Public Program

Nagpur (India)

1973-12-22 Public Program Nagpur Hindi, NITL HD, 44'
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Public Program (Hindi), Nagpur, Maharastra, 1973

[English translation from Hindi]

Long time ago, there came many occasions spontaneously when I had to give lectures in front of very great audience, to say before thousands of people and there was an incident in 1930 when Gandhiji did fast. My father was also a good orator, you must be knowing about him, but he had to leave to home because of some important work. Everybody started telling that, ‘Salve Sir, if you will not give the lecture then all the people will run. How things will work?’ He said, ‘Brother, I am simply going. Here is my daughter and I am leaving her as a bailment, I am going and I will come back then I will give a speech.’ But it was very late and he did not return. Everybody told that, ‘He has not yet come and has left his daughter as a bailment. Now what will happen? Who will give speech? And there are the people from Chitnis Park; if they become angry then they will start pelting stones.’

There was a gentleman sitting there, he told, ‘Why not ask her to give a speech?’ I was asked, ‘Would you give a speech?’ I replied, ‘OK, I will give.’ That time I was just 7 years old. If there are some people of that period, they must be remembering that I gave a speech for about 15-20 minutes and I narrated the story of marriage of dolls (gudda-guddi). Now I think after so many years, I have come with new topic amongst my own people, my own brothers and sisters. Quite a bit of old memories are also coming.

From the childhood itself, the thing that I had known very well, to talk about that I never got a chance. The reason behind it was that a person who is born on tenth floor, the one who knows about the things of tenth floor: what can he talk with those who belongs to first floor? Even if he says anything then nobody will believe. From early childhood I used to talk about it with my parents, especially with my father and used to discuss much about the religion but I saw that He too thought that these things will not be understood by anyone. For example, Mr. Barin [name unsure], who is a local advocate, he used to teach me in my childhood, he too knows Me very well and my brothers and sisters and many people from here with whom my father was acquainted; I used to consider about all these people that they would not be able to understand my point. Therefore this was not the proper time to discuss these things. At least these people should reach to first floor- fifth floor then some of my talks will go in their heads. To say such a thing suddenly that make people think what a mad person is speaking, then what is the gain out of it?

I was too in the same search to find out that what the problem of human being is and how it is going to be solved? You will be surprised to know that I had a great habit of meditation since my childhood. And when we used to live at Mount Road then also, I have heard that now a very nice garden has been made, there is a temple of Mother Mary there, I used to go there and think for hours on this subject, I used to think that there is a confusion in human being, there is a problem; there is only one problem- very normal, that problem is such that the God has made this entire Universe, created entire “lila”. Why? Just like a play is going on and a man has conceded that he has to play this play very seriously. And I am the only one.

For example, there is a man and he is told to become Shivaji and play the role of Shivaji. Now he starts thinking that I am Shivaji, myself! So, how to remove this madness? It is really a problem because all the people think that we are what we are, we are the only one! Apart from that they just cannot think that they can be different from what they are. And when he just cannot think about it then who will want to know about it?
Everybody has this thinking that the play which is going on is the ultimate truth. If you ask children then children consider the whole world as a play. There was one child who used to come in our house. One day he asked me, ‘Aunty, why are you playing this doctor-doctor?’ They think that this also is a play: there is a speech, people come and sit and then it is all over. In reality, this is the truth. Children know each and everything. But we people have taken untruth for truth.

For example, we think that since we are born in Nagpur then we start belonging to Nagpur. Then we are born in Hindustan (India) so we start belonging to Hindustan. Then we are born in Christian religion so we start belonging to Christian religion. But if you ever ask a little child, ‘Son, who are you? Are you a Japanese or American?’ Then he will be astonished. He will be more astonished, if you ask him, ‘Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?’ If you ask a little child, ‘Son, who are you? To maximum he may say, ‘Mother, I am your child and who else? Have you forgotten me?’ In fact we are human beings in reality; this truth we forget and we believe in what is untruth.

When the British ruled here then they were in a very great untruth that we are British and these are Indians. They had forgotten they were too human beings and these were also human beings and this is a very big truth. This truth is like that this is one finger and in the same way this is another finger, then third, fourth, fifth, all fingers of just one hand. But this hand is also a part of one body. We all are entangled in one thing, this is a great truth and this is the true fact. But if this finger thinks that I am separate and this finger tries to press other and if it tries to bite it, if my teeth start biting my legs; such things I used to see in this world. I just could not understand that how to convince these people-‘Look you are all one’. Therefore, it was necessary that everybody should feel that their pain can be felt by them and vice versa. So what to do then? Because I used to feel it and I knew it.

