Seminar on Shri Dattatreya Jayanti, Day 3

Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai (India)

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Seminar on Shri Dattatreya Jayanti, Day 3, (Hindi), Mumbai, December 9th, 1973

Today is Shri Datta Jayanti centenary. Today, it’s a very great day. I think this day has come only because of His blessings that Sahaja Yoga has been blossomed in you people. I bow to the Guru of all the Gurus – Adi Guru, Shri Datta Maharaja. He is my Guru also. He has taught Me quite a lot on Sahaja Yoga all through my many births. And because of that only, I have been able to do some work in this birth also, and I am continuing to do.

“Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru devo Maheshwara, Guru sakshat Parabrahma tasmai Guru dev namaha.” The Guru is Brahma [the Creator], Vishnu [the Sustainer] and Mahesh [the Destroyer] and the Guru who is Himself God, I offer my obeisance to him.

After creating the entire universe, like how a King spread out his kingdom and comes to see the world thereafter in a disguise, in the same way Adi Shakti has also incarnated on this earth many a times. But no matter how supreme is Adi Shakti, she still needs a human Guru. The place of man is still superior to that power. If Shakti has to take form of a human being, then she is required to come on this earth only after having completed her father sometimes, her brother sometimes and her son sometimes. First of all, try to understand that entire universe was created by Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha.

At that time, a thought came in Adi Shakti’s mind to lift people out of the world, who were stuck in it, and that if these three principles [Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva] were to be combined together somehow and the childlikeness and innocence of Shri Ganesha could be absorbed by it, then it is possible to form a Guru from them who has to do a great task. Adi Shakti incarnated in the form of Sati Anusuya. This is the only such a Sati [a chaste, faithful wife] in the whole world who has thought of emancipation of the human beings. This is a very great thing. These three children came to Anusuya. The meaning of the name Anusuya is: “The one who is without envy; she does not envy anyone, who is the universal love”. In such a person, there is no place for insignificant, petty thoughts such as jealousy, anger etc. The one who does not have any asuya [jealousy] she is Anusuya.

It is said that these three went to her door to examine her. And that moment she used her tejbal [powerful radiance]. What was this tejbal? This was the love of mother, very much divine, love of a powerful mother. This tejbal fell on them and they became small children.

Their complete unified form is Shri Datta Maharaj. He is a strange majesty; whatsoever description is made of him but will fall short. And even if this is made to be explained, it will be beyond explanation. This is Shri Datta Maharaj who is full of triguna [three attributes]. He came in the world in form of Adi Guru many times to teach how to cross the Bhavasagara [Void]. Yesterday, I have told you that we fight in the world by forming many religions. The same Shri Datta incarnated many a times on the earth.

As I told you yesterday, King Janaka was one of them. King Janaka was the father of Janaki [Sitaji]. He was none other than the incarnation of Shri Dattatreya. Thereafter, Machindranath, most have you must have heard his name, was also one of his incarnation. After that, Zoroaster, who came three times on the earth, was also one of his incarnation.

After that, Mohammad Sahib, who was his incarnation, when he was asked that, “Bhai [brother] there must have been others also before you?” then he replied, “Yes, there a Mohammad.” Then again, he was asked who was before him. He replied, “There was one Mohammad.” ‘Mohammad’ means ‘Praised’: the one who is praised, the one who deserves to be praised and is the one who is redeemer of the world. They were all Mohammads, they were all Dattatreyas, who came on earth regularly.

After that Nanaka, Guru Nanaka. If you ever read his teachings, if you read his talks then you will be surprised that he has always talked in a Sahaja. He has said, “Sahaja Samadhi lago.” He has said, “Kahe re ban khojan jayi, sada niwasi sada alepa tohe sang samai, pushpa madhya jo was basat hai mukur mahi jas chhayee, taise hi hari base nirantar ghat hi khojo bhai” – “Why to go to the forest to find Him? He is always there with you, just like there is a fragrance in a flower and just as the reflection is there in a mirror. In the same way, God is residing in you eternally. Seek Him within. He is just inside, achieve him just inside. We are just singing poems, singing songs, we are just cramming his prescription.”

