Sahaja Yoga ki Utpatti, The origin of Sahaja Yoga

Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai (India)

The Origin of Sahaja Yoga”, Public program, Birla Sport Center, Bombay (India), 12 July 1973 

Love does not have any language, so there are no words to describe it. When our mother loves us, how can she describe her love? Similarly, when God Almighty loved us and created this universe, He had no words to describe His love. 

When a human being has prepared their instrument, that’s when they can begin to praise God.

I have not been given a particular subject for discussion today by the organisers of the program as we have three days to fully understand everything. 

Today I will talk about evolution. 

What I say will be hypothetical. All scientific experiments begin with a hypothesis. Hypothesis means: whatever is the discovery of science, that assumption should be presented to the audience, and the truth within that hypothesis is researched. The day that hypothesis is proven, that’s when it is considered a law of science. Similarly, what I say is a hypothesis to you, that can be proven and shown to you all. 

Also, all that has been documented and observed in historic documents can prove this hypothesis. But the proof should not be in accepting what is being said in documents or by a certain person but should be in the experience.

Today I will talk about evolution. It is the day of “pratham” [beginning] and I will explain the relationship of this day with Sahaja Yoga. It is said that Brahma is beyond evolution, Brahma is separate from that which we consider to be awareness. Vibrations are a form of Brahma. Whatever exists is a form of Brahma. Just like a seed manifests itself into a complete tree and then that tree ends up being a seed again, in the same way, Brahma manifests Himself in a number of forms and then again transforms into a seed, and limitless universes emerge from that seed. 

We can consider the seed of Brahma just like the seed of a plant. We can call it the seed of Brahma [Brahma Beeja].  Every seed has a certain power of evolution. Every seed is comparable. Similarly, the power of evolution of Brahma is known as Brahma and the power of Brahma.

Why did God Almighty have to create this universe when He is complete in Himself? Because however rich or accomplished a human being may be, he is never satisfied until he produces an offspring. They think, “Who is all this wealth for?” There are a number of very rich people in the world that are childless who try very hard to have at least one child to whom they can pass on their gathered wealth and reveal it to their child. In the same manner when that feeling of love took birth within God Almighty, the powers flowing in Him gathered and got founded as Brahma or Adi Shakti. So, what remains out of this process, in the centre, is God. 

These scientists tell me that they do not believe in God. You may not believe in God, but you trust your heart and what resides in your heart is God. The One who is God Almighty is reflected in our hearts as Spirit and He is our constant witness. He is a witness to every deed of ours and is watching everything. He is the soul, also described by words such as Spirit, spiritual, and as human Spirit, when he takes birth. 

The one who resides as a witness in our heart is God Almighty. His Agnya power, in the beginning, is equipped to begin the creation of the universe. At that time three forms of transformation come into that power, or we can say that it transforms itself into three forms. First, it gets the desire that, “I should have an offspring, a creation.” Due to this desire, she embeds Tamo Guna within Herself. I have described this to you before as to how it takes place and what direction does it goes into. There is no blackboard available right now to explain this flow in a diagram to you at the moment. 

This desire is critical to the creation of Valaya of Tamo Guna.  All of the Valaya moves with the Bindu Matra power of Agnya. 

You will be surprised to know that a bindu when it revolves to its original position, it’s “valaya”, is parabolic. Einstein said that every movement is parabolic. You must have noticed in temples of Shiva, that the power of Shiva is parabolic in shape. According to Einstein anything that moves, moves in a parabolic direction. Similarly, we can say that love also moves in a parabolic direction. And Valaya also moves in parabolic direction and returns to the same position from where it started. That’s what parabolic movement is. In that sense, we can say that first shape, the Valaya created Tamo Guna in the universe. As a fan has three blades, in the same way, if you can imagine, the first parabolic movement was started. As a fan has three blades, in the same way, if you can imagine, the first parabolic movement was started. 

Second, when you desire something, an event has to take place for that. Some work had to be done. Without some work it could not happen. Thus, some activating forces took birth that founded Rajo Guna. As a consequence of the second parabolic movement, Rajo Guna was founded.  And with this movement was that of desire that all love should be showered over the creation. Showering love on your creation, your offspring, is revelation and this is what creates Sattvo Guna. 

So, we can see that from one thing these three gunas are created.  Such permutations and combinations are what creates this universe and within that, this Earth gets created. The creation of Earth also took place out of a parabolic movement. 

Now, for those who have studied science, the theory of explosion is well founded in people’s mind. A decade ago, I also used to say that an explosion had taken place. Without such an explosion, this evolution of ours could not have taken place. This state of evolution has been brought by multiple explosions. But people now have started saying that a certain mass exploded in an unexpected manner and resulted in different systems like solar system, so today science is saying the same thing. 