Just now what Barin Sir [inaudible] told is true. When he came to Bombay he had told Me, but he did not give Me the reference. He said that, ‘You have such guts in giving speeches and if you are such dynamic and everything then you should come in political field. People like you should come in the political field.’ I told him, ‘Brother, please forgive me, this is not my cup of tea.’ When he continued to insist then I replied to him, ‘A circle of light is what just revolves in my mind.’ Because the reason was that it has been actually revolving since long, but how to convince to people that what it is that I’m seeing .This was the big question in my mind. Therefore, I studied little bit of medical science to understand what a human being is.

What is the name of this fuss? I am going to talk to you on this tomorrow.
But while seeking it I went to lots of sadhus (sages). Someone said you become my disciple, someone said become this, I said, ‘Ok.’ There is a Sadhuji in Haridwar, I stayed with him for many days and then with many more Sadhus. Slowly-slowly I came to know that they were all 420 (frauds). They did not know anything about God. They did not know anything about themselves. They did not know about kundalini. All they were looking was either money or women. They were all useless, they had no purity. They were all liars. I find it very-very rare to get a real Sadhu. Even if there is one or two, they were all staying in Jungles. Therefore, I was disappointed to know that the lie people do in the name of religion; I think they do not do more in any other thing or in any business. But the way religion is made a business, the business to make money, there can be no bigger abhorrent thing other than this.

That is why you must have heard about Jesus Christ, the one who was a big priest of peace, once took a hunter in his hand started to hit those who were having their shops near temples. In our country, those people who run their shops near temples, nobody hit them. But those who have made temples as their shops, those who are selling God in streets and those who have collected millions of rupees, earned millions of foreign exchange, by making all foul and making them mad by bhoot vidya, shamshan vidya, preta vidya (art of possessing dead spirit) and are looting them, there can no bigger Adharma and Pap (non-religion and sin) than this. This bundle of sins just cannot be brought down from their heads. Because they just not only scratch your money, if they had to scratch your money, just take it, if you have to pick pocket ;have it, there is no harm in it. Because all these things are perishable. They are going to be remained in this world, but the source of your power which is your own, which is kundalini, when they just spoil it, when they damage its path and debauch you by prêt and bhoot vidya. Then they should know that no one has taken with himself this bundle of money and nor any one will. But what will happen to them while they carry the bundle of sin?

But many of them are incarnation of devils. Big-big devils, these people who have come on this earth, these devils take name of God. I have seen these people very closely and I came to know how conjurers are they, their tricks are simply tremendous. Like Sitaji; how Ravana took her away, poor Sitaji- who was Adishakti incarnate, could not come to sense that this Ravana has taken her away.
The same types of great devils have come and are doing this evil work in the world. Due to this Pret and Shamshan vidya so much troubles and evils have come in our world. Because these evil souls are able to convert even a good man in to a unholy man. They destroy their wisdom. It is wrong to play in their hands. When we do anything with over- enthusiasm then we think we are doing right thing but when the act is over then we feel so bad and suffer: how we have become so fool to have done such a thing.

In reality, it is all Preta Vidya, it is mass hypnotism. We are running amongst them and we do not have any idea that for small-small things we are murdering and doing mischief. These people have collected 3-3, 4-4 crores of rupees, if you go and see in their houses then you will be surprised to see that they live in big-big mansions, lives just like a great king.

Another kind of people has also come out of the world, who teaches to give up and take self-renunciation, take this and take that. In reality, they want to befool you. Has God made self-renunciation? No, the one which is not made by God cannot be spiritual. God has neither made renunciation nor has made such a strange thing to believe. Self-renunciation is a matter of inside, it does not belong to outside. There are few men who are recluses from inside whether they are sitting in a royal palace or anywhere, they are recluses, their feeling is that of a recluse.
I can say this for my father that he was absolutely a recluse by nature, extremely recluse by nature; it was just narrated by advocate Sahab. But we have seen very closely that his generosity was to that extent that if he had anything and if anyone reaches to him and says, ‘Salve Sahab, I am in big trouble and this is happening and that is happening’, then immediately he will take out his ring and give him. One day someone told him, ‘Salve Sahab, whenever we see, you start giving, at least see if he deserves it or not. This must be considered that you too have children.’ He replied, ‘Who are my children? Whoever’s children are they, He will take care of them.’ And this is the reality, the one whose children are, he has taken care of them. You know that he has not left any money for us nor he had made any will for anyone. Such type of man also lives in this world, makes his name and leaves becoming a big man.

