Seven Chakras and their Deities, Paane ke baad

Mumbai (India)


1973-11-25 Seven Chakras and their Deities (Paane ke baad) 1973, Mumbai

[English translation from Hindi, Scanned from Divine Cool Breeze]

You have to do nothing at all. In Sahaja transmigration (STa), the growth of trees and the chirping of the sparrows. You have to look at the auspicious and pure smile, you have to listen to the adulating voice of Divine blessings. You have, nothing else to do. Only by seeing it you will be overjoyed with it. Now you have to watch only. Nothing remains to be done. You have nothing to do for the health Yoga everything gets done. In day to day language the meaning of word Sahaja is ‘easy’. The origin of this word is from ‘Sah’ and Ja’. These two letters make the word Sahja-meaning ‘easy” and that is ‘born with us.’ The way our eyes are born with us, nose is bron with us. We don’t have to think about of your body the way you have been doing so far, Yoga etc. You need not do many yoga all round beauty of a rippleless lake fuly excercises (yogasanas), It’s alright if you do reflects within us. Not only this, but also some light yoga excercises but generally you it. There is no perfect image of it. The establishes complete harmony in the person have not to take much care of your body because in it resides the God (HI). You who looks at it. Similarly, when you look at some beautiful sight and the beauty of the Divine creation, you will go thoughtless and have to respect it, no excesses should be done with it. If you want to get rid of alcohol the moment you get into thoughtless awareness, the power of joy, that lies witnin it, fully reftects in your being and you get conditioned. If you have decided to get rid of or drugs, it’s very easy. Whatever you about will happen. You will not get decide fully identified with it. The God almighty has, alcohol you will be relieved of it. Human simiarly created many beautiful sights for you beings consume liquor because they do not want to face themselves. am not asking to and this beauty of nature is spread all over. By getting into the source of that beauty that give up anything else but liquor because jov is created in you. You have incarnated to damages your consciousness. By just have the pleasure of the joy and not to make watching you could get rid of drinking because now you have begun to love yourself. Automatically you will be in the state of joy. If by chance someone of you is imprisoned, you will say, ‘Oh’! how nice! I will sit there and meditate. One is in one’s own glory. There an audience that what you have to do, the remains no urge for liquor or somking yourself miserable unnecessarily. Now many people have asked that what they have to do further? Now you have to do something new; you have to watch only. When you go to see a movie and think as answer that you get is you have to watch. Keep on watching. You have to see the cigarette. Nothing remains to be said, all the vices go away by themselves.

In Bombay and ask yourself to be angry. You will start condition is such that one could not get laughing. In the state of anger keep laughing from within. All the time you keep laughing. match box form Sahaj Yogis! While going to centres you have to take it along to burn while in temper one gets involved with incense and to light a candle. No one smokes. The chain smokers, I don’t know, something or the other. All vices such as lust, anger, ego, envy etc. have their own way. You have to look at it. It is a play. You should watch it, because now you are within, not without. Thal is what you have to do in Sahaj, you have to be within not without. While talking how they have stopped smoking! Some poeple used to play rammi (cards), they say, we have given up playing cards. They are enjoying their lives, they will enjoy themselvs in the exams and also in the problems (mathematical). They will enjoy struggling to others be within, that is, in with these problems (mathematical). They thoughtlessness. Whenever you have to talk will enjoy struggling with these problems. to someone, get thoughtless first. You will penetrate in them as soon as you get into Now you have to take care that you do not have to struggle with things as you thoughtlessness first; their outlook will be used to do. You are not your old self, you changed and you are already a changed being. If you are not in thoughtlessness (within), then, may be, that they pull you back. You could be pulled out because you have just gone within. For example, you have just are a changed personality. Now you have to see whether the other people are changing with us or not. You have to look to them. There is nothing to be afraid because you come from the traffic and are made to sit on were also like them. Some people think the mountain but you have got used to the themselves to be of high position. They are traffic, so mentally you think yourself still to so much position conscious. Some think be in the traffic. You have to see, “Where am themselves to be very rich and others very standing?”You will know your state. This is what Self-Realisation is. The religious. All are mad. Do not look to them. All the mad people in a lunatic asylum think first thing is that you are in oneness with the themselves to be very wise. When you were beauty of the whole world. You know it is in that mad house, you used to think similarly. something new, unique and unbelievable. No one believes it but it’s a fact. You yourself All these stupidities will go away slowly. Now you will realise the truth. Now you are will realise that you are a withness. At home if someone falls ill then everyone starts blessed with that power-such a power because of which you will not be affected by runing, creating difficulties, may be just to your thoughts. For example, if one says to oneself, “I do not have to be angry, then ask show off, may be someone is really concerned. Nothing, absolutely no need to do yourself to be angry, stand before a mirror attained recently is acute. It stands firmly and is not afraid to say that, that is the only truth, everything else is untruth and a myth.’ This like putting your hand on the head, do it and quality could be found in great people like if you feel like touching the foot, touch it. Christ, Lord Krishna and other great saints. Whatever you are feeling, is for everyone, It could be found in Adi Shankaracharya. You read his books and you will get the anything. You watch yourself and it will dawn upon you as to what action you have to take. Whatever you feel you should do. If you feel do it. Second aspect is Truth’-that what confirmation. Now you read the scriptures afresh, read the Geeta and Bible afresh and should you tell, truth or untruth. What is truth and what is untruth. Most of the truth is man- you will find that confirming truths are there. But you yourself are powerful enough, you do not need support and help of anyone else. The moment you start standing by your- self, made and man-made truth is not truth at all. Many-a-times something that appears untruth happens to be great truth. So, you do not have to decide about it. You just tell, in your glory; there is no need to feel shy about it or be afraid of anything. But I find such people who hide themeslves in their tell in your thoughtlessness, talk to people about your state. Boldly you have to declare homes. that this is alright, this the truth and it should It is said in the Bible that the lamp is be done. There is nothing to be afraid of. May be, that people take it for untruth and they laugh at you. We went to Poona, there were some stupid people who published in not to be kept under the table, itis to be put on some higher place. If you have really become lamps (the enlightened beings) then sit on a high pedestal and enlighten all others. You may belong to any religion. If you are a the newspapers that “Shri Mataji was asking the seekers to move their hands. She was Sikh then see in their scriptures, everywhere, it is written. It’s a truth which could be mesmerising them.” One gentleman aked a question that, “Why should She mesmerise confirmed. For your satisfaction the great saints have written it in all the scriptures prople? Has She nothing else to do?” They told that we cannot be mesmerised. But you Shlokas after shlokas could be said about it have got mesmerised Her way. Different type and lines of Quran could also be quoted. They all confirm it, though they call it spiritual in English language, in Hindi it is called Adhyatmik and in Urdu Roohani-there are of people are there in the world, you cannot understand them. Now you have got Chaitanaya in you, it is flowing in you, you have seen it , you need confirmation. But you have not attained magnificence and this is the difference between you and the great different names but Truth is the One.” If you all know that aspect, then you saints. The magnificence that you have also know that there could be no description movement of your fingers everything works of truth. What could be the description of an ocean? But every moment you will see the truth, that the truth is spread all over; with out. Your attention has become Divine. You could check it yourself. Even in your feet your vibrations you will know of it, with the there, all the chakras are made. Man is a great creation of the Almighty. The God vibrations you could understand it. Then you Almighty has made this instrument extremely will see vibrations everywhere-in stones, in beautiful. What is needed is its enlightment. every-thing. If four-five chakras of a person are That part is also done, but still a lot remains. Now, you have to work it out sincerely and caught then there is no need to argue with see, what it is? Because a small lamp has him. Such persons are very difficult, beyond been lit, you are sitting with it. There is no you. Immediately you will have no vibrations need to srt. When you look within other prople in your hands. A few days later, such a then you will come to know what it is. We person will run from himself because of the have not thought of an organisation. In hot vibrations. Have no connections with the Bombay, there is an institution with the name persons who have hot vibrations. It is not an of Eternal Life. There is no membership of it, only the realised people are its members. individual thought, it’s something spiritual. Here there is complete darkness. The fight Many peoples get realisation but then they between the light and darknees goes on forever. Now, so many lamps have been lit, go away. They come again and get it. There the whole atmosphere could change if a few more lamps are enlightened. So, alway keep might be helf baked people