Public Program

Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai (India)

1973-12-08 Sarvajanik Karyakram Birla Kendra Mumbai NITL HD, 61'
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Public Program, Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai (India)., Saturday, December 8th, 1973

[English Translation from Hindi]

The energy (Shakti) runs in the middle runs downwards our vertebral column into the triangular bone ends up and establishes herself there. This we call as Kundalini.

In the central path, the energy (shakti) descends in the vertebral column ending up in the triangular bone, which we call as Kundalini because she coils up herself in three and a half coils. And the other two powers which I am showing, as well enter our triangular, pendulum-like, prism-like brain crossing over, descends downwards as I have shown you. Like this, I have shown you these three powers (Shaktis). One goes in the middle and the other two on the sides (Left and right channels). Other than this there are other powers (energies) in the brain that enter which I am not showing. Which we call the central nervous system. These three institutions which I am showing, the one in the middle, we call that as kundalini.

Other than this these two institutions (channels) which cross over that we are seeing, after crossing over has two flows. One is outside, and the other is inside. The one that flows inside is the one filled in with petrol (energy). The energy that flows outside is the one we go outwards and get attached to, have involvement with. Animals don’t any involvement, human beings do. “This is mine. This is my son, this is my brother. This is my house. This is my country.” Mine, my ness comes in us because of this energy which is flowing within us, pulls us outwardly. We very easily go outwardly. It’s like you have your attention on me quite easily. But if I ask you a simple thing is to put your attention inside yourself. You can’t do it. Nothing simpler thing than this doing. But things don’t happen. The reason is the energy that flows outwardly is more powerful and this energy gives us the name of sympathetic in our nervous system, which is the reason we use the energy flowing in us. And we bring it in our use. This is our sympathetic nervous system. And the one which stabilizes the flowing of energy is our parasympathetic. This means the one which comes within us and establishes inside. Because of these two powers, we develop the two institutions named as ego and superego within us. And because of these two (ego and superego) our brain gets covered, we easily forget the all-pervading, all-encompassing divine power.

The three and a half coiled kundalini when descending, immediately its length is increased and so gets disjointed in the middle. Because of this break of the kundalini in the Sushumna Nadi (channel), where the kundalini descends, there is a gap created. The vacuum is created. This vacuum is outside the abdomen (stomach), if there are doctors present here, may know the vagus nerve and aortic plexus. Likewise, we also have that vacuum in us. This is the Void. This Bhavasagara (ocean of illusion) is created primordially. In the beginning, the Adi Kundalini (Primordial Kundalini) was created. And from that, the Supreme Divine Being (Paramatma) created the universe. And it’s complete reflection is the human being. The whole creation of God’s reflection is the human being. As the child embodies life, there is the beating of his heart, likewise, Shiva, Ishwar (Supreme Being), the one who I spoke about yesterday, He is seated in your hearts. And He looks like a thumb (like a candle flame). You can also see it, not that you can’t. It’s like if you have a microscope you can see if you don’t you can’t. It doesn’t mean if you cannot see if you don’t have the microscope. This is the Jiva (life) in the heart, and we call it Jivatma (self, soul). People call it a soul. And when it establishes itself in the body, people call it Jivatma (living soul/self).

Kundalini as I mentioned you is a power (shakti) and in the heart is Shiva, is the light like a flame. Shiva and Shakti are both in a human being. Their union is necessary. Otherwise, in the human essence, there is no establishment of Brahma’s (Divine) essence. Like you have seen the gas light here. I find it very interesting. You must notice in it that there is a small light (flicker) that burns and then the whole gas light comes up when it is fully opened. Likewise, enlightenment happens in a human being. She (kundalini) comes exactly from the Divine essence, that first the power of Shiva in the heart is touched, and the Shakti (kundalini), or you can call Adishakti (primordial power/energy), and Shiva who is Himself the Supreme Divine, in the witness form, is in the heart and the Shakti (Kundalini) is activated which is in the triangular bone (sacrum), is our spiritual mother. I wish I could show you the pulsation of this power/energy (Shakti).

Here I have spent years trying to convince people. I don’t understand for such an important thing why should one argue so much. In the end this is for your benevolence and auspiciousness, and for those who have achieved it they know it. But one would get crazy explaining this to people. If tomorrow I place a diamond here and say to you that it is placed here, anybody can take it. Nobody would fight, debate, or have an argument with me. One would grab the diamond and run. He won’t even think if it is real or fake. Like that there are thousands of diamonds that are enlightened due to this shakti (kundalini), and for that shakti, I have to keep on convincing the whole world. Sometimes I ponder that my whole life will go to waste? Won’t there be the people who would understand me in this world?Because I am talking about giving this power (enlightenment) ‘en masse’. Talking about giving this (self-realization) to lots. Not few, but to multitudes, is what I am thinking. But whoever over is half baked. Not wanting completely. And that’s why, although I shouldn’t say this, if you understand me, I am doing whatever I can do.

