On Paraloka

Cowasji Jehangir Hall, Mumbai (India)

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We can throw some light on the awareness, as I have told you before,is by stopping its search at a point saying that, “We cannot go any further”. In our own being, we have got the negativity and the positivity as sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. Even in the search of religion, when we start rising our attention towards this, we start searching it outside. This is not because something wrong with us, but this has come to us through our evolutionary habits. For example, a fish came out and became a reptile and started crawling. It felt the soil, the hardness of the soil and started walking. In the same way, every evolutionary jumping has been by going out. But now the evolution has to be within, because the last stage of the complete evolving of that instrument is built. Actually, it is now not the evolution, but involution that has to take place. For example, I take a tape recorder from India to Singapore and start making it, preparing the instrument, and then, I come back on the same. Recording all that has happened to you within yourself, it is the involution. With that, the awareness of every manifestation, which was dead in the beginning, becomes apparent. 

In the human being, when the ray of consciousness passes through the prism of this brain, it gets refracted and we get three types of energies. Out of that, the sympathetic has got two; one is the right; another is the left. The left side of the sympathetic nervous system of a man who is right-handed (now I will be only dealing with the right-handed man), is the storehouse of the subconscious. Or I should say it is the plug through which we receive the intuition from our subconscious. The subconscious half is the receiving house of all that is dead in our thoughts, in our memory, and all that is dead in the whole world. When we die, really we do not die; most surprisingly, nothing dies. Only a very little part of our being recedes, manifested through the element that is Earth, dies. Otherwise, we remain, in the atmosphere, in the Paraloka, as they call it, (in between the hell and the heaven, you can say), in the paralok, where you can see them if you develop those eyes. They do exist.

Now, we are sitting down here, there is another world where we have to go, leaving these clothes here. Again, we come back to this world, this Paraloka [collective subconscious], or we can say the world of the dead exists. The difference is, while we grow here, there they become smaller and smaller till they reach a stage where they become a small, minute stick. They have got the willpower to work out and manifest their unfinished ideas. Supposing, a doctor who has invented some great medicine and dies. He might manifest on someone after selecting, and try to do good to people. In London, there is a very great organisation of Doctor Lang who died long time back. And one day a soldier who was fighting on the battlefield suddenly felt that somebody had entered his mind. When somebody is shocked, they can use that moment to enter the psyche – the psyche which is the super-conscious. When he entered the body, he told the man that, “you should go and see my son who is in London and you tell him that I will work inyour body as a medium”. So he went, and told the son, the son could not believe it. So, he told him many secret things which the son did not know and also the things that nobody knew, but the son. This convinced the son and he started a very big organisation of Doctor Lang. I have met many people who have been cured also by their help. 

Now, when one doctor connects your Self to that Paraloka; (for example, if I have a connection with somebody in Los Angeles, I can connect myself with other people who are there), you can ask some other doctors to come and help to cure to do good. This is what is known as spiritual healing that we have in our mind. I have a disciple who was doing this kind of work for many years. And, after about sixteen years of her doing, she started feeling very giddy, and she came to see Me. When I asked her to put her hands towards Me, I found she had become very sick. So, I asked her, “What was the matter? Are you doing any spiritual healing?”. Naturally, the first answer was, “How do you know, Mataji?” I said, “Forget it.” Then I had to tell her very frankly, “You must get rid of this on your psyche”. She is the wisest person I have yet come across out of all those people who have been working as mediums. She said, “Mataji, I just do not want it. Please remove all this. I just want the Supreme, the Param”. I said, “if you want it, you will get it”. She got it, and she lost her power of spiritual healing due to which she used to shake her hand. And She got the natural curative power and the awakening power, and she is one of the most dearest disciples of Mine. And one day she will go very far in her healing, because of this [NOT CLEAR]. 

So, we have people who can do good, and they want to manifest through you. But, one must think why Doctor Lang did not come on his own son? Because he did not want his own son to suffer in the long run. When anyone acts as medium, he is no good for Sahaja Yoga. You are not independent.

First, you have to be completely independent of all these astral aspirations on you, and then only you can feel the beauty, the glory, of your own being. A person who is in the shackles cannot be made the King and requested to take the throne. 