After the creation of this Earth, another explosion took place that brought life on Earth. 

As you know, the very first living beings were single-celled amoeba. After that, slowly we reached the state of being a human being. We don’t have to go into the details of evolution. But if we think more deeply on that topic, one well known biologist named Pierre Lecomte du Noüy has written that if a human being was created by chance, then how is it possible that it took such a short time for living beings to take human form. This was not by chance. This type of creation cannot take place just like that. There was a force behind it, someone was doing this work, someone was giving pace to this evolution and taking care of it and was leading it, without which not even an amoeba could not have taken birth in this universe. This is called the law of chance in science. 

These biologists do not say ‘God’ but they say, “We do not know of a human but must be a force that has created this universe.” Even saying this much by them is good enough. 

When human beings look at the creation, they find themselves different from all animals. It is hard for us to imagine how different we are from animals. It is surprising to believe that we have evolved from the animal to human stage. But it is not hard to believe this if you think we can never go to the moon. About twenty-five to thirty years back we could not even think of going to the Moon. Even if anyone thought like that, people would laugh at them; it was considered impossible. Today if man has reached the moon, it is also a step towards evolution. 

You may have noticed that spacecrafts launched into space have four explosions built in them. The first explosion takes them to a certain distance. Suppose their speed is 10,000 km/h. The second explosion increases their speed about tenfold. The third explosion increases the speed of another tenfold. Fourth explosion increases the speed by yet another tenfold. If these explosions did not take place, then with the same initial speed the spacecrafts could never reach the Moon. 

The same thing has happened in the evolution of mankind. To reach a progressive state of evolution a forceful explosion took place. That’s how human beings have reached a state in a very small period of time, in a surprisingly short period, where he can learn a lot and understand a lot. But he still has to learn a lot more. 

What is causing our heart to beat? If you ask this question to doctors, of any well-educated, reputable doctors, they will all have one response that, “It is caused by the autonomic nervous system.” Mankind is not able to go beyond this. They have been only able to name this phenomenon. If we ask how is our state functioning, then they will say there is an organisation called Government of India which is doing the work. This is not a very scientific response because this answer does not explain what this organisation is, how it functions and how it executes. Just giving it a name has not answered the question. But science has not evolved just to give a name to a phenomenon but to explain how this evolution, this universe, this genesis, all this took place. Whether science reaches that goal or not, you all can reach there. The viewpoint of science is very analytical. As you know, there is one doctor for one hand and there is a different doctor for the other hand. It is very hard to get comprehensive knowledge from science.

Like we see a tree and all the flowers on the tree. Some people say that the colour of this flower should be yellow, some say this flower should be blue. Only if one reaches the source of it all, can they explain the behaviour of the tree: why the flowers are of different colours, why the leaves are all different to each other, because you haven’t reached the root of the subject.

Here in Mumbai, when we talk to people, they say, “Mother, people do not have food here, there is no sugar available, why are you talking about God?” This is right for people to say. People say, “What are you, after all, during such periods?” But if you think for a moment, why is this all happening that in our country there is not enough ration to feed public. In America people are committing suicide, running away from their homes, going mad, where is there no human crisis. If you talk to anyone in the world, it will seem like everyone is in grave difficulties. Whether people have food or not, children or not, there is not one single happy person in the world. If food makes people happy, then why I don’t see people with full stomachs being happy either? 

What is the reason that they are breaking down and disintegrating slowly? The reason is that if the tree becomes too big and expands a lot outwardly, but does not get in touch with its own source and roots then it starts to disintegrate. 

It is important that we know where we get all the power from and research the source from which we take the power. Until we reach the source of that power, each and every human being in every country, it will all disintegrate. This world will have to come to an end. The One that gives origin, vitality; the One that is Chaitanya itself, until we discover it, we will all become devoid of awareness; we will be as good as dead. The world will come to an end. 

So, you can understand how important it is to find that power that is going on in our hearts as heartbeats, and it is our responsibility to know what it is. This power within all of us is working our digestion, our respiration. So, go and find out what is this power. Otherwise the whole universe, this Creation of God will come to an end. 

And this responsibility lies with the mankind. It is only the human being, today, who is standing at the edge of the universe. Today humans have this power within themselves that they can learn about. Animals like dogs and cats cannot understand that. 

Do I have to go to the forest, to the dogs and cats, to suggest that they learn about their power? It is only you that I have to tell, again and again, that you must get to know this power that is responsible for our life.  And you see the result of not being familiar with this power: there is no peace for humanity; they go to forests, leave their homes, leave this world, but there is no peace for them, there is no joy. Their power is weakening and they are struggling. 