Within us in the middle, centrally is the void. Likewise, the void is where the Adishakti (Primordial Energy) was. And in the void we know, on the Nabhi our mother as we all know gives us our nourishment. Gives us the blood in the womb. Similarly, the Adishakti mother gives her blood (nourishment) to this primordial human being, or the imagination of primordial human being we can say which has been placed in the Nabhi. Like when we want to create a big organization, we think that we need to have a chairman, a vice-chairman, two or three secretaries in it. Like this, we create different people or positions. Similarly, the Primordial Mother (Adishakti) before making the human being thought of all this, and so from the five elements, the earth was created, which also is another big lecture which we will leave it for next time. I will show you only the things that you can see. For these five elements the power that was created, needed a guardian to look after. The establishment of that guardian is necessary. The construction of the universe would be only done after the establishment if the guardian. For this reason on the Nabhi chakra, Shri Vishnu was created. This is true, and I can prove it scientifically.
I have not come here with any specialty towards Hinduism (Hindu Dharma) or any dharma (religion). All religions have their uniqueness. The only thing is there is no liveliness in us. Shri Vishnu is verily established in our Nabhi, because when I awaken people’s kundalini and when the Nabhi chakra is in problem, what I have noticed as soon as Shri Vishnu’s name is recited the Nabhi chakra clears out. But the name should not be recited by a non realized person. Non realized person is just like when you try to phone someone without any connection in the phone line. A realized person while giving realization should see if the kundalini is rising above the Nabhi or not, on that he should take the name of Shri Vishnu and with the recital of Shri Vishnu’s name the kundalini will rise. With the establishment of Shri Vishnu, Shri Lakshmi is his power, which we all know. It is very good that in India (Hindustan) we have listened to these stories in our childhood from our grandmothers. Now in the next lives what will happen to the people I can’t say? But knowing the present situation lot of people know about Shri Vishnu. Shri Vishnu is a form or an image of God. But he is beyond the form.

In psychology, Jung and other famous psychologists have said, that a human in his dreams has projected such symbols, which are universal, collective and sees similar things everywhere. For example, if a person is going to die and if there is any weapon that would be used, then he sees a special triangular object (in his dream) and this could be whether he is Chinese, or Indian, or American, educated or uneducated. And like these, there are a thousand examples, whereby one can conclude that there is a special power within us, which has been called Unconscious. Universal Unconscious. Like this, there is some power which presents within us and is out everywhere. This power which is in special symbolic form is also within us in subtle for, which we establish ourselves into our spirituality, then we feel it or see it.

Shri Vishnu’s seat is in our Nabhi chakra on this Nabhi, Shri Vishnu who is swaying on this ocean is the ocean of love. It is said that from Shri Vishnu’s navel, Brahmadeva was born (created), is true, and had to be worked out from the Nabhi. On this Nabhi the Primordial Mother (Adishakti) created Shri Brahmadeva, who fabricated the whole world. In this, there is no religion involved. I tell you that all the religions (dharmas) are established in our kundalini, need to integrate outwardly, all religions should be brought together, why talk unnecessary nonsense. We are integrated within ourselves. We are sublimated within ourselves. At least try to look within ourselves. When the universe was first created, the Supreme Being (Paramatma) created firstly Shri Ganesha. It has a reason, Shri Gauriji (before meeting Shiva), the one who is the Adishakti created Shri Ganesha, who is his mother. Those people who feel vibrations, they know the earth (Mother Earth) also emits vibrations. Gauri who is herself Adishakti personified, from her body created him, meaning Shri Ganesha was created with vibrations. The making of Shri Ganesha is very necessary because Shri Ganesha is an immortal universal child. Who is the incarnation of auspiciousness? Auspiciousness is his dharma (virtue), auspiciousness is his karma (action), and he lives inauspiciousness. So this Shri Ganesha who was created, in the Mooladhara at the bottom, as I have shown you, was established by his mother, Shri Gauri. Otherwise, the whole creation will be wasted if the auspiciousness is removed from this universe. Today people are madly after destroying auspiciousness. You don’t know those who call themselves modern, intellectuals, who disturb the auspiciousness, don’t know that auspiciousness is the very foundation of the human race.