In our country, we have had from ages, people working on the “mohini vidya” [hypnosis] and the “Paraloka vidya” [knowledge of the dead]. And in America, I have seen people having witchcraft. One thing great about American people is that they are absolutely honest. If they are doing witchcraft, they say we are doing witchcraft. They won’t take up another name and the witch won’t call oneself a Devi. They won’t do like that. 

Now, this kind of working is, how it is worked out, is a very lengthy thing. But, I can tell you in a short way. As I have told you, the libido, which contains all that is dead in you, all your subconscious mind, is connected with your solar plexus directly. In the same way, the right-hand side and the left-hand side, both sympathetic nervous systems, are connected with your solar plexus, the Manipur chakra, directly. Any doctor can guarantee that and can say that, if it is. But unluckily, the parasympathetic is hanging above. The vagus nerve, which plays the most important part in carrying the Kundalini into the backbone, has a Void, between the solar plexus [aortic plexus] and the vagus nerve. This Void has been described in the great systems of religion and people have written books after books  So as soon as your attention even goes to religion, you start growing on to your sympathetic nervous system, either to the right or to the left. 

By growing to the right side of the sympathetic nervous system, of course in the right-handed man, you go to the libido. Libido is connected from sex point, up to the “muddha” (medulla oblongata?) that is the place below the brain, which touches your Agyna chakra here. So, by doing any effort, you may get into that trap of getting into the libido – which is a connection already existing between you, with yourself and the Parama. 

The other side is the sympathetic nervous system which is waiting for you to act to any emergency. If there is any emergency, as I told you yesterday if there is an irritation in the hand, it will start acting so much so, that it will overact, and a malignancy can be created. See now both the things, how they are for your destruction. 

Now, when you see people being mesmerised – those who are honest say that we are mesmerisers and we have this hypnotists and all that, very honest people are there also in this world, everybody is not a cheat. So, they tell plainly that we are the people who are going to hypnotise. When they hypnotise, you get suddenly submerged into your subconscious mind, the conscious mind gets submerged into it, and you become unconscious to the outside world. And there you start acting according to the demands of the person who is hypnotising you. Now, why do you do that? If he says you start jumping, you will start jumping. If he says you start feeling sick, you start feeling giddy. If he says that you start counting one thousand, from one to one thousand, you will start doing it. 

There was a girl who was very anxious to go for a thing like that and she asked and I said, “Please do not go”. She would not listen – she went there, and the gentleman asked her to count from one to one thousand. She was a very innocent girl, and I knew what had happened to her. So, I went to see her just after that and I found that she had fainted. This is like, switching off your mind – the conscious mind, with which you are listening to Me is just get switched off. You can also go to a subconscious. 

Any movement towards sympathetic is against parasympathetic nervous system and against Kundalini. Ida and Pingala are the two sympathetic nervous systems on which people have been working. And that is the reason they have never been able to get their self-realisation. Because for parasympathetic nervous system, you must fill the Void with Divine Love. By mechanical working, you cannot get to God, is a simple fact you must understand. 

[Inaudible question or comment from a seeker].

Shri Mataji: I am happy you told me. Now, that we are connected with the libido through our efforts, when a person starts weeping and crying for God, he might see that the garland from the deity is coming and garland himself. It’s quite possible. There is nothing to be so much surprised. Depends on how much he is in connection with the paralok. There are so many saints who are not realised, who have died and want to say that there is God. They can work it out. But if they are realised people they will never enter into the psyche of those persons. They may give them certain indications like that. But, they will never enter the psyche, if they are realised people because they have achieved their independence and they respect the independence of others. 

Now, if you see the sympathetic nervous system, how it is worked out; you will be surprised, that the symptom of the sympathetic nervous system is – you get more breathing, more pulse rate, more heartbeat and constriction of your intestine, which leads to constipation and things like that. So, the mohini vidya, the way they learn it – first of all, they master the evil geniuses who have died. If they come to know of someone who is an evil genius, such people who want to benefit by their evil methods, wait for their death, and go into the “shmashanas” (funeral grounds) when they die. Because the dead – when they die, the body remains, but the Atma  hovers; at least for thirteen days. It does not take birth immediately. Some people take even five hundred years because they are [inaudible].