amongst you your lamp lit, always weigh your vibrations. also. I requested Mr. Bose, you make him vibrations always flow from my photograph, chariman or do as you like to. I will stay with him. His bunglow No. is 10, you could take they never stop. Stretch your hands towards my photograph whenever you feel burning his telephone number also. I will send sensations on any of your fingers. Everthing photograph etc. to him. However he is very has got a meaning. You know this is Manipur busy person, go to him at the fixed time. Chakra, this is Vishuddhi, this is Agnya, this Friday is appropriate. Fix that day for your weekly meditation. With attention, I will see Swadishthana and this one is Mooladhara all of you. You might have heard about the and in the certre of your palm is Sahasrara. symbol of God like Lord Genesha. His Its round. If someone comes to you and tells carriage is mouse. Now your attentions are your carriages. Your power resides in your attention, where ever your attention that such-n-such person is unwell, please pray for him. You have nothing to do, clear the affected Chakra of that person and he goes it works out. It is so wonderful. Sitting will be benefitted. Sitting here, with the

The greatest thing in it is Love. With love we here you can exercise your power and improve everrthing. Everyone, you see is have to identify ourselves. While talking to torturing someone or the other. Bring them someone we have to decide first that we have on Sahasrara and set them right. On to love. It is all love, you cannot change it. As people tell me, you see everyone is giving realisation. in America, there is difficulty with the people that they misuse it? I said,” how Brahmarandhra, you will be amazed, their condition has improved. There are wicked people, Dushasanas, there are saints and above all of of them we (Sahajyogis) are here. Give them discretion. With the power could they misuse it? They could only give realisation, they could cure someone with it. of love people get changed because love is more powerful than hatred. Like ocean, the With love you cannot harm anyone. Think yourself, if you love someone how could you harm him?. The quality of love is this that power of love is fathomless. As there is no end to the expanse of the sea, there is no one who loves cannot think of harming the end of the ocean of love. It rises more than object of love. hatred. If its power is lesser than the power Whatever is benevolent will take of hatred then this world will be destroyed. place. The only thing you have to do is to You have not still understood your respect youself. When you begin to respect responsibilities. You could not realise that, yourselves, you get established within this is the new age, there are new people because it is a temple: the more you respect and new dimensions. You could understand it the more Divine Light is there in it. With this dimension with your vibrations. The love you could get identified with it, only with love you could be one with it, in complete singer Siddheswari Bai who was just singing harmony. Only pure love could emanate from here; yesterday her condition was very bad. With great reluctance she came to me and said, “I have to undergo such and such operation, this that.” I just put my hand on her head and today she has started singing! You all could do this work, there is nothing which I have not told you. you. The one which is Chaitanya is the Truth and the Beauty. You sit in thoughtless awareness and you will be one with it. Thoughtlessness comes only when you cross this point (Agnya). You have crossed it and now you are in thoughtless awareness. Now only a curtain remains within us. Your brain used to think. Now your Sahasrara If you learn to tear out this curtain then is pierced and you are above your brain. everything could be done. But to tear out this When this point is reached, you could check it with your hand. Those who are realized, curtain becomes difficult. However, you are realised now. So first we have to remove this should check at this point-Ardha-Bindu-and curtain because this is a stupendous work. they will feel it, but those who are not, will not feel, Are you feeling it? Slowly, feel it, take spreading all around. To penetrate within we have to be very pure otherwise no one else hands slightly up-down. That is the place your of the ‘Ardha-Bindu’ and above it is ‘Bindu’ could be there execpt Shri Ganesha and His Mother. and ‘Valaya’ is above all. In the process of creation Brahma has also been within human beings. First Deva was made the deity of the second “Valaya’, then ‘Bindu’, after that ‘Ardha- chakra. But before Him Lord Vishnu was All, that was made to create this world, created so that there is some sustainer for Bindu’, and than this (Sahasrara) then this whole kundalini was created, The Adi this Divine creation. That is the reason that Kundalini, itself, penetrated in you and became your Kundalini. Some people Mohter and then there is the creation of we take birth from the Nabhi chakra of our (Deities) were placed to establish Adi- Kundalini. In the beginning it was necessary fatherly father. From the Nabhi, Brahma Deva was created. That’s how it was done, the way someone is placed at some particular point. There is no untruth in it. You yourself could verify it. Now this void was created. It