This a lot of people might not like it. I apologize for that. But the truth is that without auspiciousness the whole universe can get disturbed. That’s why Shri Ganesha is first. Why Shri Ganesha was not established in our Swadishthana and down in the Mooladhara? There is a special reason. Because he came with one prime chakra of Shri Gauri, the first chakra, the foundation chakra. It is said that Shri Gauri after creating him placed him at the door of her bathroom. It’s very symbolic. When she was having a bath, to protect her auspiciousness, she is a mother, mother for her auspiciousness places a small child. The meaning of this is when we want to establish ourselves in our dharma (righteousness/virtues), whenever we want to connect with Supreme Divine, God (Paramatma), then we should be innocent by nature like a small innocent baby, towards the power (Shakti) who is the Kundalini, in the motherly form in us. A lot of people today are using sex as a topic, that we should sublimate ourselves towards sex (carnal), and then the kundalini will be awakened. Understand this very clearly. Just talking about mother and relation of sex is disgusting. Kundalini your mother is seated here (Mooladhara). You are already sublimated. Your mother (kundalini) is so very auspicious. She accompanies you in your past and presents lives. She has cared for you right up-till now. And now when I try to awaken her within you, like you she says to me, “no first please cure my child, my child’s this chakra is caught, first cure it.” For this reason, I have to cure your health firstly.

If your brain is disturbed then the brain had to be cooled down. Then the kundalini rises properly. Such a mother who only wants to give you. Who resides in you give you your rebirth, with her you are only doing injustice to her. In my view, no greater injustice is done under the name of intellectualism. I say that even when people crucified Christ, it is not an issue, but those who insult their mother (Kundalini), loses the kundalini. Not only the kundalini lies in the dormant state for lifelong, but by insulting her she only gets angry and manifests in anger on the two channels (Nadis) Ida and Pingala. By this heat the person gets disturbed, jumps, and shouts/yells in pain, and not only that, his body gets blisters. Therefore people say not to touch (awaken) the kundalini. These are the same people who themselves don’t understand mother’s auspiciousness, same people who don’t recognize themselves to be innocent like a small child, which they have to become. These explanation (about sex) are by those people have gone in the wrong path and want to delude others, like the people of rakshasa (demon) category. These people by their sinister wrongdoings have deluded others by teaching, justifying sex with one’s mother, sublimate the sex. Sex in our body is an outlet, like the bathroom (toilet) in our house. On that entrance ( of Mooladhara chakra) the Divine Mother has established Shri Ganesha so that people don’t perform any inauspicious activities and enter inside wrongly.

All these people (false gurus/Tantrikas) are doing unauthorized work. That is where you read how this kundalini is awakened, with big names and titles given to it. And so many of these people come to my attention. Sometimes I get very surprised how these people get the kundalini awakened? And now they say their kundalini is awakened. And say exactly at 5 O’clock their kundalini was awakened. Now one must think, does God has a clock that He will enlighten you exactly at 5 O’Clock. This is a living work, that spontaneously awakens within you and transforms you. For example, a flower will transform into a fruit. Can we say,” Sir, this is a flower, and at 5 O’Clock it will turn into a fruit.” Can anyone say that? This is all black magic, satanic worshiping. I will talk about these tomorrow. Today will talk only auspicious topics.

Before awakening this kundalini, Shri Ganesha should be invoked/worshipped within. It’s always done and should be. There is no question of religion or non-religion. Shri Ganesha is not contracted to only Hindus. Hindus might think that they are the contractors of Shri Ganesha. Recently when I went to Pune lot of Brahmins opposed me saying, “we won’t let you lecture here.” So I said, “those Brahmins who have come please come forward, I want to see who is a Brahmin?” So these Brahmins were shaking before me. So I asked, “what is this?”. They said (Brahmins). “You are (to Shri Mataji) a Shakti, that’s why (we are shaking). So I (Shri Mataji) said, “can I give the discourse or not?” They said, “we couldn’t believe first, now we would sit and listen. After that, they got self-realization, and now laughingly admit to me, “how stupid we were”. Who is a Brahmin? Unless and until you get transformed, unless and until you don’t become twice-born (Dwija), unless and until you have your rebirth (self-realization), till then you are not a Brahmin.

