Understand your importance

Mumbai (India)

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Understand your importance, Mumbai (India), September 3rd, 1973

[Translation from Hindi]

Out of you, many are there who have just got their realization, some are there who have got their realization a few days back and some are there who have got their realization from a long time, who have understood this thing that what is our consciousness and how it works and how we make it our own.

Because of the three types of people here, I will have to repeat again and also explain what is the meaning of realization, what is the speciality of a realized person and how we should stay in a realized state. Whatever you have read before, for now just forget it.

The first question is: what is the meaning of realization?

When you come to My feet many are told that, “You have not got your realization” and many are told that, “You are realized.”

This means that realization has got nothing to do with your outer body, mind, intellect, but it is with something within which connects in some and for others, it doesn’t.

In realization, when you come to My feet, the people can feel that the flow starts coming with a force on the hands.

And you also feel that something is happening within you even from the feet. In your directions the power of consciousness is playing, inside and outside, like every tree has the power of consciousness inside it; it’s leaves have the power of consciousness. And in this way, the power of consciousness has its abode in the whole world.

Just like the ether is in all four directions, in the same way, this power of consciousness is flowing in all directions. Its abode is inside and outside.

And the same power does the work of the material power.

This power is the Kundalini. It is only a word. Actually, God has given no name or meaning to anything, but man has given it the name of Kundalini.

The power that is called Kundalini is situated at the base of the spine in the sacrum bone.

I am going to write an article explaining the meaning and the scientific explanation about it.

When you live as a normal human you live in the body, mind and emotions, and you keep on searching for that thing by which you get joy. When you become one with that power of consciousness by the awakening of the Kundalini, and it comes to the Sahasrara by becoming one with it, then your attention goes on to your Kundalini.

By going on your Kundalini your attention goes onto the Kundalini of others too.

It means that till now your attention went to three places and now it goes to a fourth place which is the formless power and by doing that you go beyond thoughts and you start witnessing the mind, emotions and body as a witness.

Now those people from whose hands the vibrations are flowing, they don’t understand that “We have got these so easily that we don’t know what a great thing we have got”.

Now the biggest problem is how did we get such a great thing so easily.

We must understand that we get human birth so easily that we cannot understand how difficult it is to get a human birth.

It is got after many births. And to get reborn again is also after a lot of seeking and many lives.

But this happens so easily that we are not able to understand its value.

We also think that how did it happen so quickly.

The reason is that until now you were seeking outside and it is with you. Like there is a diamond within you and you are searching for it all over the world. Then someone tells you that the diamond is with you and you will say, “Why was I searching all over the world while the diamond was with me all along?”.

This is an actuality which we have got through Sahaja Yoga.

In actuality, we get it so easily that we cannot understand from where to where we have reached.

Or one can say that in modern times you can go to the moon at once.

If there is a method that you can go to the moon in a second, then you will feel the same way as to where we have reached, “How can it be?”

In the same way, this happening is so spontaneous that to feel like this is natural. But something that happens spontaneously or happens with a lot of difficulties, then we remember what we got with a lot of difficulties. This is the nature of man. And man considers what he earns through his effort as important.

If one gets lakhs of rupees from his father he will not have value for it. But if with his own effort he earns even two rupees he feels that he has earned through his own effort. This is a sign of his Ego.

But in Sahaja Yoga when the ego gets broken, then to get anything through ego has no significance. The ego is dissatisfied within and thus raises such questions such as, “Why is this in Sahaja?”

Many of you have seen the methods of realization. In every book, you will find new methods, that what such and such happens after realization.

Now from these how many are realized and how many are not? God only knows! But you people who have got your realization know that when you first get realized, your Sahasrara breaks open and you become one with the vibrations.

Then after that he remains here. His sight comes onto his and other’s Kundalini.

But the vibrations that are coming from within him sometimes stop at once. If he puts his hand on top of the head where there is a soft spot is he will see that it calcifies.

Now you got realization yesterday and it calcified. What is the cause of that? The cause is that our ego and superego get parted and our attention comes into the centre but then they grow back again and become one so the calcification takes place and the flow stops. But still, you can understand the Kundalini. How?

