Guru Purnima: Sahaja Yoga a New Discovery

Mumbai (India)


Guru Purnima Puja. Mumbay (India), 1 June 1972.

Dear People,
Sahaja Yoga is a New Discovery. In reality how does the discovery take place for that which is placed, that which is? Just as Columbus had started a journey to find India, then was India not there? If it was not there then what would he be finding? Sahaja has been there from before. It has been found out only now. Sahaja Yoga is the own way of the Supreme Essence. This is the way of the natures own method. This is the only way where mankind can through evolution be taken to that dimension, by which mankind can be acquainted with that consciousness, can be absorbed with that consciousness, by the support of which this entire creation and the heart of man is moving. Much has been written about this.

From ancient times the seeking for it has been going on. Man is seeking something all the time; whether he is seeking after money, or whether he is seeking after power, or he seeks after love; he is running after one or another seeking. But what is the thirst behind that seeking, he perhaps does not know. Behind this is only the seeking after Bliss. In his search after happiness he thinks that if he collects a lot of wealth he can be happy. But there are many countries that have attained and gained a lot of wealth and are extremely unhappy. Thousands are killing themselves.

Behind all this seeking is the thirst for Joy which is dragging you towards this unknown . When man after seeking everywhere can find no happiness then he turns towards Dharma. And even when he turns towards Dharma he is seeking outside. The reason for this is that what he himself is he has lost. He is ignorant and that is why man runs from himself. Each moment he is running from himself. He cannot sit with himself for even two minutes. If he is told to sit with himself for two minutes he says ‘O God what punishment is this for me’. What we call boredom nowadays.

Why is man so fed up of himself? Why is man running away so fast from himself? Because he is ignorant about his own self. He is ignorant about his own beauty, his own knowledge, his own glory, his own love and is running outwards in the search of happiness. Joy is not outside. It is within. It is within you. People say you are in the form of God. Just by talking about it, it is not going to happen. In Marathi they say,” Bolachach bhat bolachich kadhi” (Only making promises but not fulfilling them).

Whether I say that you seek the Formless or Formed, but these are only words. Thousands of discussions have been done, crores of books have been written, how many lives were destroyed, but there is no end to a man’s thinking.

Whatever man thinks with his mind, he does so in the limitations of the mind. That which is beyond the mind and cannot be understood by the mind….. Even this lecture of mine is only a talk, and by this talk you cannot know that Divine. Whatever I go on talking it will all become like a weight on your mind. If I say that keep a weight then that too will become a weight. God has created such an arrangement that whatever we do with our mind will become heavy like a weight. And being trapped under that weight we cannot fly where we have to go. That is why seeking has always remained incomplete.

But now I am going to tell you about the New Creation. Not only a talk, but also its discovery which has been found out. In the path of revolution such has been happening, that any person who goes into the expertise of anything he sinks, and finishes off. In the same way it is happening to humans. There is so much competition and opposition going on, that man has made his brain so specialist that his brain is bursting.

Now a new type of man is needed that can know this Power beyond the mind. This power which moves this mind also makes the heart beat. To know that Power you can talk all you want, or try all you want, you cannot reach there. This is without any doubt. It is not written anywhere about which I am talking. I am not saying anything very special. You can read Nanaka, Kabirdas, you read Vaishista, read about the guru of gurus Janak. Not only in our country but also in the foreign countries they have been writing like this for thousands of years. They have all been writing about which I am talking. “What you have to get is unexpectedly within.”

But those poor things just kept saying. Maybe because they could not search it. If they were not able to find out about it, it does not mean that they were any less. If Columbus was not able to find India it does not mean that he was any less. And later those people who found it, they did not do it to belittle the ones who could not. This is not a collective search. You all think separately, so the thought comes to many that Mataji is talking something different. No.

I am telling you about all the searching of all the searches. Until now man has born tremendous hardships to put their attention on this. Take the psychologists, biologists and the big scientists. Many of them and even the realized souls got it to a certain extent but were not able to give.

The reason is time. For God, time is timeless. We are the ones who think that some are left behind and some have moved forward. The ones who have died are great. Who has died, I want to ask? Nobody dies. All those who die sit in the other world and then come back here, and then go back to the other world and come back again. From the animals some become humans, but mostly people go to the other world and back again to this world. It is only a coming and going. No one dies.