And there is also other who collects the dirt and filth of the world in the name of religion, collects money. If by getting money a man can become happy then why I hear of movements in the countries where there is a lot of money and so much to eat.
Now I have come here for benevolence of you people: these people have got us down and told us do not go there, people will pelt stones. I said, ‘is this is the way, we are not giving them more or less of cereals.’ But see the illusion of intellect that they have left to throw stones at us. The reason is that we give so much importance to Khana-peena (eat- drink). In reality, eating drinking is not such important. Nothing is such important; here nobody is dying of hunger. If there was anyone to die- then you see in Cinema, there are thousands of people standing out to get a ticket, buying tickets in black. All the rickshaw-walas(tricycle pullers ) and tange-walas (horse cart pullers) keep standing there. There is no such a case for which you are throwing stones. But all this is bhoot vidya. You do not know- it is just a bhoot vidya. All this are the symptoms of pret vidya and nothing else. Otherwise a human being is not such a fool to do this kind of foolish acts.

So, in this way, in whichever country there is so much affluence, where people are very rich like America. In America, there is so much money that a simple maid servant arrives in Cadillac car. So I used to think if there is so much of money here then why people are sad? Today she arrives in Cadillac car and tomorrow she commits suicide. I said, ‘why are you committing suicide? After all, what is the matter?’ In spite of so much of affluence in America the largest suicides are taking place in America. This is surprising. One evident meaning must be clearly understood that it is not just money which is everything in the world. There is a much bigger thing than money; which we are seeking in money. What a human being is seeking? He is seeking peace and joy. He is not seeking money. He is seeking money just to get peace and joy. Peace and joy are obtained on the support of dharma.
And the dharma is not one of outside but one of inside- the one upon which we conceptualize. The day a human being comes to know that, what is the power behind his sustenance, the very day he becomes peaceful.

I used to tell in a humor, if we go by an airplane and we find some rustic people also travelling for the first time in an airplane, they were advised to carry less baggage. As soon as they got down to their seat, they took their baggage on their head. People told them ‘what are you doing?’ They replied, ‘we are simply trying to reduce the burden of airplane.’ In reality we are also reducing the burden of God, of that divine power, of that eternal power which has made us, formed us and the one who is going to nurture and care for us like a newborn. In the same way we are carrying his burden on us. The day when we will come to know that the one who has made us, who has nurtured us, who has raised us -is our only protagonist; the very day the burden which is there on our head will instantly fall off and man will come to know that it is just a play.
As you are watching here that lots of lights are on, bulbs are on, you see here that the fans are also running; all this is happening with a power. But if any bulb thinks that I am the only one who is lighting separately and it is me who has to lighten and if I will not lit then there will be darkness all over. Then we will say to him that you are the greatest fool. But if we look at ourselves, we find ourselves to be in the same position. The day when we will come to know that there is one power which is running from inside and we are enlightened only because of the support of that power.

Now the modern people say that, ‘Mataji, how we should believe that there is such power, so and so.’ I say, ‘To which extent the man has gone so far? To which extent science has reached towards?’The straight issue is that if anybody ask you then you should ask him, ‘Does your heart beats?’ if there is any doctor, he will say, ‘Yes, so what?’ Then he will say, ‘Yes, it beats automatically.’ There must be someone who has to do it. Who is he?’ Then he replied, ‘Nobody does it. There is a system which we call as autonomous nervous system, that autonomous nervous system runs it.’ Then you ask him, ‘Then who is that auto?’ There has to be someone who is putting it in motion. Whether you call it auto or God or call it his power, whatever you name it, there is some power which makes it run. We are having our digestion – automatically, how it is happening? We are breathing automatically, how it is happening? Now you have given it a name that it is autonomous. But it is just a name that you have given; by just giving it a name you have not said anything scientific. By scientific means that you have to give full detail about it, you have to tell what thing it is. You just do not know anything about it. He started telling, ‘that is automatic’.