If you come back and put your hands towards Me and go into meditation you will be able to see that this hand or thumb has caught because they have their realization. But an unrealized person when he sits with his hands towards Me he will not feel anything.

They will feel that this finger of mine is caught. It is coming in this one and not in the other. And from those who are knowledgeable will understand which is the finger associated with which Chakra.

This cannot be known through mental calculations. I did not tell you. Because if I told you people will say that Mataji is just talking uselessly.

So I felt better. See for yourself.

Then when he put his hands towards the other, his finger started burning. So then I said, “Keep your hand on his Nabhi chakra and see. Close your eyes and see what chakra is moving. You will see that your Nabhi is moving. So when you put your hands towards him you saw that the finger associated with the Nabhi chakra was burning.”

And all will feel the same finger on themselves when they put their hands towards that man. You can write any books about it but the way it works, it works like that only.

Just yesterday a person was arguing with Me about Gyaneshwari. If Gyaneshwar was here we could ask him today. He too was trying to find a way on how to explain it. But he could not do it as he died at a very young age.

Because of many people dying before their time a lot of misunderstanding has spread in the world.

And then the second mistake they did is that they wrote a book about this. That is why I am afraid of writing books.

Because the moment I write a book people will start learning by heart and with that also a kind of conditioning comes in.

So now instead of thinking what is in it and what happens you must think that this is a new experience, a new thing, we are new people and we have to understand something new. We are going to sit here as new.

Like a small child from childhood listens to every new word and then learns by repeating many times. So, in the same way, you all who have come into this new Divine Region must understand this divinity.

Its sight (way of seeing) should be different.

When I used to read this name ‘Divyalok’(Divine Region), I used to think that the person who kept this name must have kept it after a lot of thinking. What a beautiful name… Divyalok. The Divine Region that you have come into, you must understand that this is all new for you. All the experience in it is new. It is not something written somewhere and experienced by others. It is what we have to experience.

No one has experienced something like this before. And nowhere in the world has this experiment been successful anywhere before this because I too have come on this earth many times before. I have thought of doing this many times before and this is the first time in this lifetime that this work has been successful.

That is why whatever unfinished that is left you have to complete it. You have not come to belittle or pull-down anyone. Whatever incompleteness has been left, you have to complete it. Just think that you are new persons in this modern world with an expanded vision, and you have to guide the whole world.

In this, all realized people are sitting under one roof and getting this Supreme Shakti. A very great power is flowing from within you, which is not there in other people in this world. You know this.

You should have no doubt on that because now you are realized. Those who still doubt is because they have just got their realization. In a few days, they too will not have doubts.

Then it becomes necessary that you understand your importance.

The greatest importance is that you have now got the fourth dimension.

Which fourth dimension? That how you can go from this to that.

Please understand this. Now from this how you can go to the other, stay there, stay steady there. This is a very important point. If you look at your attention, you will see that there is a kind of an expansion.

Look at your attention and you will see how it goes to something and how you can remove it. It is expanding and you can see it. Just like a balloon, which will expand like this. In the same way, you watch your attention.

Your attention can go to something and even come back. See how our attention has gone onto something. For example, your attention is on a sari. Now when it is on a sari you can pull it back from there. You can take your attention and expand it or contract it. And you can take it wherever you want.

But you are completely spread out within it. Like the sea. In the sea, the water goes to every corner and goes back. But its reality is in the centre of the ocean. The reality, the is-ness that which happens, is within. And the reaction of that is consciousness. It goes to anything and then comes back again. With this, you learn detachment. Just become detached from anything.

Now, for example, that vehicle came. There is a very bad smell coming from it. If you take your attention to the bad smell then it smells bad.

If you take your attention away then the bad smell is not coming. You have got the power of Detachment within you. Slowly, keep practising on your attention.

Man is sitting in the midst of the entire drama. He sees, “What is this? What is this? What is this? This is also, this is also.”

People say that this is all theirs.