So it can happen that from some of you who are sitting here, are also because of your seeking from many life times and you can get it. If you can get it then why should there be such a discussion about it. It is such an ordinary thing and I find it really odd. It is really odd that people make an issue about everything. A mother is giving you food to eat but by making an argument about it how will it happen? It is not an argument. This is the Truth. This is the Truth. It is a very great seeking. The ones who are realized who are sitting here, understand it.

In the search for Dharma man has only been able to reach the other world. Till now he has not reached the Supreme. And the ones who did reach the Eternal were unable to bring down the Supreme. This is very important for others. Because just as you have had many rebirths so do I have many births. And I too have had a very close relationship with all these great seekers. And these are so near to me and mine. Perhaps they are not so near to you. All those who carry big flags, that we are Muslims or Hindus or this or that, only carry a false certificate and have no guarantee that in their past lives the one who was a Hindu was a Muslim and the one who was a Muslim might have been a Christian. Now if it is a question of births and rebirths, a question of joy, then one should think on that level.

That level is such that whatever is Eternal is not gross. Whatever is the Eternal Essence is not gross. That which is sucking is not growth. That which is subtle is not gross. Please understand this properly. It can be enlightened in the gross but the Eternal is not interested in the gross.

Like many people tell me that many sadhus and saints ask God for something and God gives it to them. But God has not given it, this much I can say. God is not interested that how many children you have, that you get lands, houses, and the world’s pleasures and leisure. God is not interested in this at all. We have made a big mistake in understanding God. The Eternal Essence is only interested in giving the Eternal, please remember and write this down. And people talk also that this Eternal or Supreme Essence is only got through the Kundalini yoga. Many wrote about this too.

But with Kundalini Yoga you get only Siddhis (Spiritual Powers), has never been written anywhere. Yes, but those who have got the powers have never written that the powers should come through the Kundalini. Kundalini is your mother. She is sitting inside you to give you your second birth. She is only going to give you your second birth. She is not the foolish mother who will give you powers and throw you into the other world. The amount of understanding you have, She is many times more wise, and more loving. She is not going to push you into a wrong place. She is not the evil mother who will push you into Untruth. Till such time as with the Union of the Kundalini one does not get the recognition, till then the Kundalini is not a union Yoga, and that is what Sahaja Yoga is.

And God has made such a beautiful arrangement of this within us, is a point to understand. When a child comes into the body of the mother then with the gross elements his mind, brain, attention, ego is all made. But when the light comes in, it descends from the fontanel bone area in our brain which is shaped like a prism, through this very area the energy (Shakti) gets divided into three parts. God has done this so cleverly. If someone is a doctor here he can understand. We call this the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

In our bodies are there two (Shaktis) energies present about which we know very little, and about which we find it very difficult to find out specially about the para-sympathetic nervous system. In our Hindu Yoga Science these are called as Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Ida and Pingala are the subtle of the sympathetic nervous systems in our body, means that the gross (jad) of these two is the sympathetic nervous system.

Think about it like this that God fills the petrol from the top of our head in us, and when filling the petrol a descent happens that the rays which pass through the prism and then deflect, and then it goes down and makes two Nadis called as Ida and Pingala. And the one which is at the top of the head descends down the center and becomes your Kundalini and goes into the triangular bone at the base of the spine and settles in there.

One thing is proved that our Kundalini is sitting in such a place which has no connection with sex. If you read books they say that by awakening the Kundalini such and such happens. But the ones who raise the Kundalini, who I have met and known, they all take you into the sympathetic and do not raise it through the Sushumna. If anyone is a doctor here will understand that parasympathetic nervous is the Sushumna which is in the center, and recognition of it is that when the Kundalini rises then the eyes dilate.

This is an outward recognition. Ask any doctor that when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, then the eyes dilate. And we can show you outwardly if your eyes are open to see, because one has to give a proof about each and everything otherwise you cant understand. There is a proof of this that which you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini at full strength at the base of the spine.

You know that there is no pulsation at the base of the spine. We can show you that there is a pulsation at the base of the spine and slowly this pulsation rises upwards, and with this at some places it pulsates more. These are our centers. You can be shown this and you can see its movement. When the Kundalini will rise through the Sushumna only then can you get realization. But for this, one does not know why a very strong condition has been put by God.

There is a very great stoppage here which you will have to give. It is this that when the Kundalini will come on Sushumna only then God’s Infinite Love will come into that man. Till that Love does not come down into man the Kundalini will not rise, no matter what you do. She can be annoyed or angry, but she will never rise till the Infinite Love will come into Sushumna where a special place has been made. This place is made between our Nabhi chakra and Anahata Chakra. Till this Love does not come down till then the flow from the Sushumna will not rise.

