Kundalini Your Divine Mother In You

New Delhi (India)

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Public Program, New Delhi (India), Hindi, November 17th, 1973

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Those issues which are not at all there in animals are there in human beings. For an animal there is no question of any issue, he just exists. He is not even concerned about the power which is behind his existence that, ‘which is the power behind my existence’. The reason for that is the chaitanya Shakti (vibratory power), which creates the whole universe, sustains it and organizes it. It flows through living creatures and passes through them. Because of a particular reason in a human being and because concerning of his particular way of life, there occur some developments by which he gets disconnected with that power. In simple words you can understand that the ego which human beings have, animals don’t have. The condition of brain of human beings is one of different kind. His brain is triangular. When a foetus is of 3 months in his mother’s womb, at that time, this power enters through this triangular brain and then it is divided into three parts because of the retraction involved in this process. One part has gone down directly through the middle of forehead and remaining two parts go down through the two angles of the brain and take a turn and go down. It is because of these three type of powers only a man is different from an animal. This power which passes in the brain through triangle and it passes through one angle of triangle, then it also develops another angle. And because of that particular angle its powers changes in two forms. If you people are from physics then you will understand that power always passes in a straight way. But when it comes to this side passing through like this then it has to go like that, so its changing form divides it in two powers which are called as components. One goes outside like this and other goes down like that. It is only because of the force that goes outside; man is compelled to get a feeling of going outside.

For example there is an animal, if he sits on a stool then he will think of sitting on a stool. But if a man sits on a stool then he will think how I would maintain this stool, where did it come from, who has made this stool? Whatever he sees he gets involved into it. If he sees any human being then he gets involved in him. This is not a case in an animal. He just lives. If his master comes then he becomes happy. If any stranger comes then he starts barking. If any thief comes then he starts barking. He does not think of having it or this mike I should take . I would get this table. It is called possession. It start covering his mind.He has no sense of aesthetics. He does not even think that there is something beautiful or ugly, its colour is good or bad.He is just not bothered. But man gets involved in any particular thing. He goes further to start thinking that “I am something, I have my identity, power, and I am something special” . For example, we are born and we start thinking that, I am Nirmala; I am Hindustani (Indian).We are Hindu, Muslim, Christian. That is how we get entangled with whatever type of outside identification we have. This type of tendency of going outside is there because of brain of a human being is triangular in shape. If man does not go outside then, there would be no further problem. For example cats and dogs have no question of any kind. The entire consciousness passes through them and goes downwards. There is no question before them. There is no reaction in them. But such is not case with us. Whenever we look at anything we have our reaction to it. Therefore it is just a reaction produced by a force which originates one from front and other from back within us and two institutions, named as ego and super ego are formed and gathered here. Due to assembling of these, we are separated from everywhere/ completely. We all are separated from the power which is present there, you are separated, you are separated, and we all are standing separately. Actually we all are product to only one power. It is like somebody has filled petrol in us and has removed from this side.

Out of this power, the power which go through middle , goes down and is settled in three and half circle in coils in the triangular bone in our backbone after getting twisted. That’s why it is called as Kundalini. This power is not seen, that’s why many people may ask that whatever you are telling how can we believe this. But it will be seen by you after reaching a certain extent. Like if we would say that you can see many things with the microscope, which can not be seen by these eyes. For this you should have microscope. If you don’t get microscope you just can not see that thing. So a state comes where you can see this shakties (powers), where it is sitting, how it is sitting, what is the shape? But this shakti (power) is settled down in a formless state. When kundalini is awakened those people who have come here and those who are now realized and the people who knows this work quite well can tell you that when your kundalini gets awakened and if anybody bows down before me then throbbing in the spinal cord of backbone is seen. You never breath from this area but you can see her getting up and down here whether you are realized or not. It is seen in many people but not in all. But in those who have obstacles, it is seen very clearly. You can see throbbing for a long time. This Shakti is hidden there and sitted down there. But the same kundalini, which is there within you, since all your previous lives, is nurtured in you. She records all things like a tape- what problems he has, this is my son, what are his problems he has in his body, which thing he needs. She knows each and everything about you. Your mother may have many children but you are the only child of this mother (kundalini). You are the only child. Ever since I was born, I was observing that the kundalini in each person is frozen just there. She just does not rise. What is the reason? The rising path of kundalini is fixed and she knows that I have to rise through this path. There is a big space in between; here those who are doctors can understand that in this void, which is in between vagus nerve and aortic plexus, there is vacuum. In the same way there is also a space in our sushumna nadi. Because of this space created in all the human beings that kundalini shakti is inherent. I was just not able to understand that this kundalini shakti will rise , but how. The found out remedy to fill this gap is what sahaja yoga is. When this kundalini shakti rises, then it goes upside and again it goes up through this path and intermingles you with power which fills our vibrations. You see, it’s just like petrol. First it was filled within us then we used it. We have consumed it because of our outgoing tendency. Now to fill new petrol again, this cap has once again been opened up. And for that person it is kundalini which opens it.