The talk of seeking this absolute principle, residing just inside the heart, has been made since ancient times by these Adi Gurus, who are incarnated on this earth again and again. After the birth of the daughter of Mohammad Sahib, Fatima, as I said yesterday also, there was the beginning of the caste “Shia” in Islam. ‘Shia’ word has been derived from ‘Sia’. The word which comes from ‘Sia’ became ‘Shia’ – ‘Sia’ means ‘Sitaji’. If you go to UP [Uttar Pradesh, India] then nobody says ‘Sitaji’, they say ‘Siaji’, “Siavar Ramchandra Ki Jai.” Everyone takes the name of Sia. She was Sitaji, the Adi Shakti herself. And her two sons, who were Hassan and Hussain, destroyed many evils. When they ultimately died after getting tried, then in the next birth they thought of establishment of non-violence, because violence led them nowhere. They were born as Mahavira and Buddha to make a new experiment. Experiments do happen.

After Nanak Sahib, around 50-60 years ago in our Maharashtra, Dattatreya incarnated as Saibaba of Shirdi. If you want proof of it, then you get your Realization and after that, if you put your hand on anyone, then you will get vibration of same kind. From just vibration only you can know about all. As you must have eyes to see any shape, its colour, in the same way you are required to feel vibrations so that you may know all the gurus of the world and will be able to know as who is a true Guru and who is a liar, who is equal to that incarnation of Adi Guru Dattatreya. For mere saying, there are thousands of gurus in modern times. No one becomes a guru just by talking about another guru. And by believing in a guru also, one does not become a guru. The meaning of the word ‘guru’ is very large. This must be understood.

Today I want to talk on this issue: who is a guru and who is not. The obvious meaning of ‘guru’ means the one who is bigger than us, the one who is sitting at a place higher than us. As the water collected at a height, spontaneously flows down, it is also eager to find a surface for itself, and to bring everyone to its surface. You keep water to a certain height; it will be willing to [inaudible] everyone. This is the very meaning of ‘guru’. The one who is not that kind is not a guru. He is above us in every matter, not just in one matter. That is why we, people, who are wandering in street to street believing in guru should remember that the number of gurus is in thousands.

The guru who talks of the absolute principle is a real guru. Those who talk of God and of God and who uplift you are real gurus. Those who make money from you are not gurus. Those who charge money for their speech, they can never be gurus. Because the speech which has come from God is a precious thing, the value of which you just cannot give. The day when you give value of it then that thing cannot be of God. You cannot go and purchase God from market. Remember, today we are confronting thousands of such people who are making money in the name of God. Nothing can be a bigger injustice and meanness than this.

If there is any dust, substance or a thing in this world which is equal to the kick of the feet of the God, then we can say that we are watching God. You see, just now there was someone who came to our house, making himself to be greatest guru, started telling Me that, “Shri Mataji, you have all kind of things in your house, and you are working like a normal housewife, then how can you talk of God? I have given up this, I have given up that.”

I told him that, “If you genuinely know what is renouncing, then you should also know that, from all these things, whatever you think is equal to dust of feet of my Lord, is even equal to the particles, then you pick up that thing, but weigh equally.” He started watching here and there, saw this, saw that. After that, he became embarrassed. I asked him, “Did you discover anything?” “No, no. Nothing was found equal to what was asked for.” Then, I said, “Son, what actually have you given up? What have you given up? Whose flag you are flowing from morning to evening, wearing saffron clothes and getting head bald, you are roaming in the whole world, crying? What have you given up? Only, these stones, this soil?”

In reality Sahaja Yoga is getting nurtured in normal people who are leading a household life. Sahaja Yoga can never nurture in those who dig their flags. Those people who live with simple spontaneous emotions, who live in majesty given by God, in his happiness and joy, live with love, only such people of middle path reach to God. You should know what is the meaning of guru. Now, those who collect money wearing saffron clothes, they can never be gurus. Those who had once broken bicycles are now moving in Impala (car) can never be gurus. The one who has found God, if he wishes, he can sleep on the ground and if he wishes he can sleep in a palace comfortably.