was all to establish someone. Lord Genesha was established first of all. Adishakti put Shri Ganesha only on one chakra. One Ganesha created, major nerves and Pelvic Plexus and around it the void and in it was the emanating on the chakra. What is Shri Ganesha? He is purity love for the creation. The whole creation got caught in this love. This love is the all pervading power, in it is the creation. Now it is essential to cross this void but as I have told you earlier the God and His power is present in our heart as our soul. So as the personified. Think of it. Suppose you have not taken bath for a few days and the body is not clean. But the vibrations clean the impurities. Shri Ganesha is nothing but vibrations and purity because he is the Eternal Child. Eternal Child, and it is difficult to find one like Him in the world. His whole child is born, not born as soon as he is love is purity and purity only and because of conceived in the womb of the mother, the that purity he has been placed on your withness state God almighty comes in his Mooladhara chakra. On Mooladhara is the Heart and looks like a flame, the way this thumb is. This soul is in the left heart. Many Mother. Its clear meaning is that in the matters of sex you have to be like children. I people get confused about it. They think soul mean to say that when the dharma is is in the heart chakra, it is not in the heart established in you, you become child like chakra it is in the heart. The soul resides in innocent in the matters of sex. It is difficult to attain the heights of Shri Ganesha because this plain. Why does He not reside in the Heart Chakra? Because it is the path of Kundalini to ascend. It is in the centre (ceatral he is a very pure soul. His radiance is heart) and the soul resides in the left heart. there is so much pressure, tension in this In the word ‘Ram’, ‘Ra’ means energy world. The day it is forced upon the human being they will break down. So, love is the and ‘m’ means Mahesha, that is Shri Shiva. Mahesha is Shiva-the God who resides in only way out. So this Gurudom was given to our heart-when ‘Ra’ is united with ‘m’ it me. Everything is acceptable to me. ButI becomes Ram. To make the people cross didn’t know the qualities of a Guru. Gurus the void (Bhavsagara) He has to make some arrangement. So the great power like maintain distance but Mother does not keep distance with the children. Children sit on her head. So, you people also could take liberty with Me and enjoy. Be with Me with full Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha was created and they were placed in the area of dharma. Dattatreya and Adi-gurus incarnated in this world many-a-times. He incarnated as king Janaka who was like the father of Adi-shakti. freedom, you will neither be afraid nor be embarrassed. There is no problem, you could come and talk to Me boldly about your After that He incarnated in Iran as Zoraster, problems. You could complain to Me as you do to your mother. I am freely available to you, freedom was needed, Religion was required to be discussed openly. there is no secret then as Machhendranath, then as Mohammad Saheb and Nanak Saheb. No one fought with each other. See what type of darkness you are in? Fatima, the daughter no secret about it. of Mohammad Saheb was the same who Ultimately everything has to be explained very clearly. All the secrets are to be told about, everything could not be said became daughter of king Janaka. Whom are you fighting? Think over it. The Nanaki of Guru Nanaka was none else but Janaki. Shirdi Sai everywhere. I am telling all this to you people Nath was also an Adiguru. They are the who are realised ones, because non-realised masters of all, Also, they are my gurus. will doubt it. It has some meaning only for These Adigurus taught me all this knowledge. the realised ones. You could attain much In different incarnations they kept me higher state than this. Lot of work was done teaching. Ultimately I had to come and do to cross the void, some success was this work. They could not do it and now they achieved and if you people could get it, they are helpful today. They become eternal, the are placing me as a Guru so that I take up founder of Jaina Dhama, Shri Mahavira and the job of a Guru. There was an age when no one was willing to accept a woman as a Shri Buddha are amongst them. They were Guru but in Kaliyuga only Mother could do born of the same Mother, born of the womb this work; it is beyond the power of men. This of Adi Shakti. Try to know their first relation work could not be done by force, only the that where were they born. But it was love of a Mother could do it because already experimental for all of them. All of them made Shri Radha incarnated after Shri Sitaji. She was placed on the fifth chakra, that is Vishuddhi. She is very humane and She sang experiments so that human beings could cross the void, Very few, however, could cross the void, But amass realisation could be done only in Kaliyuga, after that Shri Rama incarnted in this world but he forgot that he was an incarnation. He remained in the song of love. It is said that at the time of killing the Kansa-the maternal uncle (RTHI) of Shri Krishna, Shri Radha was called, Radha- this world as a human being, not as an “Ra’ means energy and ‘dha’ means the sustainer. The stream of Shri Radha starts