Public Program Day 1

Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai (India)

1974-03-25 Sarvajanik Karyakram Mumbai NITL HD, 36'
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Public Program

[English translation from Hindi]

What is the meaning of Param Tatva, the ultimate element? How does it create? What is it? Lots of books have been written about it. Lots of speeches, lots of discourses were given about it in this world. Much has been said about it. The word ‘Param’ is emblematic of Paramatma. This is divine power, which dwells in each atom and molecule and sets in motion and does God’s work. If you tell this and talk like this, no one believes this in this era. No one agrees with this. But, as I told you even earlier, I saw a picture recently in London in which molecules of sulphur dioxide were shown. It was shown that between sulphur and oxygen molecules, there was a bond between them and waves were coming out and even scientists call them vibrations. This was seen and you can also see with your eyes. Scientists can tell about what is a molecule and what is an atom, how they are and how they are located. The scientist can tell about the zad tatva ( root element). But about the Chaitanya (conscious) which gets agitated in it what they refer to as vibrations, they are quite ignorant and they can not tell you anything about it.

Everywhere, that tatva is getting agitated; it is in the matter, flora and fauna and you. They are agitated in their place and the whole is also conscious. That means that the param tatva which is gaining consciousness in you, is also in Baitak, this meeting. The only difference is that one who has to know the Chetan tatva( conscious element), is not still awakened to the required level, but only in human beings, the awakening has taken place, to feel the Chetan tatva. Only this Chetan tatva, the param tatva, operates the whole world. Whatever is there in the whole world is made by this. If you say this is a fan, who has made this? This has also been made by that power and today it has come in the shape of a fan. Even science is activated through the conscious element and its influence, it is ingrained in the intellect. Even the voice which comes out of our face is governed by the Chetan tatva. Everything is propelled by this Chetan tatva. From this account, you understand that life inside us is also due to the same Chetan tatva, which is non-stop. The day heart stops working you will see that the speech will stop, the eyes will stop seeing, thoughts will stop, talking and hearing will stop, this body will become a waste and finished just like an extinguished lamp.

Then what is the need to know about the Chetan tatva? This, one should surely find out. In this era, human beings think where is the need to know all this. What is the need for taking God’s name? What do we gain by that? Why are we running after this? Why are we wasting time? Why do not we enjoy life? But there is one big truth which is hidden from us, in the form of illusion, happiness in the Chetan Swaroop. That is why you ask anyone in this world, ‘are you happy? He will say ‘no’! ‘Are you joyful?’ “no’!

Leave our country, but in other countries, where physical progress has been made, where people have reached such heights, they have everything. Why are they very sad? Something to ponder! Many do not even get a thought, why are we not happy. We run after everything. In all economic science basics, one sentence is mentioned ‘no economic want is satiable’.

Today you need bangles, you get them, after bangles you get the sari. After getting the sari, you need something else. After that, you need something else. In general ‘no economic want is satiable’. That means your mind is searching for it in everything, but nothing gives you satisfaction. You do not get satisfaction anywhere. No satisfaction anywhere, thirst goes on increasing, goes on increasing. The thirsty man dies, is born again, he runs with that thirst. At home he is restless. He is not happy, he is not joyful. The reason for this is only one, the thing that gives happiness, that thing is still not awakened within us. If there is a lamp, and it wants light inside and outside, you have to light the lamp, there is no other way. If it wants to run away from light, light another, how will it happen? You can never get happiness in this world if you turn away from Param tatva. I am not telling you anything new. These things have been told by our saints and sages for thousands of years in this country, the yog bhumi and in bhog bhumis also many others have said. And they said and died also. Again they said this again and died again. Lots of things have happened but no one got this. The difference is I am showing a glimpse of joy. To get this joy you have to your darshan, visit or see yourself. The one which is giving you joy inside is you and the eligibility to look inside is built within you. I only just do this; I clean your mirror. Even about this people discuss and say ‘a human can get into this state only after eons and ages’ and how is it possible? In this kali yuga man has become so disgusting, how can he get it? It has to be replied like this; only in this kali yuga if a man can reach the moon, he may also be able to get inside oneself! Such compassion may come by itself to take you to that state. Why can not it happen?

After all, for so long, you have been ringing bells, aartis have been given, evocations were given, thousands of Gods were propitiated. And in Mosques God was being called with a loud voice, was He deaf? He could not hear? Either He was deaf or you were a complete idiot. And if you have been heard and arrangements have been made for it, where is the need to doubt so much? I do not take anything from your sack, I do not ask you for anything. I am awakening you. I am giving your powers to you. But the man is very funny! He likes the one who snatches his powers and makes him dance to his tunes. He rules you from life to life and loots your money, your respect, you like to dance behind him. Man’s mentality is very peculiar. Thousands of people follow him, who dominates them and throws them down and makes them into a small crocodile and damns them birth after birth. People race to him very fast and you do not want to look at a person who is trying to establish you and worship you. Why do not you get this thought or why do not you think in the mad state I was running to him, what power did I get which is my own. He is a guru who creates power inside you and who introduces you to yourself. He who snatches your power and makes a fool of you, is he a guru or bell. You have to think for yourself. I see these peculiar faults in human beings. It surprises me. Maybe it is difficult for me to understand a human being. Like it is difficult to look at us for humans.