So, that spirit which is hovering there is caught up by these people through their libido and they take away some part of that spirit by removing a part of the dead matter. For example, they may take out the skull bone. They may even take the ashes of that (the dead), because when the soul has to be reborn, he has to have that complete body. For that those ashes are required, and if these ashes are kept in control by these people, then they (evil spirits) will be born with lame hands or lame legs and there will be a problem. So, they go on hovering there and then, they (evil spirits) surrender themselves and accept their domination completely. 

Now, these people come out in the public and announce that we can show you miracles. They can, why not? Because, for us miracles are something foolish. For example, a relation of Mine came and told Me that some sadhuji has given him a ring. I laughed at him and said, “How many rings have you got?”. He is a very rich man. He said, “I have ten diamond rings”. I said, “He has given you the eleventh ring. Did you go to ask for the ring?”. He said, “No, no, I went to ask him for something very divine”. I said, “Then why did you accept this ring? You should have thrown out.” You should have told that I do not want this ring. “Why did you accept?”. He said, ”All right, now I don’t care for it, but you do something about it”. 

Now, these are the experiments we have carried out, you can also come and see. It is all open to you. It is a laboratory which is open to all of you, to come and see with open mind. Not just to sneer and to laugh at. But to see, with understanding, to do good to the whole humanity. So, I told him. He said that, “now You give me realisation”. I said, “I cannot”. He said, “Why?” I said, “you will have to remove that ring”. He said, “I will not”. Then, I said, “I cannot give you the realisation”. Then when I started; I told him, “all right, you put your hands towards Me”. And he started shaking. He said, “What is this? Why am I shaking?”. I said, “now you take out the ring”. Immediately shaking stopped. 

He said, “Throw this away”. I said, “You must know that ring you can buy in the market, but can you purchase the Divine in the market? Why don’t you use your brain? You are a very intelligent man. What has happened to you?” 

All such “miracles” are working. The other day, most surprising that it should happen at such a juncture when I was to speak on the subject, that one gentleman, Mr Sharma from Punjab, came and was asking about Mataji. And some of my people were there and they said, “What is the age of Mataji?. They said, “She is fifty”. “No, but I know of one Mataji who is four years old and she calls herself something and all the [inaudible/cinema] people are after her. What about her, where is she?”.They said, “we do not know”. He started making a lot of inquiries about her. 

So they thought he is from CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) or what is he doing. Then they said, “Now, you come here tomorrow for meditation and you will meet Mataji”. Somehow or other, I again came back here. And he saw me and said, “No, no, no, no – this is not the Mataji I am talking about”. 

Then he tells me, there was one boy, one gentleman who came to see Me and told him that, “you invest one thousand rupees or one thousand five hundred rupees in this new venture. It is an enterprise. You please deposit this money with me. And I can assure you, I will return you, double amount of it, within one month’s time”. He said, “How?” He said, ”I have a daughter who is four-year-old and she is doing miracles”. He saw with his own eyes that she is taking out this and that from the air. Now the four-year-old child cannot do anything positive, I mean consciously. But, the little child was picking out this; whatever you ask her, she is doing like this and giving out like this. 

So he was wonderstruck, and he gave the money; immediately forward with the money. Now the person has, he told Me that, “the gentleman had disappeared and when I read the name Mataji, I came to inquire”. I said, “I do not need any money from you. But thank God you are here. Tomorrow you come for your meditation. Perhaps one thousand five hundred is not such a great amount. If you get your self-realisation, you are saved forever”. 

Now, in my search to find out the method how to impart this awareness of Mine to others, I have been to several of these gurus. Some of them I will try to describe, and now you use your brains and see what happens. 

First of all, in my childhood, My father told me there is a sadhu/fakir who has come and who is doing some great miracles. So, I went to see the gentleman. And what I found; he had a “chimta” (tongs) in his hands, you know chimta? There is no word for that in English, I think. So he was using that hard thing to hit every person who came to him. Then I said, “What sort of a person he is – I just cannot bear. It’s Impossible”.