Put your attention to it. As you put your attention to it you will know, you will know that you can also remove your attention from it. Your attention does not involve anything. And whatever love you send towards it [with your attention] will just go around it and will come back to you but [thanks to your attention] will not get lost.

Understand this. Before when you used to observe something with thoughts like if something moves from here, it will keep moving and its circumference will be kept. So [now] it will circle and then come back to you. It will not catch. It will not catch hold of it. The attachment will also finish off in this way. Every attachment of mind, body and intellect gets released but also of all the other things within us.

This truth that we are humans first and last also gets released because we have broken our attachment. The way to break the attachment in meditation is to always increase your attention.

See? Now it has increased, it has gone to a point and now bring it back. This special power has come to you after realization.

Until now I had told you many things and besides that also, pay attention to this.

In deeper meditation what you have to do is the expansion of your attention and its pulling back. When you will start doing contraction and expansion, you will be surprised that your depth will grow.

For example, if a person who spread a lot of wheat his spread is more. Then you gathered the wheat and made a pile, then its height grew.

In the same way, if you gathered your attention then see, your inner depth grew and knowledge came in. Then you started to laugh that “Oh, I was wrapped up in all this? Is this anything to cling on to?” You will feel that this is not anything great.

There is a boy from here who got realization, went for an interview for a job.

When he came back I asked him whether he got it. He said that he did not feel whether he got it or not and will get it or not.

He got selected for the job. The people on the board told me that this boy was amazing and was not scared. He came, said very clearly what he had to say, was not frightened and went. How did this happen?

I had told them that he is now realized soul and, “Watch him and examine his uniqueness.”

They said he came and gave straight answers, there was no deception, he spoke clearly, and stood in a way that, “If you want to take me or not that’s fine.” Neither did he insult us nor hang behind us wagging his tail.

Attention is also like this. When the attention has nature, then divinity comes into man when he gets realization.

When his attention is entangled in every place, then his attention becomes just like tendrils come out especially the climbing ivy. They come out and catch this, then catch the other, and then she slowly climbs upwards.

In the same way, a man who has not got realization catches onto this, onto that, then another, and that is how he sustains himself this manner. Sometimes he thinks: “I have no position, how will I move in the world? Oh! I have no money, how will I move in the world? Oh! I do not have this, how will I move in the world?”.

But a tree which stands on itself stands in its independence. Now, this is happening with you too. You are standing in your independence but because of fear you are taking out tendrils from within yourself and catching this, then that, then another.

As soon as you know you are standing there, the first thing is not to oppose the attention. It should not be stopped.

That attention will not be entangled anywhere, you try, but it will not get entangled.

Try this in deep meditation.

Any big question comes before you, just look at it, and you will be surprised that the attention goes there and comes back.

The attention does not get entangled.

Now think that a very great tragedy has taken place here but the world is going on.

Pain and Pleasure are our mental calculations: what is the great thing that makes us unhappy or makes us very happy, or what is it that is painful or joy-giving that we hate someone or love someone? There is no great reason that this should be. Slowly your attention will grow tremendously. Then the attention becomes proficient.

You have seen that your hands start burning, you work on someone and something happens to you. In the beginning, this will happen. And should keep away from such a person. Wherever possible don’t put your hand in the fire. When a girl learns to cook she learns first on a small stove. She puts a cloth to lift hot things and learns slowly.

Once her hand has learnt how to burn then she works on a bigger stove.

First, she takes tongs then a Tava [on which Indian chapattis are made], and then when she becomes an expert she makes Rotis with her hands. She can put her hands on a stove directly and flip the rotis.

In the same way what we in the beginning call evil also goes away. So that which is called evil will run away by itself. It will not affect you. When this state comes then what is the need for Mother’s protection.

You yourself will become great yourself. Then you will not catch or anything.

Wherever you go there negative people will run away. When such a capability comes then such a question does not arise.

Like I have said that there’re only two ways for this: one is a meditation from within and to watch the outside.