Similarly, when I went to Tehran, there in Mundo, the people said, “She is a kafir (infidel), the people everywhere think I am no good, all the religions. “ Don’t listen to what She says, She can’t read namaz.” So I said, “you only make people read namaz, you need to understand.” So they said, “we are Muslims.” So I (Shri Mataji) said, “explain to me the meaning of a Musalman (Muslim). Musalman means the one who is reborn (self-realized). Are you?” So they said, “Yes we have.” So I said, “then read namaz (prayers) in front of me.” The namaz was read, but their condition was not good. I (Shri Mataji) said, “if you are Musalman, you can’t keep your hands in front of me for two minutes. You can’t keep your eyes closed, it flickers. So they said, “You are doing some kind of magic.” I said, “yes I am doing magic, I am doing mantras if you are a true Musalamn then try and stop me.” You cannot control things the way you like in the name of religion. You don’t have the authority. Unless and until you understand Dharma (religion in reality), you don’t have any authority over it. It is like anybody coming to India with a flag-post in the ground and claims it as mine. An Indian’s identity is through his dharmic (righteous) deeds. Once an English officer said to me, “what is an Indian’s identity? They think they are very great, what’s their identity?” So I said, “It’s very simple to recognize an Indian person and an English person, I can show you”. So he said, “how do you know?” I said, “an Indian if you put a garland on him, he will immediately remove it in a minute. But if an Englishman is garlanded, he will keep it on himself roaming around the whole day, even if you call him for dinner that night he will come to you with a garland on him. That is the identity of an Indian.” I said. Similarly, a dharmic (righteous) person’s identity is. Outwardly you might see a person a bad one, but a dharmic is standing on righteousness innately, inwardly. Not outwardly. The one who is innately, inwardly dharmic is a different make. And the sly one, talks lies, is a fraud and cunning, and never be dharmic. And that’s why our dharma (religions), the dharma of the whole world is distorted. Nobody would believe now that Hindu dharma, was taken to such an epitome by saints like Adi Shankaracharya, who was highly realized, where it has been now degraded. Where is Mohammad Sahab and what is his religion (Islam) now. Where Jesus Christ and what his religion is now (Christianity). I can’t see how people are walking blindly in the wrong directions.

The kundalini, who is our mother, sitting in the Mooladhara, Shri Ganesha protects her. Sitting over there (in Mooladhara). But he is an innocent child. A child who is protecting. But when aggressive people attack her then the mother inside manifests her anger than all the negative problems against her manifest in you.

As I mentioned, that Shri Vishnu is established in the Nabhi, and the Swadishthana was made to manifest the creation. Like the uterus of the woman is controlled by the aortic plexus, which is established through the Swadishthana chakra. Whatever we create it is from Swadishthana chakra. Which is the sixth number as I showed? For example, any famous writer, or a famous saint, whatever original creativity human beings create, he creates by praying to Shri Saraswati. Saraswati is the prime authority of this (Swadishthana chakra). That’s why after Shri Ganesha we do Saraswati’s worship. And all these pujas and things we do there is so much subtle deep meaning is what I have come to prove. Those who say this is falsehood is a very great thing, have very deep subtle meaning, haven’t understood the depth of this and those who talk big about science, I want to show the meaning of these subtleties. Even science has originated from these.

Without Shri Saraswati, Einstein would have not known the theory of relativity. Even Einstein said at the beginning of his book, “I was troubled and tired working in the laboratory, with reading books for the invention, and so went out in the garden playing soap bubbles.” In that, he said, “when sometimes from the unknown the theory of relativity dawned upon me.” The signal is towards the same, that the whole universe is created within us. Whatever superficial, it has to go.

After that, I said the fifth chakra, the Nabhi chakra, Shri Vishnu was established (created). And his consort is Shri Lakshmiji. Similarly, Shri Saraswati is also created thoughtfully. We think of Shri Saraswati like any other. In this, the thoughtfulness is very subtle. The seers haven’t created them. The Divine God created them. That is why His creation is very thoughtful. You keep that ShriSaraswati’s image in you and worship her. She is adorned in white robes (saree). The color white is abstract. A lot of people ask,” Mother why do you wear white?” I am a married woman. I generally don’t wear white. But during meditation (during realization), I don’t want the human attention-getting entangled in colors. That’s why Shri Saraswati is created and has been given a Veena (stringed musical instrument), which is incredible. Veena in India is traditionally a primordial musical instrument, meaning the human being who is educated and knowledgeable, must know music the same as the worshipper off Shri Saraswati.

You must notice that educated intellectuals can be very dry, and a headache in pujas (worshipping). They don’t have any taste or aura. If you converse with them you’d get bored. Once I met someone. He poured all his scholarship on me. People run away from these so-called intellectuals. A person who is like that would never be a worshipper (follower) of Shri Saraswati. Been an educated intellectual and a follower of Shri Saraswati are completely separate. Every educated intellectual should know music and art. Specializing in only one thing doesn’t make someone intellectual. Then how one would be a worshipper of Shri Saraswati? Now I don’t understand one thing, that is the economics of human laws, one which is beyond my comprehension, maybe because it is all so extremely artificial. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand it. A person should excel in art when the Swadishthana chakra is in fulfillment.