Actually what he was doing was to hit the man, and put one devil on him, another devil on the other person. After some time, I found people took out their rings, took out their everything and surrendered to him. I immediately put my hands towards him and found out that he was a negative person. How do you make out a negative personality? That also I am going to tell. Very easy. I must give you all the tricks. 

Then I went to another person in Haridwar. He was doing wonderful miracles in my father-in-law’s place. As soon as he saw Me, he started shivering. Absolutely shivering. He said, “Mother, Mother”. I said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I want to get rid of it. Please save me from all this. I am now sick, I am absolutely finished, please save me from this”. I said, “Are you sure you are finished with this?”. He said, “Yes”. You will be surprised; within five minutes he got rid of his maladies. And he got his realisation later on, much later; about two years back. 

In the same way, I went to Pune – there was one gentleman, a “mantrika” (tantric) who came to see Me. Same time. He was staying with one Mr More and He told me that, “Mataji, now I am fed up of this. I have cured many people. But now my head is very heavy and please save me from all this”. So I asked him, “Have you decided to give up all that forever?” He said, “Mataji, save me in this life. I am not going to use that medium anymore. Now I can see that separately . In the beginning, I did not know that it was a medium my guru had put on me. Now I am seeing it separately, I can see my guru also sometimes. But I cannot sleep day and night”. I am having a terrible time. I said, “If you are sure, then you are going to get realisation. Don’t you worry” 

And he got his realisation within five minutes. Surprisingly. Perhaps he was really fed up and he was very honest. I told him, “You have lost all your power of seeing things, of telling things”. He used to tell the future, He could see things. He used to tell them where has your father gone, where has your son lost. So he went out and told Mr. More that, “How is it possible, Mataji is saying that, She has taken away all my siddhis. It is not possible. Because, I have done this for twenty-five years”. He said, “All right, then you start your mantras”. Within five minutes he found out he had lost all his powers. 

Then More told him, “Don’t you worry. Now, you have got the Divine quality . Be joyous and happy that this Divine is flowing, and that you are doing it even without feeling that you are doing it. What a great joy – stand in your own dignity and independence, and do not depend on this foolish material things which are going to die”. 

But, the negativity which incarnates as rakshasas do not have one thing in them that we have – that is Love. They have no love for anyone.

Then in the course of my search, I went to so many people. They said you become my disciple. I said, “All right. I will become your disciple”. I went to one gentleman. He said, “You have to take sanyasa”. I said, “that I will not do”. He said, “Why?” I said, “Because I am a sanyasini”. He said, “That is true. But still, You have to take the dress (ochre robes)”. I said, “I will not”. He said, “Why”?.

I said, “it will hurt My Heart, it will hurt My family,  it will hurt My mother, father, everyone. Why do you want Me to hurt them for nothing at all?” So, he immediately started mesmerising Me with sympathy. He said, “But are You happy with Your husband? Is he treating You all right?”. I said, “You do not know how he treats Me.” Then he started another trick, “Let him cry. Let him weep. What is he going to do? After all, he will cry, weep and will be alright.” 

I was surprised. That he could not even see the love I have for My husband, and the respect I have for him. The way he suggested – I told him, “How dare you say such things against My husband whom I have known for twenty-five years now. And you want Me to accept this nonsensical thing on my body, hurting all My family people. You have no love for mankind”. 

There are people who go and threaten their parents that, “If you do not give us money, we will take to sanyas. We will die. We will become nude”. It’s another way of expressing your shabbiness towards your parents. Our younger people if they think by revolting against their parents and by hurting them and troubling them, they are becoming very beautiful – they should know that that is not the way to do it. Those who cannot love their parents cannot love anybody in this whole world. 

All the blessings of the world come through your parents only. Those who have denied their parents – of course, if the parents are telling you something wrong, I can understand. But, you should not deliberately go and hurt them all the time. We have examples of such children in this country – this great country of Mine; where their vibrations are everywhere. We have heard of Shravan. The complete Vithala’s temple is built on the devotion of one person, is there. 