Now it is working out by itself. They say that first ‘do’ good karmas. ‘Good’ or ‘bad’ is also the thinking of humans.

When Doing becomes Non-doing it means, that we no more feel that we are doing anything, as the light of the sun, it is in non-doing though work is being done through him.

When the non-doing comes into one fully, which means that the cool breeze is flowing through the hands and is happening, then whatever is within, then whatever karmas that are gathered within us from before, which we say that we will have to bear the results of our karmas.

Lots of sick people come and ask me: “These are our karmas, will you suck them in?”. I say: “Yes, I will. Nothing to worry about”. You have come to the river Ganga so you should wash yourself. If because of your karmas your hands and feet pain, then doesn’t matter, I can absorb it all.

But your karmas went up from your body into your mind. Now how will the karmas be removed from your mind?

They ran away from your body due to Mataji. But the karmas are sitting in the mind. You have got your realization, but still, will this filth get removed?

That is why if you keep doing these actions (of Sahaja Yoga) again and again, then all this gets drowned in akarma (non-action). And however much you do in this life, that much your karmas will finish off.

Slowly as you do your karmas, and so slowly get out, and when you are completely cleared out from within, then from within that same good faith this likes, dislikes etc., nothing remains.

If you are sitting, you are just sitting. If you get food to eat then fine or don’t get to eat that is fine too.

Whatever you do, you are doing the work of the Divine. You are not doing anything of your own work. The work of the Divine is being done through you and you don’t even know like the sun which is giving its light. The moon is reflecting the light of the sun from itself. This is the ocean is rising and ebbing and sending clouds from within itself.

All these karmas are being done. But no one thinks that we are doing. There are trees and from them come the fruits and from the fruits come the seeds and then from the seeds the trees. They are doing such great work. But none of them feels that we are doing something. Everything is moving leisurely. This question has come only into humans.

They all are in harmony. But we have this question because in humans God has specially given the boon of Ego by which we can know Him.

We have seen that by killing Ego it does not die. That is why if it gets released by itself, then this is the way of Sahaja Yoga.

It gets released from within you. What one has to do that whatever karma we can do with our hands we should do. And the other is going into deep meditation, till that state does come within you where nothing is ‘bad’ or ‘good’.

You have seen that wherever I go neither any negativity catches Me nor bhoots catch Me or nor My finger catches nor My hands catch.

At each time the flow is the same. If you people feel any heat from Me, then it means that there is some fault within you. This is an example in front of you. I am also like you but I am an example in front of you.

So in the same way you become like this then no devil or evil will remain.

Whosoever will come in front of you should dissolve in your love. And if he does not dissolve then he will run away. A day will come and that day you will not need this protection.

You people have found many ways of protection. These people can tell you about some of the ways if you want. You can ask them. Like taking vibrations on the photo. Taking out (vibrations) with feet or taking out with water. How to put your own Bandhan etc. Taking different names, etc. There are many types. If you want to know about them then you can talk to these people, then these people can tell you all this.

But a realized person when he sits for meditation firstly must see that what is coming from Mataji is there any of our catch in it? Are we getting vibrations? If they have stopped then we should remove the cause.

These people can tell you how to remove it.

In the same way, the vibrations have stopped then the cause of it can be removed.

If the hand is burning then how to remove it? Just blow on it, and remove it, and take the name, and it will just get removed by blowing it away. It will get removed in such a way that you will feel that it was never there. It is in the atmosphere so one catches. Just like a small girl learns how to cook.

And when you become learned in this method then only have you become a real Yogi. When this ability has come fully, then you become a real yogi. You get the perfect knowledge. When you get the perfect knowledge about this then you become the knowledge.

Means that you don’t do anything, it keeps happening automatically.

If the microphone becomes perfect and My voice is going through it perfectly then it does not have to do anything, it does not need to know anything. All of this records by itself. So the Speaker, the Doer and the One who looks after everyone is the Divine who is on the head of everyone.

Realized people should know one more thing. This is also a very important point, by knowing which a kind of self-reliance can come, that the Devatas are hovering over each realized soul.