For example there are two ladders, and in the middle is another ladder and there is a gap between us and that ladder, and you are not able to cross this gap in any way. There is no bridge by which you can cross it. The two stairs Ida and Pingala are down at the level of the ground, which is the left and right of the sympathetic nervous systems.

The central stair is hanging in the middle which will take you to the Supreme. If there is any psychologist he can understand about the two stairs of the sympathetic systems. The one on the left side takes you to your ego. And the one that is on the right hand side takes you to the super ego. These two together spread onto our forehead, like a balloon and then they join together at the top of the head. Sometimes they come and spread onto the whole head.

Sometimes the super-ego is very strong and sometimes the ego. The one that is stronger is spread on our brain. They then close the path of the middle ladder. Now the petrol which had been made by the parasympathetic system, and filled with the Kundalini, its path and flow has stopped. Now we are separate. Now we have become the Self and we feel that we are an individual. Now the ego started, that We Are. Now this is the reason for running away from ourselves, because we do not know ourselves who we are. You are listening to me by putting your attention towards me but I cannot put my attention on you.

If I say put your attention on yourself then you cannot do that because you have been cut off from that source which you are. One which is the super ego, a lot of weight keeps accumulating. Every type of weight; a weight in which we are taught, do this, don’t do that, don’t go here, don’t eat this or that. Or we give big lectures to people that you must be an Indian, or Japanese. Or you must hate so and so, or we are Hindus , Muslims or Christians, by all these, what we call, conditionings or weight the super ego gets weighed down. And that which is the ego says we are so and so, we should do this.

The one that says Don’t Do is the super ego and the one that says Do is the ego. In reality neither do we not do or do. The Doer is someone else. It is a useless thinking. The One who is Doer does what has to be done and will do. But this grossness is within us that we use that petrol, by our Ida and Pingala and we condition ourselves with that and put it under a weight. In the center is the Sushumna Nadi.

Now many people have said to me that Mataji you talk against this one or that one. I am not talking against anyone. But you have climbed the wrong ladder; I will have to make you come down that. Because I have to make you climb the middle ladder. So whom am I opposing I don’t understand? What am I going to gain by opposing anyone? I am just telling you that you have climbed the wrong ladder, and all will come down. I go to meet the big and great Gurus and talk to them that what are you doing? By doing all this you cannot get God. You must understand by doing all this you will not get God.

What I am saying? Read Vaishista, or Adi Shankaracharya, because it is a historical thing. They have said the same thing that you get to God you cannot do anything. But there is a slight difference between them and me that they had said that are very few who have the authority to get to God. Some should remain in bhakti and others should do some yogas so that they can keep their discipline. But they also said that a disciplined mind or a mind that is running after indulgences, both minds are useless for ascent.

One has to have a mind like a small child which is without sin, and is innocent. Such a one has the right to attain God. This is what they have clearly said. But who reads them? The question is that we read a lot and we read about those who know nothing about Dharma. And even if they know it is just a little bit. The ones who think they are very great Hindus they must first read Adi Shankaracharya. Adi Shankaracharya had established the Hindu Dharma. Then why not read Adi Shankaracharya? You read all the books of the world, but why don’t you read him and know him? The difference between what he said and I say is that he said that in crores there are just one or two and I say in crores there are lakhs.

This is not of a question of being hopeful but a question of time. The time will come. The time of Kalyuga is a time of a very terrific battle. It is a time of total darkness. You don’t know this as you are seeing me. Besides yourself you are not being able to see anything else, but those who are realized know that what a pledge has been tied. Negativite and positive forces are both tying their force. There is the full force of sympathetic and Parasympathetic. The sympathetic is sucking away the Parasympathetic. But no matter how much the sympathetic sucks it out; if that Parasympathetic becomes one with that Ananda then this will go on filling it up.

You can go on using up the petrol but if that petrol is connected to the petrol pump and what is there to be afraid of. This is all due to the sympathetic. The active consciousness side of the sympathetic, from where you do all your work, from where you spend your energy if that is over spent then a disease like cancer sets in. And if the Superego is over used then madness comes in. I do not cure people’s diseases. To say that I cure people’s diseases is a wrong concept. Because the parasympathetic system cools down the sympathetic system by which a person gets cured.

If there is some madness then that too will get cured. And if within you a disease like cancer sets in, due to over activity that too will get cured. The cure for cancer is only Sahaja Yoga and there is no other cure in the world for it. This point will be proved. I know that this will be proved with time that many have been cured of cancer. The people who are sitting here can also tell you.