But imagine if anyone says that you can get command over it by your own and achieve it, then people from science will stand up and say that she is merely a housewife and moreover she is from Nagpur and we know what she can do. By science things cannot be understood. This thing lies within ourselves and whatever of the world is known, whatsoever knowledge which you are finding in books, these are all known within. Nothing is known through outside.

Very great scientist like Einstein has also said that I have been seeking quite a lot, I had become tired of seeking, and I could not understand what this theory of relativity is? After getting tired he said, to hell with it and left laboratory and moved to a garden and started playing with the surf of soap bubbles. He has written in English that while playing with the surf of soap bubbles suddenly, ‘Somewhere from some unknown; theory of relativity dawned upon me. From somewhere unknown this light came to me.’ What is that unknown place? If anyone comes across it, if we happen to know the same so that the invisible becomes visible then any man with scientific bent of mind should keep his eyes open. For what thing the science is about? Science is for the redemption of human beings, to enhance it, for its well being, not for his destruction. And if science is made for this cause then what can be a bigger thing than this, which introduces you to yourselves.

You think, that you all are listening Me and if I tell you a small thing that you pay your attention to yourself then nobody can pay attention to himself. There are many big pandits, they will give lectures to others, there will be many lectures. But if I say that, ‘Brother, ‘Just look at yourself where are you sitting?’Then you will say, ‘How is it possible? How to look at ourselves? Nobody can look at himself.’ You can look at others but not at yourself and to carry that glance to yourself is- what sahaja yoga is!

As soon as we know ourselves then we know that source through which the entire universe has been created. Just like there are small-small gems in a necklace; in the same way you people are small-small gems. Since your attention is different on the gems that is, why you think that you are different. When your attention will go to that source which is flowing in everyone, you will be able to know the source of others too. This is what happens in Sahaja Yoga.

Sahaja- the meaning of ‘Saha’ is ‘along with’ and ‘ja’ means ‘born’, the Yoga which is born with you. In other words the instrument by which one is going to be united with that power ,that is born with you, is spontaneously kept within you, for that you do not have to do anything. What is to be done for that? What do you do for anything which is a living thing? Suppose there is a seed and you want a tree to come out of it then do you stand on your head or take Sanyas (renunciation) or get the seed sanyas or do anything of human beings which makes seed sprout? You just do not do anything. What a human being can actually do? He does all dead work. If a tree dies than he make a table out of it. He takes a big pride in doing so. If at all a human being can do anything which is a living work then we will be convinced that he can do something.
We do this! We do that! Now there was soil here and they have made a hall out of it. What a great accomplishment! This is all a dead work. Where is living thing in it? The work done by a man is automatically get closed, but the work of God is the work of nature .The work of nature gets automatically done , the seed gets automatically sprouted, to do anything about it is not going to yield anything. That is why we just cannot do anything. This is done automatically within. But the biggest work for a human being is when he is supposed to do nothing! Therefore putting him in a prison becomes greatest teaching for him. Ultimately it is a blessing for Me if I am to be put in prison, and if you are to be imprisoned then it will be a jail to you because what is to be done there while for me it will be a joy without having to do anything.

We are running away from ourselves, we are not able to sit with ourselves even for a minute. If we are happened to sit for 10 minutes with ourselves then we become bore, let’s go for cinema, and let us meet him! If a human being is asked to sit for 5 minutes with himself then he just cannot sit.
But whatever we are inside, are so beautiful and are so noble, our innermost is so much dignified and so effective that once it is seen, a man instantly forgets everything. But since it has not been known; as if musk is hidden within and musk deer is searching it out in this world. Same can be applied to the religion.

Like- Nanaka sahib has said, ‘kahe re ban khojan jayi, sada niwasi sada alepa tohe sang samai, pushpa madhya jo was basat hai mukur mahi jas chhayee, taise hi hari base nirantar ghat hi khojo bhai’- why to go to forest to find Him, He is always there with you just like there is a fragrance in a flower and just as there is reflection in a mirror, in the same way God is residing in you eternally, seek Him within. They will repeatedly say ‘ghat hi khojo’ (seek Him within) ‘ghat hi khojo.’ It was just the prescription that they gave to take the medicine and we are just cramming that prescription. Religion is also a prescription which we are cramming; nobody knows how to do it? And what is to be done. In matter of religion whatever is to be done, then it would be like I keep on speaking without establishing a connection. Will you be able to hear it? There is no telephone connection and I keep on dialing; telephone will go out of order and nobody will be able to hear. First of all you should have your connection.

