Public Program, Bholapan, Innocence

New Delhi (India)

1973-09-10 Bholapan India NITL HD, 53'
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Public Program

I told you in My earlier talks that the first thing required in Sahaja Yoga is love. A person, who cannot love, cannot go deep into Sahaja Yoga. And I told you a little about love also. After that, I told you about purity. A person who does not have the feeling of purity cannot get into Sahaja Yoga. Since ancient times, the feeling of purity have been there; I have said this only after taking that into account.

Today I have to tell you the third thing, especially for the Realised people, that Realisation is our new birth. When a child is born, you see any child, it may be of any nationality of the world, Japanese, African, American, there will be one thing in all, that is innocence. The specialty of the child is his innocence. That is why a person is called Realised only when he gets completely into innocence. Anyway, the very clever, very shrewd, and those who have great intelligence and are skilful in cheating thousands of people and telling lies, such people are totally worthless for Sahaja Yoga.

That is why, those who have been cheated and those who have been troubled, are most suitable for Sahaja Yoga. In the world, they may not be reputable, but in Sahaja Yoga, they will be very reputable. Innocence is a big gift. A man gets it from the accumulated wealth of many lives. You will see that while many old people are very innocent, very naive and very straightforward, and many small children are very shrewd and sly. In these times, who takes a money by cheating someone, is considered a celebrity.

To give an example, we had a relative, we went to their house and he thought he was a great man, very knowledgeable and shrewd. And his wife was illiterate. He does not think much of her. He says, “She is a fool and she will rob me of all my money”. He was a first-rate miser. We went to their house. He started telling us with pride, “This land and this house, I have taken on lease for forty years, thirty years back and I am just paying a rent of one hundred rupees only. This land is in my custody and no one has the guts to lay his hands on it”. He is sitting in a relaxed manner. He does not go anywhere; he has usurped acres of land and laid his claim on it. And he was saying,”My wife is foolish. I have difficulties because of her. I do not know how many buildings I would have owned by now. Now I am residing in a rented house”. He had no qualms about abusing her. But in relation, he was my older brother-in-law, so we kept quiet, what could we say? After that, his poor wife heard him quietly and walked into the house.

In the meantime, a man came. He started saying, “Look, I have come on behalf of the home owner and the landlady was saying that ‘you have so many tamarind trees, she likes the tamarind of these trees immensely. Saheb, I will give you two rupees, and you give us some tamarind”. He got angry, “What do you think? How can you get tamarind for two rupees? We will give you some, if you give five rupees”. He created a scene. Then he told his wife, “Beware, this man should not climb the tree, and tamarind”. He is staying in his house at a rent of Rs 100. the ladlord is making a loss of at least three to four thousand rupees. Look at his wealth! He can afford to pay. Now he started saying, “A law is being enacted. This house will become mine. I am going to usurp it. We are waiting for that”.

Anyway, when the man was leaving, his wife called him inside. She started saying, “Whatever tamarind you have been asked to get, pluck it”. She then took a five rupee note and gave to him. He said, “Why are you giving me five rupees? I have to pay you instead”. She said, “Brother, you climbed in and out in the hard work. Five rupees for that. Convey my regards to her. Go! Take these! Run away! If you need more come back tomorrow, come after twelve, when he goes away”. Then he replied, “I was waiting for him to leave so that I can pluck tamarind. I know you”.

And he thinks he is clever and smart. And all laugh at him, He is an ass! This way such intelligent and those who think there is smartness in being clever, shrewd and telling lies, they will remain where ever they are and such people cannot get into Sahaja Yoga. And if destruction starts tomorrow, they will be chopped off first and innocent man will always be saved. An innocent man has a speciality.

I am Myself very innocent, many people tell Me. In My house, all are annoyed with Me, with My innocence. It so happened, one day, we were in Delhi at that time. It is an old incident. We went to the market. A helpless fellow walked to Me and started telling me,’ I have got a lot of injuries, and I do not know what to do, how will I live?’ I said ‘Come, sit in My car’. We brought him home. Since we brought him home, we dressed his wounds. Anyway, it was necessary to dress his wounds, I moved My hand around him and the helpless fellow became alright. He started having great regard for Me.