The second fault I notice, is when a human is alive, they make his life miserable and after his death glorify him. Sitaji was driven out of her house, no saint bothered about it. When she died they built thousands of temples for her. Christ was put on the cross and when He died they built hundreds of temples. I can not understand this. When He was alive, did people not have eyes- those who understood him, at least one or two were there. They did not listen to them. He had done amazing things they did not notice that and they put Him on the cross! Mohammad saheb also met the same fate. Gnaneswar met a different fate. When he died, they made scores of temples in this city of Mumbai. It is very difficult to understand humans. When a great man is alive, a man turns away from him and when he dies in his spirit, then he will carry him on his head and try to identify with him and goes about claiming he was so and so, his disciple, etc. Why is a human attracted to dead things, I do not understand. Why does a man love destructive things? Only after realisation, I see the mind works smartly. Paying attention to dead things, the matter is the same as death for oneself. Even if I make Virat’s picture of Virat to be displayed in front of you, it is not going to help. I sometimes feel like that.

Is man’s search for truth or untruth? Why is a man in love with untruth? However, if you look at it, no one likes the untruth. If I tell a lie to you, will you like Me? But if a man tries to search at the micro-level, he pays great attention to the matter and dead things and he is sad, he is a sad person, the whole world is sad. What can we do to these fools? They are sad for no reason. It is like this; Your lamp is embellished, decorated. You also light a beautiful lamp with a wick. You decorate the rest also. You light the lamp, still you are unhappy, you are in darkness. You have to note this. You have to think about it. A fierce war is going on in the world. You have known about the war which took place during the time of Kali’s avatar, now even more fierce war is going on. Whoever wins in this, only he will decide whether the creation of the universe will be completed or finished. On one side are devils and their armies, but largely they are in a dead state. Some devils have taken birth. Should we support them or do we have to bring satyug into this world? Many people ask me, how will the poverty of this country go? Will it go with your chatter? How will the Vietnam war end? Will it end with your worry? It will not, is it not? When you are talking about all this, you are diverting your mind from reality. The war which is going on in Vietnam is happening within you also. The discussion of rich and poor is happening inside you also. If you want to become rich, it is within you, if you want to be poor it is within you. If the Atma of this country is poor, then how can the country become rich? There is poverty in our Atma. Because clouds have gathered, clouds of ignorance. What I call negativity, clouds of that negativity have covered the whole world.

But I see that most of the ghosts have landed in this country. Did they not get any other place? You have given shelter to them in your heart. Without distancing the poverty from your mind, the entire time spent on embellishment is wasted. You gave shelter to such devils in your heart in this country, you can not destroy these devils also because their ‘nishchar’ (nocturnal elements) have entered inside you. If they are destroyed, those nischars will eat you up. When you remove them, the same day you will not know their whereabouts. But first, you decide whether you want to know about param tatva fully with all sincerity. There is no greater wealth in this world. This is Param Dhan(wealth). You have to get all the Param Anand (Happiness) in this. You get it. There is no need to shift your mind’s attention from here to there and there to here on all useless things. How will poverty go? Are you the prime minister of India? Have you taken it on contract for all these issues? Maybe poverty will perhaps go but your ghosts will not go. In other countries, there is no poverty, but other kinds of ghosts are active.

In London, Christ has said, “Do not get entangled with ghosts”. He had told this, maybe a hundred times. All the Christian countries are caught up in the issues of ghosts. The old people there are so busy in so many meetings etc, and the younger ones are being looted by those who go from here. Everyone is going around on the issue of ghosts. No one has searched for param tatva, not even looked at it. They call themselves great disciples of Christ. It is the same story in the USA – witchcraft is practiced openly. They do various things like Banamati etc which we practice here. There are regular societies for it there. Here it is done in the name of religion and God because we have double standards in our country. Here we do not know we have a lot of pretenses. In this country, we have a lot of pretensions. We do not know how to identify pretense, what do we do with the truth? These pretentious people have written it and you are running after them with closed eyes.

Maybe you are immersed in attraction, on the world stage you are sitting. You will be surprised to know that you are the chosen ones. You are exalted ones that is why you have got your realisation. Please go and check how many people in this world get vibrations from their hands. I have seen the so-called great people like sadhus etc., Who are those people who get vibrations from within, I want to see. They all are pretentious people. You are getting vibrations from your hand. About these many great people have described that man gets these in his exalted state. Many have said this. You do not do anything. You have to do something and show it. That is the matter. When I see this, I am surprised. Do not you try to be smart with me? All the cunningness has come from my stomach. Do not you try to be smart with me? They sit in front of me like sadhus. I know their cunningness. These vibrations are flowing out from whatever little innocence you have within you. This innocence has come from your Mother. Only that is flowing. Nobody can con an innocent man. This is true. Even if someone tries to con, there will be such a drama, the person himself will be conned. If Sita was caught in the guile of Ravana, it was a display of her innocence. He had no stature to hold her hand or misbehave with her. Where is the glory of innocence and where is the cunningness of Ravana? No one can aggress an ordinary woman. But till such time he carried Sita on his head, he remembered his own mother. All his greatness was reduced to the size of a small child. You have heard the story of Sati Anasuya, is it not? The condition of Ravana was also similar. She has made her innocence dance. She got into Sahaja Yoga in her innocence. That will give you motherhood.