From above, the Shakti (power) flows through you for whole time in the form of grace. When this takes place, at that time, you will feel like there is some power flowing through your hands. Now it is surprising that from the beginning, ever since the power of Chaitanya (vibrations) has been working ,the gross power and Chaitanya (vibratory) power have been together .Like there is a tree, inside tree is it’s vibratory power, there is a light that is why it is being nourished. But you don’t see that. You are watching only the growth of tree means you are watching the work of just gross power. It is the Chaitanya shakti (vibratory power) which always runs the gross power, it regulates it and it does its work. But time it is seen for the first time when you are realized . Then there is manifestation of this. For the first time, it starts flowing through you when flow is opened from above and it start coming from inside. Cool –cool vibration comes in hands. But you, yourself reach that state where thoughtless awareness gets established. There is antarmoh (inner attachment). If there is any psychologist here, he can understand this, it is called universal unconscious. Any man or any person who has the cancer disease and from which he is very upset, and has come today may be to get sahaja yoga, so that this disease can be cured. Those persons who are realized they can never get the disease of cancer because they know how to cure cancer. Many people say that there were great people like Maharshi Raman, who had cancer, Rama Krishna got cancer. He got cancer, but there was nobody to tell them that how to cure it. Very few people have written about these vibrations. And the biggest wonder is that only Shankaracharya has written about it. But those who claim themselves to be biggest Hindus do not know Shankaracharya. Adishankaracharya has talked of nothing but sahaja yoga. He had just said,’ na sankhen, na yogen’-God is not achieved either by sankhya or yoga, he is achieved in a sahaja way, spontaneously. The growth is spontaneous and he had not made any caste. He had said that there were three kind of people in the world, the one who of lower level, those who do not have much intelligence. Those who have not yet developed fully as a human being. For example, this mike is not yet fully prepared as a machine, then there is no need to connect it to the mains either and there is no use also. It is better that these types of people are remained in ‘bhakti rasa’- the essence of devotion.They are of no use. Second type of people, are those whose minds run here and there. That is why they indulge in wrong things or they are stuck to such work which make their energy exhausted. These types of people should get into yoga so that they should be able to save themselves by yoga. But the third type of people who are such mild and are of such a pure form that this unique phenomenon takes place in them. Now the only difference between him (adishankaracharya) and me is that he used to say there that there is one in millions and I say that there are thousands in millions. This is the only difference between both of us. It may be possible that there used to be such people in sixth century but as of today I see there are thousands of them who are getting this thing.
You must have read a lot about the kundalini awakening. If you have read those books you would have not come here. Because there are such things said about kundalini awakening that when it is awakened there are lots of —-burning wounds arises in the body or there is heat . Some people say that person becomes mad in it and lots of other things. But here there is no happening like this. But actually these people who call it as kundalini awakening is not awakening of kundalini but it is displeasing kundalini. Since kundalini is only awakened through the middle path from its place and if we try to awaken it somehow from other place, then it will be a wrong act. It can only be awakened from the middle path if there is such a person who shares the love ,in the form of vibrations of the whole God.Only that person can only fill the space, which goes in middle of a human being. In reality there are a few people like this ,there were few, now we will say that there are many who have become like this .Only these people can be called realized, through which the Chaitanya power flows. When these people who are realized – give realization to you then you will not see any manifestation of kind people tell about kundalini. It is only so called phenomena that this type of thing happens. Now thousands of people have got their awakening in front of us. In Bombay at least 10,000 people have got their awakening and three to four thousand have been realized. But we have never seen any man enduring this kind of difficulty. Yes of course somewhat resistance, as described by them, may occur because as we are loving you some one might be hating you and might be residing in you. That surely may shake your body a little bit, may give you some trouble but that also get destroyed soon and run away. Because when it sees that love is coming here then it also—-? Like how the darkness run away after seeing the light. That also run away.But so far now we have not seen any man getting pimples or abscess in him or he has gone mad. It is true. Just a few days back we went somewhere. There was a gentleman who was sitting pointing his legs towards me. He was told not to sit like this. Then he replied that kindly allow me to sit like this otherwise I will jump like a frog.