And from morning till evening, if I got up at 4 am, he would also get up at 4 am and do all the work I was doing. But the people at My house were very worldly-wise. They would say, ‘We do not know where he got his injuries, maybe he is a robber’. I said, ’Maybe he was, but now he has changed! There is so much change in his behaviour. Believe him and see ‘.They said, ‘No, no, he should be handed over to Police, Police should investigate’.

Every day they were after him. My brother, My husband, and others were also there. They had a conference and said ‘he should be in police custody’. I said,’ Forgive him once, see if he wants to rob, he will rob. If he does not rob, it will be good. What is there? What great wealth do we have in the house?’ They were after him. One day we went for a wedding. He was made to sit outside, not inside the house, they said, “He will rob, this will happen”. I said, ‘Ok’. We wore our jewellery. We returned around 2 am. We were tired. My husband also slept off. My brother also slept off. I also slept off. I kept my jewellery in the bathroom.

No one in the house thought there was a thief in the house. When we woke up in the morning my husband’s chappal (slippers) were missing. My brother lost five hundred rupees. His shoes and coat were missing. His one box was empty. And all my costly jewellery was intact, the ancestral jewellery, nothing was missing. He ran away with all their things, because he was a robber for them. He left all my things alone and he was attracted to their things. They were saying, “This is surprising, we did not do anything to him”. I said, “You were after his life. Go to police, go to police. If only you believed him!” At home, have faith on your servants too and see.

Believe and trust. We do not believe because we do not have a belief in ourselves. Believe everyone in the world. As much as we learn to trust, the others will reciprocate your trust. One or two in a million may cheat you. No one succeeds in cheating Me. Even if he wants to cheat, he cannot cheat. You should not cheat. What do you get? Only a few rupees! By cheating what do you get? Which treasure? They get a treasure of sins. Here many try to be clever with Me. They try to teach Me with this and that. I am very innocent , but also very astute inside. I do not fall into anyone’s trap. It is difficult to take Me for a ride.

Someone may say this and that, I won’t fall into the trap. I am very simple. There is a reason for that. The reason for this is that a realised person and who has control of his attention, he does not get involved anywhere. If you try to act smart with Me, the Divine will deal with it on the spot. If someone tries to be clever with Me, he will be dealt on the spot. I will give an example of this.

Ramakrishna Paramahansa and his wife were passing through a jungle. She was simple. While passing through the jungle it so happened that Ramakrishna had gone ahead and she fell behind. The thieves thought we have a woman here, let us catch her. They started following her. She said,’ Brother, it is good that you have come. Your son-in-law is ahead and I am left alone. Anyway, my brother is here, my father is here, this is a very good thing that happened to me. There will be some rest for me. Otherwise, I was wondering how I will find the way. What is your name? You are my brother. You are my father’.

They said, ‘We were to kidnap her, but she made us brother and father.’ They were moved by her simplicity and innocence, they took her home and treated her like their daughter and Ramakrishna like their son-in-law, throughout their lives. Even thieves and robbers recognise love. Snake, tiger and jackal, they all recognise love. Because the tiger does not eat its cubs, the snake does not bite young ones. And if we become snakes, will the snake not recognise us? 

Innocence always helps. He who is innocent is always helped in this world and I’ll give you a modern example of that. One gentleman was at the customs. He was very simple, but he used to talk a lot. Simple people talk a lot sometimes because you don’t have cunningness in them. They will keep to themselves or sometimes they don’t speak, sometimes they speak. It’s not necessary that every simple person talks. Even clever people jabber a lot sometimes. In his innocence, he told this man, ‘I went there, I brought this camera’. He is telling a customs officer!

He has come from the US and he is telling the customs officer, ‘I bought a camera of this type, does anybody want to see it and he started showing. Here people hide cameras. Then he started saying, ‘I got a diamond ring from there. Does anyone want to see it? Here it is’. He told with so much innocence, the officer thought he was boasting. He would not have brought it. It must be glass stuff. He is making a fool of me. If he has really brought the original, why will he talk like this?

He said, ’You go now and don’t give me a headache. And another person comes hiding his things and looking here and there. The officer will ask him, ’Come here, what do you have?’ Even otherwise, simple people are pitied upon. If someone troubles an innocent person, he will receive so many sighs because of which he will forget harassing the person and if someone harasses an innocent person, he’ll have to pay for it in many lives. That is why an innocent man is the best. And if a person gets involved in something, mostly you see, very often it happens that, if he is planning to do some mischief, he becomes serious.

