Two forces

Cowasji Jehangir Hall, Mumbai (India)

1973-03-24 Public Program Day 2 Cowasji Jehangir Hall Mumbai Pasq HD, 65'
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Shri Mataji: When we say it is the jet age, what do we mean? It means we human beings have discovered a way of conquering the gravitational force through the jet. A challenge of the gravitational force has been accepted and overcome now. We have, in this modern age created not only a jet which has a propeller; if not the propeller we have got the supersonic arrangement – but also we have got spacecraft which can carry us to the moon. This is a very, very unique discovery, fantastic beyond our imagination.

When I was a young girl in a school, they used to calculate all – the girls sitting down sometime; how many years it would take human beings to go to the moon with the fastest train. Or at the most an aeroplane – that we had in our childhood. And in My own lifetime, I can see that people have already landed there. We have advanced very much outside through the help of science. The outside expression has been fantastic, beyond our comprehension.

But the problem arises when the tree grows beyond its sources; huge and big, must seek its source. Otherwise, it is going to die out. This is the problem of our jet age that we have gone too far away from our sources. And now we must see the source on which we are existing and have to exist. And we must find out the core of that source. So, that such a big organism which grown out of proportion must survive. If not, the complete destruction is awaiting us. There are two forces always acting and interacting. One is the constructive, another is the destructive. Throughout, since the human being – when he was a poor thing really; at the mercy of wild animals, grew in fear, later on, became a mighty power. And now is conquering all the soil of the Universe.

These two forces, as I call them positive and negative, are essential for any growth. But it is for us, the intelligent, modern man to decide if we are heading for destruction. Are we doing anything to stop it? Where are we going? And what are we going to give our children? The handling of the spacecraft or going to the moon. Is that all? Or these dead buildings that are hovering all over the places? Jet age has a very great message that the responsibility of man is the greatest. When we work out together, we put up a jet or a spacecraft. We have to work out together, en masse, to bring out the inflow of the Divine power that has nourished us and is needed now for further [inaudible/discussion].

As I have told you, that My knowledge is all subjective. I have not read any books on these subjects, perhaps I have no time to do that or I do not need to do that. Of course, I have to know the terminology which is man-made and artificial. But to communicate, one has to know those words. With this subjective knowledge, if I start talking to you, the whole thing will sound extremely fantastic. Because you are still objective. Now the time has arrived for all you to be the subject, to be the witness of that great, dynamic force which has brought about the whole creation. When I speak to you, it is through My subjective knowledge. It may not appeal to you today perhaps, but it will when you get your self-realisation and go deep into the understanding of what I am talking to you.

The creation, how it was created I will be speaking later in that Hindi seminar. But let us see what has happened in the case of human beings. In the case of human beings, the brain has a triangular shape. And this triangular shape acts like a prism when the ray of consciousness passes through his fontanelle bone, the tip of his brain, and enters into his personality of the foetus which is made out of the material power. There are two powers – the material power which creates the foetus and the conscious power, the pranava, which enters the foetus at the age of three months. While passing through the brain, it gets refracted. You can see from the prism that one ray, when it passes from the sun, gets refracted into seven colours. In the same way, this consciousness gets refracted into three powers. Three energies.

One energy is to enlighten our central nervous system which is necessary to look after our body. The other two are the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is not yet much known to the medical people. When I talk of Kundalini, I talk of the parasympathetic nervous system. One of the energies – these three energies, the one that is the parasympathetic, pierces through the central part, here in the fontanelle bone, passes through the central part of the brain, through the base of the brain; it is known as [inaudible/mudha] in yoga shastra. Which is the place where the optic chiasma is created. And goes down into the spinal cord and coils, in three and a half coils into the triangular bone.

You can easily ask Me, “How do you say that?”. But now many doctors will support Me. Thank God they are also realised. That they can feel it and see it themselves in their own being – the three powers working. It is a luminosity that is visible after self-realisation when you reach the third stage which I call the “Soham Dasha” (Soham – I am That, Dasha – state).