Somebody asked him, ‘why’ then he said ‘my Guru has told me that when your kundalini rises then you start jumping like a frog. Then we told him that you have not yet got your awakening and job of your awakening is very difficult . Because in the middle nadi of sushumna, there is a space and apart from that there are two other nadis built within us which are called sympathetic nervous system. We call them Ida and Pingala. Because of exhaustion of these nadis only all things do happen. And whatever work you do in the name of God, that time that heat comes in you. In other words to say if you put on heater without filling it with water then what will be the condition of it(heater). First let there be flow of water of love. Unless and until there is addition of water of love in it, no work can be done. In the same way when we try to do anything or act in the name of God without achieving him and his power, that time our sympathetic nervous system starts running.Either Ida or Pingala. By movement of either nadi, by increasing your acting power, your power are finished. If your ida nadi runs excessively then you may get terrible disease like cancer.What you call as over activity. And if your pingla runs excessively then your conditioning will increase. All the things what you call as Bhoot badhas etc will enter in to you. Both of these activities are considered to be prohibitory. But when you become just that then you just do not act. Like a mike, what it is doing except for it is enabling my voice reach up to you. In the same way you become a hollow thing. You become a hollow personality through which this power flows on its own. Because of this hollowness, kundalini residing in you gets established. Kundalini is your mother. Mother is already sitting in you. It means that you are already sublimated. Many people say that we have to sublime sex, it is a very absurd thing. You are already sublimated. You have no question of sublimation. You are already placed somewhat higher and those people who have this kind perception they are themselves insulting their own mother. And this is why in these people kundalini do not rise but surely her anger, the anger of kundalini start running on your sympathetic and suffering from excessive heat people get mad.
You must have heard of Kriya, yoga, etc. there are similar things which people do. Now there are people who do jap-tap(ritual –). Jap-tap is also a thing of outside. You cannot do anything in the name of God. To the extent you can say that you cannot do any living work. Man in his illusion thinks that ‘I do something’. Cats and dogs do not think that way. We can only do what is a dead work. For example, when a tree falls you make piller out of it and evet it. All the dead things not a single thing is living. Electricity and light, etc all these powers that you know are gross power. None of these is a living shakti. You just cannot do any single work means that you cannot make a fruit out of a flower. You cannot make a tree out of a seed. But man remains in illusion and thinks that ‘I do everything’. But you cannot say that you do not do anything in front of the one who does millions of work. If you wonder that there is a heavy magnet which is very powerful and in front of that you are just a small magnet. What can you do to pull that towards your side, except that to finish the magnet in you? Just this is the job.