I have seen such a gentleman, who had the habit of taking bribes. He used to tell my husband that you are a lousy type. You don’t know how to make money. He used to say this. But I’ve seen that if someone came to see him and wanted to talk about taking money, he used to become serious. From being jolly, he used to become serious all of a sudden. You could figure out that some talk of bribery is on.

I knew a person who was fond of going to cabarets. And whenever there was talk of a cabaret, he used to become serious. Where to go? How to go? When to go? At other times, he will be laughing. He will plan meticulously and take it seriously and go to cabaret. Why should he go to cabaret? If you want to be serious, go to a temple and sit there. No, he will not go there. A person who used to laugh and who took life lightly, why should he be stupid like this?

An innocent person is also mischievous. His naughtiness comes from his innocence. Like he would spark things off. Like I told you. One gentleman came to our house. He had a great hobby of going to cabaret dance. You may not know what a cabaret dance is; there people dance naked. He could not talk about this to me because I was older than him in relation. In our house, there was a senior Civil Servant. He was a naughty person. He told him, ‘take me there, I want to go there’. Now he was an elderly man. He was mischievous. He took him to the police station in a taxi and he left him there and said,’ I will not come, you go’.

And he went in. When he went in and saw, all the police people were standing. He had come from a village. He did not know what would happen. He thought police will be stationed at such places. That is why the police are here. When he went inside, the police asked him, ‘what is your complaint?’. ‘No, I just came to look around’. They said, ’what?’ He said,’ Now you understand what it is about.’ They said, ’what is the issue’? He said,’ Why are you having fun? I have come here for what it is meant for’? They said, ’Then come we will put you in the lockup’. ‘Lockup?’ he said. They said, ’Who has sent you for the lockup?’ That way they are made fools.

The tendency to run towards the subject makes a person cunning. Because to hide it, he becomes cunning. The tendency of running towards the subject, makes him run towards it every time. After realisation, this gets corrected; you can see, ‘why are we running towards it like a fool. Where are we running to?’ We can look towards us. We can see our foolishness. We can also play with ourselves a little bit. We can be naughty with ourselves. We can play a lot with ourselves. We can see in which foolishness we are caught up. An innocent man witnesses this play in a detached manner and says’ What strange state am I in, I can’t understand’. These are signs of innocence. An innocent man’s attention does not waver and he is in his innocence.

Like small children, if you leave them at a cabaret dance, you introduce them to a new person, they will start crying. They scan them totally and they start crying. If you take a child to cabaret, he will cry loudly. You can try it. If you take 3-4 years old and a balanced child, he will start crying- what is happening here? Look at children’s condition, if they see some insanity, or when they do not understand what is happening, they start crying or staring at it wondering what’s happening.And the second thing, they straightforwardly say everything. They never have any attachment, concealment or bad feeling. How ever they may be, they observe everything.

Once someone said the person who is coming eats like a horse. The child heard that. He told his wife, he did not tell him. When the guest came, the child kept looking at his face. After that, he said, ’Mummy, he is not eating like a horse, you were saying he eats like a horse’. He did not feel, whether he is saying a good thing or bad thing, whether it will hurt. He just stated the fact. Children understand the way a thing is being said, what is their mannerism. They imitate everyone, it is the habit of children. 

The person who imitates is also innocent in some way because he can imitate only when he is a witness and if he can imitate himself, then it is a big thing. He who can laugh at himself is the most innocent person. You do a foolish thing, laugh at yourself. What is to be done, I have also done that. He who can say this, he can distance himself and look at himself.

You are also realised souls, you look at yourself, to see where you are running. You have a paunch; your hair has gone. Where are you going? You do not have money in your pocket, how far can you look? What are you looking at? Where is your attention? He who after taking realisation comes with devotion, finds himself in good company. He joins the company of saintly peopleHe who does not want to go deep, he will look for excuses and fall in bad company. He will justify his moving in a bad company by giving thousands of excuses.