Then on Nabhi chakra Shri Lakshmi is seated. Now if you see, Shri Lakshmi is also very beautifully created. In her two hands, there are lotuses. One hand is raised in blessing and one is down in giving. Now those who are feeling vibrations will understand it, what it means. The meaning of lotuses in her hand, the two hands, one is for self-respect and one is for grace. A miserly person can never be regal or royal. A miserly person should never be called royal. He is miserly as well as rich. The one whose household has grace, one who respects and values art, one who propagates art, only he is a royal person. And like the lotus which has coziness, comfort giving, like when a bee enters and settles on it, it takes the bee in. A person like that should be called Kamalapati (Shri Vishnu). But every man here thinks that he is a Lakshmipati (Lakshmi’s husband). To become Lakshmi’s husband, one should become a protector and provider like Shri Vishnu, the one who like a father cares and looks after the whole world as his own family. I have seen a few rich people, who can’t even look after their relatives. The one who doesn’t care for other’s needs, how would he be Lakshmipati? The one who cares looks after the whole world, he is the worshipper of Shri Lakshmi. This is what we call an enlightened industrialist. If we get people like that then all the problems of the country will be solved.

The positions of Lakshmiji’s both hands has got a deep meaning. The hand downward means a rich person should always be giving (charitable). To donate unobstructed. It should be spontaneous. There should not be any emotions in donating, that I am donating. And the hand upwards means to give protection. When someone comes running under one’s protection saying, “Brother I am in trouble, please help me someway.” Instead, the doors will be closed. To get rid of the troubled person we send five bodyguards. I don’t call such a person a Lakshmipati (regal person). Then people say, “ones you start giving, then there won’t be any end to it. No end to people who will ask all the time. That’s not the thing. The one who comes to you for help and is denied is the wrong thing. But you people probably don’t know this, that even a small giving, manifests in a big way. It becomes very huge. In my limited life, my husband’s salary is not huge, which means he is not extremely rich, but I have noticed, whenever I have helped, even a little help, had manifested in thousand folds. It had showered on my family. It had showered on my people and also the world. One giving or charity never goes waste.

I will give you an example. We were in Delhi and once a refugee came to me (during the partition of India and Pakistan) and said, “Mother I will be delivering (baby) tomorrow, you have such a big house, we don’t have anywhere to stay, can you please let us stay.” I said come in and stay. My husband came and got worried. Said to me, “You are so innocent, letting anybody stay in our house. What if we have troubles with this.” I said, “If it comes, then let it be. If our child comes to our house then there are chances that the troubles might come as well. No big thing about it.” So he said, “I don’t understand your logic. I (Shri Mataji) said,” Ok, never mind, the outside room is vacant and I kept them there, where is the problem? He said, “you have no idea who you have kept in there.” His point was on logic and mine illogical. But you will understand my logic later on. The refugees stayed in the house. The couple also had a Muslim person with them and the couple Hindus. The Muslim was their friend. So I let them all stay. So in Delhi, the people (who were rioting) said to me (Shri Mataji), “You have kept a Muslim in your house, we know that as the servants have mentioned us. I lied to them completely. I said, “You believe in them, have you seen my KumKum (red dot on the forehead). No Muslim is staying here.” They got scared and left. Now, these days that Muslim person, is a well-known poet, India’s famous poet. And is alive today. He reveres me very much. He has mentioned it even in his poetry. But during the riots, I did not know him, when he stayed at our place. Such a great poet, if I had not given him refuge, he would have been dead by now and all his great poems wasted. The woman who stayed back then is a big actress, very famous. After that incident, we never met. She kept searching for me after. But I was on the move, with my husband’s job. Then after a while, once I came to Mumbai, so some of the young boys and girls decided to make a movie. They said to me to ask the actress to act in the movie we were doing. I said, “I won’t ask her.” They asked,” Why”? I said, “There are some limitations. Leave it.” When there was the launching ceremony, she (the actress) came. Seeing me she started crying. She said, “Mother, why didn’t you mentioned to me that the movie is yours!” I said that’s why I didn’t mention, because you knowing that it was my movie, would jump into doing it (without asking the price). Like this, I can give lots of examples, that whatever charity you do never goes waste. That is which is always held on tightly will always go waste. If tomorrow you have demonization then you will be all done by. Any mishap that happens, then that will be it of you. Give with both the hands. Don’t be scared. Give it with one hand, and you will receive it with another.

The establishment of Lakshmiji on our Nabhi is for this very reason. Whatever we eat, we consume, the food in our stomach, its digestion is the activity managed by Shri Vishnu. You would be surprised that I always suggest donating to people who have diabetes. A charity that is done by human beings always returns in a thousandfold blessing. That is all the ailments of our abdomen, the cure is Shri Vishnu. To imbibe Shri Vishnu in us means we have within us the charitable quality. The person who is growing in charity will never have stomach problems or complaints. It is somewhat like that, which might look or seem strange to you, but it is true. You try and do it. Anybody who has stomach problems, go and donate something to someone. Anybody who has a bloated stomach will feel relief in it. This is scientific because I have tried it. Makes a lot of difference.