Sahaja Yoga is method of God’s nature which connects you to the Ananya (eternal) power, He has made this, and the same is to be achieved by human beings. The day when a human being will realize that this is what is to be achieved, that is the reason why God has created us. He has made you a human being so that you make your own instrument, in a full way.

A special system has been created within you, because of which two institutions namely ego and super ego are formed in your brain, which separate you from that power. You make your own battery. Now when you have your own battery then you what you do with your instrument is that you go here and there- ‘I have to do this, I have to do that’. You seek – first you seek in money, then in power. If in this birth any person has abundant money, then in next birth he will say, ‘I do not want money, make me a minister somewhere.’ Then he will seek in power. If he has not found it in power then he will seek in religion. But all of his seeking is done from outside. The moment he is tired of all his seeking like Buddha also ; who was tired from all corners and he laid down getting exhausted (and thought), ‘No, I am not going to find it in this way, I did not get it in it what I was seeking.’ The moment he got tired, the very moment he was blessed and he ultimately found it. He too got it from Sahaja Yoga itself and all the big Gurus of this world too have got it from Sahaja Yoga, everyone had achieved it through Sahaja Yoga.

You cannot seek God through any other yoga. I bow to Adi Shankaracharya, who is the eldest son of our country; he is very big man of our country. Although, Hindu religion is very much degraded and we just could not understood what Hindu religion is all about. Adi Shankaracharya has clearly said, ‘na sankhen, na yogen’ – God can’t be achieved by anything. And he also has said that there are three types of people.

First types of persons are those who seek God in devotion, they do not have intelligence; they do not understand they have not yet established a connection, then how they can talk to God. They cram like mad, shouts like mad and die after getting mad. But I would have no objection if it would have stopped just here, sometimes in this madness a man gets connected to Paraloka (world of the dead) and bhoot vidya etc. enters in him. It may happen.

Second type of person is a person with very sharp intelligence, very intelligent, but he has very unstable mind. He runs here and there, run this way and that way. So such a person thinks of yoga practice, so that one can control mind. This is also very wrong attitude. You cannot reach there by controlling mind. So that person controls the mind, thinks that by controlling he will reach (there). Such disciplined mind, such mind cannot take you to God, the car in which brakes are applied cannot take you there. But from this it should not be understood that the one who is indulgent or is very voluptuous, he can reach God. He can never reach to God. But the person who leaves all these things to thinks that I have to seek that and he disciplines himself too much in the name of religion, he also does not reach. Actually, we have to become, we have to just become.

Like, recently these ‘Hare-Rama’ people came to me and said, ‘Mataji, you have all the luxuries in your house.’ Yes, it is there, my husband is in good position so I have everything in my house. Such is the arrangement of God that’s why we are living there. Then how can you say that God has situations like so and so? So I asked, ‘Brother, do you mean to say by this, does all this things make any difference in me?’ I said, ‘When you have not caught anything then how can you leave it?’ “I have given up this, I have given up that, I have taken renunciation”. I said, “You are advertising it!” To leave and to hold is possible only when a man knows that you can hold something and you can leave something. But if any human being who just knows it that nothing is caught and nothing is left then what is the meaning of renunciation? You don’t even need renunciation. Now see this tree: it is just standing, is it an ascetic or a householder? You also just exist.
The day when you will just become, you will just become a witness then the all outward things will mean to be just a play going on; keep on watching. If people are throwing stones even then you are watching, people are garlanding you even then you are watching, people are coming to your feet then also you are watching, people are beating you with shoes then also you are watching, both the things are to be seen: Everything is a play.

Like when Jesus Christ was crucified, everybody cried watching it: ‘He is crucified, He is crucified’; for Him it was just a play. What does it matter to Him, crucifixion has no meaning for Him. The man who stopped a storm, could He not have stopped this people? You just think, such a powerful person who could stop a storm, could he not have stopped these donkeys? If He had wished he would have thrown the cross and could have destroyed everything. But he was saying, ‘Let us make these fools a little fool!’ Therefore, He went on to fool and we think that He was crucified. How could He be crucified? Indestructible being cannot be crucified; they come regularly in this world and benefit the world. Neither can anyone kill them, nor can anybody take away their life. Nobody can give them misery and nobody can give them happiness. They live in the state of joy. Sahaja Yoga makes human being in the same state. In fact, till now nobody came to know about it so strongly, as I did, but it is surprising that I came to know about it.