One point I have been making from the beginning is that where is our attention? Is our attention on that cancer which is destroying our body which is gross or is our attention on the consciousness (Chaitanya)? Then we should think about consciousness. Till we do not keep our attention on Consciousness then the gross ( material) will also trouble us. The whole work is by consciousness ; grossness (material) has no work in this. We have got so used to the gross and material that man gets stuck on to little, little gross topics. One person used to come who got realization and started giving it to others quite well. But realization doesn’t mean that you got busy. You are reborn and you have become like a child again.

Now you have to grow further. But the attention is on “My son should get alright, my children should become alright, my husband should get alright.” Then after some time “My money problems should become alright.” Where is the attention? You have become realized but the attention is exactly where you left it. The one who has kept his attention on consciousness/Chaitanya such a person has risen very high. Sitting among you, are people who are very high. They are like the gods and worthy of reverence. These people should be called gods who have been reborn. There is no need to fight with people who talk useless things. Those who want to come should come and those who don’t want to come should not come. There is no time left to argue and have discussions with them, because such people will go on discussing and arguing. As Adi Shankaracharya has said that low level people should keep their minds disciplined and somehow live properly and protect themselves from becoming thieves etc. They should live like good citizens. But the ones who have their attention on the Supreme, will not be satisfied with such things.

Till you have not attained the Supreme you should not have any belief in me too. There is no need of pretence. Whatever anyone tells you, you should not believe it, but first get it within yourself, then only have belief in me. I am not here to open a shop or earn money or make a name for myself. I am here only to transform human beings. If not in this birth then I will see in the next life. I am used to living in the Eternal. But one should now think that the ones who have died, have died. Don’t take their topics and repeat them. Put your attention on yourself. Maybe it might be that one of them is you who had written about it in your past lives. Can be that you are the very great people who had written and have been reborn and come here today to take get your right. What has happened is gone.

In Sahaja a seeker has to do nothing. The one who is drowning in the water, if he does nothing it is better. But he saves the others who are drowning. This is an easy way to explain Sahaja Yoga. Those who are in their source, those who have got their realization, those who have become one with their Shakti/ Power, they will do everything. The rest who have not realization should sit peacefully. They will come onto your source/sutra and give you love. They will come onto your source/sutra and heal your chakras because you do not know your chakras as yet.

When you get your realization then you will understand what I am saying, that yes, here is this chakra, it is moving, that chakra is moving like that in another. Then only will you understand what is the collective consciousness. The ones who keep no, no right from the beginning, this is not the place for them and neither is there any arrangement for them. But such people no matter how conditioned they are, but who want that a transformation should come within them, such are dear to me and I have full faith that they will get it in this lifetime, despite what the conditioning is and despite how their Kundalini has been played around with. If I say that someone’s life is getting destroyed then people are opposing me is really madness.

If a mother sees that there is something wrong with a child, and she corrects that then …. In your simplicity and innocence something has been spoiled within and I am here to correct it. But to think such things from beforehand only, what is so sensible about this? What kind of demand is this?

Today is Guru Purnima, and I have to explain Sahaja Yoga fully to you. It is not possible in such a short time. I wanted to talk on many things but this subject is very comprehensive. And in many of the meditation classes I have told people that those who are realized have reached such a stage that they can understand it. Because from their hands the vibrations of Joy are flowing; those vibrations of Love are flowing by which they can understand what collective consciousness is. One must understand that what is this ?

There maybe many people among you who feel your hands are shaking or getting hot when you put your hands towards me. You might feel so. So people may say we are getting vibrations. These are not vibrations. That is because you are opposing me. Something within you is opposing me. The love that I am giving you your hands are shaking because of your opposition. I believe the vibrations come when your Sahasrara starts moving.

Kabirdas has said “On the Top of the head the anahata (the unheard sound) beats.” It means that just like the beating of heart the same happens at the top of the head. When the noise of this breaks and pierces then you become one with God, then no noise comes nor do you see anything,nor is anything visible. Many people tell me that they have Divine Visions, divine this or that. What are you going to get with visions? If you were to get all, by having visions, then why this seeking? It is beyond vision or hearing with the ear. It has to be known from within. The one who has known it from within, can only understand it.

With vision many see many big, big miracles. Many people see pictures, and many people tell me that he has miracles. I say, my son, God is beyond this. It is an experience. Leave all this. By leaving all this and when you will come into Nirakara/Formless then you will get the Oneness with God, and then you will find the meaning of things that are Sakara/Formed.

