How the Divine is working within us?

Cowasji Jehangir Hall, Mumbai (India)

1973-03-23 Public Program Day 1 Cowasji Jehangir Hall Mumbai Pasq HD, 37'
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Public Program, day 1 Jehangir Hall, Mumbai 23-03-1973

Shri Mataji: For example, if you discuss with a medical doctor, he will not be able to tell you what is a libido, which is the basis of many psychological findings. If you ask the psychologist, he may not be able to tell you what are the symptoms of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Then, “yogashastri” (yoga experts) are regarded as something out of place. Perhaps we have never realised that all these knowledge springs from one source, that is awareness. One source is giving all these flowers and still, we are separated. And we are fighting with each other, not knowing that this is one source that has blossomed into so many flowers.

This disintegration leads us to confusion. And Kaliyuga, this modern age is known for its confusion. The religion, the dharma and the adharma, both are confused. Right and wrong is a confused subject. Divine and satanic are confused. Keeping all things in view, we have to be very open-minded, like a scientist. And find out how the Divine is working within us.

Some biologists who have been working on the subject of life, have brought about a very good thesis about the life that was created in such a short time. According to those biologists, the time taken for a human life to evolve from the time when the earth seceded from the sun, is too short to even create a life. They have given an explanation that if you apply the law of chance, this is an impossibility.

Let us see what is the law of chance? The law of chance can be understood by a simple analogy. Supposing there are fifty red marbles and fifty black marbles. Andthey are put in a jar and allowed to shake through some mechanical means, then you find they all get mixed up. This is the chaos. And, when you try to bring them back to their original position, you find that it takes a certain number of shaking which is the minimum required.

Please try to understand this analogy. It is a very simple analogy. There is a jar with fifty white or black and red pebbles or you can call it small, round,   these children play with that; that sort of thing. And you shake it. When you start shaking it, they become all mixed up. So, from the chaos to the organised life, it is like a cell. Amoeba is an organised life, compared to matter. Even the molecules are organised, even the atoms are organised, but they do not have the will to organise themselves. Or will to protect themselves.

So to get to this organism which is life itself should have normally taken much more years than these two hundred billion years which is a very short time. According to them, the time taken is say, ‘n’ raised to the power ‘xyz’. It is a mathematical thing; I don’t want to go into that. Now the time that is taken is only ‘n’; leave alone raised to the power of anything. In that short time, to evolve such a complex structure like a human being by chance is an impossibility. Is absolutely accepted.[UNCLEAR/accepted/absurd].

But when you see those pebbles, you can construct them in the proper way if there is a juggler. If somebody who knows how to push the red ones to the red side and the black ones to the black side, you can manage that. This indicates that there is a juggler; totally conscious and aware, with cosmic understanding and power, who is managing the show in such a short time.

For the scientist, it is only to point out that there is some juggler. They cannot explain any further. [UNCLEAR/one]. Now let us see what the psychologists have to say on the subject. The psychologists believe and have accepted in toto. The fact that there is a universal being within ourselves,without, they have not yet accepted. But within ourselves  who binds us together, because when we are asleep and when we submerge ourselves into our subconscious mind, we find certain symbols appearing in our dream.

There is a theory forwarded by many psychologists and supported by them; that these symbols appear universally the same in everything. For example, if this Universal Unconscious wants to suggest that you are going to be murdered, or there is a danger to you through some violence, or instrument of violence.  You see a triangular, elongated symbol.

Whether you are an Indian, whether you are an American, whether you are a Japanese or a Russian, makes no difference to the symbol. That means there is a Being which is working universally through the symbols.

There is another thing which many psychologists support, that the Unconscious is all the time trying to keep us on the right track. It gives us balance. For example, I will quote Jung, j-u-n-g, who has given two examples of the balance that the Unconscious has suggested in symptoms.[UNCLEAR].

One gentleman came to him and told him that, “I just dream. And in my dream, invariably, I am placed before my son, who is a king. Sometimes I find I have lost my way. Sometimes I can’t catch a train. See all kinds of tragic things in my dream and ultimately I find I am landed before my son who is sitting on a throne, like a king”. So, Mr Jung asked him, “What are your relations with your son?”. This gentleman said, “You see, he is a son from my first wife, and my second wife is not very happy with him. So I keep him out. But still, I should say I have done no justice to him as a father”.