These (negative) people teach you to revolt against all that is beautiful that God has given. This is the first way they hit you by telling you against your parents, against your husband, against your wife, they want to break all your shackles.

This is not the way. Religion is based on Love.

And how do they do it? By putting these evil spirits on you. By which you bring money for them and surrender all that you have at their feet. And they enjoy the luxuries of life. Even they are such foolish people. Why don’t they understand that there is no joy in luxuries and in transitory fame? 

There was another sadhuji who told Me that, “You were my wife in my last life”. I said, “Wonderful. I do not see that way about you”. It’s a very common thing with many sadhus who handle women – you see, women are simple women. If somebody tells them against their husbands, they feel, yes, yes, there is somebody who sympathises. With a little sympathy, you can win a woman, poor thing. So he tells me You were my wife in my last life. I told him, “Sir, last life is dead and gone. If you are asking Me to do something because you were My husband in My last life, what about the present one whom I have married? What do you think of this one?” This made him very furious, of course. I said, “To Me, apart from My husband, all are My children including you”. 

Then, there are other ways of approaching people. It’s by taking advantage of their weak side. To mesmerise in such a way that their subconscious automatically starts dominating them. First of all, you ask somebody to breathe heavily. As soon as you start breathing heavily, you go onto the sympathetic trigger; is an automatic thing. And then immediately you mesmerise the person with the devil. You give that person a necklace which has got a devil sitting on that. Now this devil goes home with that gentleman and tells everything that is happening. 

We had a lady in our group – in our own group, who was suffering already from astral trouble. She came to Me. In the beginning, you see, I did not want to start this topic at all. Thanks to her, that now I am so open about it. She came to Me and she told Me, “Mataji, I can see Your past”. I could find, first time, that there is a devil sitting on her. If not a devil, a saint. But you are not independent. 

Without realisation, if you are seeing anything, it is no good. First of all such a person ever gets – there are only two cases within our group who got such a horrible “jagruti” (awakening) shaking and all that. Both of them were absolutely [inaudible/innocent/intact/insect]. So she took up the courage into herself. And when I went away to America, she started telling everybody – I am this. I am an incarnation of this, I am an incarnation of that. And what was she telling? Where is your son lost? Where is your money lost? 

And all the people who haverealisation from Me started losing their vibrations. They did not understand why it was happening. Then one of them just thought, “is she realised?”. And when he tried found out she was not realised but she was giving them past, terrible past. So he took up the whole thing into his hands and he told people that, “you must see what is the interest of the Divine? Is the Divine interested in telling you what was your father? When you had so many fathers in your previous lives? Or where did you lose your money or whether you are going to get money in the “satta” (card gambling)”? Such people are very good at telling you the number of the horse. Not of the future, but they go and find out from the jockey, through their medium. 

So this lady started doing this. And when I came back, I found most of my disciples had a heavy head. I said, “What have you been doing?” And when I saw the lady, I found out Myself, within Myself, that she was very crudely handling the astral body by beating them up with a stick. This is not possible for a self-realised person. Even to the greatest evil genius, they cannot. This, like Krishna they may just kill the body, that is different, but they can never beat up the person. And all these astral bodies took a revenge on her and they were all settled in her house. Now she started telling people what happened yesterday in your house, what happened day before yesterday, who I was in the past and all that. 

It can be to such a limit, that one of our sessions we had in Daadar, which many people have seen at least one hundred people must have been there, that one maidservant, who was an ordinary Maharashtrian maidservant, had come for My darshan and she started shaking, and the lady who was near her started shaking. So, I just caught hold of her hand and I asked her, “why are you here”. She changed her tone and started speaking beautiful Marathi and using Sanskrit words. She said, “I am here for Your darshan”. 

All the people around started asking, “who is Mataji and why have you come for Her darshan”? You will be surprised she gave a lecture in fifty shlokas all describing about Me and My past lives. I said, “will you go from this woman or not”. She said, “I have come to sing Your praise and to let people know who You are”. I said, “you better not worry about that and you better go away from here”. This is the truth in which people have seen. You will also see this. If you come to Me regularly, many things like this. So when I told her that, “I do not need your help – you take your rebirth and come back and you take your realisation”, She accepted. Since that day that lady is all right. She is perfectly all right. 