They say that on top of an evil person the bhoots hover, in the same way, the Devatas are eager to help those people who are realized. They get the fragrance and they hover precisely around them.

From among you, some must have told, this lady was saying that there was a bhoot-badha on her brother-in-law. And at about three-thirty, his condition deteriorated. And he started screaming. And then after that, she said that such a bad smell came and they could not understand what to do. Then they started taking My name and started giving vibrations and just as he cooled down a fragrance started coming and he became alright.

You people should also before getting realization or after realization get fragrance many times. So consciousness gives fragrance.

Chaitanya gives a lot of fragrance. And is joy-giving. So with this, you get the fragrance. There is so much that is non-fragrant, but it can fall by itself if you keep your meditative state alright, means that you keep yourself steady.

There is nothing to feel bad about it.

You have seen that we are unique. We are higher than the common man. So-and-so [Uncertain. Names may be: Chandu Bhai, Devade, Lal Sahib – ed.] is very great.

Many have gone much above.

If you take their names then I think mostly all have gone ahead. And still all catch a bit. All catch a little bit.

One person had got caught up very badly.

A few days before he had got caught up very badly. It’s ok if he got caught up. Doesn’t matter. At least they understand that they are caught up and that is why this has happened, that he understood that he got caught up.

To remove it is very easy. For a realized person it is very easy. It should be removed in any way. How to remove it, what to do about it, are the methods these people know.

And experiment on yourself with different methods. Like it can be removed by standing near the sea.

Earlier many realized people used to go and sit in water. It is true.

They used to get so disturbed that their fingers would start burning.

There is a Gagan Baba Maharaj who used to sit in water. His fingers had got small with burning. He had got curative powers but he could not understand why his fingers had become small with burning. His fingers got so small by burning; like you know how your fingers burn.

But poor thing he didn’t know that.

Now he does not come to Bombay city because in Bombay the hands burn so much and he didn’t know how to make it alright so he has gone away from here. And he keeps sitting in water. Now there is someone who knows and can tell you. There is someone who can explain that if your hands are burning how to cure it. Save your hands.

Our Mr Devade’s hands got burned very badly by working on 2-3 people, that now if he looks at someone he gets nervous.

He says, “Mataji, yesterday when that bearded man came his hands started rotating in the air.”

So now think that there is someone who can tell you, make you understand that after realization it is such a dangerous thing. Anyone can catch you. You are just like small children. And such a small child that it is very necessary that you should look after your state. My hand is on you all, all the time. And each moment I am thinking of you.

I have a lot of love for you all and I feel very proud and also get joy that so many are My children today.

It is a feeling of great pride for a Mother that they have got realization.

But what you have got, don’t waste it on petty things.

Just now Mr Jadhav had experience and was telling Me, even Mr Patil and ladies can tell about it. How they got experiences and how they can make someone alright.

Means that whatever problem there is you can solve it. But you too should also learn. You too learn. You too get to know. You are the doctor and you are the medicine.

It is going to go through your hands and you are going to understand it. So if you got a little hurt somewhere Mother is sitting here to heal you.

Where were such people before? Because now, poor things, the ones who have got their realization say that: “O God save us, from where have we got our realization”.

Earlier when people got their realization they would sit with tongs in their hands (to save themselves from negativity).

It was not their fault.

Anybody who came they would beat them. If anyone came who would radiate heat or cause a burning sensation, they used to beat them with tongs. I have seen them in my childhood.

They used to be called ‘the Baba with the tongs’!

I used to be surprised that whoever came he would hit with a pair of tongs. But I have never hit with Tongs. Then who would go to them? The reason for this is that there was no one to explain to them or guide them.

Now you people are curing so many diseases. You have cured diseases like cancer. You can cure cancer. You have removed so many types of badhas. You have done so much work. Naturally then something or the other will catch you. But then there is a cure for it. There is a hospital for you and someone is sitting here to guide you. And there is someone to explain the intricacies of it. So there is no need to get frightened. But if you are still scared then you cannot progress in this lifetime. This is the question of realized people.