Those who want to come, please ask Devale Saheb. Devale Saheb has to go somewhere. While he was walking, I found him and asked him to come with us. He sat in the motor car and we left. He had another programme. He sat in the car and we went there. We spent three hours there, because the enjoyment we were having here, we could not get anywhere else. But if you don’t enjoy it fully, your attention will wander. ‘Where did you go today?’ ‘Went to the party’. ‘Why?’ ‘I had to go. It was like that, it was like this’. Those who come here every day, what happened to them? They found the company of good people. Their attention does not go towards subjective things, they do not get interested in such things. 

The attention doesn’t get entangled in such matters. Instead it thinks’run, there is a programme, run!’ There is a congregation of good people. The joy you get in the company, how will you get it there? So much is (UNCLEAR) coming, which can’t be seen. It is not visible, but it is coming. It is showering on everyone, and we are pulled towards the power of God’s love…so much joy! Whether Mataji comes or not, just. sit down. The joy you get in meeting another realised soul, it is so great. But if a possessed person comes, then they run off from him. But those who are not fully into it, they are still running towards bhoots. Have to do, have to see, have to meet. You do not have to go anywhere, do anything and you do not have to see anything.

If your attention is here, then you will feel obligated to come here. If you are an alcoholic, you will go to the pub, if you are a realised soul, you will seek a good company. What is the point of going to any other place? If the embodiment of joy is here, what is the point in going around other places? Every time they keep shouting at home, let them. Drunkards shouts all the time. they squander money. ‘Don’t drink, don’t do this, don’t do that.’ Does he leave his bottle? If not in the house, then outside, if not outside, then at a friend’s place.

Look at the person who plays rummy. If his wife shouts, he will go and play in his house. If someone shouts, he will play at the beach. If the police catches hold of him, then he will go to some other place and play. He will not leave it. That is why you should not get addicted.

If you get addicted, you will not enjoy it anywhere. You will talk the same thing, have the same thoughts, do the same thing, with whoever he meets. People say, ‘we are bored with Shri Mataji’. But you are not going to get bored. You will say, ‘let’s go and see’. Whatever someone may say, you will say, ‘let us go there first. Other things later. We have got realisation. We have known it.’ And you can change everyone at home. People at home will not like it until they get their realisation. It is nothing to be upset about, you should enjoy it. You should not get angry with them, nothing to get angry about.

It so happened once that a person got angry with Me and said, ‘You go all the time. he started throwing things, so we also started throwing things’. I said, ‘what is that? You have started collecting things, so I started collecting too. (UNCLEAR) ‘Look, you do what interests you, I will do what interests me. Whether you stop me or not, I will have to go. Even if I sit here, My attention will be there.’ When you enjoy it…for example,, take the case of a theatre-lover. If he does not have five rupees, he will go and watch with a three rupee ticket.

Everywhere, you spend money to fulfil your desire. Here it is free to get your desire fulfilled. When you learn it new, how much you enjoy it! Giving to others gives so much joy, you don’t find it elsewhere. People spend thousands of rupees. They will say give donations here, donations there, they make a charitable committee. They will go to Bihar and give donations. They will go out to Bangladesh and give donations. Charity is happening right here!. 

There is a small child, he gets hurt. But nothing is going to happen to him. ‘Lagi nahin chhutey’ (Hindi saying meaning ‘once it’s stuck, it can’t be undone’). It should first stick! It should stick to your tongue, but it does not. It depends on your mind and desire. That taste should linger for a few days. The true enjoyment is in its depth and that will happen only when the person becomes so innocent that whatever others may blabber, he is unaffected by it.. He saves himself through innocence. His innocence saves him. A man becomes innocent only when he surrenders to Paramatma Because He does his planning. He is there to take care of everything. Why is a child innocent? Because he is in the care of his mother.

We have more weapons to treat people. You know that there are many weapons. If someone is annoyed, use it. But first, you try it on yourself. Maybe you are influenced by your mind. Your mind is explaining to you, ‘if not this, that, not this way’. When everything is quiet, no cinema is screened in Mumbai, no partying, no wedding to attend, no guests at home, I think that such a day has never come, even when all the eight planets meet! We will never meet that day. But you will get your realisation despite this.

The desire to find the truthwill pull you inwards, and you have to look inside. It is there inside; without that, you are not going to get your realisation. In your previous life and especially after My leaving…I am not going to go. I may go for one or two months. Till I have the courage, I have the tenacity. See what happens now? .How many are there among you, how many are thinking of this, that from my hand thousands are going to be emancipated, from my hand thousands are going to get realisation. We are limited now, very few, but each one will grow in thousands.

