward to. I thank all of you who have come here today to celebrate with us, on this great occasion of Shri Mataji’s birthday.  All of us who are Sahaja Yogis over here, we promise You, O Mother, that Your work, through us will carry far and to all corners of the world and with Your blessings, this world will be a different place.  Thank You very much. (Audience applauds)

Sahaja Yogi:  Jai Shri Mataji!