This Kundalini, when it settles down in the triangular bone; why it is three and a half coils and all that – has a very big meaning. Of course, I am writing a book; I am trying to write a book. So far I have not been able to start it also. Because every time I start writing, I think it will become another Bible or Gita. And people will start remembering it by heart. And that may stop their self-realisation altogether. This Kundalini, when it is settled in the triangular bone, it takes charge of the foetus and it is responsible for the growth, the entire working of that foetus, and is the divine force that is all the time, settled in that part. This is the Kundalini. The other two I will be discussing tomorrow when I discuss all the gurudom of India. They are all working on the other thing – this or that.

Now, this Kundalini – just now you have heard the shloka about the Bhagwati, who is the pranava rupa. She is the embodiment of this awareness, which is called as pranava. It is the breath, the holy breath of the Holy Ghost as described in the Bible. Who can incarnate also and has been incarnating many a time to save the whole world from disaster. This Kundalini is your mother. Sitting in the triangular bone – is a very important point. Because this is what has caused the trouble for people who do not know much about Kundalini and who are misusing their half-knowledge. Kundalini is in the triangular bone which is the Mooladhara as we call it and not in the sex at all. This is a very, very important part of the yoga shastra which many have missed – even the tantrikas have missed it completely. That is your mother sitting in the triangular bone to give you the re-birth.

The other day, a boy from a guruji came to Me and asked Me a question which you should know was very interesting. “Mataji, after all, sex is important. We have come in this world for sex”. I said, “I agree”. Now even this is a funny statement, but I said I agreed. But I said, “But you want to have your re-birth”. “Yes”, he said, “I want to have my re-birth”. “Now can you have your re-birth by doing sex. Can you have your birth by doing sex?”. He said “No”. Then I said, “How can you get your re-birth through sex?”. Just see. Now it is your mother settled down in the triangular bone for you to have your re-birth. And foolishly you are putting sex on her. Can there be a greater insult to your mother? This is the Holy Ghost.

This is again because of this jet age; this is the age of confusion. Where the religion and irreligion, the dharma and adharma is completely confused. They will prescribe the sex with the mother? That is why you find many books which tell you that the Kundalini gets angry. The Kundalini gets into a temper and she rises, and she does this – she burns you and she does all kinds of things. She will; any mother would if she is a mother. Thank God in India at least, Mr Freud has not been able to reach out much. We still have our motherhood in our country. Thank God that something you have, something really great in this country. That a mother could be brought to the level of sex, is something absurd. Mother will forgive, even if you kill her, murder her. But can she tolerate such nonsense? She cannot.

In this jet age, people have the freedom to seek. And do whatever they like. For example, if Ravana was to be born in this country, he can very well settle down here. And call himself a God and preach such horrible things to destroy all the Sitas of this country. It is quite possible in the jet age; everybody has the freedom to do whatever he likes. Persons like Freud who were [inaudible/youngsters] must have been very perverted, of a degraded temperament at the time. Of course, they have been discarded in other countries. But they have left a very indelible mark on society. And in America, I was shocked to see that how the motherhood of American women is completely disturbed and just lost. They have no faith in their motherhood left.

There was a [UNCLEAR], who had a boy who was a twelve-year-old who had taken to drastic drugs. But when the child came to Me, I hugged the child to My heart and I kissed the child and I said, “What is the matter?”. The child wept just like a [inaudible] and told me that my mother has never loved me like that. And mother told Me, “You know, we have a system by which we are not supposed to touch our children like this”. I said, “What system do you have here?”. She told Me when the child is born, it is kept away while the dogs and the cats sleep in the bedroom. And the children, they do not know their mother, so when they are sixteen or seventeen years old, they will marry a woman who is sixty years old. Naturally. Because they are seeking their mother. Only through marriage, you can have a relationship with others, through sex only – otherwise, there is no relationship. This is what the jet age is.