incarnation so that you could rise abvoe the flowing in you. Shaivite people are the followers of Lord Shiva. They do not believe Bhavsagara. He was a perfect human being. During his incarnation a few seekers could in Shri Krishna. There is no difference get their Realisation, there is no doubt about between Shri Krishna and Lord Shiva. Shiva it. But mass realisation could not be given. is placed in your heart as soul and Shri Six-seven thousand years ago Shri Krishna incarnated on this earth. Right from the Krishna is on the Vishuddhi. Shri Krishna has beginning of this creation (Aadikala) all the sixteen powers (melle). Similrlay you have got sixteen plexuses. It is surprising that Lord seekers wished to cross the Bhavasagara. The poor seekers had to face lot of Krishna is the deity of Vishuddhi chakra which has sixteen petals. His power Radha was problems. While meditating they were then divided into two, that is, Rukmani in trortured. So Adi Shakti incarnated on this earth 108 times in Her perfect form. You Dwarika and Radha in Vrindavan; it is very might have read about it. Read Devi humanly. Mahatmaya and you will know what I am saying. Adi Shakti incarnated in the form of was ‘Pranava’ (Divine power), incarnate. the Devi and recoginsed the seekers. At that Think of it, He was ‘Om’ incarnate. He Shri Krishna had only one son who time She came in the clear form of Devi. incarnated on this earth. His name was Jesus There was no Maya around Her. So seekers Christ. Mary was his mother. He was placed on the Agnya Chakra. On Agnya one has to The only thing they got was Her protection. face ego and superego’. You see your Agnya She kiled Mahishasura, Shumbh-Nishumbh Chakra controls your pineal (siuu) and and many others. All the rakshasas and pituitary body (ay ufe), it is scientifically negative people who used to torture the proved. So he pushes away the evil spirits saints were killed. But none of them got from your Agnya because these spirits sit on salvation because they were not perfect superego. They could sit in ego also because human heings. They could see only four ‘Ida and Pingla’ cross each other on Agnya could not get their Self Realisation form Her. chakras, that is, upto the heart plexus. So, Chakra. So Lord Jesus put His hand on this plexus first of all. It was done at the time of sort of doubts will come. How will these Nanak Saheb. In all ages these ghostly doubts be eradicated? When you have been powers came to do encroachment. But Shri given a seat, I mean when you are seated Krishna has such a destructive power that on the throne and you have doubts as to whether it is a throne where I am sitting? is He cut their throats. So on Agnya Chakra is the name of Lord Jesus. Shri Mahalakshmi, it alright or not? You could check it by your whose praise we sing so frequently, no one has described Her. Where is She placed? own hands, that now an unparalleled energy is flowing from your hands. When you will cure people by touching them with your hands, when you will have such experiences then slowly and slowly your doubts will She is Mary Herself. Whenever She incarnates with Her child and husband, She is very peaceful. But when she comes alone then She is tremendous. So this place vanish. I mean to say that I have prepared a (plexus) belongs to Bhagwati. The plexus of Sahasrara belongs to Bhagwati. She Herself boat for you, now you have to launch it in the water, fight with the waves, only then you (Devi) pierces it, all the seven chakras are will come to know whether it is a boat or not. May be, it is wood only. The boat has been built or not could be tested by launching it there in it. Therefore, the maya (illusion) also has seven layers. It is very difficult to into water and by rowing it on the waves. If it recognise Her. Seven human chakras get withstands the pressure of the waves then completed here. you will be sure of it, otherwise doubts will remain. Same way you have to test your In nut shell I have told you what you have to do, how you have to complete your seeking. But if we talk about it methodically realisation because man thinks no end of himself. One person out of our seekers went somewhere, a swamiji was sitting with a then we could say that there is no particular time for it. All the times we could be in the hoasted flag. Many people came there, had state of Thoughtless Awareness. For their food etc. This gentleman went to example, you are sitting in Thoughtless state, America with us, with the movement of his start thinking, then go in Thoughtlessness. hand he used to do things. You could also After that is Thoughtless Awareness and then do it. With the movement of your hands you comes Doubtless Awareness. You will have could raise the kundalini of someone. Siting doubts but in the second stage you get here you move your hands and see how nice Doubtless Awareness. Doubts will be there: it is that the kundalini of the other person wll is right or not? What Shri Mataji has said is move with your fingers. The energy which is flowing from your hands will do it. So this not right; how could it be, has it happened or not, have we got realisation or not?. This way that sadhu used to pretend to awaken the kundalini of hundreds of Americans. Since There might be some reason. You might many people were going to him, one of our have been seeking for