Public Program Day 3: Vibrations that is Love

Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai (India)

1974-03-27 Public Program, Chaitanya Lahari Kya He, Mumbai Hindi Pasq, 72'
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1974-03-27 Public Program 3 at Birla Kreeda Kendra, Vibrations that is Love, Mumbai

[English translation from Hindi]

Vibrations, that is love, that is knowledge, that is joy. The first word is vibration, which you can call waves or Param (Absolute). When you touch a wire, the waves of music that are generated, you can call these vibrations. There is a big mess about languages. Anyway, you can call it anything, but you can see these in actuality.

Recently when I was in London, they were showing photographs of molecules captured through Electro-microscope on the TV. There they showed one molecule of Sulphur ioxide, in which there was one Sulphur molecule and there were two Oxygen molecules and these were bonded together. It could be seen by the eyes, the picture was visible. About this, there was no question, or language i+ssue or doubt. You are seeing with the eyes. In this way, some energy was flowing in the centre of the three points, like something is flowing from the two hands, as though Sulphur has two hands and it is throwing towards Oxygen with its hands and something is coming from Oxygen to Sulphur. You can see it with your eyes. It felt as if it was shaking.About this they said that there are three types of vibrations, three types of waves are pr+

esent in the matter and science has discovered it now. And this was told by many in the world from time immemorial. These vibrations which are present, can be seen clearly in the matter, you cannot have doubt about them. What is known and what can be seen-these vibrations, what are they? In the sulphur dioxide molecule, which has infinite atoms, with what is it vibrated? What are vibrations in this? About this science has used just one word- vibrations, nothing else. 

I told you earlier also that if you ask doctors, what is the Shakti( power) behind the pulsation in the heart, they cannot give any details, except for saying it is done by ‘Autonomous Nervous System’. It does not mean that they did not do research on it, but the knowledge they have is incomplete and very little, only a small part. About this Newton had once said, ‘I am like a small child collecting pebbles on the shores of knowledge’. Even a great intellectual like Newton felt that he was quite ignorant. A man starts becoming knowledgeable when he starts thinking ‘ Oh God, remove all the ignorance of Surdas’- (quote from Surdas who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and a poet).

You are not able to say anything about the vibrations, which are seen. Is the man’s knowledge so hollow that he is not able to say anything about the vibrations which are rising from every molecule and atom? That means that it is no knowledge. Vibrations, which are knowledge itself, which is knowledge and complete knowledge is stationed in each and every molecule and atom. Like My complete language and knowledge which is coming out of my mouth is contained in both but they both are unaware of the knowledge flowing through them. Inside us, the same knowledge is flowing, but just like the Sulphur and Oxygen molecules, we are also unaware of the knowledge that is flushed inside us and what we take to be the truth. And whenever someone comes to identify the truth, since we are standing on untruth-’asatya’, we grudge. Even if someone comes to show us a glimpse of that truth, we put him on the cross or we murder him; we finish him so that the truth is not revealed. Can there be anything more childishness than this? The truth due to which, the Joy wants to blossom inside you, enter your heart and dwell there, you are closing that path due to your ignorance. 

If you want to understand it in another way, then let me tell you about the tanpura(a musical instrument). It is made of wood and has a bottom chamber where the sound resonates and there are strings on the top. Until the fingers pluck the strings, no music will be made or no music will be heard. But our fingers aren’t on the strings. Our attention is not on the strings, which give us joy; our attention is on that tanpura, which is our body, our mind, our intelligence, our ego, etc. Until your fingers pluck the strings, you will not get joy from anything. You may look for anything in this world, and despite all the searches you have carried on since ages, you do it you will get joy only in when you pluck the strings spontaneously and the music is generated. The search for the strings is being carried out only from a distance. Like I told you the vibrations in the molecule of Sulphur dioxide- they are the strings I am talking about, the same vibrations can flow through you and split and complete the task for which you have come into this world in human form duly decorated with ego, etc.   

In the end, you become the enjoyer of that music.