After this on the heart chakra, as I mentioned before, that Shivji is the Divine Lord (Ishwara). Shivji’s presence within us is very necessary. Because he is the witness. (Shretragnya) Witnessing the whole creation is who He is. He knows everything, He is the witness. Within us, there is somebody is what we feel, who knows us inside. If we speak lies, speak the truth, speak good, give charity, if we are great or small. Knowing everyone inside us is seated in our heart in a witness state. He is the Divine God, who is the pure self within (Atmaswaroop), is seated in our hearts.

But before reaching the heart chakra, the gap I showed you, is all the ocean of illusion (Bhavsagara). In the center is the seat of Shri Vishnu and on it, Shri Brahmadeva creates the whole universe. He made this ocean of illusion. After creating the ocean of illusion, the question was how to cross it over? The human being was created, but how to make him realize it (Self realize)? How to make human beings recognize it? In him how to activate the Divine essence (Brahmatatwa). Meaning how to get the union of Shiva and Shakti within him? How would the connection (yoga) be established? For this, a special personality was created in this world. This was created by the combined essence (powers) of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, who we acknowledge as Shri Dattatreya. Shri Dattatreya is none other than Adiguru (Primordial Master). He is my guru. He has mentored me all his past lives. If you hear about his birth and all his previous lives you would be amazed. We have forgotten such a great thing. Shri Duttatraya’s incarnations are numerous. Firstly he came as King Janaka. Shri Sitaji was his daughter, who was the embodiment of Shakti herself. Then he came as Machindranath, Zorashtra, and Mohammad Sahab, who were a completely different type of human being. They trialed out lots of different things. Shri Dutta, the primordial masters firstly in this world educated (guided) us about the symbolic forms within us. And then also said that you people (humans) got entangled in symbolism, in idol worshipping. Their meaning was to go beyond and recognize the power (Shakti) within these idols. That’s why they talked about the idols. For example, there is a flower, and to describe the honey within the flower, they talked about the flower first. From which the people would taste the honey. But people got stuck to flower. So then they took incarnations and talked about the honey. In that, they talked about God in the abstract. They deliberately didn’t talk about the reincarnation of life. Because as soon as you talk about past lives, people ask me, “Mataji, tell me about my past lives.” The life that has passed, why do you want to know that? Whether you were a king or a pauper, what difference it will make? That’s why they (Primordial Masters) did not discuss past lives.

Mohammad Sahab was the same, Duttatraya’s incarnation, and the same incarnation was King Janaka. The same incarnation was Nakaka, whose sister Nanaki, was the same Adishakti (Primordial energy). She was Sitaji. Now, what can I say, you would be surprised, that the Shia sect that started after Mohammad Sahab, his daughter was Fatima, she was also Adishakti, and her two children were, Hassan and Hussain, back then when they saw even after the annihilation of the world, the human beings did not understand, then they were born as Buddha and Mahavira and they brought the non-violence as religion, and attempted that maybe with the establishment of non-violence people will achieve self-realization. But couldn’t do it. Now you are fighting amongst each other. I always say if a Muslim gets obstructed from getting his realization, you take the name of Dattatreya. And if Hindu gets obstructed, I say you take Mohammad Sahab’s name. You don’t know that those who project themselves as great Hindus, were Muslims in their previous lives.

When I went to Iran, I saw that there people meditating, ringing bells and applying tilak (red dot on the forehead) and doing aarti (flame of candle used as a worshipping act to the Divine). Because anybody on one extreme can go to other extremes, like a pendulum. Be in the middle, nor Hindu nor Muslim. Everything is in our void (stomach). Now you must see that you put your hands up in meditation. This morning lots of people put their hand up, now you all also do it, will benefit you. This is Namaz. But does the Muslim knows what this thing is? Do Hindus know what this is? And putting the hands on top of the head in the Christians, you know when they baptize, they put water on the Sahasrara (chakra).

Then Shivji who is in our hearts, to know Him, is a very difficult task. He is extremely innocent, meaning he is only in witness state. He only watches, is a supervisor. He witnesses the Shakti’s play. But when the kundalini rises and passes over the Heart Chakra, not in the heart. I have heard that some great writers, said the heart is here. The heart is placed here, but the Heart chakra is in the center, where only Sushumna is present. There is a reason, that the Shakti (inner energy) is always separate until she reaches upwards in the brain, which is called the limbic area, does not reach there, till this energy (kundalini), singularly, reaches up in the limbic area, and then showers her flow on both the sides (two channels), then in the heart (left side) union is achieved. And then lower in the Nabhi they unite creating the Brahmatatwa (Divine essence), again rising in the Agnya chakra, which is crossed over, opens up (in Sahasrara).