Many have been cured by these Joy giving vibrations. Diseases have got cured. But the greatest thing that has happened and that which has given me the greatest pleasure is that ten people have got their realization collectively. Now you will ask me how they got their realization so fast. Many don’t get their realization so fast. They have been coming since four years to me. Many ministers, governors, others, they don’t get their realization then what can I do? I don’t have to take money from them that you give me 2000 rupees and I will give you a certificate that you are realized. If it has not happened then it has not happened and if it has so it has.

I had gone to America and there is one gentleman who is a big king, who was with me. He said “Mataji, whoever comes, you give them realization but you don’t give me. What have I done?” I said,” Son, I wont say anything to you because you will be upset. You have heard so many lectures on Dharma , but have you yourself ever established Dharma within you? Day and night you are killing yourself is for what? Just think, leave all this to God” Four days passed and he said, “I believe you. I went to India and all the people told me that you are realized. So do our work and give me money and they gave me certificates”. I said, “All this does not work on here, what can I do?” Because what is going to happen will happen; no amount of recommendation or cleverness of anyone will work. It is so ultra modern that nothing will happen. What will be, will be and what will not be, will not be. Now if it doesn’t happen such people get upset and start talking against me. What can I do if it does not happen. I want that you all should get it. Night and day I am working so hard so that you all get it. But if you do not get it then what can I do? It is your blockage.

To cure diseases is not the work of Sahaja Yoga. You must know this, because many people say that so and so has cured them. What? What have they cured? Sahaja Yoga is the science of awakening the Kundalini and to get to God and nothing. And don’t associate all this with the gross; because there are thousands of diseases. You must have heard of Dr Lang a very big doctor in London who suddenly died. His dead spirit got inside the superego of a soldier in Vietnam and started telling him to come with him to his son’s house in London. When they arrived he told him to tell his son that I have come inside your body. The son did not believe him. Then this soldier told him all the secret talks the father had with him. So the son started believing him. Then he told the son to help him to start his practice again. He said that in the other world there are many doctors who want to manifest. They have a very big international organization. Are they true people? It is an untruth. They do not give the name of God they say it is this way. And if you write to them they say that at 10 o’clock a man will come and do something and you just relax. And right at that time you feel that something or someone has come within you and you have got alright. But they have cured only the body and have not got the Param Tattwa/Supreme Essence.

This body will get left behind here and then one will go there and come back again. And on whom such practices are being done, they do not know, they are also innocent , that the very spirits they are using for their work will one day come onto them. Dr Lang must have known this otherwise why did he not enter his son? He can go into a soldier. And the body of spirits is not gross like ours that is why he can see much more than us. This is what is called ESP or psychology or what you call the Pentacostals, blessings of the Atma/Soul, where a person jumps, screams, yells, mesmerism.

This is all the work of spirits. From these many are good spirits and many are extremely evil. Just as we are so, are the spirits. Some are rakshasas and devils. Today you are not seeing them but I might show them to you later, just as today you can see the rising of the Kundalini. They are there. You can see their reality their behavior. In every religion they have been written about. In the Hindus the Sura and Asuras have been written about. What is, is. When you will talk of the positive and the negative will have to be shown to you. Just to talk of Dharma and Adharma is just a talk. Just to talk only of dharma, then how can it be? There is Dharma and adharma. What is dharma cannot be adharma and what is adharma cannot be dharma. This confusion has been made somewhere but this is not true.

What is negative is negative and what is positive is positive. One should understand the negative. Negative means that which is dead, which is sitting in the sympathetic. And the effect of that negative is more where it is very gross like the city of Bombay. We are very gross in this city of Bombay. Day and night there is the sound of money, the flags of elections. Night and day the attention is stuck in all these things. Man‘s attention does not go beyond this. There is no enquiry, no seeking. Is this why we are living? Is it to read all this that the gundas, gangsters, hit so and so, they criticized and talked against another, they did this to someone. Have we come into this world to do all this?

Man’s thinking is all wrong. Be very careful of this gross level essence/jad tattwa. This gross level is your own surroundings. Besides this there is also the collective subconscious, which can be called heaven and because of this the damage is being done is the most in Sahaja Yoga. And if such a thing has happened with someone it becomes very difficult for him to get God in Sahaja Yoga. In this it is neither my fault nor yours. It is partly the fault of your karmas (deeds). Otherwise why did you go to such a place by which you got so damaged?

