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New Delhi (India)

1973-11-24 Questions And Answers Delhi Pasq, 31'
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Sahaja Yogi: This program is recorded at Delhi on 24 November 1973. Here Shri Mataji is replying to the questions of the “sadhakas” (seekers) during the ten-day series of lectures held at Delhi.

Shri Mataji: …to your subject matter. I will just try to continue with my thoughts. And later on, if you have any problems, I’ll answer about them. But as I told you, it is an ocean, ocean of knowledge,and I have been speaking like this for five years. And some of them have been hearing Me for about five years.

But still, everything I say, they want to record it and want to re-hear it and I don’t know, soI think it is all a bottomless pit.  

Now, what exactly Kundalini is? Let us start from this point, I will go one by one to different subjects. Just before Kundalini, let us know what is creation. Because without creation you do not understand the place of Kundalini. Which I will, in a very short form, tell.

The entire creation, like the tree, is the manifestation of one seed, which we can call as “Brahmabeej” ( seed of Brahma). Is the seed of creation. Now every seed has a germinating power.  In the same way, the Brahmabeej also has a germinating power.

Now it’s a hypothesis for you. For all the scientific understanding, it is a hypothesis. But we can establish it later on by our experiments. So, it becomes a law and a scientific fact.

In the beginning, this seed, there is no beginning and end, but let us start from a stage, from where the seed becomes the tree and the tree becomes the seed. The seed vibrated first time, and the vibrations of Divine Love, which is the power of that seed of Brahma. 

Divine Love is awareness itself and is a power which has got electricity, magnetism and all material powers in It. Also, a power that thinks, regulates, plans and creates. You can’t conceive of such a power. Because such a power does not exist in the material world. 

So, from the seed, the vibrations of awareness started. (I think you should put your hands like this so that your de-conditioning also goes on with my speech.) So, the vibrations of that Divine Love spread on all the sides of the seed and formed the surface.

This is what we call as Shakti, is the power, the Divine Love. Or the Divine Power.

So, the seed was separated. The seed of Brahma, which was abstract, in the sense that it was not manifesting in any material appearances, manifestations, the seed was separated from the Shakti, and we had two forces working, one was the Brahma itself as a seed and another as its power, as the Shakti.

They call it, the Shaivites call it as the Shiva and the Shakti. Vaishnavites call it as a Vishnu, Krishna and Radha. Whatever you call it, is not the point. Actually, we human beings only call them by names and separate them.

But, actually, there were only two things that existed. The first, the Ishwara, the witness, the regulator, the supervisor, who was watching his own Shakti and the play of that Shakti.

The Shakti started manifesting itself. But, the Ishwara is the supervisor; He is the witness and He is silent. 

Shakti had three powers. How She manifested, how She came into being, is another subject. How She has managed it is another subject. But She has got three powers. First power is, through Her ego, which is an incarnating power. Second power is Her Divine power, and the third power is Her material power. 

Divine power throughout regulated, created the whole Universe. Shakti, by another movement, created three types of moods. Three moods She created by movement like that. Thrice She moved like that, around Her ego and these three moods were, like a mother, She had a desire to have a child. Desire! So, She created “Tamo guna”. Then She had to act on that, so, She created the “Rajo guna”, the activating force. And once she has created Her own creation, She wanted to reveal her love. So, the “Sattva guna” was created, the Revelation.

She is the Mother. If you can think of, She is the mother of all the mother. How a mother sees her child, She sees Her creation. First, She creates through the Divine power, acting on the material power, all the creation. And then, She comes again and again, again and again, in three different forms. She comes as a mother Herself. Then She is most powerful and expressive. As she has come you know as Nava-Durga She has come, as Mother Mary She has come, as Quan Yin She has come. She has come in many forms in many parts of the world. She came as Muhammad’s daughter, She came as Nanaka’s sister, She came as Janaka’s daughter.