many lives. It is your Sahajayogi also went to him. I come to know right. You are saints, saints of high orders. of everthing as to who is hanging about and You are not awere of this fact. If you were not where. When he returned, he was miserable. saints, how could I give Realization to you? I aksed, “Why did you touch his feet?” He Can I give realization to stones? Thousands said that since every one was touching his of people come but I cannot give realization feet, I also touched. I said you have to touch to all of them. Only a few of you have got it. the feet of only those who are older to you. I Definitely there is some reason for it. But you aksed him what was his condition, what was cannot believe it. You think, how could it be? the condition of his kundalini, is he Realised? This problem comes because of your He replied, “No, he is not Realised.” His egolessness. In a very ordinary way; you kundalini is overturned. I asked him, you neither change the style of your clothes nor any other showing-off. But you will see that raise the kundalini of thousands of seekers you have become peaceful within. You are now altogether different being. The style of your talking and doing things is of a realized with the movements of your fingers. Why could you not think that you should not have touched his feet?” His kundalini is one. And you will become expert. You know overturned; at least he should have been a Realised person to touch his feet. One about others that such and such chakra of should touch the feet of one who is higher this person is catching, That is why he is behaving abnormally. Let me set it right. And than yourself otherwise why to touch the feet within a little time that person is cooled down. at all? You know everything. You know the reason of it. You have the complete Some people come to quarrel with me, but Sahajayogis calm them down by moving their Kundalinis. They play many tricks and within a little time such people sit quietly. One fellow came and started quarreling. It was the time for him to take Sesamum (a). They put the knowledge of it. You are so expert in it, why did you touch his feet? Egolessness comes in you. You all live in such an unassuming way that no one could believe that you are Realized. One becomes egoless. Completely egoless. He feels, how it has Sesamum on their hand and vibrated them. happened, how that has happened? But it As soon as he ate those sesamum, has happened. If this transformation has immidiately he went into meditation. If taken place in you, then you should think, someone is disturbing you too much then put Why has this transformation taken place in your finger in the water and make him drink that vibrated water. The work will be done. you only?” Many people live in Delhi. Why Chaitanya will awaken within that person. But we have specially been given Realization? still you are newly born children. Small child recording. Watch the awakening and gets ill very soon, similarly you also catch very soon. You have to stick to your position movements of your Kundalini. There is going to be no problem in it. Sometimes it will titililate here and move there; sometimes it will otherwise you will descend very soon. Don’t leave your position, do not be shaked, stick enlighten here and sometimes there, your to your place because the boon given to you conciousness, which is connected to all is such that one could be unsteady (sraisie). these things, will get enlightened and it will I am telling it to you. Therefore, power of enlighten the whole world. collectivity (ERIf) should be there. There Now you are sitting here, but you are are people amongst you who come and tell, “Shri Mataji my head is catching.” Collectively could clear the catches, whether it is in not aware that thousands and millions of rays are emanating from you. You will see that the whole atmosphere of Delhi will change; you your waist, Aganya Chakra or any where else, you will see it. I went to Calcutta only once. you could clear it yourself, Now these (Sahaj Have you seen the atmosphere there? I said Yogis) are your brothers and sisters. This is the new world of love. These are your will change. I stayed there for eight days and it there itself that the atmosphere of Calcutta relatives. You know them. At the time of the whole atmosphere changed, the minds difficulty, you will be surprised that they will of people were calmed down. Today, in run to help you. Because deities are there Maharashtra it is going on very well. The with you for your protection. Suddenly if you reason is that many people have got their think about someone, immediately you find Realisation. Now it is the turn of Delhi State. him before you and saying, “I don’t know how The Kundalini of the whole world is situated I came here! I was going this way, I thought in India. How tremendous! The seat of to come upto you. “All your works are done, Kundalini of the whole world is in India. If our you will not meet with accidents. Deities are hovering over you. If one Sahaj Yogi is there at the place of accident then all others are India improves then whole world will improve. The Sahasrara of the whole world is here. So, I need thousands and thousands of Indians who could give Realisation to others. also saved becasue of him. Many things will May God Bless you. happen. You keep on watching and …