For this reason, I will give the example of King Janaka. Once, a very great arch called Nachiketa went to see the King Janaka. He was first suspicious and eager. He asked his guru, “Why do you pay visit to him since he is a householder and also a king? And then why do you bow down before him and touch his feet? He is just a householder!” Then he replied, “All right, you should go to the place of King Janaka and stay there. You know that he is called as a videhi [beyond body], he was a dehati [a country person].” When Nachiketa lived with him then he saw that there was so much wealth, people were eating and living comfortably. The King enjoyed all type of meals; he roams and has children. How it is possible that such a man, should know God? The next day he said to the king, “I am leaving just now, I’m just leaving now. I do not have to live here.” Then the king said, “All right, let’s go for a bath first.” They went to bath in a river. He took him to Sharayu River for bath. While bathing in the river, suddenly somebody informed the king that, “O Lord, your palace is on fire.” King Janaka said, “Let it be, just now I’m in meditation.” He replied with a smile. This poor Nachiketa got little worried. After a while someone came to say, “All of your family members have to run away and fire is fast approaching you.” Then he said, “To hell with it, now I’m in meditation.” Afterwards, they told him, “Fire has reached up to here and all your ornaments and clothes will get burnt.” Then all the bodyguards also ran away. This Nachiketa, whose one or two clothes were lying outside, he thought that if these too were burnt then what will happen him? So, he also ran away. He picked up all his clothes. Even then, Janaka was in meditation.

When he came back, Nachiketa was very much surprised. He asked, “King, didn’t you worry that your clothes would be burnt?” Then Janaka replied, “What is myth will perish, there is no need to save it. Till it is there, keep it there, or if it is not there, then leave it.”

This is a true fact. Those gurus who do not consider myth as myth, then what are you going to find in them?

There is one occurrence in my in-law’s family. Once there came a Barat [wedding procession] to our house. There was a demand of Dahi-Wada [a fried dish dipped in sweetened curd] from them. The Baratis usually have some coquetry and during the days of winter people told them, “Look in these days of winter it is very difficult to curdle because during winter evening curdling of milk is not done.” But they were adamant on having Dahi Wada – get it just now. In those times, a baba [a wanderer] used to live there. He was called for and was requested to arrange dish somehow. He replied that he would do it but then would not live here anymore. It was agreed and then he closed one window then another. After some time, he said, “Look here it is your Dahi Wada, now enjoy it.” People began to eat Dahi Wadas, they were all happy. But this babaji ran away. He ran to save his life during the night. People could not understand why babaji had to run away. The next morning, people from low caste came to take the remaining of the food. They came and when they saw all the utensils, they began saying that, “Who brought our pots here; these are our pots, who carried them here?”

The marriage was accomplished somehow that is why the girl went to her in-law’s house otherwise nobody could have sent her there. The reason was that all the people had got annoyed. They started telling, “Who brought the pots here?”

Our ancestors and also those of my grandfather’s, did not believe in all these things. These were called Bhanamatis in Maharashtra. Nobody used to believe in all these things before, that something came from above [heaven] and they ate all the Dahi Wadas. You people should also think that, “Does he have only one business to serve you people Dahi Wadas?”

When you make anybody a big guru that he gives Rs.200 to you then I would say if such are the donors then why not solve the economic problem? Give them all. They get you watches made in Switzerland. We will believe only if they get one made by God. This must be considered that we want to get that supreme. But your seeking is also in these gross things, in these stones, money and wealth, that is why you consider these people as gurus. Money is lost so is wealth. When all of your money is lost then you come to Me.

Yesterday a woman came, you saw her, how she was dancing and jumping. I asked her, “Why have you come now?” She replied, “What to do? I have become like this only!” I said, “All right, people make you fool and have I opened a mental hospital? You went there to find what? Can God be achieved by dancing and jumping?”

All the rules and regulations for the human beings, those people who made these laws had no idea that how disgust human beings can be. All those who have made these laws were very dignified and very auspicious people. They could just not recognize the disgust and evilness of human beings and how much he is entangled in filthy jobs from within. If those people had known that, then new laws would have been done to catch these people, all the people.

Jesus Christ was crucified by these people. That was easy. But nobody can catch these people who are plundering money from you day and night and are bent on destroying you. And they are ready to send your kids to mental hospitals tomorrow. You should at once try to take notice of it and think what is happening. To distribute gross material in the name of God is what kind of generosity? Do you not ever think about it? In this Kali Yuga, I think the man has such a penetrative intelligence and has such a wisdom. Does he sell all his wisdom that he just could not understand, that we are running like a mad after this kind of mesmerism and enlightenment, and false assumptions and absolute myth within us, which make us believe that we are in complete peace? We are cheating ourselves and others also.