Grand arrangements were made for this music and the great effort made to create the colour to carefully decorate the human being – this colour cannot be found easily. If there is no one to pluck the strings, how can the music be generated? That is why, I have not seen the joy anywhere in the world, where there are rich people, strong people, where there are powerful people. You also will not notice any joy in them. The reason for this is only one; you could not lay your hands on the strings which give you joy, because it is not physical and it does not have any particular shape. It does not have any shape. It is like energy; if you can hold electricity, you can hold it also. But you cannot hold electricity and you cannot hold this as well, though it is inside you, it pulsates in your heart and it does all your autonomous activities of mental, physical and intellectual functions. And that is pulling you towards it. Knowing it is not only necessary but is also the aim of the supreme life. Until the world thinks about it and puts its full attention on it, no problem in this world can be solved.

Recently I was talking to some people in London; people ask peculiar questions! One gentleman was saying, ‘so many people are dying in Vietnam and you are engrossed in your Sahaja Yoga!’ I said, ‘in any case, by your blabbering, Vietnam war is not going to stop’. He was saying, ‘suppose someone comes with a gun and takes an aim at you, what will You do?’ I said, ‘let them come with the gun first’. So far, no one has tried the power of Vibrations. If someone comes even with some ill-feelings, he will shiver and he will have problems in his hands and face. Many among you have seen that.

No one has tried the power of love, and we talk of it. We take it lightly, even though it’s power is working in each molecule and in each pulsation of the human heart. Love is one Shakti (power) which does all work in planning, creation of the entire universe. This power of love is also called Divine. However you may call it, you have to understand it; In India, Shankaracharya has very clearly declared very clearly, ” Getting these vibrations is the attainment ofGod Realisation and with that man becomes an instrument of Paramatma (God Almighty), he carries on all His work in a witness state”.

But who reads Shankaracharya? The modern man is in a bizarre state. Until some Adharmic (inauspicious) matter is written in Dharmic (religious) books, no one reads it. How weird is it? Unless some sex is included, he will not read religious text. There is no connection between sex and religion. Whether it is today or whether it is in olden time, a man may not admit, he may not understand, whatever he may say, there is no connection between sex and religion. I can prove and show it to you if you come to any of our programmes. The awakening of Kundalini is not at all related to sex. On the contrary, when Kundalini is awakened, a person becomes child-like. In this way, there is a strange confusion. Vibrations being seen at these times, at least point to the fact that however much a man may pretend, he knows very little. He could know very little. Very little! What he could not know, he gave big names to that. What I referred to as Vibrations, man calls it the Autonomous System in some places and at some places, he calls it the Universal Unconsciousness. 

All the problems of the world can only be solved with Sahaja Yoga. Even when I say this, these people get annoyed, ‘how did She say this?’ But if you know and achieve mastery over this Shakti which drives the whole world, the Vibrations which inundate each and every atom and molecule, when it starts flowing through your hands, is there anything impossible for you? Man is a worshipper of Shakti. He says ‘if I get the Shakti, I will do Sahaja Yoga.’ He needs some change. In reality, you have the power inside you anyway but it is in a dull state. Giving it freedom, liberating it, this is what Sahaja Yoga does. This is liberation, this is ‘Mukti’ (emancipation), about which man has written thousands of books. These are ignorant books and are written by ignorant people. Books of knowledge are those which are available every day, at every place and which are proven. Ignorance appears to have flooded the world. 