But we should understand another thing.

There are many Saints who have died but they are not able to take their birth. They have not been able to find such a person.

That is another question. Such Saints are also reaching a viewpoint that among us there are people who can never be realized.

There are many among us who will never get realization because they have done such karmas before.

Some have done planchette [calling spirits] where they have got stuck or some such similar thing. Where they say that we should come into them. You will find badhas in them. But they are stuck and there is no need to fight with them.

In fact, the very clerical people among you will feel that Mataji is saying such things.

Don’t provoke them because if you provoke them then it can happen that the bhoots can go into them. Bhoots are already within them. If there will be no bhoots then the saints will come. When the saints come, then our work will be done. That is why in many people the saints have [come in/entered?]. They have expressed this to Me that they want to come.

“But if we come in the form of little children then what kind of help Shri Mataji can get?”

So it is better that such people who come and one can see that they can’t get realization. There are many people like that.

The ones who are not getting their realization there is no need to fight them, but such people will keep coming. They will come for 4 years or perhaps 10 years but doesn’t matter.

Meet them. They are coming and you know they have not got their realization. The ones who have got their realization will remain realized, but the one who has not got realization and they are going in and out, there is no need to get involved with them.

This I need to tell you today.

On them is the influence of the saints because they can’t do without it also. To drive away the bhoots and badhas only the saintly people will work. Because you people can’t see and you cannot go to those worlds. So let them do this work.

These people come and say that they will keep working and will help you with your work.

They will not cure you or anything but they will do such work that they will work with others. They will drag people to come (in Sahaja Yoga) and bring many more people who want to come.

There was such a person who had even written an article on Me. But someone scared him so he ran away. He was never going to get realization. There was someone else who rose against Me. Then, after that, poor thing got stuck into his vortex, then another thing started and he got stuck with it. So you should save such people.

Keep them in the company of saints and at least they will remain in morality and no bhoots and badhas will come to them and if they have no bodily or mental sufferings and their brains will remain alright, because the saints do not trouble anyone, that is why the saints should come into them.

But even the great souls are also hovering over you. They are also helping you. They too are helping and will help you with many things: your body, mental, emotional will remain balanced and will see to your worldly affairs: they will look after your house: they will look after your children. This is what these people hovering over you will do.

But you should completely [be] one with God. This is a great responsibility on you.

Today I wanted that if anyone has any questions then they want to discuss then please do so. Mr Shroff had ….

You have to be like a gardener in a garden. You have to see how to maintain this garden, how to plant it, how to move it, you will have to think it all out. You think about it and tell how it can be done. One thing he said is right. He was saying that if we give realization and we don’t follow up with it, then the realization gets lost.

If we, after giving it we don’t follow up and protect them we don’t look after them, take them forward and it can be that their realization can be lost. And then it will again awaken and till then they will be in difficulties.

And all should meet at least once a month. Each and every realized person should meet once a month.

Make it such a way that every month a letter should go to each one. Or make a newspaper where you can distribute it and no money should be taken. Do not give money anywhere or borrow money from anyone. Do not get involved with money. Even the land the government gives for ashram never think that you will plant vegetables, then you are selling vegetables. There is no need to get into such enterprises. We are not to earn money.

You must have read what happened to the Chairman of the State Bank. He went to the ashram and gave 90 lakhs there, 20 lakhs were given elsewhere for making furniture.

What a senseless thing to make furniture in an ashram. Please do not make furniture and then sell it, otherwise tomorrow we will see that “These people are making furniture.” There is no need for that. It is forbidden for you to do gardening. For this, there are many people.

You are here for a special work. You have to help in meditation, vibrations, and alleviating the suffering, and take time out to give them realization and giving vibrations. And where it concerns money just keep far away. And take so much money, keep its accounts, there is no need for it. If you get involved with money and its accounts, you will get caught up always.

Money and God have no connection. If someone gives you a place for free, then it’s fine, and someone who does not give it for free, then that fine too. It is all God’s work.

If someone gave you a place to sit, then he was God’s man who gave it, and if you didn’t get a place to sit, then it does not matter.