When you are Realized then you do not have to go too far, do not have to read too much. You can understand that you are Realized, there will be a sudden peace in you. I see that there are gurus of so many people and after reaching age of 30-40 years of age, they die out of a heart attack. It is impossible for you to get even an accident; no question of heart attack, once a little bit of Realization has awakened in you. There are many incidents like this with us. Just a day before yesterday they were telling that there was a boy who was coming in a train and the train was completely over-turned, not a single person was injured in the compartment in which the boy was present and they all crossed over it. Deities should wander above you. If divine cannot come down to you then what is the use of this realization. Now you know our people, that how many are realized, even cancer was treated; there is nothing special about it. The only thing is that these people are not interested in curing. They are just interested in realization. Because the joy you have got, the same joy you want others to enjoy, spontaneously.

If you have money, wealth then you want to spend money to feed people. In the same way a Realized soul wishes to awaken others and realize them and they can do it. If there is a light entered in you then there is a no need to swear in for that. If there is fragrance of musk then there is no need for you to take a vow that there is fragrance of musk. But who is seeking musk? This should be considered first, otherwise what is the use of wandering in such pursuits?

On one hand there are these people who are playing with our subconscious, with our gross awareness, with our past. I know these kinds of people. In this seeking I have seen many guru ghantals [fraud gurus] and I know all their tricks that what kind of condition they create and how they destroy your kundalini for generations. I know many such people who would tell you about your previous lives and you are mesmerized by that.

Somebody just says that, “I’m your husband.” A woman came to me and told me that, “Now I have given up all of me to him.” I asked her, “What! Why did you give in?” She replied, “He told me that, ‘I’m your husband’.” I asked, “Your husband! You are really a big chaste woman! If you are such a chaste that you are so much blind about your dead husband then what about your living husband? Do you have no chastity towards him? And the one who is a money cheater, to whom you have given all of your jewellery because he told you that he is your husband!”

Somebody was telling that, “This fellow was telling us that, ‘I am the incarnation of God, I am God almighty’.” What is getting lost in saying anything in this country? It does not cost anything. We are perfect in saying lie, whatever lie can be said. It is called sigmoid personality in psychology. If you have read psychology then you can understand that psychologist have also found it about these people. And if you think that they have not found then it is no true!

They are big thieves. They just stand up and start telling any nonsense and people start believing in them. This has been said in the Bible that these kinds of people will come in the world, be careful. They claim that they are God. If they are God then there must be some powers in them also.

There was a gentleman who was telling me. I asked him, “Why you have such an assemblage of so many women around you? What are you doing inside the room while keeping the doors closed? What kind of such things are you doing in the name of God?”

Because he has tortured a woman, she was telling me in private. I told her to go to the court and pray for the arrest of this man. Then she said, “How we can talk in the court, there will be a plague on us, we have our respect, and we have family.” Then I told her, “If you would not tell it in the court then how can this man be exposed?”

Then I went to this gentleman, and asked him, “What are you doing? Why are you committing such a sin? What will you get out of it in the name of God?” Then he told me, “You do not know that I’m Shri Krishna?” I said, “What a thing! Your face is that of a bhoot and you are claiming to be Shri Krishna. How come you are Shri Krishna?” I asked him, “How much you about Shri Krishna? The one who had destroyed the Kalia [serpent devil] in just 5 years of his age, charging on his head, where is he now?” I told him in humour that, “If I just scratch your beard here you won’t be able to get up.” After that I have heard that someone got caught of his beard for half an hour and he was kept on shaking like this. I just said it in a light way.

Second gentleman started telling me that, “I make woman nude because Shri Krishna also used to do the same.” Just tell me what kind of nonsense is this? Shri Krishna was a child of five years old! It was his childlike activities. How can a five-year-old child make women nude? He was very deep and used to do the activities of Sahaja Yoga. For a 5-year-old boy, who is elder and who is younger? Could he understand all these things at that age? He was not even 5 years old, less than that. Then I asked him, “If this was the case then while living in Dwarka why did he run on occasion of Draupadi chir haran [tearing of clothes] taking with him Shankh, Chakra, Gada, Padam, and Garud? Why did he run? If he had no sense of chastity of a woman then why did he run?’ On this issue that “shri krishna” [referred person] became silent.

On one hand, there is Shri Krishna who is holding a mountain on one finger and on other hand these [fraud krishnas] are just being formed in every street and market. Get them where you want, whether “shri Krishna” or “shivji”. Where is The Lord Shiva?