Only you are on the stage (Maybe Shri Mataji is referring to someone). No one else comes. No one comes, if someone comes, I could show my miracles. They think, let it go on. Because nowadays a socialist pattern is in vogue. Only ordinary people have to do extraordinary things. Ordinary people have to be made into extraordinary people. That is why no one comes, people go and sit in jungles. You have come onto the stage and ganas etc., are seated in the background. You will also know about it. But remember that every action of yours, every matter which you hide from me, every trouble you create, everything is being written down. They will throw you down in such a way, do not ask me why this has happened, we serve only you. With this, you can not get realisation. That is why I am telling you, again and again, to be careful. You need a lot of innocence in Sahaja yoga and also whoever is innocent, they are all waiting to serve you. They are ready to fall at your feet. Do not try to be cunning. Then you are spared. You are protected. Then you are in My shield. Save yourself from cunningness.

Today, at this auspicious moment, every time I have to say only one thing. Only certain moments in life are important. We go from this shore to that shore. We cross the Bhavasagara (Void) after getting all the beating. When we reach the other shore, after crossing the Bhavasagara, it is important to keep new hopes. Otherwise, you will not gain anything by crossing the Bhavasagara. Whatever experiences you get after Realisation get wasted at the shore. I do not understand which injection I should give so that they get up and stand. (maybe reference to someone in the gathering).

Today everyone has to take a pledge, who have got Realisation. From our hands let it be passed on to the hearts of many. Whatever joy we felt, we will share with all. This pledge you all have to take. What are we doing about this? How prepared are we for this? No guru ever had so many disciples as children. Our children are more than disciples. Kali Yuga and Mother’s actions, if you add them, there is a need to be careful. Establishing Mother happens with great difficulty. If it happens, such a person can become very powerful. Do not waste your powers in fighting among yourselves. You fight with yourself, look at yourself, watch yourself. And ask yourself why am I becoming so weak. Why? What is the matter? What is that I have not given you. What is the thing that I have not explained to you? Someone said to give to charities, I have given to charities. Someone said dye my hair! I have done! Someone wanted a son, I have given that. Whatever has been asked that has been given. Someone asked for the knowledge, the secrets I gave it. If after giving each and everything, if there is hollowness, what can be done. I will only give, I am not going to take anything.

But if you still want to get something, You have to rise. You have to take a pledge within yourself. I notice that in small issues man gets frightened. I asked one person to sit here, another person to sit there, they have slipped away. I have asked someone to recite the mantras, he slipped away. Have I not given you the knowledge of Atma tatva? Have I not told you about Param Tatva? Was I stingy in such matters? Foolish people, who fight, what will they get? Someone can sit there, someone can sit there, wherever one sits, one has to find a place in Mother’s heart. Even if one person dies with the chair, I will believe that there is some importance to the chair. Everyone leaves his chair and also his sitting. Have a spiritual sitting. One who gets into the depths, he will sit on the floor. You have nothing to do with the others. You can recognise Me, within yourself. You can reach Me but you have to get inside yourself.

Those who look at others, those who have their attention on others, I want to tell them again and again that the organisation does not mean anything to me. I do not understand anything about the organisation. Are you managing the organisation which is inside your body? Your heart is beating regularly, your lungs are breathing, all the digestion is taking place within your stomach, what is that organisation? Are you managing it? Who is managing it, that organisation? It is the param tatva inside. The same Param Tatva is your organisation and it manages your feelings and handles that great job. But the habit of putting spokes, we should be ashamed of it. In this country, such great people have lived here. In that dust, such mean people are born, I can not understand, is it signaling the arrival of kali yug. Whenever your mind is filled with jealousy, you hate yourself.

Today on an auspicious day, I have talked about these things, stinking. ..bad, bad. It is such a good time, such a joyful time. Such clouds were to form as if in this world some fresh breeze blows. In its place what do I see? Talk about jealousies. These are our enemies, remember. In our great work, in our param work, param tatva wants to live and grow and fill with all the happiness and joy of this world. You be alert and get that. If there is a small shortcoming of Sahaja yoga, it is that your freedom will be accepted and it will be respected. Do not use your independence to hand over the control to others. Respect your independence and know your freedom. I bet on that. There are some new seekers. Many are old Sahaja Yogis. They got their Realisation and they have vibrations. Your vibrations pull me. You have a lot of vibrations but they have less intensity inside. The transmission is less. You have a lot of vibrations. They have pulled me from London. I have come running only because of these vibrations.

I feel as if a thousand-petalled lotus is blossoming in this city of Mumbai. Lotus is blossoming at its place, but the petals are looking pale. There be life in it, they know their life, they become fragrant and fragrance from all petals spread to the whole world! That same day paradise and Paramatma will appear to you here in an integrated form.