No one becomes God with a position.

There are many ashrams. Don’t put your attention there. That we are going to do this or that, or do business in an ashram, I will never let such a thing happen.

And when I see that you are stuck in some business then it is not My responsibility.

You have to do no business whatsoever.

You have not to collect money in any way, for nothing at all. One person said to me that he will sell My photos and then that money he will give to the ashram.

I said, “Which ashram? What money? Who said so? Why do you listen to others?”.

There is no need to worry about all this. The One who is doing and looking after us is Him. We are not doing our work. We are doing His work. If He wants, He will give and doesn’t want to, He won’t give.

And the same work we do night and day of eating ‘filth’, and if we are going to come here and do it, then it’s of no use. Don’t give Me ideas like this, because two or three have given and I am very pained.

Please do not give these kinds of suggestions. That way I am very straight and innocent but this way I am very clever.

I am not going to come into these tricks.

I am telling you this beforehand, that if you try to trick Me into money matters, I am not going to get conned into it, whether you get realization or not. It does not concern me at all. You must realize that there is no connection between money and realization anywhere.

The other thing is that there is no connection to politics with this. There will such people who will come to you who will say to you to stand for elections as you have such a large following.

If you want to go into politics then you do that, but politics has been created by humans and not God. The one who stands with the Divine has nothing to do with politics and government. You must understand this first.

And there is no connection with your position. If you think that you are a very big trustee or someone who thinks I am a very big secretary or a big chairman – “I am a Chairman” – then there is no connection with any ‘chair’. And neither is there any throne or seat.

Remember this first of all.

And nothing to talk about it. It has neither seat nor throne. There is no seat.

Understand? There is no need to make a special seat (in the future).

Who is sitting on Adi Shankaracharya’s seat now, someone who is non-realized, so nothing doing. Nobody is going to sit on any seat. All are sitting on their own seats.

When we sit on someone’s seat we are afraid of losing that seat (position).

By sitting on your own seats and ruling over your own selves from your own seat, then a lot will be done. Just tie a knot of these things I have said and remember them.

The third thing that, a good character, good conduct and purity, without this you cannot rise. If you have some bad habits you will have to make an effort to leave, take this vow on My feet.

Actually, it is this, that now you have shakti within you. Indians have a very bad habit of criticizing others. We are now connected with love. We are all brothers and sisters. If something has happened amongst each other, can be that someone’s foot slips, then it is not necessary that you go and discredit him all over the world. Come and tell me about it.

But you should put in all efforts in if necessary for saving your brothers by giving up your life for your brothers and sisters. For that whatever you have to do, we will have to save him.

It is a moral responsibility. It does not mean you have to pay money for that.

Do not lend any money to anyone. If someone asks for money don’t give a penny.

There is no need to lend money to anyone.

If some person, in his spiritual life, where his Kundalini is being destroyed or falling then help him. If someone has got into some bad habits then all of you should make a chakra with one’s love to help out.

Till the Purity does not come into us fully, our work will be left incomplete.

You should know this that the eyes of the whole world are on you.

By lighting diyas celebrate Diwali with this. People do not have their sight on a house, but on the lamps that burn.

The people’s attention is on you, in sense, they are watching that those who have got realization and are curing many sicknesses in the world, how are they leading their own life.

Sometimes you criticize this one, criticize that one. Though I have not seen such criticism. At this moment such negativity has not come. But it can be.

If there is anything, just come and tell me.

No one has perfect as yet. So come and tell me. I will cure that problem. And whatever failings (problems) you have, never feel shy talking with your brothers and sisters. If you say that, “This is catching in me”, then it can be cleared. If you don’t tell them how can it be cleared.

There is no need to feel bad as you know that all catch and all are doctors and doctors give free treatment among themselves.

So all of you can get cured free among yourselves. You must have brotherhood among yourself, and keep your attention on an extremely pure life.

So purity is very necessary. Without that nothing can be done.

If I had spoken about purity before, then it would be a question of perversion, that you clear out on one and catch another. You clear out on the second thing and you catch a third thing.