Only today I spoke to Mr Bakshi (?). There is one Lakshman Ji Maharaj in Kashmir, a well-respected person, etc. I agree. He is so considered, but like you, he is a self-realised soul. He does not know about Kundalini awakening; he does not know how to give realisation. He does not know anything about these fingers. He is an educated man and is only self-realised got his realisation. Even with that, he has established an organisation. In the world, people say, ‘meet him, meet him’.What are you going to achieve after meeting him?Does he know about Kundalini awakening? If with these fingers, he can teach Kundalini awakening, I will do whatever he says. But he is famous becausehe has established his organisation and is sitting with a flag…

Laxman Ji Maharaj. The entire world comes to meet him, the prime ministers meet him, take him here and there in the world, and so he is sitting with a flag. If you are interested, I can tell you all about him, but you are not interested. Because from the signals on your fingers, you can tell about his chakras. Ask him, if he can tell you about the chakras, then I will do what he says. If he can tell about whose chakra is caught up where, or at least if the person is realised or not, I will do whatever he says. On seeing Me, he could not tell if I am a realised soul or not. What further is to be said! Tell me after seeing Me, he could not tell whether I am realised or not? Should we talk further? And you can identify or not?

After seeing him, I could see the history of his family from his father, grandfather up to many lives going back thousands of years. And this great man has not recognised and the whole world knows him. Even in Mumbai, he is known, he is known in so many places. And for those thousands of Laxman jis’, so many great people are sitting here, no one cares for them. Why? Because they are worldly people. They are sitting in the world. But on the day, we think our world is everything, then the whole life and everything is a waste.

Until you rise above this limited world and start looking at the whole universe and till you do not put your full attention on it, giving you is a waste; I was thinking you are like a stone. Each person here is greater than a gentleman who has thousands of followers. You can make out that from this that he could not know whether I am realised or not. Even a small child will say that I am realised. There are thousands aftere him. There are also people, those who are not even Realised, not even awakened and they are sitting with a flag. His followers raise slogans,’ This man is great’. If they are brought in front of Me they will be shivering and exposed, nothing short of that. Even in front of you, they will be shivering and exposed. They are such people!

You just move your hand and you raise their Kundalini and check. You know it, that is why you have become naughty. An innocent person knows everything, that is why he becomes mischievous. We see it here. You have become slightly naughty. Like you play all pranks on others. What all the fun we have. How much fun we have! Like in Holi (a festival). But those who think they are very intelligent, and those who think they are great people and those who say, ‘we have set up a post and we are saints’. You don’t have to believe in such false things when you have the truth with you. You know from your hand. Once you have known a person, the game is over.

If he is inferior to you, it does not make sense for you to bend before him, running towards him! That means that in your realisation you do not pay attention to your mind. If you pay even a little attention to your mind, you will find that your mind is after material things. It is in its mesmerism or its shine, in the artificiality. Because an innocent person does not know artificiality, he likes his simplicity before everything else. There is no artificiality whatsoever. All the artificiality falls down. It is also artificiality that we are something, we are such and such, Hindu, Muslim, all these are artificial. You understand what you are. we are Atmaj (born from the soul), realised. We are all tied in one thread and at the cusp, we all smile together and we all cry together. All at once. I tell people in the beginning, ‘come here, come here.’

One has to advertise even a pub initially. People announce banging on their drums, ‘come, come, alcohol is cheap here. Once come and taste it, then it will be OK’. It’s a question of getting a taste of it. All issues are solved. Ask a drunkard. I was surprised to see very poor people drinking. Our servant, he drinks a little. He was to go to London with Me. They said, ‘You have no relation with alcohol and he will get drunk’. I said, ’look, I can’t have alcohol in My house. He said,”Mataji, I will drink in London”. I said, “Then, you stay here”. He said “It will be difficult for me to stop”. I said, “I will help you stop, but you have to promise that you will go with Me”. He said, “It will be difficult. If You want, You take me, but I will drink there”. He is a genuine person. I said, “It is not going to work out, you stay here. It is straight forward. If you have to drink, you can’t come there. If you can control it”. He said, “I have no control over it”.