In my previous lives also, many a times I tried it. When I was born, I was born in your Nagpur; there is something special about it. I was born in Chhindwara near Nagpur and the parents that I chose must be special and also my brothers and sisters and you people who are also residents of my Nagpur, there must be something special in it. And all of you people who have reached here today, there must be something special in it also.

It may be possible that you have come here because of your good deeds in previous lives and you may get it. Now many people also say that, ‘Mataji, it is very difficult.’ People say that kundalini awakening takes time, and it is not achieved so easily, it happens to one in million. I say that, ‘Yes, may be it happens to one in million but this is not today’s situation.’ Now we have reached moon. If we tell our grandmother that we have reached moon she will say, ‘It is just not possible.’ Even if she is shown the photograph then also she will say, ‘No you have falsely made this photo and showing it for no reason, it is just not possible. How one can go to moon?’ We believe we have reached moon, but the world which has reached moon, the one which has explored outside, it will surely search it inside one day. Otherwise if the tree which grows too much outside, if it does not search its source, if it does not find out its power, then it is possible that tomorrow it may get destroyed. And this is what is going to happen. If you have not known your powers and the collective consciousness within; by knowing I don’t mean understanding it, this is not a subject to be understood by intelligence; it just enters in you.

Now, some people who have come with us from Bombay, those who are realized, by the indication of fingers they will tell you what problem you have? They can feel ii through vibrations. Each and every person emits from within different types of vibrations. With this they can tell accurately what problem this person has, which may be physical, mental, intellectual, every type of defect it may be; it may be from your previous birth, may be traditional. You can understand all types of such problems by the indication of your fingers. And kundalini which resides in us and about which I will tell you tomorrow, when kundalini starts raising upwards then she enables a man to see what a spectacle he is! And only by the indication of fingers these people understands what it is? If this is true and if it is happening then what is there to worry about? What is there to doubt in it?

If tomorrow I say that I have got a diamond, it is kept here, whoever wants it, take it, it is free. What do you think, does anybody will doubt? Is there anyone amongst you who will doubt? Everybody will run and say that ‘It is a diamond whether it is of glass or anything else, take it, it is just free.’ If I say that this thing is free, which is joy giving: people in America were surprised to hear that. They said that, ‘That Mahesh yogi came here, he takes 277 dollars, such a fellow came he takes 377 dollars, and you should also take somewhat 77 for your work!’ I was surprised. I said, ‘See, as far as I am concerned, I don’t understand this. You better decide its value. You only decide its price, whatever price you can give for this, you give. Anything which is indestructible in this world, tell me if you can purchase it. If there is something which is equal to the dust of feet of indestructible thing in this world then there is point where a man can say whether he want to leave it or take it. You cannot purchase it.’ If you could purchase God from market then how He would have been God? Here all these sadhus are selling God in market, at that time we should apply our mind that what are they doing?

One person came to Me and said one Babaji (wanderer) has given me a ring. So, I asked, why did you take it, you have already millions of rings and if he is such a big donor then he should solve the economic problem of our country, he should give everybody food, rings, watches; there will be celebration everywhere. But he gives it to only rich people, he doesn’t give it to any poor, what is it? And then one should also think for two minutes that after all what interest does God has in giving you a ring? Does he have no other concerns but to give you ring and bangles? If he wants to give you something then he will give something of Param (ultimate) only. The one who gives you the ultimate is the Guru, and others are all thieves, you must understand this.

I have seen many brainsick things about Sahaja Yoga that I feel like laughing on the stupidity of man, whether I should take money for this or I should do ‘Dravidi Pranayam’ (exercise) or people should make me dance or I should put them in any trouble otherwise how it is possible? If it is possible then why not take it. Sometimes I tell people in a very normal way that I am your Mother and I have cooked food for you, however I have made it is not your business. If you are hungry then taste it.