Because the sublimation to the divine has also to come through sex? What is sex? It is just like a nose and eyes you have, even much less important than that. So much importance has been given in psychology to this nonsensical thing. Is also responsible for killing the motherhood of American women. Not only in America, in most of the Western countries, where they are affluent. They are the richest people as far as spirituality is concerned. They are the people who have now gone beyond materialism and are seeking. But this is the handicap with them, poor children – they have not known their mother.

While in our country – you know my husband was with Lal Bahadur Shastri. Shastriji used to get up every day in the morning four o clock, go and sleep with his mother for a while, cuddle her and then go out for his work. He would never go out from his house before touching his mother’s feet. And she would kiss him on his forehead; I have seen it with My own eyes. And there, the woman tells Me, the mother tells Me that, “I will develop a guilt”. I said, “What guilt? What guilt? You are the Mother. You are beyond guilt”. But this hypnotism of the psychologist – though they are very poor things now, and they have gone very far with the correction; they have now written many books on this. But still mister Freud [inaudible/rules]. Because it is attractive to talk of something nonsensical. People get attracted to that and they do not want to give up on the idea because it suits them also.

But it does not suit your Kundalini at all. And wherever you have heard about people getting into horrible experiences, of getting burnt, falling down and so many are described in the big, big books written about Kundalini. Because your mother, see Kundalini is never excited to sex but to divine love; to the pure holy love of a mother. Now, this morning you have seen I have given “jagruti” (awakening) and realisation to quite a lot of people. And I have done that for so many people. You all can see for yourself that sex has nothing to do. Whatever may be the efforts of the negativity to create darkness, one must know that this happens only because the sun has to rise. There is the night because the day has to be there. And the morn will give you the blessings of the Divine.

In the jet age, the biggest problem is of misguided sex. Beware. I am not for suppression of the so-called asceticism, sanyasa or the running away from the house or family. That is another extreme. Of perverseness. Is an advertisement that you are very spiritual – you have sacrificed this; you have sacrificed that. These are the days of advertisement. Those who can advertise are attractive. The attention has become so superficial that if somebody is well dressed, we suddenly think that he is very nice. If somebody is not properly dressed, we cannot see the beauty of that personality. We just cannot. We have become extremely superficial in this jet age.

The biggest handicap I see, while giving realisation to people is the heaviness on the psyche of these people with the artificial guilt created. That is why, in the countries which are very affluent, you will find more people committing suicide. More people running away from reality. Or taking to another extreme of sanyasa. The other day some people came to see Me and told Me, “Mataji, you are living in luxury”. I do not know what [inaudible]. “And how do you say you are Goddess?”. They know My husband is supposed to be a very great man. Now, what am I to do? But you will be surprised that a person who is endowed with the Divine – it does not matter whether he sleeps on the street or sleeps in the best possible place. Such a person can walk for miles without fatigue and can dress like a queen in her beautiful clothes.

But I was insulted the way these people asked Me. So I told them, “ What have you done to get to religion – I would like to know.” So they started, “I have sacrificed my family, we have sacrificed our houses, we have sacrificed everything”.

I said, “If I am not holding onto anything, what can I sacrifice, you tell Me. Can you sacrifice these keys?”. He said, “How can we because it is not ours”. I said, “ Who said it is not yours?”. Only thing, foolishly you have registered it here that this thing is mine.

Tomorrow when you die, you will leave everything here, with the keys and everything lying for again the caretaker to come and dispose of it for income tax purposes. Because you are holding on to that subtle idea that I have done this, I have done that, I have sacrificed this, I am a very great sanyasi. You can never get to the real treasure that is inside.

You should watch a tree for a living example – that a tree grows and the vibrations inside that are keeping it alive; all this energy which is working within it is just flowing. What does it matter where the flower comes, whether it is a blue flower or yellow flower? Doing anything in the name of religion brings you the other energy, as I told you, the sympathetic nervous system. Which is right and left. The one who is a right-handed – his left sympathetic is active and right is dormant. Now, in the solar plexus, we have a problem that the solar plexus is connected with both the sympathetic nervous systems. As soon as your attention goes onto any activity, you go to sympathetic. And mother, the Mother Divine, has to pass through the central path that is, the “madhyamarga” – is parasympathetic.