The same way you would say that ‘I have no control. I am a different person now. What control do I have now? Now I will float in this joy now’. Slowly, members of your household will also notice your behaviour. Those who are very miserly, they will realise that they were worried about money needlessly. They will account for every paisa (one-hundredth part of a rupee), who took how much and who gave how much. You will get a headache. Leave a few rupees, what will happen? Being stingy with a taxi driver, but a realised person will just give it. Surrender everything to God. Gradually, a personbecomes so innocent- he becomes completely innocent. Absolutely innocent. 

Look at a small child. He is totally dependent on his mother, He cries when he is hungry, then his mother gives him milk because he is dependent on her. The child who goes out of the mother’s care, they she would say ‘you go and feind for yourself’. But a child who is totally dependent on his mother, he is dependent on his mother for some time, and he has no worries. He will get his milk on time. He will be taken care of. When the mother of an ordinary human can do so much, then the Mother of the whole universe, the guardian of the whole universe, how much care will She take?

I told you many times, there is divinity in your realisation. Those deities, who take care of divinity, they take care of you. Deities are with you. You do not know that, hundreds of deities hover around each of you; they are protecting you every moment. When they notice that you are deceiving yourselves, they will leave you and run away; they are not going to stop. You will lose your Divinity. Stoppage of Vibrations means losing Divinity. But where there are Vibrations, there the fragrance spreads. Deities come there; they hover around you. As soon as the fragrance stops, they run away. Their job is to hover around you like the honey bees hovering around flowers.

It is your job. Humans have to do it. Keep yourself in innocence, in simplicity and keep watching yourselfwhilst doing this work., ‘What tricks am I playing? Tell yourself, ‘Hey mister, I have ventured out to play tricks!’ You will smile and say, ‘Ah, what trick I have played!’ But at once the antidote to this tricky nature will be known. And you will know immediately about this and how we can correct this habit of playing tricks. People come to Me and talk very smartly. I also act innocent and listen. ‘Keep telling Me. What trickery will you show? What is that you can give to Me by talking like this?’ Anyone who tries to be smart and put a claw on Me, is not going to succeed.

On the other hand, I am won over by simplicity and innocence. I will die for such innocent people. That is why I can lay down life for an innocent man. And such a tricky person, who thinks too much of himself, one day he will know that the whole trickery has filled his head. It all moves in a parabolic manner- it stays wherever it goes. If we trick others, then we get affected by it ourselves. When a person tricks another, everyone knows who is tricking whom and they end up tricking each other. That is why both of them have a fall. This type of trickery UNCLEAR. Where does all this trickery come from?

This trickery in us because all the time we are afraid. Here, there is no question of being afraid. If some chakra of someone is caught up, we are not afraid. We clear it and we say, ‘now you check mine’. If there is chaos at home, we do not go and tell our neighbours. We will hide it in the house, ‘This has happened to our daughter, please do not tell anyone’. Because we are afraid of others. At most, we may tell our wives. If the other person has become one with you, then what is there to be afraid of. All are our people.

Whatever happens, whatever fault we have in us, we make it evident, ’this is caught up, please clear it. Remove it.’ Now the catch of Heart chakra, if you tell someone, ‘your Heart chakra is caught up, he will slap you on your face’. But if the Heart chakra of one of you is caught up, you will say ‘Mataji, clear it, Remove it now. It has to be removed.’ Because whatever we take to be our fault, which is in us, that I-ness is finished itself. We are…, these faults with our chakrasare not ours, because we are indestructible, immaculate. Those are faults with the chakras. What is there to be afraid of in clearing the faults of the chakras? We are indestructible, immaculate. We are standing alone. We are separate and these chakras are separate.

If there is a problem with the chakras, if we do not clear, another hand will remove it. when there is UNCLEAR, will the other hand not know?? It will remove it. Such an innocent person…you are yourself so innocent, who comes and tells ‘this chakra is catching, such a thing has happened to me’. This is innocence. Does anyone share his faults with anyone? No one will ever say I have become a lunatic. 

The day before UNCLEAR brain was caught up. He came to me holding it in his hand. He said,’ Mother, my head is caught up’. Now also he keeps telling everyone, ‘my head is caught up’. It gets caught up. Sometimes the brain gets heated up. This should not be construed as a fault. Because what we are, we are different from Aham (our self). These are two different things. Brahma is different and we are seeing it and we are not that what we identify ourselves with, with which we have got integrated. But we have integrated with that which is indestructible, immaculate, which has no blemish. He, who is most powerful in fearlessness, knowledgeable, and is full of love, is within us.