But after realization, this problem does not remain.

After realization, a hole (Sahasrara) has been made on top of the head from where everything will go out from here. You leave one thing and it will go out from the top of the head. It will go out fully.

It will not enter anywhere else. That is the advantage of the hole that has been made here. If you have some habits you have in keep it in your mind and then take it out from here. Wherever the habit is there, you feel heavy.

On the Nabhi some like to eat a lot. It does not look nice overeating. So pay attention to your Nabhi.

From Nabhi then slowly remove it. Then everything will come out from here, all the filth. Look at him. This gentleman told me that I can now take a breath from here (top of head).

This is good.

Watching your breath, watching, hearing, moving is all from here (Sahasrara).

Everything happens due to consciousness, and when consciousness has come on top of the head, then it will happen up here. The beating of the heart, the work of the whole body is done from here.

So anything that you want to take out from within yourself, then just press it and take it out from here. It will release by itself. It will all be released from here. Because there is now a hole, it is of great help. The hole was not there so… Like they say that if you press the ocean on one side, it grows on the other. But if a hole is made in it then it will flow out. So, if you press it on the side, it will not go to the other side.

Make an effort and look towards yourself as to what is impure within us. Like our Mother’s name is Nirmala, so too we have to be Nirmal (Pure). And what is impure within us, and not within others. I was watching that some were looking at others. No, no, I mean what is within us. Which “Hum” [Spirit] is it? What is it that is within us? These are our misidentifications, means that we have thought of ourselves as Christians, we are Muslims, we are Hindus and the rest are useless.

This is a misidentification, “We Indians are the best, and the rest are useless”.

These all are misidentifications and all are false. There is just one truth that we are humans.

That is the reality. First thing is, if you know this answer, then you will understand the rest that you are. One must keep watching all your misidentifications at each moment.

What are we thinking at this moment?

We are thinking that I have to go home and make food. Some are thinking that tomorrow is the office. What will happen in the office tomorrow?

People are thinking about various things, and I know what all they are thinking about.

You should listen to My lecture in Thoughtlessness. Not with these thoughts. The One who cooks for us is sitting here. We do not make food.

Think about this once that such a miracle has happened, that just sitting here you have become thoughtless.

Because matter is also made from that Conscious Power. See this. The Cook is sitting. Such questions will get answered. As soon as you go into Thoughtless awareness you will understand that you have come under the protection of God, and in thoughtless awareness, His light has come into you.

If you have any questions please ask Me now as a lot of time has gone for meditation. Next time we will have meditation. And at this moment let us have a puja by which you will be specially given a Protection by which no problem comes to you.

There are many devils roaming around outside and you can get into trouble.

After this, the program is in Pune. Those who want to come to Pune they can come, but try to attend this two -week program.

Now, what I have said, just think about it.

Now with My lecture, you will not get conditioned. Your conditionings will also fall away.

The greatest benefit of realization is that nothing will now stick to you.

Its gross will not stick to you, only its conscious may stick.

Even if I speak in Urdu, Farsi or French, but the conscious Power that is flowing through the words that will come into you. So with this, the vibrations will flow into you, even if you don’t understand the language.

The love that is flowing from within is what is touching you. Like you may not know the name of the flower, but the fragrance is flowing into you.

The fragrance is the Consciousness and the flower is the name. So, even if you don’t understand the name, the fragrance comes through. Each human can smell it and he can tell even if he is English, French or Indian. Everyone knows. There is no need to speak about it.

So, in the same way, God’s fragrance which is the consciousness Power can flow into anyone, whatever may be his language, “It is different to what I wanted to say, and what I wanted to give is different, that has got established inside.”

And any problems that were inside will be taken out from here [Sahasrara]. A churning goes on inside, and whichever thing the chakra is blocked take it out and get rid of it, throw out it.

Some may get a heavy head, If you are catching from someone, don’t worry even your heaviness will also go out with it.

Like I said yesterday that take out with the left hand.

If anyone wants to ask questions please do.