Only one person all the time, coming in this world in different forms. When She comes only as a Mother, She is very different, and She is very dynamic. But, sometimes She comes as a wife and sometimes as a mother, then She is dormant. She acts, but She is not felt. Like, Radha of Krishna. Same Mother comes, again and again, incarnates to help the people to evolve out of this Bhavasagara, the void. She creates the Maya, She creates the illusion. Like a mother, like a mother bird who hides herself and calls her little one. The little birdie. So, the little bird can spread its wings to find the mother.

She creates all the illusion. And it is She only, who make you realise that it is all an illusion. She makes you feel that you are separate from Her. The “I” ness in you She develops Herself. And then She wants you to find out the means, the Mother, the all-pervading Chaitanya that is your Mother. And by this, doing this She matures you throughout and creates a beautiful instrument out of a human being. And then She reveals Her love and exposes Herself, Her love into your being.

First, the material evolution took place as you know very well. I have spoken on that also. I would not like to touch that now. Then, up to the human level it has stopped. Now the human being has raised his body. The animal has not. But human being raised his body and his brain starts developing in a conical way. That conical structure gives it a prism-like quality, by which, the Chaitanya, the light, when it pours into the brain, goes into refraction. I hope you understand the word refraction. Means it passes through the prism, as you have seen, “kendrikaran” (centralisation) they call it. The rays are separated. Only in the human beings, the rays of Chaitanya are separated, and not in the animals. And the rays that pass through the center of the fontanelle bone here, which you call as “talu”, it is a very important thing.

It passes through the apex of the brain and goes straight directly down to the medulla oblongata and settles down at the back of the triangular bone known as the coccyx [sacrum bone]. It is completely parasympathetic in its function, that is, it fills you up completely and that rests there as the residual consciousness. That is the Kundalini. Doctors may not agree today but they will have to agree one day. I can show you the breathing of the Kundalini in the coccyx [sacrom bone]. [Mother is talking aside to Sahaja Yogis].

So, in the centre of this, in the centre of your head, at the coccyx, from there to the coccyx, is a line which goes down through the medulla oblongata and is known as the channel of“Sushumna”. The two other things that pass across like that, are sympathetic in nature because they are there to exhaust your energy, also, are known as sympathetic nervous system. But their channels are known as “Ida” and “Pingala”.

So, the Mother Kundalini settles down (as) the residual consciousness in the coccyx. She is very well settled there, waiting for an opportunity to rise. And the opportunity is, when her child, she has only one child. And throughout his birth, she is following him. She is all the time there. When the child dies, her vacuum is created. And (when the child is born again), again she comes back in the same child. And she knows all the problems of the child. 

This Kundalini gives you the rebirth. You have heard about “dwijaha” the one who is twice-born. Every religion,every religion, I mean religion; I do not mean irreligion – every religion has preached that you have to be reborn. Those, who have not, are no religion.

Religion in the Sanskrit language is “dharma”. Dharma means “dharaiticha dharma”, the one which you sustain. Whatever you sustain is the dharma. Still, sustain does’nt have that meaning, but still, you can say sustain. Because in the law ministry and all that, you hear this word, it is too much and so cheaply. But one that sustains is the dharma. Sustains what? Sustains the meeting of the all-pervading. Not the “jadugar ka kaam” (magician’s work), see the way that they go on “jadu, yahaan se nikaal diya, wahan se nikaal diya” (making things appear out of nowhere), all this thing are not dharma. Remember one thing that all these things are not dharma. Dharma is only the one that sustains the meeting of Atma (Spirit) with Paramatma (God Almighty).

In the human being, in his heart, in every human being, in the heart of all the living beings, is the reflection of the Atma, which is of the Paramatma, which is the Ishwara, which I have told you about, He is reflected. And like a flicker of a flame, just like your thumb, it is there in your heart. Actually you, all your growth, creation, everything, is managed by your heart – not by your brain. In the seat of the heart, in the centre of the heart.

[Inaudible/someone asks a question]. 

No, no, I will tell you what. Your point is all right. The doctor says the heart is here. The heart is the organ. The heart is the organ, which is looked after by the cardiac plexus. So, part of the cardiac plexus is looking after the heart. Because cardiac plexus has got many sub-plexuses. Out of which, except for four of them, the rest of them, that is, the heart has got twelve sub-plexuses. Out of which eight of them are looking after the heart. Four of them, other things, I mean, there is a mixture of all these things, some of them are looking after the heart and some of them are looking after the mind. 