A person who sees himself like this, why would he try to be tricky? He will never do it. A man who is cruel, small-minded, coward, afraid, being looted by the whole world, only he will trick. He who stands like a king, who will he try to be tricky with? One who has nothing to take, why will he try to be tricky? You watch yourself whenever you are doing something.

Sometimes people say, “Mataji, for You. we will pluck the moon and the stars”. Go ahead, pluck, we have such a big sky. But when it comes to doing, I observe that even for small things they slip away. For Me, it does not matter. All things move relatively, not in absolute. It hooks onto something or the other. ‘Oh, I will do it if my son becomes all right’. Then you are gone. ‘Everything in my house should be fine, then I will do it. When my daughter gets married, then I will come for meditation.’ You are gone. The marriage will not take place and you will not come. There is a saying in Hindi ‘na nau man tel hoga, na Radha nachegi’ meaning neither there will be 9 litres of oil, nor will Radha dance’ That’s it.

Such resolutions and options are made by the ones who are not fully enjoying their realisation. If this happens then I will do this, what does that mean? That is there, that’s enough. Whatever there is is now, what you have to get it is at this moment, every moment is for getting it. Every minute is for getting it.

And from a simple, innocent man fragrance flows every moment. Such a person is liked by everyone. Someone likes him because he can be fooled. Someone likes him because he can be exploited by taking away some money of him. Someone likes him because his company is pleasant, soothing. He talks sweetly. 

Thieves and cheaters like children because they can snatch the chain from around their neck and stealthe girdle from their waists. Thugs like children because they can sell them in the bazaar and earn money out of them. But a compassionate person likes children because in their company you feel you are with flowers. With them you also become children, that is why children look sweet. This depends on you. But the child does not change, be it for a thief or a compassionate person; he is fragrant for all. Till such time he has the fragrance, nobody can rob him.

Till such time he has the power to get robbed of his fragrance, who can rob him? In this no one really robs. But one who loses his ability to spread his fragrance, he will definitely be robbed through trickery. There is a lot of mental activity involved. There is also a lot of ego. ‘Mataji said come there for meditation.I am the daughter-in-law of such a reputable family. How will I go there and sit on the floor? There everyone puts their hands on my head.’ ‘You are the daughter-in-law of such a reputable family today. What were you yesterday? Even after being the daughter-in-law of such a reputable family, you did not get the joy’. If you get joy by sitting on the floor, then you should accept it. If you do not have this wisdom, then don’t come.

An innocent man does not have ego. He will not have ego at all. He does not know what ego is. You ask him to sit on the floor, he will sit. You ask him to sit here, he will sit here. Ego never hurts him. If somewhere your ego gets hurt, you should know that your realisation is a little raw. You are caught up, come here and show. ‘Mataji, this thing is caught up’. Even in the smallest things, people’s ego is hurt. Like I sat on a train, one person will sit here and one person there. He will say I was not seated close by. If in such small matters, your ego is hurt, you should think that you are not fully established in your realisation.

Because you have seen Me. I do not understand anything, although I hurt the ego of many. But I am a complete fool. I don’t know how to follow protocol. I don’t know any protocol at all. And I will not be able to learn it, I should do this to him, I have to talk like this to him, not talk like this to him. I sometimes hug a person and sometimes I scold a person. But till I have the power to love, I am not going to lose anything. Because there is no bigger protocol than love that can teach. They are sometimes in amazement.

Recently I went there, they did not know Me. Her father was crying about their daughter. I hugged her. He was stunned, what is in this Lady? They started crying here. Whatever is thought, is all trickery. What will they say? We think like this. Let them say what they want to. Whatever I am, I will be. If someone says or not, nothing is going to change. Anyone may blabber something, by blabbering does something change? Whatever you are, you are. But you should be truthful to yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t play mind games with yourself. Don’t try to be tricky.

In reality, we keep cheating ourselves from dawn to dusk. Keep watching, what am I doing? When your mind says, ‘I am a big cheat. I am cheating myself- I am a cheat and I am cheating myself’. 