Recently I went to Singapore. There is a very famous international doctor of Malaysia whose name is Dr. Liang. He is a great man. When he came to know that I have come, he came running; he came home straight from airport. That time I was dining. After coming there he said, ‘Mother, I am hungry, please give me some food.’ I said, ‘Ok, so you have come!’ I washed my hands so our hostess got upset that, ‘at least have food.’ I said, ‘No, now my son is hungry, I should go’. Though, he is 15-20 years elder than me. But today he is settled down in it and within one minute he was realized, within a minute he got it. After getting it he has worked very hard and he says that this is the only way to achieve God. But he was eager so he settled down. Otherwise others have to be said, ‘this is the thing -that is the thing’, and they need to be convinced.

The one who desires gets it in no time. You should achieve the reality. But the thing should be real. That’s why I say that just now there is no need to come to my feet. Considering his or her self esteem in mind no one should go at anybody’s feet. Therefore, Mohammad Sahab prevented to go to anybody’s feet, nobody needs to go. Yes but when you get your realization, when you achieve quite enough, then you will come to know that these vibrations flows tremendously through these feet only. And without coming to feet this thing cannot be completed. This is true, then it is ok, otherwise there is no need to come to my feet. You will get Darshan (act of seeing), it is a kind of disease in our country to take Darshan; that we will take Darshan of Shri Mataji.

Now what is there in having just a Darshan? Try to get something genuine, I am here to give genuine. There are not people to receive anything genuine, at least in this city where I have lived for many years and in 42’s movement (Freedom Struggle)also I have worked very hard here. I was very young at that time even though I never got afraid. You must be knowing that police troubled me a lot; my brothers etc. will tell you. I was given electric shocks also and kept me on ice, but I never was afraid. My whole family was frightened, but I never felt it. I said, ‘Let it go on, everything is a play.’ But for a long time it has been my desire to introduce this thing for once in my birth place. But there is one saying in Marathi that, ‘Jithe pikte tithe vikat nahi’ means that where there is abundance of something then it is not much appreciated. That’s why I thought let some time pass; perhaps people of Nagpur will realize that a very big task is going to take place from here.

The place of Nagpur is very high, in my point of view, Nagpur is the Nabhi of the whole world. So, you understand it that how much carefully and how properly Nagpurians have to live and should behave and how wisely they should think! Whereas whole world is afraid of Nagpurians! Once I went to Lata Mangeshkar and asked her to come to a program. She replied, ‘No question of me, I will not allow even anybody else to go there, Once I went there, they threw shoes at me.’ Another person also had same experience. I said, ‘I am going to my parent’s place.’ They got Me down half way in Badnera, where Rukmani haran took place and they brought me here stealthily in the same way (Rukmani haran) saying that ‘don’t go there otherwise people will throw stones at you.’

The one which is the Nabhi of the whole world, where there is power of sustaining this universe, where there is a place of Shri Vishnu on our Nabhi; who is ‘Palankarta’ (sustainer), where He resides; if so much stupidity is prevailing there then what to say? But it is going to continue until you reach your place. Like there is a son of a beggar, he is wandering, he is begging. But the day he comes to know that he is a son of a King then will he beg? This applies to the people of Nagpur that they have a special fortune.
First of all our country is a Yoga Bhoomi (land of yoga), rest are Bhog Bhoomis (land of indulgence). We are running after Bhog Bhoomi like fools. This land of yoga, in this land of Yoga, Bhoomi, there are lots of vibrations, in each particle. The people, who were with us, began telling even before footing in Nagpur, ‘Shri Mataji, what fantastic are the vibrations of Nagpur!’ Everyone is saying that what fantastic are the vibrations of Nagpur and here are you people, uninfluenced.

You are just not aware of the air which is spreading here. And in this place which is the Nabhi of whole nation. First, India is the body of the whole creation. The human body is what India is and inside it is the Nabhi chakra, which was established first of all in the form of a sustainer and which is Nagpur then you should know that how high the place of Nagpur. And is your place is so high. If it is possible today then you must get it and the biggest thing is first to get it. Do not just come to feet, get something of it today. It will take some time, I am ready for the session, and you should also be ready to sit. Sit comfortably and get it. After getting it you cannot have the disease of cancer.

The disease of cancer can only be cured through Sahaja Yoga. I am saying it today and after ten years when this fact will come from America then you will think that, ‘Oh, she was saying it!’ Get the ‘disease’ of Sahaja Yoga and you will get rid of all your diseases! Through Sahaja Yoga all the diseases will be cured. Disease of Heart chakra, Vishudhhi chakra which is called cervical plexus like cough, cold etc., diseases of brain- madness, of Bhoot Vidya, Shamshan Vidya, of stomach; all these diseases will be cured. Except for two or four diseases which affect having come from outside, there is no cure or something which is dead.