But this light is in your heart, in the organ heart – not in the plexus. Plexus is for the play of the Kundalini. But the Kundalini moves in such a way that she goes to the heart later on and the enlightenment takes place. The spark starts from there.

And when we raise your Kundalini through Sahaja Yoga, the system is followed like this, the Kundalini rises because of a certain condition being filled. There is a gap in your Sushumna, which is shown outside also, that below the heart, the vagus nerve ends abruptly. And up to the aortic plexus, there is a Void. If there is a doctor, he will understand it. This Void is to be filled by the same Divine love. If somebody, who has got the Divine love flowing through her or his being, then such a person can pour that love, that water of love for your seeking journey. This is the condition of Sahaja Yoga. That is why a person who is not Realised cannot do this. Even a Realised person may not be able to do this. Because he must be at a certain stage of that Divine love by which he can give Realisation. 

For example, we have given Realisation to thousands of people both here and abroad and also awakening to, I do not know how many  thousands. But out of them, only eleven people so far can give Realisation. And they know the technique of giving the realisation and telling the people how to maintain it. Only eleven in these five years. The day I have a thousand like you, no problem. 

I need a thousand hands to fight the war between the dharma and adharma. Dharma can be established. But the only problem of Sahaja Yoga is that you have to  be completely independent and free. And that you must choose it by your will. Your will will be respected till the end. If you have no will to have it, you cannot have it. It is not enticement or mesmerism by which  I can do it. So naturally, it will have to work slowly, gradually, according to your will. If you do not have the will, I am going to respect you as a mother respects her grown-up son. It is for you to decide to have it. It is in your will, you get the experience and you are sure of it. And once you get it, there is no doubt left in your mind. You know that. 

I beg your pardon?[Inaudible/question about method].

Shri Mataji: Now, in this? There are different and different types of people and different types of things they have done to their own Kundalini. The problem is how far you have kept your Kundalini alright. It is very important. Because it falls in many places. We have seen, we are trying to pull it up and it’s going down. 

But nothing will happen to you. You will not know a thing. Now, the method to be followed, I tell you that  later on, with that course I will tell you.

Now, the method to be followed is not your job. Is not your job. It is to be done by the Divine Love itself. Why should you worry? You never asked to be created. You never asked for all this headache. Why should you worry about these things? Let the Divine look after you.

But, in our ignorance, as human beings are, most of them are very ignorant people. They may be very learned. We feel we are carrying the load of the world on our heads. The other day, as I told you a joke, that some villagers who were going by plane. They were told not to carry such a lot of luggage. When they took their seats, they put all the luggage on their heads. And when they were asked, “Why are you putting the luggage on your head?”, they said, “Oh, we are trying to reduce the weight of the aeroplane”. 

The One who has created you, the One who is doing everything, the One who is pulsating your heart, every moment every minute he is looking after your breathing. What can you do? What method do you have to produce one plant out of one seed? One. I say, one. Human beings have no method to do anything that is living.

But, in our ignorance, we think that we are doing something. We are doing nothing whatsoever. We have to be the tool of the Divine. That is why we are born on Earth. And Sahaja Yoga itself means Sahaja, means, born with you. 

Now, you know what do you do to digest your food? Nothing. What do we do to make our heartbeat? Nothing. In the same way, you do nothing to get realisation. Actually, this is a fact. 

And what do I do? I just love you. That’s all. If I say I love you, you might think it is a relative term, it is not. It is like the sunshine. As the sun shines on you, My love shines on you. And the love pour into your being, deconditions you, and that void is filled, and the Kundalini rises in her glory.

But so far, all the other Kundalini jagruti (awakening) you might have heard about, you just forget them. 

[Inaudible/someone asks or comments].

Oh, just forget. They are so confused, to such an extent. You may have read very, very big books, I know. So many people have written, and I used to laugh at them.