My daughter’s ayah once in the night was going. So I told her, “not to go in the night, about 12 o’clock, these days the atmosphere in the Bombay is very much spoiled by rakshasas”. She didn’t believe Me, she went out and. next day My daughter rang Me up and said, “Mummy, what to do, she is vomiting too much, and she is feeling terrible, and she is shaking her body”. I said, “You ask her to put her hands towards the sea and call My name”. She got all right in five. And when she came back she told me that “there are two persons who went out of my body and I saw You sitting there with a garland and all those things”.

So many psychological cases which doctors cannot cure or most of the incurable diseases are because of astral aspirations. And the more you allow these rakshasas to continue their work in this great city of Mumbadevi, of Mahalaxmi, there are more chances of getting these people let out free to harm your children. 

There is another Babaji who puts people into trance. He makes the people starve for two weeks. Now if there is somebody who is non-vegetarian. He says you must strictly stick to vegetarian, You must take only to curd. Now the person is weak, and certainly he puts mesmerism on that, and another devil is put onto that, and this person starts shaking and says I have got the vibrations.

But in Nasik, one of his disciples was very courageous and she told Me, “Mataji, though he says these are divine, I don’t believe him. Because I don’t eat fats, I get a terrible headache, and there is no place of any joy within myself which Your disciples are enjoying”.

There is another type who puts the devil through this – the ones who put through this Manipur chakra are of course, much more dangerous. Because they give you to eat some ashes; the bhoot goes inside. You eat the ashes with difficulty. Such people have given burning on the hand, so much so that they have developed blisters on their hand. Our Patanjali [inaudible/Sethi?] who has written an article on him has himself burnt his hand. There are so many who can tell you about this. 

So the mesmerism, very genuinely granted by these people, only helps them to accumulate wealth. Now this gentleman was in America when I was there. So one day I went to see a public garden, where they were so many of his disciples were distributing the handbills and all. So, I asked Chandubhai to collect some of them and I would like to see. So Chandubhai, who is an expert now, he said, “Mataji, all their Agnya chakras are turning in the opposite direction”. If there is any lunatic person, if you see any lunatic person, if you are realised, you will know how to know the Agyna chakra’s movement, you will find, all the lunatics have their Agnya chakras turning in the opposite direction. 

Nothing has happened to the Kundalini, but the chakra is moved on the sympathetic side, through which the libido is contacted, and you are dominated by a bhoot. So I took aside one gentleman. He said, “No, I am already spoiled by him. He has given me a thing here which I must have every day”. And the fellow was absolutely nervous and perspiring immediately. 

This gentleman, I believe, later on, collected so much money in America, poor Americans, I tell you, sometimes I feel so sorry because they are very genuine people. He has taken away even the last pie of so many of people from there and has brought them here like mad people, they are washing his clothes, they are washing his feet, they are doing everything. 

How can a man who is spiritually alert have so much attention towards his food, his clothes, his belongings, his possessions? Except for the beauty aspect of the matter, the rest is all useless. Is a headache. It is headache to have many things. But, you cannot tell the people who are mesmerised. If you tell them, they just walk off. They won’t listen, do nothing, will be deaf. It’s a sign of a temperament which refuses everything that is positive. “Oh, hum to kush hain, hum anand mein hain” – we are very happy, we are in joy. 

There are some gurus who put you into trance for six-seven hours. What is all this nonsense going? Is it possible to be only in trans for seven hours and later on you could be you? Your normal self? No. If you are realised, you are realised forever. For every moment you are realised and that time, all the time you are meditative.

There is not a single moment when you are not collectively conscious. Supposing one these people if they are travelling by train, suddenly they find heaviness; a person standing in front has got his Kundalini up there. We had a nice music party in Bordi , where two-three people had come. And when the musicians started singing, their Kundalini rose up. Of course, I was not there for the realisation, but their Kundalini rose up. 

