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Public Program, Bordi (India), January 25th, 1973

[Talk in Hindi]

So if there is any trouble in your swadishthan chakra, you can correct it by using your thumb. Now you have to see your importance as to who you are.[Talk in Hindi]

You stand up in front of mirror, in this pose; there will be a change taking place in you.

You can make it out from the reflection falling on the mirror, what thing you are. You see your own reflection in that mirror.

Now you rub your swadishthan using your hands, like this by pressing it, here also, like this, you will have throbbing on your hand. Here, on your fingers also, here. Press it or shoot it, here. All the disturbances on your swadishthan will vanish away. Swadishthan chakra is placed on the thumb.

Above that is a place of Manipur chakra, which is on a middle finger. All these (fingers) are not in a line, it is what it is. If there is a burning sensation on your middle finger then you will see that the person, who is sitting in front of, has a problem on nabhi chakra. That is why, while eating, we never keep this finger apart. It is always in alignment with other fingers.

Many people keep this finger apart while eating. It is a wrong practice. From the yoga point of view it is wrong to eat with fork and spoons. Because you have vibrations in your hands. But only for realized people. Those who are possessed, for them to eat with fork and spoon is a good practice. (Laugh)

No, our own bhoots go in our stomach. They are released from our hands, are doubled and some more are added and go back in stomach. Therefore those who are possessed with bhoots should use forks and spoons.

That’s why; in west they quite often use forks and spoons. (Laugh)

No, no we have much more bhoots than them (western people).

Now these people (western people) have started eating with hands. Really, it’s true, ask them. Nowadays many of them don’t use forks and spoons.

They eat with neat and clean hands.

Now this Manipur chakra is over, if any person is gluttonous and his attention is always on food then he should rub this (middle finger). Now what will happen? Manipur chakra will become cool.

Put some oil, nicely.

Now after this Manipur chakra is Anahat chakra. This is most delicate chakra.

This is your finger for Anahat, this one-index finger [may Shri Mataji mean “little finger”?] which is the smallest finger. This is your Anahat. If anybody has heart trouble or somebody is very romantic, always running after women everyday from morning till evening, then he will have this weakness. Then he should rub like this.

And one who has weakness of liquor should rub nabhi chakra. Now this Anahat chakra, those who are having disturbances on Anahat chakra, should worship Saraswati.

He should keep his attention towards reading and learning, no I am not telling about Anahat I am telling about swadishthan. Listen once again this is swadishthan chakra, swadishthan is below nabhi.

I will tell about Mooladhara later. Yes, thumb is swadishthan chakra.

Ok. Now those who have disturbances on Mooladhara should rub here.

This, this is Mooladhara chakra.

They should worship Ganesh ji. The one who has Mooladhara or sex trouble should worship Ganesha.

Now this is swadishthan and after this comes Manipur chakra. Manipur chakra, nabhi chakra, solar plexus are same thing. And rub this. And the one who has lust for food… it means that person becomes gross in swadishthan chakra and the trouble of swadishthan is very gross.

He eats a lot, a lot and quantity is also very large. And he babbles a lot.

Such a person who eats a lot, he should look towards Saraswati on his swadishthan chakra. Then he will get to finer fest (sound not clear). He should be creative and start paintings, diversion will follow and sublimation will take place.

A man of Manipur chakra has interest in food.

Politicians have bad nabhi chakra.

To indulge in mischief, to say something to this and something to that, is the symptom of nabhi chakra.

The person who has this temperament, whose outlook is very mischievous, that he is just not at all in peace. Unless and until he goes and sets a fire in somebody’s house, he does not get peace. Such type of person cannot see the benevolence of others. Such a person is required to clear his nabhi chakra.

Then, comes a person whose tongue is loose, the one who has no respect for others, specially the one who speaks loosely about sahaja yoga. He has to clear his nabhi chakra. Such a person is very canniser [presumably “connoisseur”] of food (pronunciation is not understood). He does not eat much. He is not various, don’t each much but he is a canniser.

He insists that the tea has to be excellent, want this and that… He is very particular.

He is also very delicate about the issue relating to women. First he becomes gross on swadishthan and he wants a particular type of woman and in this case he is choosy, etc. That person should go in refuge of Vishnu.

The meaning of Shri Vishnu is symbolic; it does not mean to be a Hindu, Christian, and Muslim. Who is Shri Vishnu, (palankarta, maintainer-god) a breadwinner of the world.

The one who has learnt that what it is like looking after all-like a mother, she is not be particular about food. If any mother is coquetry about it then she should nurture 4-5 children so her coquetry is all finished.

The women who are very particular about food cannot look after children. Because children will do potty, urinate, do this do that, she will get irritated.

She should nurture 8-10 children. Her coquetry will soon vanish away.

There is a point in correcting ourselves. And see for yourself if you get a feeling of abhorrence with everyone. I get feeling of abhorrence from this and from that, he should nurture 8-10 dogs. Then it will be done.

And another point is that he is to go deep down in Rajayoga then it helps.

By Rajayoga I do not mean to be that.

I mean to say that go towards the glory of Lakshmi.

Now the glory of Lakshmi is not money or husband? The meaning of Lakshmi is very extensive.

Now above Manipur chakra is Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Heart.

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