Mr Jung said, “The Unconscious is teaching you that you respect him because he is a king”. One day such a man will repent in his own heart for treating his own son like that, who depends on his father for all the love and protection.

Another case is that of a girl who came to him and told him that, “I dream that my mother is a witch. And it is so common that now I am fed up of that dream. And I don’t want to accept such a horrible thing about my mother”. So he asked her, “How are you placed [UNCLEAR/living/placed] with your mother? Are you happy with her?”.

She said, “I am an only child born after a long time. I am very much pampered by her. And she allows me to do whatever I like. She doesn’t say anything to me. She says, ‘I just want you to be happy and do whatever you feel. I have nothing to say about it. Sometimes I am even confused. She gives me no guidance and takes no responsibility  as guiding me. Neither she discuss any one of her experiences with me. As a result, I have become a spoiled person. I have become a very fussy person and I have become intolerably hot-tempered”. So the deduction was that the Unconscious is giving you the suggestion that, “My child, be careful. You will become a witch. If you listen to this witch”.

Now, by saying there is a universal Being, there is a universal consciousness, an awareness that is working in us; you are just giving a name to something. It doesn’t explain. It is like saying there is a juggler doing the job or like saying there is a Universal Being who is looking after you and guiding you and giving you the balance. They call it the “intuition drive” and all the names.

Now let us see the medical sciences; what they have to say. When you go to a medical man and ask him a simple question that, “Please let me know what is making my heart pulsate? What is controlling my diseases [UNCLEAR]. What is looking after my respiration?”. He will just say that “There is a system known as the autonomous nervous system which is responsible for this regulation”. This is another name given to the same Universal Divine.

This is not to decry them at all nor in any way to belittle their efforts at finding. On the contrary, whatever they have found out, they have reached a place where now they have to say there is something that is to be still bridged. That is still to be understood. There are two autonomous nervous systems in our body. One is the parasympathetic and another is the sympathetic nervous system.

Now the sympathetic nervous system is again divided into the right and left side and the parasympathetic nervous system is in the centre. The person who is a right-hander has his left side sympathetic working while the left-hander has his left (should be right) side sympathetic working. Now one remains absolutely quiet.

Now both these sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are responsible, one for activity, another for inactivity. One constricts, another relaxes. One puts you to tension, another one makes you absolutely restful. The sympathetic nervous system has placed a very great, difficult problem for the doctors now. With the over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system, you get the disease known as cancer.

When there is an irritation in the body and when some sort of protection is needed, that part starts getting more active and the cell starts multiplying. The sympathetic nervous system works to protect that part. But ultimately results in the malignancy that is more activity of the cell in that part. This is a simple thing that is known as cancer.

The advent of cancer in the kaliyuga is now a challenge to all the scientists of the world. For nobody can escape it if they do not now realise that’s not the activity of man that is going to give him salvation – but the inactive. But for parasympathetic they say it is not humanly possible to control the parasympathetic.

For example, you can, by working harder or running more, you can make your heart pulsate more; but you cannot relax your heart. That is not in your hands. They say there is another force working which looks after the relaxation of the heart. The yogashastra which has, for so many years been describing the Kundalini is nothing but the [sinking] parasympathetic nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system is the gross expression of that system which is in the spinal cord. In the spinal cord, we call it the Kundalini and the chakras. The centres that guide; the centres and plexuses outside are known as the chakras. For example, your hand has got a centre in the head. In the same way, these plexuses which are in our being, which are namely, down below you can start, the pelvic plexus. Then you have got the aortic plexus, then you have got the solar plexus, then you have got the cardiac plexus. Then you have got, I have forgotten the English name for it, you have got the Swadishthana (Vishuddhi?) chakra here.