Whatever has been said about Shivji’s consort is absolutely the truth. You have read Devi Mahatmya. Not one word is wrong in it. Markandeya Swami was a great seer. Not a word by him is untrue. Not a word is distorted. I am sometimes surprised, how far did humans have seen these things so minutely. You all say this is Maya (illusion), and even with so much Maya, you have recognized it. This is also a human’s great feat. But have anyone heard Markandeya Swami’s name? He in Saptasadi described Shri Durga. This is true. Because in the ocean of illusion when people were seeking, to help them, that Shakti (Divine energy) had to come in a lot of different forms. So then the Shakti came on this earth, all by Herself. She back then in a lot of forms annihilated, killed all the rakshasas (demons) who were harassing Her bhaktas (devotees). But no use of it. They were (rakshasas) annihilated, but now they are born again and have spread around in this Kaliyuga (modern/dark age). They have come back. But back then the devotees had to be protected. Back then no question of giving realization. There the situation was of protecting the humans. That’s when they (rakshasas) were annihilated. That is the Devi, who we know her by the name of Adishakti, Bhagawati. She as Shivji’s consort, back then, killed all these rakshasas.

After that Agnya chakra, when we come Agnya chakra, you would be surprised that we suddenly arrived in a very modern era. Before Mohammad Sahab, a few days earlier, Jesus Christ was born. Jesus Christ was himself the life force (Pranava)of the universe. Verily life force. You know about Shri Ganesha, who is the same Jesus Christ! The cross I showed you, the same cross, which is Shri Ganesha, who you must have seen as been shown as Swastika. The Swastika is Cross. That Shri Ganesha is the form of life force (Pranava) when in human form incarnated in this world is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ extracted out the evil or negative forces, and no one else did. He annihilated all of them. All of them says so, that he killed them. I am talking about Jesus Christ first because on Vishuddhi chakra is Shri Krishna. But Jesus Christ’s mother was Radha herself. That’s why I am discussing his form first. This is on the Agnya chakra on number two. Shri Krishna and his wife Radha. ‘Ra’ means energy, ‘Dha’ means the one sustains it. Radha works on Vishuddhi chakra. Now over here, if you ask the doctors, are sixteen sub plexuses on the cervical plexus, have her sixteen attributes (powers). They are complete. But even being complete he (Shri Krishna) could not finish the work he came for because all his life finished fighting the evil people. He came at a very evil era and got all wasted. Although the description of Leela (Shri Krishna’s playful activities) is all Sahaj. This is Sahajyoga. You would be surprised him (Shri Krishna) breaking the earthen pots, tying the people around in a group, breaking Radhaji’s earthen pots, was all Sahaja yoga. Because she uses to carry the vibrated water from the river Yamuna, that water would get spilled on the lanes and the road was the reason he would her pot. You think Radha didn’t know about that, of course, she fully knew it. But back then you could not get the people together in a hall like today and say,” You people go into meditation”. Then people would have said,” Have you gone insane. We are householders, how could we get into meditation?” In reality, Sahaja yoga would only work for those who have a family and are householders.

That’s why Shri Krishna experimented with Sahaja yoga with simple Gopa-Gopikas (his village friends form Gokul). Chose simple people living simple lives. You don’t know that those who think are great religious mendicants and ascetics have become someone religious, from them no one would get emancipated. Nobody would get there salvation. Yes, it might be, that a great yogi, or an ascetic if he wants to reduce someone to ashes with a glance (by yogic powers). You must have read Bhagirathi’s trials. In that, it has been mentioned that the poor fellow Bhagirathi’s forefathers were reduced to ashes. Is this anything great, that one reduces anyone to ashes? This pativrata (women who faithful and devoted to their husbands) people, which are Savitri’s power, those who talk about Savitri, Gayatri, be aware that those people will never be peaceful, happy, and compassionate from within inside. Yes, they might be luminous and powerful. Because as I showed, the moon channel is been overpowered by them. Having that power what would one achieve? Today burn someone, then next they will burn you. All the sadhus (ascetics), and those who think they are great and have achieved a certain power, don’t understand that they have not achieved the essence of love, albeit achieving all other powers.

And like all these ascetics, God save those from such people, who have imbibed themselves with Savitri’s powers (Right side channel), what work of emancipation they have done? They destroyed even my Krishna with the curse (Shri Mataji is referring to Gandhari from Mahabharata). What’s the use of such extremism that one could not recognize him (Shri Krishna). Very selfish of them. There is nothing in it that is compassionate for the whole community or the world. You think of it! That’s why all those who work on Ida Nadi (left channel) and all those who work on the Pingala Nadi (right channel) are all the same. Meaning those who follow abstinence, ascetics means, all those people, and those who say eat this and eat that, drink alcohol, eat and drink, are all just the same (in extremes). One side (left side) brings in the realm of dead souls/entities (Bhootyoni) and the other (right side) brings in the luminous/vigorous realm. From both the country, this world would not be devoid of any calamity, neither it will achieve the compassionate state nor any emancipation within us.