Now, some, they are so much confused that they do not know that Mooladhara is separated very much from Mooladhara chakra. It is a very important point you have brought out. I wish I could tell you because you are all matured people.

Mooladhara is the coccyx where the Kundalini mother is sitting there; your holy mother is sitting. Mother is a holy thing. You are already sublimated. You are not to be sublimated. Those who talk of sex sublimation are foolish people, they have no idea. You are already having your mother seated there, just waiting for this little happening. 

Mooladhara chakra is the only chakra in which  is outside the medulla oblongata and is seated at a point from where it also controls your sex. Sex is something like we have got an outlet in our household, “mori” (Marathi meaning sink). A little of that energy flows there and it is settled at Mooladhara chakra. Finished. Do we, when we want to drink water, do we pump out that mori and put up that water there – even if we do not have water to drink? How can you have evolution this way by going through sex? 

Sex has nothing to do with Kundalini, I can assure you that. On the contrary, those who try these tricks, putting the sex on their mother, are insulting their mother to such an extent that she gets angry and annoyed. And her temper which crawls on your sympathetic nervous system gives you all these horrible experiences of shouting, screaming, jumping and all doing all kinds of things.

She is your mother. As an Indian, you can understandwhat  is a mother  Now that Freud was another of rakshasa who preached all these nonsensical things about human beings. He only knew about libido, he had not the complete knowledge about human beings. He just discussed libido. And with libido, he confused Kundalini, and he is talking about all these suppressed feelings which are nothing but expression and manifestation of the libido. Libido is just a part on the side which we call as Pingala Nadi. 

He has ruined the American mind by talking about this. And the American mothers, poor things are completely crushed under it. At least, thank God in India, we do not have this problem. We have many others but not this.

Americans have solved lots of their problems and are now on the brink of realisation. But the only problem is this Mr Freud who has put wrong ideas into their heads about their mothers. If that was not there, it is a wonderful place and beautiful people just seeking realisation. About to get realisation.

So, we as Indians understand what our mother is and putting the sex on her. Except for Jung, who was right disciple, who has refuted allhis charges many a times and written books after books against this kind of attitude, one-sided attitude of Freud. But few people have read Jung. That’s the tragedy.

But as it is, now this is the wrong type of Kundalini sadhana as they call it. She never gets angry. You do not know how much she loves. She loves you more than I do. When I try to raise your Kundalini, she says first cure my child. This is the problem of my child of previous birth. This is the problem of my child of this birth. Physically this is the problem. Will you please first cure the child? So, I have to jolly well cure you, otherwise, she will not come up. 

[Inaudible/question about the position of Kundalini].

Now, her position in the medulla oblongata is the coccyx in the triangular bone, where she sits in three and a half coils. Which you can see also, later on. When you are realised and go to a certain state. And when you have got it, through your parasympathetic and you can go your sympathetic and see all these things. 

They are so confused, if you read their books, don’t you find they are very much confused? About their positions and everything that they talk about. Some say the Mooladhara chakra is here and some say it is there. How can that be? Truth is only one. 


Tantriks are another type, I do not know what to call them. They are harming themselves and all the rest of the world. And they will take ages to get realisation. Ages. It’s a sin they are committing. All the tantrikas. 

What is a shakti without love? There is no shakti without love. Tantriks do not know where they are, what they are doing. They are just doing it. Now, as far as Kundalini is concerned, I have covered that topic. Now, about tantrikas, as he has come, let me talk about libido because that he is interested. But what about meditation then? Should we talk about tantrikas tomorrow? All: Tomorrow.

Shri Mataji: On Libido because we must have the experience, that is the main thing. Because meditation is the most important. Realised, those who are realised understand the importance of Realisation. Because talks are talks, reading is reading and Divine is Divine. You cannot reach there with your thoughts or reading. On the contrary, those who have read too much, it is very difficult for me to make them understand this is all  “avidya” (false knowledge

How do you describe your Mother in words? Have you got enough words to even describe the material mother you have? Then how can you understand that Divine, which is the mother of all the mothers. It is for you to feel that love and jump into the ocean of that love which is knowledge, complete knowledge. And beauty.