Have you saved any amount of your intelligence or not? I’m surprised sometimes and very much surprised because man has reached to such a level of penetrability in his intelligence! To whom God has opened all the shell of intelligence, then why there is curtain on the issue of religion? Not only in this country but it is very sad to say that such darkness prevailing in foreign countries also.

There was another yogiji; his disciple came to meet us. He came before me. What we saw that his Agnya and Nabhi Chakra both were rotated [opposite]. And he was singing his bhajans. To rotate opposite means the person who is mad. When you are realized then you will also see that when a man becomes mad then his Agnya and Nabhi Chakra get oppositely turned.

This ill practice of pret vidya [knowledge of possessing a bhoot] and shamshan vidya [cemetery knowledge] have been continuously running since long in our country. This is not the case where nobody knows about it, but it is sure that in view of modern education, attention could not go that side. It is also called as karani in Marathi.

These possessed women who are often called as “devi”, can come in anyone’s body and we go to apply kumkum to them. bhoots do enter them. Why we cannot understand it? These all are nothing but pret vidya [knowledge of possessing a bhoot] and shamshan vidya [cemetery knowledge].

There is a big science of this field. I will tell you about it sometime later if you wish. But today I’m speaking at the feet of Datta Maharaj.

This should be clearly understood that these are symptoms of great fall that we sell ourselves in the hands of others.

At least try to put your intelligence alright, just jerk it. Whenever you go listen a lecture, then you just think that, “What this person is speaking about and what he is doing?” Try to distinguish between what he is saying and what he is doing. He just cannot be a Guru. You should understand it!

If we say just now that we are this and that and tomorrow, we start getting after mundane things, then we cannot be like that. I mean to say that this world is not a useless but a state of witness should at least come in Gurus.

There are many gurus who have appeared for Kundalini. You tell me about them. Yesterday also I told you that God has no watch to tell you that, “At 4’0 clock I will raise your Kundalini.” These are all arrangements of bhoots.

I will give you a very good example on this. There was a big doctor called Dr.Lane, who lived in London. He had done quite research and he wanted that people get cured through him but suddenly he died in an accident therefore he could not take his research to people.

So, when he died – when we die, we do not die in full way, a small portion is fallen, remaining subtle body leaves slowly –slowly. So, he thought why not try what it is like entering in some body. So, there was a Vietnamese soldier who was fighting, he entered in him and asked him to go to his son and tell him about such and such things. Now just think if Dr. Lane had to do it somehow then why he did not enter into his son? Because he knew that there are consequences of doing this. So, he said, “Look, you narrate the whole story to my son and he will agree to it.” When this soldier went to meet his son then his son was convinced. He said, “These things were known only to my father and no other person know about it and so let’s open a clinic.”

They formed a very big organization through which they used to cure people. Other doctors also got associated with Dr. Lane. They also do these kinds of things that are being done still now. They tell you that, “If you have any problem then write a letter to us.” They tell that at 5’o clock evening something will happen inside you, someone will come in you, in your psyche which we call as superego. He will enter through it and work it out. They take out a bhoot and replace it with another. If there is a drunkard then his drinking will go away but he will start getting angry. This is their work. But they are simple poor fellows because at least they tell you that they do the work of spirit and they do not say that, “We do the work of God.”

But in our country people just not do the work of solid bhoots but of devils and give the name of God to it. If such types of people cure anybody to some extent, then you can imagine what will be his state whose Kundalini is damaged, where there is an injury to our Mother. There is no need to go to any of these places. If not today, all of you become Realized tomorrow for sure but do not go to wrong path. Once your Kundalini is damaged then I just cannot do anything. The whole job will be finished. Those whose Kundalini has been wronged you know about them.

Amongst you many have got Realization, they know how much difficulties we have beard upon ourselves. While we put our hand on them some of them got big, big blisters on them, very big blisters have come out. And when they put hands towards me then they get small bit of blisters and many people feel burning sensation in their hands. From me there are cool, cool breezes flowing out but their hands are burning. I’m willing to get them [realized people] established in their powers.

But there is different kind of power which sitting in them [false gurus]. Try to save yourself from these gurus because there is no law to prevent it. If anyhow it has to be prevented then think from your intelligence that, “Who is a true guru? The one who give you absolute.” One woman asked me a question; it was a very on spot question. She asked me, “If you have seen any realized souls in this world who are realized without coming to you.”