Now in cancer, doctors say that take out the brain. They have just brought a big patient, they told me to see him, he was unconscious, he got a big relief. But how I can bring his brain, they have removed it. I told them that it is a repairing shop, if you have just removed the very thing then what we can do? So except this kind of things, all the diseases are cured.
Peace and thoughtless awareness will be established in you: you are in Antarmaun (inner silence) but aware of all outside things. Your vision will have a state of witness. Your intelligence will become dynamic, it becomes unique. Such go up your measurement that you yourself become knowledge.

By knowledge, for example we had once a very normal artist; poor one who used to come to Me. Now she is having her big-big paintings are on display. One very simple musician got his realization, nowadays he is singing in Canada and everywhere. When people say what is material benefit of it then I say what you get is a total material gain, what else! From where this materialism has come? And from where all these powers have come? Whatever we think, consider: from where this has come? The source of all above, in the Ganga (river) of which you are to be bathed but if your pitcher is already filled, then what I can do? Empty a little bit of your pitcher.

As far as the devotion is concerned, Mr.Lal has just spoken on this subject; there is a fear of some misunderstanding. Therefore I want to say that there is no need to have any devotion to me. Only thing is that you should be devoted to yourself. The issue is not having devotion to Me, but only towards yourself. Don’t fight with yourself; don’t abuse yourself as to why I have done this and that. For some time leave all papa-punya (sins and good virtues) outside. You have to have faith in yourself, it will work out. It is like rays of sun, in this way the love is flowing. For that there is no need of any faith or something: it will be worked out on its own. But you should have faith in yourself, that yes we can get it. After all, it is something special when it has happened to thousands of people in the sinful place like Bombay then it must happen in this spiritual place also.

Tomorrow also, there is a program of meditation, etc. I don’t know, my time does not belong to Me, you ask these people. Today also there was a mess that everybody told me that the speech is scheduled at 5.30 but actually it was at 5.00. So, tomorrow also you take a note about this later. And now you go in meditation, do as I say, what happens in it I will tell you in advance so that you are able to understand it.

You just put your both hands like this towards Me. Kindly leave some space around you for the reason that you people don’t know how to swim. Imagine that you are sinking and then swimmers are going to save you. You don’t have to do anything. If you will move your hands or legs then there work will go in vain. You sit normally and if there is anything tight in your body then just loose it little bit. Sit comfortably as you do while eating. If there is any Tabiz (amulet) etc. in your neck then kindly remove it. There should be nothing like amulets in your body; take it out, and sit comfortably. And after some time when I will ask you to close your eyes then kindly pay your attention to your fontanel bone and don’t rotate your eyes upwards. As you think about your household just sitting here, in the same way you should think what is happening here. Just watch and see your thoughts and say to your mind with love, with love, ‘hello mind, just tell me what are you thinking?’ Say it with love to your mind. You will see that suddenly you have reached to such a place where you find that you have become thoughtless. After getting thoughtlessness you will feel that some kinds of waves are slowly-slowly coming on your hands. Just as it comes from a cooler ; cool-cool.

Some people will feel warm in the beginning, doesn’t matter, and if hot are coming then jerk it. But some people’s hands will shiver, somebody’s heart will beat. It may be possible that somebody starts swinging or something is happening inside him then such person should kindly go out. Before it starts, you go out. People will look after them outside. They should not disturb others sitting inside. If somebody’s hands are burning simply then take it out yourself, if they are burning extremely then look at Me with open eyes. If somebody is feeling giddiness then they should also look at Me. Those who have major diseases like serious type of diabetes, serious type of heart trouble then those people should go outside. Those people will look after them. But if somebody is sick normally then they need not worry like if there is stomach illness or other it does not matter. I do not see any serious heart patient here.
If you try to be a little wise then everything will work out. Don’t scream, don’t shout, and don’t make noises. Lots of people have problem of arrival of ‘devis’ (possession). We have seen in our meditation that no ‘devis’ come in anybody. Does Devi has no other business? These are all bhoots (possession) which comes in your body. Therefore nobody should talk about the arrival of the Devi. And the one in whom ‘devi’ comes, he should go out. Kindly go out and tell them that you have this trouble, they will look after you.