Naturally, in the name of religion also, you start doing something. And there suddenly you get in contact with over-activity leading to malignancy, or – which is much more dangerous; you get in contact with “paralok”, the dead. So, in the jet age when I was born; from my childhood, I was searching for a way out. For all of you to understand, that you are doing nothing. It is Me who is working through you and the ego is deliberately created in you – to make you feel you have to do something. And ultimately the same ego is going to take you to your awareness, to your consciousness through which you are getting your nourishment. Now as this mike is developed fully, in the same way, a human being is developed- fully, completely. He may [inaudible/fall], he will see, he understands the creation. And to enjoy. And to see the beauty of love.

This connection has to be put to the main switch so that [inaudible/power can operate]. This is what the Kundalini Yoga is, simple. Now if you ask Me the mechanism of this mike, it is a very difficult thing. The engineering is done. I know your connections. I have to put it to the Divine. For this, you are not to sit on the fence in this jet age, I must tell you. Because, either you come to the parasympathetic or you get to the dead that is the subconscious mind; which all these gurus are trying on you. And otherwise, through your left-hand side sympathetic nervous system which is going to give you diseases like cancer.

Apart from this, the problem of the jet age is that before the advent of Rama, Ravana was born. And that is why Rama had to come. Before the advent of Christ, Herod was born. Before Krishna – actually, Krishna got his birth because Kamsa was there. And Bhagavati took her forms always to kill some demons. But I tell you, this is killing has helped us not much, because all of them are back again. In the [inaudible]. This Krishna’s [inaudible] shakti, only their bodies were killed.

And now they are back again, with banners. As if they are the godmen. The other day is lady told Me that her teacher is a goddess. I said, “How do you say?”. She said, “Yes, she is a Durga Goddess”. I said, “How do you know?”. “When you touch her, she falls down”. I said, “Is that the way to know the Goddess? In the whole shastras, how She has been described, you should find out. She is a Pranavarupa Kundalini. This woman does not even know what is the Kundalini. And still, she is talking about being the Goddess?”.

Kundalini must move on your finger. That is God. Is a sign of Mother Goddess. Just by proclaiming that you are this and that – only in the jet age you can collect money and publicity and not [inaudible]. Can you transform human beings? But who wants that? Who wants to give peace and joy to others? Who is in love with humanity? Who is thinking of thousands and thousands of people being [inaudible] of their Kundalinis in this jet age? This is another problem of all the rakshasas being reborn. All the negativity, all the darkness – is just darkness of the Kalayuga. This is against our structure. And to talk of positivity, and to think of positivity; sometimes one gives but not [inaudible].

Because I know that I can give en masse realisation to you all, and the source of that Divine can be brought to your own beautiful being. And there are thousands who are negative but there are crores who are positive by nature. And the positivity is going to win over through the system of Sahaja Yoga, which I have discovered. Actually, I have not discovered it; it was there but I did not know about it, how it works. The blossom time is there, so many flowers. And the bees have to just hover around to transform them into fruits. The whole thing is going to be planned and worked out by the Supreme. And I am sure of this; that this age of struggle and confusion will end.

But please do not sit on the fence. People always tell Me, “Mataji, you must give us a speech”. When I start giving them a speech, they will say they forget. They will write it down. What are you doing? This is a real speechophobia, I call it. In this jet age, everybody wants to give a speech. And people are so anxious to listen to the speech, they will not come for meditation – but they will come for speech. Speech is just a thought. What is it going to give you – My speech is nothing to you. Even the touching of My Feet means nothing to you because you are not realised. You cannot feel the vibrations that are flowing through these Feet. Unless and until you are realised. But when I tell people they say – how can that be? That is so.

You have to get your realisation. Do not sit on the fence. You are doing the greatest offence not only to yourself but also to society. To the entire evolutionary method. If this same [inaudible] fails, then we will be the one who will be blamed. And the great “samhara” or the destruction will be there. If you do not get realisation, does not mean others cannot get it. You will also get it, have patience.