And it became very heavy because they had some astral sitting on them. And they didn’t know that they started looking like that and they started shaking. And they couldn’t understand. It is sometimes so comical. The way people start acting. Because the bhoots and the devils have no sense of decency in them. They even hover around small children. They make you so slavish towards them that you start behaving in the most obnoxious manner. 

Imagine, a good girl from a good family becoming naked – and her photos being sold in America at a very high price. People say that it is better to see a cabaret dance for free like this, than to pay so much for a cabaret dance in a bar. Is it dharma by any chance, you just think it over. What has happened to your brains? 

Now these rakshasas, if I describe, you will be shocked how they behave. And in this Kaliyuga, how can they come, as Ravana or Mahishasura they came here. Ravana was a very powerful preacher and had a very big library of his own. And with his speech he used to mesmerise the people such a lot that they used to go into horrible states. He had that power within. And when Sita would not allow him to come close to Her, he could not; because of Her holiness and chastity. And Her divine powers. He used to threaten Her that in my next life I will come and destroy the chastity of every woman of Your country. 

All this; Mahishasura when murdered and killed, by his own deeds, by Mother Kali, has promised all his people who were killed  that let me reborn in the Kaliyuga and I will see this Kali Mai, then I will stop Her. 

Even Putana, who became a very fat person while sucking the breast by Krishna, she has come here to divide you, to direct you, and to take you to this path of sins. 

Holika, who was burnt because of her vicious mind, who tried to kill Prahalad, is again back in this Kali Yuga which you will find. As I told you, there is a lady; if you touch her, she falls on the ground. So they asked, “What is it”. They said, “She is so holy that you cannot touch her”. If the Ganges river becomes like that, God saves the sinners. That if you touch somebody, that person has to fall down. 

The other day I met somebody who asked Me about My opinion about a particular lady. I did not want to say much. I said, “All right, she is there but she is just talking about bhakti. That is in separation”. Because I did not want to say anything so directly at that time. The same gentleman, whose son got Realisation, went to see the lady. Where he found that the disciples didn’t have any ‘jagruti’. They can make out, even you can make out. So he said that, “How is it, for twenty-five years you have been with this lady, and you haven’t been given jagruti?” So, he tried to give them jagruti. Because they were having the astral on their head, they got it with a real shake. Those who get it with a shake, means that. 

So they went and told her that, “What is this? For twenty-five years you have wasted our lives?”. So she said, “All right. Call that boy here”. And the boy was called, and she just looked into his eyes. The boy was Realised but only up to the thoughtless awareness, not beyond. You have to go beyond – into doubtless awareness, then only you can avoid all these astral troubles completely. But, with thoughtless awareness also, you can make it out that there is an astral problem on us, and we should remove it. We can remove it. But we can see that, and we can remove it. 

So this boy got that trouble and he started vomiting. Naturally, you see, when a person is spiritually evolved, he cannot tolerate anything negative in him. He started vomiting out whatever he had. And when he came home, he was about to die. Luckily, I came from America. Immediately I know who was the person who has done the trick. Because I knew all of them, one by one. I know all their tricks. And I am all alone, still, I am going to save them with love.

Because Love has the power to engulf all that is negative like a light has the power to give up all that is dark. But the darkness may disappear into nooks and corners and hide itself. And again may surface. So you are there to find it out wherever there is darkness. And see to it that they are all destroyed in this Kali Yuga so that complete Satya Yuga dawn upon us. It is now for you, the intelligent and the elite and the modern, to see to it for yourself and find out what I am saying you is true or not. 

I can show you with my own experiments and the experiments they have carried out, which they have described in the book, which please you should purchase and see what is written in that. You come and see those people, the horrible things they are doing. Naturally, the one question that can be asked very intelligently and I accept it that. “You might also be mesmerising people”. Yes, of course. “Or You may be Yourself an incarnation of some rakshasi”. Yes, possible. Now how to explain?

As I have told you, that the libido is in the sympathetic nervous system. And with that sympathetic nervous system, the eyelid gets completely relaxed, the complete body feels relaxed and complete being feels absolutely, absolute. With the parasympathetic, the first thing, it helps is the cancer, because cancer is the outcome of the sympathetic. But the greatest sign of the parasympathetic acting on you is that, when you have closed your eyes, the parasympathetic is excited by some Divine force then the eyelids become completely and in the eye, the pupil becomes completely dilated black. 