There have been many and they are still now. That is why I took many of my disciples to a very great Guru, who used to live in Kolhapur, in a forest mountain. It is Gagangarh, seven miles away. I took them there, “Today is an auspicious day, is a very great occasion there.” I asked them, “Just open your hands like this.” Cool-cool vibrations were coming. “Mother, who is this person here? Why he had gone to a forest?” This is also a question to think that all those great people why they live in jungles.

You have mentioned about Nityananda, he was a great person in reality. He was such a person that when anybody used to come near him then he used to throw stones at him saying, “Get lost from here.” The same can be said of Baba Tabbudin in our Nagpur. He was a poor guy who lived in jungle, which is now a populated area. Why these people run away to jungles?

There are few reasons. You have just seen here, there were some children sitting, their hands were burning, and they were doing something like this.

In the same way their body starts burning. Many poor sadhus just have to live in water, because in your psyche, in super ego, bhoots are sitting to burn and to torture these bhaktas.

Therefore, they decide to run away to jungles. Because you don’t know what are you doing! You don’t understand vibrations that is why these poor people are staying in jungles to save themselves. How could they redeem themselves?

Now just look at Gagangarh Maharaj, it is true that he cured many people, but the problem is that his fingers moved inside like a telescope and those of feet also. The poor man lives on a tree or moves on a lion. Apart from this he cannot move anywhere. But when I reached to him, these people were with me, he quickly recognized me. There is no doubt about it. He has not yet seen me in this lifetime. But from many years he knew about me. He is elder to me. He began to say, “Mother, I have been waiting for you for many years. Today I am so fortunate that you have come here.” He is a natpanthi, so he is just like Macchindranath and a very great person.

Once I went to Himalaya, there also I found a few; the same were in Haridwar; they live in many parts. I told them the blossom time will come. I will tell you how to save your powers and how to return back the punch of these people. I am sitting, you at least come, I will cure everybody, I can tackle them easily. Many of them [sadhus] have said, “Mother, we will come, we will come, surely.” But poor chaps don’t have courage. Their hands and legs have been broken; they [false gurus] have put blisters in them, they have burnt them. All these are work of devils. Up till now I have counted ten demons and six demoness who have come in this Kali Yuga. Nowadays, suppose Ravana comes here, then also he will never say that he is Ravana, he will claim himself to be God. If he will claim to be Ravana then he will be put in prison. The identity of Ravana is also the one of a demon. That too, I am going to tell you about, you will be benefited.

The man who has eyes like a cat- if you see the eyes of cat then you will understand. Many people just don’t see many things. The eyes of cat – which has an eyeball inside – pupil of eye, as soon as you see it, it becomes small and in no time, it disappears, it is just similar to the eyes of demons. I know them quite well. I have seen them in each and every birth. You can know them through their eyes that they are demons. Their pupil of eye just become small and disappears. This is their identification. Whether you can call them ‘God’ or anything else, but they are demons. And these people have achieved many siddhis [powers]. This is work of our Bhole Shankaraji [Shiva]. What to do? They [demons] have achieved many siddhis.

As Shiva gave one siddhi to Ravana that when he used to speak and give lectures then something used to happen on Nabhi Chakra [of the listener] that a bhoot would sit there. Thousands of people were overwhelmed listening to his speeches. Even to this extent that nobody was ready to fight against Rama (but) he convinced all of them. Similarly, Mahishasura had also siddhis. All demons have their own siddhis. And because of their siddhis, these people always kept on suppressing goodness and light, and kept on pouring darkness.

Today in Kali Yuga, the situation is quite similar, and you are thinking that, “I have only two hands.” It is your work and it will happen through you people only. You will be surprised because deities are also sitting at one side and demons on other. Fierce battle is going on. Today when I see this scene- what are these troubles? Is this because of your thinking? No, not at all! Thess devils and demons work through the pret yoni [dead spirits] and satiate you people so that you come running in their feet. All this is the work of these people. And if you have to defeat these people, then you have to lit the light in you. If you want to enlighten it, then all have to lit a light within themselves. You yourself will become a light.

And what is surprising is – at this time God also wants that man should come on the stage, man himself should work. A man should become Parmatma Swaroop [form of God] and becomes a superman, there be establishment of superman. A new dimension is going to come in you. But the only thing is that you should learn to take it, should learn to absorb it. It cannot be compared with the standard of intelligence as of now, because if you try to understand through the intelligence, then you can only see my hand but not un-manifested streams which are flowing from them.