Today, nearly everyone has got their realisation. For a few people, it is blocked. When the vibrations stop, then to get them back, you have found out the method. What you have to do to this photograph, how to give what and where. How to find which chakra is caught up. Like if you are not getting vibrations in your hand, then check some finger or the other. From this, you should know. Like this middle finger is Nabhi Chakra. This is on the Nabhi Chakra. Then this is Vishuddhi Chakra. Then this is Agnya Chakra and this is Swadishthan Chakra.

This is your Anahata Chakra, which is on your little finger because it is fragile. And is most innocent. The one who resides in Anahata Chakra, He is most innocent. The heart is very innocent. Believe it, He is not even conscious that He has given boons to demons to trouble Him. But it is a fact, an innocent man is not conscious to whom He is giving a boon to. He has given his wife to Ravana. If such innocent Bhole Shankara dwells in the Heart, who can cheat Him? You cheat Shri Shankara and take away his wife, but then you will be in trouble. And whatever boon He gives, there is always a loophole that gets created due to his innocence. He gives a complete blessing.

But in that, there will be one or the other loophole due to which the demon gets killed. You know in Narasimha Avatar, He had given a boon. Once the demon got caught up, he was killed. Ravana was given a boon, he was killed. Kamsa was given a boon, he was killed. Narkasura, Mahishasura, all were killed, after taking boons. This loophole is also part of Shri Shankara’s innocence. And his naughtiness is in Shri Vishnu. That is why their combination works very well, Shri Shankar and Shri Vishnu. It is a great combination. And till they are there, you don’t have to worry. Sometimes you go to Shri Shankara, sometimes you go to Shri Vishnu.

It is a light thing, not a serious thing. Not serious, very light. Keep your mind very light, like a child. An airplane flies by, you look there. Something else comes there, you will look there, at everything. An airplane flies by a thousand times. Whenever an airplane comes, all children will run after it and say bye, bye. Seawater comes twice. Each time the water comes up, the children will run towards it, greet and come back. Wherever there is a commotion, they run towards that place.

What I mean is that an innocent is close to God, that’s why he is innocent. He will not look special, nothing about him looks miraculous, nor does he look intellgent and tactful, but he is clean-hearted. Such a person is best for Sahaja Yoga. The one who is innocent, straight forward, simple and mostly I have seen that such people are geniuses and even scholars are innocent. Sometimes their innocence and their innocent talk makes Me feel like they are small children. Such learned people talking so innocently, sometimes I am surprised. Whatever knowledge they have got, they have got it from God. It is there in them because of their innocence.

Whether they talk or not, that is not My point, but inside them, they have a jolly, playful world. Try to spend most of the time in the company of children, not in the company of old people. Some 80-year-olds have become 18-year-olds! Be in the company of those who are like children. And also keep your mind simple like children, it will be helpful in Sahaja Yoga, one will progress. When children get their Realisation with me, I see that they have a lot of faith.

You know I have two grandchildren; both are Realised. Every day there is a fight, ‘I have to go for Puja with grandma’. I feel that both of them will sit in My lap. It is better that I take them. After getting up in the morning, such small children, one and a half, two-year-olds, keep their hands beneath My feet and touch their heads for half an hour, which child will do that without first having their milk. They do not start the day without that, as if it is more necessary than milk. I have told the elder one about Kundalini. Now she says, ‘put Your feet on Kundalini’, the younger one, as soon as I put My hand on her head, she sways like this.

Now if the maid gets hot vibrations,‘ go, fall at the feet of grandmother’, the elder one used to say. And they have dedication. ‘Grandma, please take us for Puja, grandma take us for Puja’, they keep pleading day and night. Small children who normally like biscuits, chocolates, they do not want chocolates, they don’t want anything, they want to come for Puja- It is like a child crying for his mother, even if you give anything of this world; they are like that. 

It does not happen by saying. It is not like my saying drink alcohol, drink alcohol. You will easily get into the mood for alcohol, but you will not get into meditation. You will not get into meditation easily. Getting addicted to alcohol is easy. When you get into the mood for meditation, I don’t have to say anything. That is why your desire is very important. Your has more value, it is worshipped and that is why you have to desire, ‘God, let me have devotion towards You. Let me dissolve in You completely’ The more and more one says this, steadily it will happen, it lives, it gets inside you, into your depths. He will grow in his beauty.