My children should have eyes like Mine. Otherwise, how am I to know, so many children I have, thousands. And according to Yoga-Shastras, the Sahasrara, this portion is Brahmarandra, the fontanelle bone, here are the Peethas. Those who get realisation can check their bone here, and the whole of this portion might also become soft, like a [inaudible] going around. At the back also you will find the softness, sometimes it comes down so much, that sometime it is difficult to describe. But there is nothing to describe. It starts pulsating. This you cannot do through mesmerism. This is just this level [inaudible]; inside – I am not telling you. 

So, there is another question which was asked. Of course, they thought it was very wise and I think it is a great help, that, “when we put hands to You, we burn. But when Your disciples put hands to us, they burn. Now, who is positive and who is the negative”? 

It is a complicated question. So for that, we have to use a person who is lunatic. Absolute accepted lunatic or psychologically affected person. Ask that person to put the hands to Me or to My photograph and raise the Kundalini, he will start shaking so much. Now, you ask a realised person to put his hands and go into meditation, , while a person who is suffering from negativity will start shaking and burning. The one who is a certified person and a negative personality, the one who suffers from inferiority complexes and the fear and all these symptoms of negativity, should be used as a [inaudible]. Gone. 

One gentleman wanted to take full advantage of My [inaudible]. He took my photograph and all that and he also said he was My disciple; very openly. Of course, I accepted that, “You be My guru if you can give Me something sensible. And then I got something, he said you must let me say that I am your guru. I said if you want I will tell them, but I do not think you have done anything unique. Even now he is [inaudible/paying] for it. He is telling people he is doing My work; if so, accepted. If so, then those people when they come to Me then how is it that his disciples, when they come to Me, it is impossible to give them even jagruti? 

Anyone of these gurus, if they are doing the work of the Divine, then how is it in Sahaja Yoga, they are complete failures? While the innocent children are the first to get it. If somebody has got jagruti, at this moment you get a jagruti, it is done by bhoot. Such gurus spoil the Kundalini to such an extent; see I have got people of such gurus for three years, poor things, I feel sorry that the capacity to grow is lost in their spirits (inaudible). It breaks my complete being and shatters Me sometimes the way I see My children have been spoiled. Their Kundalini has been hit by these thugs.

If they want to earn the money, let them earn. [Inaudible sentence]. Even if they want to use the name of dharma, let them – after all, the name of dharma is not going to get spoiled by them. Doesn’t matter. But why play with the Kundalini? And spoil these people permanently. And make devils out of them for their next life and next life and next life. Just for your own publicity, you want to do it. Because there is no love. Because you think of the transient thing that is money and the public. 

You have no love for My children,who has been seeking love for ages and at this juncture when they came to seek Me, they have taken this poison. This poison acts, but still, as I told you, that love is like the bottom of the sea and the complete effort of sea to become bigger than the bottom cannot be [inaudible]. 

That’s why I say no use killing these people now anymore. Finished. They come back. It’s better to transform them, and put some life of love. They talk of love, they talk of religion, they talk of all the great truths that are written down. In every religion you will find such people going around, and earning something out of it for money. 

You have to have the other brain which wants to have the real Self . I want you to not to believe Me at all; not to have that blind faith and not to surrender yourself, your beautiful being to Me who is nothing but just a person before you get your Realisation. I am just like you before you get your Realisation. When you come to Me, at the most it is like you go to the temple, put your hands in the [inaudible] and do not get any vibrations.

But once you are Realised, then not only I but all the temples have a meaning. All the religions have a meaning. All these books have a meaning. That is why, first of all, get the realisation. With Realisation, you not only develop a creative power because it is love, but also awakening power and also the Realisation power you have to have. Because I am in the city perhaps, that’s why my disciples have not been able to give Realisation. But the day I go from Bombay I am sure they are all going to rise higher and higher. 

And for a Mother, the greatest pride, the day she sees her own children rising in their glory. 

Thank you very much. 

[Applause. End of recording]