It can be simply explained that the fuel that has been filled in you, the fuel of the power that has been filled in you, that power is going to guide you. One should use this power. If the fuel filled within you is not used the instrument is wasted. This is important. But the process to refill the fuel is not available because when a child turns three years of age the opening to fill the fuel is closed. And the way that fuel is being filled within him is broken down.

This power is called the power of Kundalini. You must have read and heard thousands of things about the power of Kundalini. But I believe that very few people have knowledge of this power. Reading whatever has been written. Writing by copying what has been written, is no real writing. 

If you come, join our meditation program, we will show you the movement of Kundalini within you. 

Below the spine in the triangular bone resides the Kundalini. You can see it. Its movement, its rise and fall, you can witness it with the movement of your hands. A number of doctors in our country and a number of psychologists have got their Realisation and they have been able to feel this power. They accept this fact. But who listens to them? Who even listens to me? Maybe in another ten years, if this concept comes from America, then we will pay attention to it, because it is hard for us to believe that anyone can do something like this, so how can a simple housewife do a work like this? 

Actually, since childhood I could see the Kundalini and knew everything about it, but I didn’t understand why humans are the way they are. Why do they think that they are Shivaji Maharaj while watching a theatre play? Why does he forget that he is doing a play? Little children create their games and they play them and then throw all that away. No one gets attached with those games. But here we think that any game is our own game. 

Little children make homes in their games and break them. But we play this game and get attached to this game. Little children make a play house and then leave it, create something else to play with, then leave that too. Children come to our meditation program and ask Shri Mataji, “Why are you playing this doctor game?” They think this whole world is a game. Why is it that when we grow up we do not take this as a game? What is there to get so serious about it?

Like, some villagers were travelling by plane, so they carried their luggage on their heads. So, someone asked them, “Why are you doing that?” They replied very seriously that they are trying to reduce the burden of the plane! This is what we are doing! In reality, we have no work. We don’t have to do anything, just like the work of this microphone is to take my voice to you, but if the microphone starts thinking that it is its own job to speak, then I will have a problem with that. So, if the microphone starts speaking, then my voice will come to an end. 

We don’t actually do anything. Like if these fingers think and one finger thinks that, “I am special and I have to do something special.” This finger is part of this body and is running on the same power as the rest of the body is. It is a part and parcel of the body, just a body part, but we think of this finger as separate. We are all running on the same power. It is possible that this finger has been exchanged in the same way that we have been exchanged or have moved away from this power. 

All these lights here are being enlightened by the same power. It is possible, that one light bulb is taken out and is attached to a battery separately, but the battery is also charged by the same electricity. Maybe it is possible, that you all have separated yourselves taking your own powers.

There are two types of powers flowing in a human being. With one he fills it and with the other he expands it. And two organisations called ego and superego develop and cover his whole being. And that is why he gets separate from this All-pervading Power. 

This is what I need to open within you. As soon as it opens, you get to know this power and you experience peace within. Not just that you get peace, but also patience. You are completely relaxed. It is very important. And what is important is that it takes place. It has to take place. 

For example, when we see an object falling, we tend to prevent it. Similarly, to stop the collapse of this world, God Almighty has invented Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is not produced by Me. No discovery is ever done by us anyway. Just like the discovery of gravity: it was not done by us; gravity was always there, we only discovered it.

What is within you and what is your birth right, I have discovered. You can have it. And to find it, I have spent a lot of time. And now it has been found. 

This knowledge will need to be spread all over. Spreading this knowledge will take away all your problems. Especially today’s youth, seeing them you all are perplexed that what has happened to them. As if there is no control on them, something has to be done for them. There is no other way to fix them other than Sahaja Yoga. 

For children, Sahaja Yoga works very fast; children get it unusually fast. Whenever I have made this arrangement in schools, I have seen that eighty percent of the children get it immediately. The same small children, when they go to high school, it takes them longer then. It drops to sixty to seventy percent in that age group. 

But students in India, who knows what are they made of. It is very difficult for them. Some universities invited Me and the Vice Chancellors of those places come and tell Me, “Mataji, please do something or we will be shamed: these children are like monkeys and you have to fix them!” I say, “Why Me? They say, “No, we cannot do anything now. No, we won’t do anything.” These children have really reduced themselves to such a low level. 

The Hippie’s movement has entered America but it is to come here too and you have to be careful about that. To ignore that problem is not going to solve the issue. If you think about the progress of your country and that of other countries too, then remember that the whole responsibility lies on the youth. They will have to be corrected via Sahaja Yoga. 

Sahaja Yoga means God Almighty’s love. And only a Realised person can do it. Only the one who is laden with this love, and within whom this power is flowing, can do this work. 