Now so many people have asked Me, ”Mataji, how can there be so many realisations?”. Why not? Actually, it has been the opposite – negativity you catch like that. Why shouldn’t you ask, why there are so many flu cases? If you can catch flu, you can catch a cold, devils are sitting on you – their vibrations; why not the positivity?

The blossom time has come. In this “mayapuri” (city of maya) that is Bombay, I have been working for the last three years. It is with very great difficulty thousand people are being realised. And realisation does not mean that you have become a perfect man. That you have become a perfect instrument of God. No. Whatever is missing is [inaudible/good] is not so. You must see, that is a scientific way of looking, whatever is there. You must find out after realisation. It is like the [inaudible] that has to grow.

Some people tell Me, “Mataji, why do you call it self-realisation?”. I said, “What should I call it?”. Supposing a child is born a human being, should I call him a bee? It has to grow. And then you have to grow into doubtless awareness and into the soham state. In the beginning, you get the thoughtless awareness, the inner silence is established. So many books have been written about this inner silence. “Do you mean to say, that is never going to fulfil?”. Yes, the calm and peace can [inaudible] – do you mean to say God can never have mercy on you?

But why this hesitation about something. Supposing tomorrow I tell that there is a diamond for free distribution here. You won’t even think whether it is a diamond or serpent sitting there. So why this hesitation in this absolutely free distribution of love? We have no time. People are watching their watches. This is a very good thing which has happened, but we have no time. We are saving our time, most definitely. Saving for what?

“We must save time; we have got watches; we must save time”. There was a gentleman who was very anxious to go to London. And he told Me, “I must go by this date”. I said, “Does not matter. Go tomorrow, does not matter; you have not got a ticket”. He said, “No, no, you must organise”. I said, “It is too much, but still, so why do you want to go?”. So he said something, “You know, I have to attend a ball which is in London.”

You have never had such dinner parties, such card playing or hold women in the club, as we have in the jet age. Our mothers were much more wiser than we are. Definitely. We have never had all these problems before. The way we are running all of us, like mad people we are running morning and evening, running and running and running – what has happened? Why are you running? Where are you running? Oh, you have a problem with [inaudible]. Now go to America, learn from them – that those who have solved their material problems are asking for God. [Inaudible for nearly 20 seconds]. Because they wanted to earn money to buy some helicopter to go to hell directly. This is what the jet age is.

Man is very intelligent no doubt, but he has no wisdom of any kind. He has no wisdom of any kind in this jet age. If he had wisdom, he would have known how to preserve his Kundalini, his holiness and his purity. Now psychologically also, when we talk of symbols, we must know that when you are realised – you go into thoughtless awareness which gives you collective consciousness. Which you must have noticed in the morning when so many others who had got realisation could feel your Kundalini. They tell me the psyche was heavy, it was burning.

You should come and see for yourself. If you can spare some time for cinema it is very important to come [inaudible]. Please come and have a look at this. I am not against cinema. I am not against enjoyment. But you are really not enjoying yourself, I assure you. Not even your possessions which are so beautiful.

I have seen a beautiful painting in a house. And the gentleman was telling Me, “I have paid so much money for this, I have paid so much money for that”. And I was just enjoying the painting. Because there was no thought between the painting and Myself. The complete joy was vibrating into My being.

You are not even enjoying a part of the music that was played today or ever played for you. Because the thoughts that are there within [inaudible/seek] you to possess it. And also make you jump from moment to moment to other places to take your attention outside. You cannot enjoy the beauty. Of the creation of matter, leave alone human being which is the most beautiful creation. Which a realised person can.

When a person gets realisation; those who are realised – when they are placing their hands on the realised soul, the vibrations get reflected from that beautiful soul makes him very happy and joyous. The joy that cannot be described. And they just go on saying, “Ah ha ha”, as if they have heard some [inaudible/beautiful] melody, some beautiful raga. And it is various types, various varieties. Such beautiful human beings are created in this jet age. And what are we seeking?