Sahaja Yoga is life’s progress in full alertness taking place spontaneously. You cannot get the Param from bhoots, prets,spirits or even saints. These are dead people. Param can come only when one is alive. If it was among the dead then why would these dead people come here? Why are they sitting on us? To be alive is necessary. Till a man is not alive, aware, and his awareness is not fully awakened till then Sahaja Yoga does not descend down into him. Whatever you get in the fully awakened state, that is Param/Supreme. People think that in Samadhi we have put our eyes upwards and got lost, are sitting for two, two hours. This will not happen through Sahaja Yoga.

This is your entire subconscious which I call as region /loka of death. This is where you are going. From all this there is going to be no benefit to you whatsoever. The one who wants the Param/Supreme must think that that is what I must get is with full awareness and with full freedom. You have the full freedom. In fact there should be no type of devotion feelings towards me. I am just like an ordinary, mild woman, an ordinary housewife. You have not to think that I am something special. With such a thought you must have this type of freedom, only then you will get. You might be ten or one it is enough for me. It does not happen with numbers though we will have to increase the numbers. Because if the work gets done in full force. Actually the Param is flowing from above for a new creation, a new awareness, for a new type of human. It has done the arrangement for it. A full of love, full of knowledge and a beautiful creation of humans will have to be done and will be done.

You people have listened to my lecture for such a long time. On the day of Guru Purnima, that in this life I have become a Guru. I had not done this type of work in any other lifetime. It is the first time that I have done the work of the Guru. Maybe it is because the Mother has to be the Guru. This is a matter of the Kalyuga. That is why the tremendous Shakti of the Divine which must flow from the heart of a mother , and by Her grace and compassion the Kundalini should be treasured and it should be taken to that top where She in Her glory, Her Joy, and Her splendor be seated, and perhaps that is in my destiny.

That is why in this birth this position of the Guru has been created. If the Mother becomes the Guru, it is a very difficult, as a mother is very tender. A male Guru will beat up, hit or even scold but for a mother when she utters even one harsh word her heart bleeds and pains a lot. When she sees that her children have come through such difficulties, and how she has to gather them with love and care and take them across, that her responsibility grows so much that her entire character changes.

But from ancient times it has been known that no one is greater than the mother as a guru. Only make such a one your guru who is greater than you, the one who is greater than you is God. It was said about Guru Ramdas swami that make only such a person your guru who himself is paras/ touchstone, and who just by touching others does not make them into gold but makes them elixir/touchstone. He makes others like himself. That is how the form of the mother is. A mother lives for her children. Lives in the glory of her children. That is why perhaps in this lifetime the Divine wanted this that this love and this knowledge should come through a mother.

Now we will go into meditation and after this, so all of you sit with full attention. Leave your thoughts and assumptions aside because you have to get your welfare and well-being. Be good to yourself. Don’t take out your faults. If you are catching onto something then just leave it for the time being. I have nothing to take from you, and I don’t want to take away your freedom. In any way I don’t want to snatch away your freedom.

Like people will run after someone like mad, will spend lakhs of rupees on them, give them things. Why do they take things? If he is a guru then he cannot take anything from you. What will you give the Guru? What will you give me? You can give me nothing. You cannot even give me vibrations. You will be surprised that you cannot give me vibrations. One day I hurt my foot and a lady doctor said that “Mother I will give you vibrations.” I said “Ok give.” When she tried to give vibrations they flew so strongly that she went into meditation. She said “Mataji, such tremendous vibrations are coming” And my injury became so light.

Guru should be one who can take nothing from you. The one who is sitting at the top, he will flow downwards; nothing from below can flow upwards towards him. It is impossible. If I say, my son, please do not give me as this is just eyewash. You can give me nothing, in fact just the opposite. You ask Me. Your whole personality just boils over and all the forceful and spectacular Shaktis/ energies start racing within with such a force that with what kind of love should I look after this child, anyone has to ask for just a bit. Ask for the Param/Supreme.

On this Guru Purnima I bless all of you and all those who are realized, are very special people, and I would say to them that just as you have got, give to others. You too have to bring them around. Might be that they may get annoyed with you,hit you, beat you, they may not remain, but this is nothing. I have borne much more than this. That is why with joy and not arguments; they may not believe in you, doesn’t matter. Leave them. They may argue, just leave them. The ones who believe in you give them. This is what you have to give and this is all you can give that my love may reach each corner of the world and each house may be lit with it.
May God Bless You.