Those in Sahaja Yoga will get Realisation, they are the ones in the end to achieve this. But there are very few people. You will be surprised that after working hard for five years in Mumbai, in reality there are about one thousand realised people only; with a lot of difficulty, and they too have not reached there. And out of all those there are only eleven people who are able to give Realisation to others. 

People get their Self-realisation very quickly in America but their style is different. They change Gurus on a daily basis. One needs to measure its depth. We do not realise how critical it is, how urgently it is needed. We do not understand that. The moment that we understand it will be a fortunate moment not just for us but for the whole universe. 

I will continue to appeal to you. I will continue to say as a mother will continuously remind her children, but the children should feel the hunger themselves. If they do not have an appetite then the mother can run around them and plead to them as much as she can.

Those who get their Self-realisation, and are equipped with this power, never have to face any disease. And even if it comes, they can cure it, because they are given the knowledge as to how to cure which disease and how. This power  is called ‘spiritual awareness flowing in your hands’ by Adi Shankaracharya in his books. But no one is reading those books any more these days. 

With these vibrations, you can do good for others too, while also doing good for yourselves. These people become free of disease, and they make others free of disease and get longevity. They not only get longevity but they achieve joy and happiness and on top of that they achieve collective consciousness, which has not been felt or learnt about by anyone thus far. 

People do not know what collective consciousness is. Lots of people have talked about collective consciousness but nothing specific or clear. When you go into meditation, that’s when you will understand what we mean by collective consciousness.  What it means is that we can understand other people’s vibrations, we can understand the movement of other’s Kundalini, when we raise someone’s Kundalini with our love. We also understand the blockages in her way and remove them. 

Sitting here you can feel Nixon’s Kundalini. It sounds surprising but yes, you can feel it. That way you can understand what trouble he is in, what his blockage is and where the vibrations are stopping. It is not a biased assessment, that you don’t like someone or hate someone. When you are removing someone’s Kundalini blockages and remove their obstacles, they will only get well-being. It will only be for their good. 

There is no better voluntary service or social service out there because while doing this the person does not think that this hand is doing something good for the other hand. It is an automatic phenomenon that if one hand gets hurt, the other hand is raised to make it feel better.

Tomorrow I will explain what Sahaja Yoga is, what is its meaning, how to progress with it and how to get into it. 

The introduction given to you today is that there is no salvation in the world without Sahaja Yoga. All the other yoga methods out there, whatever they could achieve, they cannot help you attain salvation. If the world has to get its salvation then one has to embrace Sahaja Yoga. That is the path to God Almighty. He is the one who is doing this work. All you have to do is to know it. 

The only thing is that Sahaja Yoga works in your freedom: if you do not embrace it completely from within, it will not work. 

There was a gentleman who asked me to give him Realisation. He came and stayed with me for four days but he did not get it. He was perplexed that regular, simple housewives can get it, then why not him. He said, “Why am I not getting Realisation?” So, I said to him that, “The reason you are not getting Realisation is not because of me, but you. I am making efforts to give you Realisation but it is not because of me that you are not getting it.” So, he asked me, “Then what is the reason for it?” So, I said, “The reason is that you have to develop that love from within. You have to have that feeling towards yourself too. The day you develop that love, you will yourself get the Realisation.” Then he took his bath at 4 a.m. and sat for meditation and got his Realisation. 

It seems like a wonderful and unique thing because it is a wonderful thing. It’s not that wonderful things do not happen in the world. It should be adopted. One should not doubt it or be suspicious about it.

Today we have talked from evolution to human beings. Now where do humans have to go forward from here? But despite our saying and indicating the direction, the work is not proceeding forward. Whether you have this need within you or not, you have this desire in you or not, or are you still lost in something non-living, a lot depends on that.

Tomorrow we will discuss what is in Sahaja Yoga, what do you achieve in Sahaja Yoga, these topics in detail. 

People were of opinion about today’s program that without meditation there is no value of Shri Mataji’s program, which is true also: meditation should take place. Those who would want to meditate and achieve this, can stay back. Shortly, we will have meditation. After meditation, we will also see how many people can actually achieve it. 

Tomorrow a meditation program has been scheduled for 9.30 a.m. You all should attend that. Both those who get Realisation today, and also those who do not get it today, should attend that program because we should devote some time to God. 

We do not give any time to God. We go to the cinema and sit there for three hours but how many hours do we sit for God. The time we give to God is when we are doing something, when we are performing a puja, or remembering him. There is no value of those things. First let your connection get established with God. Without any connection who are you inviting and who are you remembering?

Whoever wants to stay for meditation, please stay back for a little while. Those who do not wish to meditate, please leave now as it is not a good idea to disturb others during meditation because these people are seeking God. We should respect them.

You should not get up and go during the meditation. The meditation will take about 20 to 25 minutes. Those who have already got their Realisation, can sit towards the back.