A human being just cannot do anything and he does not. He is in illusion to think that he does. Because there is manifestation of ego and super ego. This manifestation creates an illusion in human being that he has to do something. In reality God has made you for his own. We are image of god. For example the power which is flowing in us that is being worked out through these fingers. All these fingers are seen to us in a form of body.means gross we are in his gross form which want to work out through us. That is in the form of shsakti. He knows all the things. He does all the thing. He does all the planning. He know minute to minute things. But he is formless. He is working out within ourselves in form. There is no fight between form and formless. When you come to kundalini then you will be surprised to find that no religion has any fight against any religion. Yes, if there is Adharma then there will be. Jesus has once said that those who are not against me are with me. How great thing he has said that those who are not against him, are not against chaitanya, are all with me only. This you can see in your kundalini that your kundalini revalues in God knows how many rounds. You might be in your previous life be a Muslim, at least it should be acceptable to those Hindus who believe in previous birth. It is possible that you might have been a Chinese. The thing that you hate might be what were in your previous life. Because that time you used to hate— so it is possible that you have now got what were hating – this is not to be case—

Even if you are theistic or believer, God is there. By believing him or not, he is not going to get erased and after all who are we to erase him.if this finger believe or not, there is powers in it. It does not matter to him and to believe him or not it does not mean anything. All it needs is that the power must keep running through it, the one who is connected to brain. Whatever it is telling, whatever it is creating to do through it, it should keep doing that only. In this case there is a beautiful example of Radhaji. There are many worshipper of Radhaji that is why I am willing to talk of Radhaji. Once, Radhaji got jealous of flute. She asked Shri Krishna what is so special about this flute that you always keep this flute near your mouth. Then he replied that you better ask this question to flute itself. She went to ask flute that what is your speciality that you are always attached to his mouth. Then the flute replied, ‘Oh, mad, you do not even know that I have nothing special, that’s what is my speciality. I have become totally hollow. That is why he made me play. If ever I stand then his whole melody will go in waste. I have become completely hollow. Then Radhaji asked Shri Krishna that you make me your flute in my next birth.
In the same way we have become hollow. But by becoming hollow does not mean that you would miss doing your job. Many people say that they have no responsibility. In reality there is no responsibility of yours. But people say that we do not have any responsibility. Because they are sitting in misunderstanding(are all confused). Like we are sitting under this roof and these pillars are supporting this roof. But if any senseless person is there, he will unnecessarily hold it by touching the pillar. But the one who is sensible/knowledable he knows that there are pillars to support the roof. Then who are we? In the same way till there is ignorance man thinks that he is going to do all things and such work to be done (not understood clearly). And if I get into this trouble then I will become Sadhu-sanyasi, saint, etc. and I would not be able to do any work. In reality you cannot do otherwise also unless and until you are beyond thoughts and because the power inside you is so unique, so deep and so powerful that as soon as that start flowing in you, there is addition of glory to you, in your conversation, in everything you show skill/excellence within you. People will be amazed to see how did it happen. Now here is Miss. Maniklal. I am telling her example. That since she is realized after her awakening, from her writing such things are coming that she herself says that I think, I am just not writing, what is happening. Those people who could not even write a simple poem, after this (realization) they start doing such and such poems. There was a girl, simple artist absolutely simple. She used to play with colors sitting in her home. After that when she became realized, there began the exhibitions of her work and she earned millions more.
You imagine if there is a politician, the time when he become a witness, then he could see whole thing and apart from that when you are there in his refuge, when you believe in him completely, his thousand hands are there around you. Angles start hovering you. You do not understand how the things are being worked out, how people come, how things are being done, how things come around end/ how the entire work has been done. Such wonderful things start happening that a man gets surprised that how things have worked out, how that thing has worked out.
But the vision of man must not be on that, what we will gain out of it. Many people say that kindly awaken our kundalini so that power will come in us. In reality you become completely powerless because your kundalini becomes powerful. The power of God gets flowed through you because you are surrendered to him becoming completely powerless. The essence of whatever has been described in all the religion is only one and is to know thyself and to know this there is only one way that is Sahaja Yoga which may be called as spontaneous growth what happen spontaneously. Buddha only got it from Sahaja Yoga. He was wandering thousands of places here and there and one day while he was laying — getting tired his kundalini said that my son is too much tired, somehow to give him realization. That very moment the rays came down to his head and stopped and from below the kundalini strike down his Sahasrara and got his realization. Nobody has ever got realization — Sahaja Yoga. The only thing is that for example to come to 4 Dupley lane we had to go to Hazrat Ganj, then we left that place in Delhi. Then we left here Lucknow to shift to Delhi. The all had roaming in Delhi, went here to there, then somehow from that place people told us that Gentleman, this the same thing. He is sitting in you, where are you going to? So we — us going here and there then went to Japan and then to China then after travelling there met here. There was a mess in that travelling that ap— caught hold of. But the one who has got it he is mostly established in a Samadhi. The best example of this is Shri Gyaneshwara when his kundalini was awakened he wrote the sixth chapter then he got his awakening and when he was realized by that time h is Gyaneshwari was completed. That time he took to Samadhi. Because when you got it then your entire quest is w—less. This is what ——————– so better take Samadhi. The entire quest is lost but nothing is lost. As soon as a man starts seeking he reaches to a condition in which he has to get, receive kundalini along with firm standing re—everything. A man first seeks in money; seek in possession, after that he says that there is nothing in this junk like what is in America. Then his kundalini says —- and he gets his birth. Then he seeks power, he wastes it then says what is there in it. Then he seeks in religion (dharma is also outside). All our religious m—gone out, nobody knows the religion of inside. The entire thing is that of inside. But the methods are of outside. That is why he seeks outside; in religion also he makes Guru, makes friendship, goes to temple asks for God. But the essence of all the religion is to get it. Those who are realized, all such Gurus like Guru Nanak; he says that, ‘sahaja Samadhi lago, sahaja Samadhi lago’. He says,’ why to go to forest when all is residing he is within us’. Just like that God is also- seek within seek within.——-?