The redeemer was necessary, that’s why Christ was established here (Agnya) who was Radha’s son. You would be surprised that Mary herself was Radha. There is a reason for this, a great reason. Sitaji was Shri Rama’s wife. Was married. The injustice that was done to her by the society, made her leave the house, by accusing her falsely, disgraced her. Why back then these great people had a blindfold on? Why didn’t they said, that she is our mother? You are asking her to leave the house? She already had passed the test, bypassing the fire. Why were they dumbfounded then? What happened to their vigor back then? All were so-called very great then. Nobody raised any point on that. To teach them a lesson Radhaji did not marry Krishna under the societal norms. But still, the whole world knows Shri Krishna as RadhaKrishna. But for him (Shri Krishna) the formal marriage is important, that’s why there was no child. But in the next life, she (Radha) came as Mary and her child (Christ) glorified her, who was a virgin. A not difficult thing to have a child as a virgin. If you are a realized soul then you are that state, as these days I give birth to thousands from my Sahasrara. Not a difficult thing. But she (Mary) did it. Not difficult if someone wants to birth a child from her womb. She did it without any difficulty. Even though in the world’s eyes, in society’s norm it is not ok, but now the world recognizes Mary as a great woman. People call her Divine Mother. This is her child’s (Jesus Christ) doing. Such a child who was Divinity personified was not spared. They crucified him. At the age of 34 years, all of them killed him. This society calling themselves, Hindus, Muslims, etc. the so-called contractors of religions killed him. Nobody thought that such a great soul is departing the world. At such a young age he had to leave this world. Now we have made a big religion under his name. What’s the meaning of this?

No proper construct of religion happened. What he (Christ) is and what religion they made up from him? He stressed one thing, that is the destructive forces, which are negative forces, which he called Satan, called possessions, also spirits (dead souls), to get rid of them. And today the whole Christianity works on spirits (possessions, negative forces). It is shameful that for those things he always denied, we follow the same things again and again. Like Mohammad Sahab constantly said, “at least don’t drink alcohol.” But the Muslims drink so much, and the amount of poetry they have created in the name of drinking and wine, you won’t find anywhere in the world. Meaning is I say on behalf of Mohammad Sahab, Is this the religion of Muslims? On behalf of Issah Masiha (Jesus Christ), “ Is this Christian religion? And on behalf of Adi Shankaracharya, I ask, “ Is this Hindu religion?” Which are based on myths and the one who said the whole world is a big myth, Shri Adi Shankaracharya, has been falsified by these people. He (Jesus Christ) is residing in this Agnya chakra. Here the people who misuse the Agnya chakra, and the person who is mad on this chakra, the ones who have psychosomatic troubles, those people are said to have psychological trouble. We also have a psychologist, who is a great person. He is also working on this. He also says taking the name of Issah Masiha (Jesus Christ), the bhoots run away. We can rid of anyone’s negativity. But we people recite anyone’s name anywhere we want. At least we must know the place (of the Divine incarnations on chakras). We should know the reason. It’s application be known. I want to tell you all about it. But it all depends on your understanding and acceptance.

After Agnya chakra is Sahasrara, we have thousand, nine hundred and eighty-two nerves are what the doctors say. They don’t say a thousand. I have seen them. How does it look? Let’s understand it. Like a very big lotus. Like in the bible it is said tongues of flames as if the flames of fire entwined with itself. Like a big fiery flame, a large one, like a lotus. Entwined in lots of flames of fire, is how it looks. And in the middle of it is the Brahmarandra (cosmic small opening on top of the head) in the Sahasrara, which is pierced. When realization happens the crossing over of kundalini happens in a human being.

A lot of time has passed now and the topic today was different. Was somewhat new. Today or tomorrow, I will talk about how in Sahaja yoga we can pierce it (Sahasrara) and what it means. Come to meditation tomorrow. Whatever I said is all a waste unless and until you experience it. You will only understand after the experience. But there is no other choice without telling you all about it. That is why I explained, and you all take it that it is all done and over with the explanation. Tomorrow is meditation time. You all come during that time. Today evening we could not meditate. Tomorrow morning we will work hard till late, by which you all get self-realized. And we will have a lecture as well as meditation. We have to give some time for God Almighty. Just a little bit. I don’t want a lot. To know yourself within, need a little time and it will suffice. Today lots got realized. I am very happy that a lot of you got a realization. And hope so tomorrow lots more will get realization. And you recognize it. The thing I am talking about for which the whole universe was created, the whole creation is standing at the end of an epitome, of that universe’s responsibility lies upon you. Nothing needs to be done as such. Nothing has to be brought and be given. If you all could take something from me, I would be very thankful to you.