Then we have got here, the Agyna chakra here we call it. But this one though we call it the Agyna chakra in yogashastra; in the medical science, there is no name as Agyna chakra. But they accept that there can be a “third eye”. But this is something very hypothetical as far as medical science is concerned. So the Agyna chakra which is actually in the optic chiasma, in the centre of the brain, where both the optic nerves cross  is, according to the yogashastra is the Agyna chakra. It is placed there.

And the Sahasrara , when you open out the brain, you will find that there are petal-like designs on the brain. If you vertically cut it you will find that there are petals in petals. And these designs are, according to medical sciences, are nine hundred and eighty-two. While according to the yogashastras, they are one thousand.

Now, My own knowledge is not scientific. I am very sorry to say that. Mine is subjective knowledge. Scientific knowledge is objective. I have seen all these chakras within Myself. And you also can see all of them if you get realisation according to My Sahaja Yoga. And if you go deeper into your being, you can see all of them. Because Self-realisation means, you should know yourself and the power that is guiding you.

The last Sahasrara is the one-thousand petalled .I have seen as flames, thousands of flames

clustered together. In the Bible, there is a beautiful sentence, “I will appear before you like the tons of flame”. And actually like the tons of flames you see that.

Whether you read the Bible or Koran, you will find many instances, many sentences by which you can see that there is an integration of the Kundalini in all of them – and it is described. The only trouble is, that the Bible was written by many people who [UNCLEAR] in different parts of the country and they also saw part by part. And because of this kind of separate experiences, the knowledge that is in the Bible is scattered. But if somebody can sit down and try to find out, you can find the complete description of the Kundalini in the Bible.

So scientifically, when you talk about it, it is still of this. Now scientifically, I can prove that this loudspeaker works in such and such way, that it carries the sound waves to you. But when I have to deal with life, you have to come to the Divine, to the Divine Love.

Just think, that man despite all his scientific findings has not been able to create life. We cannot create one plant out of a seed. While somebody is doing that, crores and crores of these, so many wonderful miracles every moment. And we have taken them for granted.

Do we ever think how a flower suddenly becomes a fruit? If we look at a flower scientifically, we can say that there is pollen, and there is a pollen jar and they mix it up and this happens. But how? Why? Who works it out? What is the dominating force that works out? Can you do thatif you mix up pollen with pollen work can you do (it) that way? You cannot.

So there is some superhuman being, somebody who is much more powerful than you, who is doing these things just like a play. So when you come to Divine Love, you know that it is just a play. Tomorrow I will be explaining to you how My Sahaja Yoga works through Divine Love. And how it is effortless.

But when we cannot take out even one plant out of a seed, let us forget that we have done great work [UNCLEAR/work]. We are unnecessarily carrying the load of doing something that is absolutely dead. If we have some dead stone and we create a beautiful building like this and we think we have done a great job.

Science can deal with the dead but not with the living. When they come to living sciences like biology, medical science and psychology, you know what happens; they stop at a point. With physics, you can go on explaining things, but with life, it is not possible.

Even with physics, you cannot explain beyond a point. They will say there is gravity which is attracting the Earth. But who has brought this gravity? From where it has come? If there was no gravity, we would not have been here. If the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean or Pacific ocean, was slightly deeper than what it is; there would have been no life. There are so many points that scientists can quote which show that the whole creation is very, very balanced and beautifully created.

But I know the question that is hovering in your mind,“Then why all this misery? Only the science can eradicate the misery”. It can, up to partially, that is, physical. Very partially. But I have seen  many physically fit people. They are very miserable. Some of the “pehelwans” (wrestlers) they come to Me and tell Me, “Mataji, give us some peace of mind. We want some joy within ourselves”.

So, that is what science has done, that physically they have helped. Mentally also, some psychologists definitely have helped also. You cannot deny that. But what do they help is just to keep you sane for a while. It is not just sanity; it is much more than that. Much more dynamic which is working the whole plan of this universe. And this is the place we have reached now. Which I call the modern times. Which is the most fitted for the jumping of the human beings to the other side of evolution.

This is the blossom time for us. Of course when there is the blossom time, you find also the serpents hovering around. So the equal and opposite forces are at work. And scientists are the first who will help to build up the positivity in this respect, of that I am very sure. Because in America when I talk to the doctors and the neurologists, some of them visited this place. And they going to organise a conference of the doctors. I was amazed by the way they opened their mind to My speech.