Now, we are singing, we cramming, ‘Ghat hi khojo bhai’ (meaning seek within, seek within). It is just like if a doctor has prescribed Anacin for your headache and you are cramming, ‘take Anacin, take Anacin’, but when will you take it? If the patient will not take it, then how his headache will go. By seeking within means that to get established inside, to get lost in it.—–28.35 It happens spontaneously when your time comes/arrives and time of thousands of people has come. All those of who are sitting here you know your previous birth; it is the seeking of thousands of years which has brought you here. Because of that you got your own right. We are just not doing anything. For example you go to a bank and you get your money by giving your cheque. They have to give you money, otherwise where will they go? If we do not give you your self realization where will we go? We have to give, because it is your fundamental right. Whatever you do, you do it in your authority. If you don’t have desire, unless and until you have that authority, no work will be done without your desire. But one thing we must understand that are we coming from the real or unreal. Your kundalini knows you. She knows all of you, everything about you. But she respects your freedom that when in your freedom the day when you decide that we want absolute that very day your kundalini will rise, your Sahasrara will open, we do not want anything else. We have to ask only the absolute thing. We do not want anything of body and nothing else. We know ourselves in the refuge of the same Almighty Father, Parmatma (God), Parmeshwar. The one, who have decided it, has become realized. If you have any question about your kundalini you may ask me. The subject of kundalini is very large. There are two to four people who have come with us and are such realized that they have reached a state where they give realization to others. Once you are realized the kundalini dances through your glances, through your glances. You yourself will realize it you will raise the kundalini of thousand people just like this.
These are very simple type of people, normal people. You will not come to know about their power that how powerful they are. But just by their one glance their kundalini will rise and these people will become realized. A very big task can be achieved when thousands of such people are ready. And a new lane will be ready, a new type of people, a new type of institution, those who have achieved it from within, not from the great hypocrisy, not by money. Those who have got it only from inner distresse(aartata) and their dedication towards God, their age will not be less than 90. The one who in witnessed state, whatsoever is lane be, however power he has, but he never gets his ego. He will not have ego because whenever he gives he says that it is going through me, this is happening, they are not being worked out, they are worked out. Even if it is your son, you cannot say that he has become realized. When he gets it, then it is known that it has been done. Such vibrations start coming from inside. You also get vibrations. And if you say forcefully, kindly give realization to such a fellow then it is just not possible. No recommendation can be considered. No politics can be considered, no pressure can be considered, no relation, no money can make it happen. Whatever falsehood which can be called as myth cannot hold it. Truth is what it is, and it works out. Any work, any program, any method cannot change it. It works out automatically. But still you should keep an eye on your mind that an ego in human being is so gig, so subtle, as soon as I say that there is nothing to be done he gets shocked(dazzled). If I say that you stand on your head then he does it. But the thing, which is free to get and which is achieved without any effort, human being just don’t believe. Because he has a great faith in his ego and he does not know ego of God that if he moves his finger he can change the vision of the whole creation and if he wants that he can lit the lamp in the small-small particles of this creation. If you have any genuine questions then ask otherwise we will experiment by going in slight meditation because unless and until there is experience till that time all the conversation remains a mere conversation and what is there in conversation.