Let us for a minute sit down and think, what are we seeking? Have we got peace and joy which was promised with these possessions? I am not against possessions as I have told you. It is not only this extreme or that extreme, I am talking of the madhyamarg. But then people who have discovered that the possessions are of no use, they have become hippies. Now see the hippies. They have started giving up this, giving up that. And then taking to drugs.

It is not [inaudible] and accepting but standing up within yourself and see that you are a beautiful soul. That you are so glorious. And you are just the instrument of that Divine Love which cures automatically. The other person who is asking for Divine Love. With this awakening to the mother which is waiting for some divine vibrations to arise her and the signal that now you can rise. This love fills the gap in the man which I call as Void and is physically [inaudible] above the solar plexus.

Without filling the being with love, with Divine Love, your mother is not going to rise. You must respect her. You must respect her. And with that respect, when she gets the Divine Love, she rises in her dignity. And when she rises, she does not want to give you the slightest trouble. [Inaudible], she stops, and [inaudible] she says, “Mother please cure me. Please cure my child otherwise I will not rise”.

What a loving Mother you have as Kundalini. And while all these things are said against her, it burns My heart. Your mother [inaudible], you have refused, just spoilt to such a limit which is satanic. It is not ignorance, positively I can say, it is satanic.

Do not play into the hands of Satan. You yourself are the most powerful human. What I do is just throw you into your own ocean of power. I do not do anything else. I just pour a little water on the seed of Kundalini and it rises and [inaudible]. My work is over and then you find your own beauty.

In the collective consciousness, you cure people. In the modern age, you have also got the idea to serve. After the material search is the idea of serve others. Who is the other between you and Me, I do not know. Because your attention is outside, that is why you are all separate and divided. But the [inaudible] who is continuous and if My [inaudible for a few words], then who is the other? If this hand is hitting this hand, what is the [inaudible/favour] you are doing? What is the social work you are doing? All is [inaudible] nothing.

While, after realisation, you become much more active than the person who is active. They appear more active but there is more strain because the idea that you are doing something is much more [inaudible]. Even when you are giving vibrations you say that they are passing. They are flowing. When these are your hands, why don’t you say that I am giving, I am doing. That is [inaudible].

So the first dasha of thoughtless awareness which is crossed is that; between the thoughts, there is a [inaudible] gap through which you can jump onto your unconscious being. Unconscious because it is not in the consciousness before. I do not mean the unconscious state called devilry where you have no awareness of anything. That is another kind of mesmerism. So in the thoughtless awareness, as soon as you arise, you get the collective consciousness. And the collective consciousness is absolutely automatic. You become an automatic receiver of the knowledge of the Kundalini of that person. And your brain itself becomes like the Kundalini of other people because you suddenly move into the Kundalini of others.

The fear about Kundalini must be given up. It is like fearing your own mother. If you know what is a mother, and her purity and holiness. And if you remember Sita, the mother; her purity could not be spoiled by Ravana. The conception is not conceivable for American minds – no, they cannot. They think it is foolishness, it is impossible – how can they have such a saint, like Christ? And so many people in the modern age do not believe that women can be [inaudible/saints] and men can be [inaudible/devils]. Men can be devils, it is possible; such useless fellows. Jet age – even if Rama comes, he will be considered absolutely useless, good for nothing man; He cannot even look at other women.

This is what the dharma and adharma is completely confused. But confusion is needed for [inaudible/creation]. And confusion is always welcome. In the mud, only, the lotus has to rise. I hope that after this lecture, you do not think it is just a lecture. But the request of a Mother who has tried to approach you, through the loving words that please do not sink yourself but be yourself through Sahaja Yoga. There is no other yoga that can work it out, I assure you. All other yogas take you to the sympathetic nervous system.