Those people who are very big pandits, if they want, they should read Kabir Das, Nanakaji and if possible, also read Shankaracharya, he is the best. If you read Adi Shankaracharya then you can understand what is this Chaitanya Lahari [Vibrations], I am talking about. I have not yet met anyone who has systematically said or explained about Kundalini. You know that little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The same can be said about Kundalini. Otherwise how they could have written this kind of strange things? I do not know on what basis. But still the witness state of human being is so high, so high that if you read the Devi Bhagawatam, the Saptashati of Markandeya Swami, then you will be surprised how deeply, in small detail they have understood this thing.

The truth is that unless and until you are Realized anything you do is a waste. Krishna has said the same thing. Krishna has also said the same thing that, “First get him within.” But those who were supposed to understand it could not understand it, “He was saying to get him inside and you are saying go outside to fight.” He meant that you should be a witness. It is happening in akarma [inaction] it is being done through you. You just do not do. Ego is finished and superego is finished. The one, who is a doer, is abolished. It was this, what he was talking about, but he was not listened to. He was a diplomat. Krishna has his own guru tattva. His guru tattva is also very interesting. He was a very big politician. I used to call him an absolute, pure politician. He was such a big politician, and he knew that this is the only way to get these fools all right. When a child tries to drive a cart by attaching his horses at back then his father comes and says, “Keep whipping it, carry on, you will reach.” But after getting tired when a child thinks that the horse is just not moving, then he comes to know that first put the horse in front of the cart then whip it. Therefore, he said to do karma yoga [yoga of action].

Now here you should notice the diplomacy of Krishna. It is difficult to find a guru like Krishna. He is such a guru that requires a lot of intensity and depth of intelligence. What I am going to tell you now, no one would have told you this so far, you listen to it. He said that, “You do the action and leave the fruitfulness of action to God.” It is just not possible, an absolute absurd condition. When you are doing something and you know it, then how can you leave it to someone else? You are keeping horse at back and whipping it.

Secondly, he said that, “You do bhakti [devotion]”. See in it, it is very beautiful. You do the ananya bhakti [absolute devotion]. When there is no one else then how there can be devotion? Means that when union has taken place then whom to devote? He said, “Pushpam, Falam, Toyam” – “Whatever fruits, flowers, water you offer I will accept it.” But he has said that you should do “Ananya bhakti [absolute devotion]” while giving it!

This is absurd, because on absurdity, the mind of man will be confused then he will come to terms. Perhaps he just did not think that man is going to learn easily.

But I am a mother and if a mother has to say something, she will just say it. So far as possible she will tear her throat to say what she has to say to her son. It is very different kind of heart of a mother, she could not tolerate diplomacy, it is too late, it is high time, much has been lost, there is disturbance, there is a pile of suffering. Now it, the time has come to do this work and it is being done. You people are also achieving this thing.

Those who have found it and those who have known it, there is a program tomorrow; they should come tomorrow for the program. Those who have not yet achieved it, they should also come. We have also other places. We are trying to get permanently Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan so that people can come there. There are many people here who are realized. You too can give realization just after getting it. There are people who know about chakras and have become knowledgeable and there are some who can give realization.

The glory of India is that it is a Yoga Bhoomi [land of Yoga, union]. Our country is the highest of all the countries of the world. The vibrations of our country are the highest. There is no doubt about it. And our country is the spinal cord of the entire world. And the place of Kundalini is also here. She can put the world alright one day.

But as of now, all our Chakras are caught up. The movement of Kundalini is getting difficult. If you can get rid of your blockages in the chakras, then it is possible that from this country itself this message could be sent out so that the whole world can be changed and it can stand to another, another path where there is a call for Satya Yuga, that Satya Yuga is going to come. This is the coming of Satya Yuga. But now it is left on your freedom and authority whether you accept it or go for your destruction. As diseases like cancer and things like war, all these can destroy our world. If you want you should take it with you and put the world in light and if not, then darkness will arrive. If God wishes He can create thousands of conditions thinking that an experiment has failed. Such he will think.

Now it is a last jump. It has to be seen that how many people dedicate themselves to it.

Many, many thanks to you. This ‘three days seminar’ was completed with lots of love. So many people accept this love! That is why, being a mother, I thank you very much. Our many children have already worked hard, day and night, and they have worked hard to redeem others, and they should keep doing this.

I bless you all for this purpose. I take my leave by giving you blessing of my love.