Of course, in America, there is a funny law that you cannot cure anyone. If you cure, you will be put behind the bars if you are not a doctor. But I do not know any cure. I just ask people to put their hands towards Me. Scientifically they cannot prove that I have done any cure. Except that when they see the blood count and when they see the X-ray, they know that the cancer is cured.

But otherwise, they cannot catch Me. Still, I did not want to have that risk because I did not have that much foreign exchange. But I feel that knowledge will come one day maybe from America, reflected back to India. If the medical people [UNCLEAR/people] and the psychologists, I have some people who are My disciples and My children who have been very much benefitted, who are doctors as well as psychiatrists.

If they could come with a open heart. For I am a Mother. I am not here to (in) any way decry them or to insult them. But to give them the whole, entire knowledge that they have been seeking. With all My love and dedication. If they could gather up that much courage and don’t worry about their practice, it would never be [UNCLEAR]. For who creates the wealth? Who creates the beauty? Who creates everything that is around? Is the one who is seeking, then you [UNCLEAR].

[UNCLEAR/try] understand that these things which are so important to you scientifically, there is a science of economics; certain things are very important. Your priorities change suddenly. Because after all, you all have been searching. The humankind is wandering, working, labouring, just to find joy. All this is to have  joy in people’s lives and when you get that, all artificial things that are supposed to make you happy just drop off.

Tomorrow we are going to have a meditation at about eight-thirty sharp. I would request you people to come and see for yourself because I can scientifically show you the breathing of the Kundalini. If you get your realisation as some of the doctors in Pune got it. I told them that, “Now I will show you the centres and chakras about which we have been talking. You can come and see them with your own hands”. And they were amazed. They said, “How could we see that?”. I said, “With the vibrations that you have [UNCLEAR/you are given]”.

I will request you to come with a open mind and see for yourself. Don’t depend on the stories of others. I don’t want any gurudom here. You cannot give Me anything, I can assure you. Except that you accept My love which is overflowing from My Being. Just if you could spare some time and see for yourself, the Kundalini, the breathing of the Kundalini. How it [UNCLEAR/stays] and how it works, so beautifully.

And some of the mistakes committed by very unwise psychologists like Freud has also been committed by some of the yogashastra people. Whatever they  feel in the books may not corrected; true. And because of a certain mistakes committed by them, the Kundalini itself has created problems for seekers. But so far in Bombay, at least ten thousand people must have received Kundalini “jagruti” (awakening). But not a single person I have known, who has suffered any kind of trouble, or any dancing, or becoming nude, or shouting. Or any kind of foolish efforts to express, advertise that you are awakened [UNCLEAR/awakened]. [UNCLEAR].[there is a small sentence which is unaudiable.]

Whom are we deceiving? When it works, it works silently. Automatically within yourself. And the greatest [UNCLEAR] scientific way, that you yourself know that you are realised. You yourself feel the vibrations through you and you yourself can awaken the Kundalini of others and can see and feel the Kundalini of others. 

The Divine has no interest whatsoever whether you are a householder or a sanyasi. [UNCLEAR for twenty to thirty seconds]. Just think of the divine and it’s work. The divine has no interest at all that something have something. Like they give now a days [human being] like that.[ there are two more sentences, which are not clear]  On this subject also, I am going to speak on Thursday, where I will be describing the libido. Tomorrow I will be [UNCLEAR] Sahaja Yoga where we will be describing the parasympathetic. And  thirdday the libido which is on the right-hand side of the sympathetic nervous system.

After that, we will have a [UNCLEAR] session. All are cordially invited to come.

Never to feel before a Mother that you have committed a sin. It hurts the very soul of My heart to know that how can My children sin? To a Mother, you are the dearest.

And you yourself are so beautiful and so great. So glorious and so fragrant with love that you are not aware. Once you are aware of that, you will be aware of that [UNCLEAR].

Thank you very much. I really thank you. And I hope you will make it convenient to come tomorrow and the day after.

[Applause and end of recording].