Even a person like Buddha – he went round the whole world, did all sorts of renunciations and all that. Ultimately He got tired and when He was lying at the feet of a tree, in that relaxed [inaudible] state, the all-pervading Mother just poured Her blessings on Him and He got realisation. But now, it is possible for you to have mass realisation. In America, it has worked wonders, because I told you so many sages who lived here in India are born there. And also very successful in Japan and in Germany. England, the trouble is, people are still quite frigid. But I am sure the future generation will finish off all that is [inaudible]. But, in their finishing off, they have gone to another extreme. They have gone to the [inaudible].

It is not what you do is important, it is not what you think is important. It is what you are.

Are you like a child within? Like, just like the lotus flower? A person who is very serious and does not get his realisation – I tell him, “Go and see [inaudible] picture for one day”. It is true. You have to be a very light-hearted person. Does not mean foolish. But just the play. Just seeing the play. Quiet, [inaudible]. I tell a joke that some people who were going by a plane were carrying the luggage on their heads. And people asked why they were doing that. And they said, “We are trying to lighten the load on the [inaudible/plane]. In the same way, we are very serious, maybe some [inaudible]. [Inaudible sentence]. The plane that is carrying you is carrying the whole weight inside you. The one who has created the creation is looking after you is the [inaudible]. It pulsates in your heart, is managing the whole show.

This dead work should not put another dead on your head. Just feel like a child. And do not sometimes assume a position where you say you do all the work and put the whole fruits at the feet of the Lord. You cannot. On Gita also I am going to speak in my Marathi lecture, where I am going to tell you what mistake we are committing about Gita. Gita is nothing but Sahaja Yoga. But see diplomacy of Shri Krishna which has [inaudible/condensed] Sahaja Yoga, and here I am your Mother, I am telling you everything.

The cart is not behind the horse; it is in the horse himself. So Krishna said if you do not listen to Me, just go on driving the cart. Till you reach a point where you understand it is wrong to bring the horse in front. After realisation, if you read Gita, or Bible or Koran, [inaudible] – even he was realised. He was a great man. You will realize we have not yet understood, so far, [inaudible/real meaning] of these books. Nor we have understood about the “aakaar” (form), “nirakaar” (formless), the [inaudible] and the form.

The people who are worried about whether it is a form, or it is an abstract should know that it is both. The abstract which is in [inaudible/conscious] expresses as the symbol which becomes the form. For example, at the Mooladhara chakra, chakra which is the sex point; what you see is not the Kundalini but Shri Ganesh. What a beautiful child. Shri Ganesh is an eternal child. And by bringing that symbol on the Mooladhara it is suggested that you have to become like a child when finding your Divine Mother. But foolish people and some of the half [inaudible], saw the Ganesha – they only saw the trunk of the Ganesha which was coiled, and they said, this is the Kundalini.

By doing this mistake they have accepted that the Kundalini is lying in their Mooladhara chakra. So the symbols that are not abstract are also suggestive of the abstract – like the flowers are suggestive of the honey. But you have to be the bee; no use talking about the flowers or the honey. In the modern age, the discovery was complete because I was bent upon it. First time in my all lives, I have felt the need and I have worked it out. And I went to many people who claimed that they are disciples. Because I never said a word. [Inaudible for two sentences].

And I found out this method of Sahaja Yoga, where the Kundalini rises in the centre and breaks your Sahasrara. Many people will note that when you get realisation, you get a dilatation of the pupil, which is a sign of the parasympathetic nervous system. Which you cannot get my mesmerism or any method but through the [inaudible] of the parasympathetic nervous system which you cannot do. Humanly impossible to dilate somebody’s parasympathetic nervous system. This is a gross expression, but there are many subtle expressions that [inaudible].

So I suggest you [inaudible for a few words] and do come for the meditation tomorrow. We are going to have meditations in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. [Inaudible] lighten your psyche and try to lighten your being [inaudible, disturbance in tape for at least one minute].

Can you [inaudible] in the masses? That is the jet age of which human beings are proud. But see where we have landed ourselves. We are even selling our religion in the masses and we are trying to buy it. It was all right when some ignorant brahmins were doing that. But now the intelligent are [inaudible]. Please try to come [inaudible] and later on the in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. And those who are suffering from any diseases .. [End of recording].