When a man gets the knowledge, just the knowledge of who he is, which Shakti he is made of and in which Shakti he is established, at once his inner being will change. His state will change and his ways will change. What he perceives as sorrow, from which he trembles and runs away, in reality, in actuality it appears very beautiful for him. Just these vibrations have to flow out of us, then from these vibrations, you can know, you get the knowledge of who the other person is. Start from here. What is the other person? When a realised soul comes or when children come- two-year-olds who are realised, who have vibrations flowing inside them, when they put their hands towards anyone, they will say ‘this finger (little finger) is burning’. You ask that person, ‘do you have heart trouble?’, he will say ‘yes, I have heart trouble’. This is the place of the Heart Chakra, and at least fifty percent of those sitting here can testify to this- absolutely right. You can know them on your fingers, even children can know. If someone comes, you can immediately say about what condition the person is in, which chakras are catching, which centres are catching that inside us. We can show it to you, but you have to come for some time to our meditation session, if you have time- you are busy people! Then you can know on these fingers, you can test and know who is a saint, who is dissatisfied, who is evil, who is greater evil and who is a demon. This is knowledge. Someone comes well dressed like a saint and he will sweetly tell you, ‘I love you’. Later, you realise UNCLEAR Then you think, ‘he was looking like a good person, a saint, from the face but he’s cut my throat’. Humans have no knowledge about themselves. However, mmost humans are very beautiful and extremely dignified like the buds in the garden- they have not bloomed yet, and no one realises, spring has come in this garden. 

When these vibrations are released from inside you, when you point your hands towards others, you enjoy. You enjoy it, you see so much of it. People say, ‘this man is strange, he does not talk to anyone!’ No, no, look inside him, he is so beautiful. Between them, there is fragrance, music; it is worth watching, you get a lot of joy from humans! However, we keep running from each other from dawn to dusk, what a weird situation? An acquaintance may sometimes wonder whether he has walked into a strange lunatic asylum! Because of ignorance, human being is so ignorant of the bliss with which Paramatma (God Almighty) created it. Only Sahaja Yoga is such a thing, such a method, which is Paramatma’s own method, because of which vibrations flow out of your hand, flow from your feet. They flow from your entire body, like the sun’s rays and peep inside others and awaken love in them and give a push so that it starts to flow in them also and start a sort of chain reaction.  

But for thousands of lamps to be lit, the lamps themselves should be genuine. You are just a lamp, realise this and you are nothing else- with which there will be light in the entire world and you also have that thing inside you to light the lamp. But if you have turned your face away, what can anyone say to you? How much we grudge! This is the specialty of our country; the specialty of our country is ill-feeling. We don’t like it if something good is happening to others, how strange! If a flower blooms in someone’s house we don’t feel good, but if someone throws cow dung into someone’s house, we feel like that. How strange is the human! You tell me if a flower blooms in someone’s house, you will also get the fragrance and you will also get fragrant air. Only because of ill-feeling, we are unable to get this knowledge fully. 

The waves inside have come to teach us love, give love and spread this love in the entire world. Our hearts are pulsating only to bring the kingdom of love into this world; otherwise did Paramatma not have any other business than to bring such ignorant people into this world? Did He not have wisdom thatHe created such fools, who were His own? But when one gets this knowledge andknows about this one thing that is the great truth that once the thing about Param Satya (the ultimate truth) is understood that whatever is pulsating in us is also pulsating in others., The vibrations which are flowing inside us, they are eager to come out and flow from others and you can feel them on your hands, your fingers and on your spine and they are active on your head. 

Humans have to descend into a new dimension and arrangements for this have been made, but merely because I am speaking to you in Mumbai, and I am not a leader, or I am not having two horns, they may not listen to Me. All the problems of the world can be overcome in an instant if the whole world accepts Sahaja Yoga, but for the present, it appears to be difficult. But at least you, though a small number, get your realisation. Nothing else is to be done, in Sahaj. I am going to talk about Kundalini Yoga, which is born with you, tomorrow. It is also ignorance if you do not understand this pulsation. 

If you want to adopt the power of love, you should definitely have one thing called innocence. If you are not innocent, Mother Kundalini will not awaken. You may be outwardly very decent, you may be well known in this world, your photos would have been published, you may be a saint, people may worship you as God, despite that Mother Kundalini will not awaken. What should we do? She has kept Shri Ganesha at the door, Who Himself is innocence. For a man, a little innocence is necessary. People ask ‘Mataji, what should we do?’ I say, ‘nothing, how much innocence is there? just measure it’. Check in a balance, how much innocence you have and how much cunningness you have in your body? You complete this and that will be your bank balance for your wellbeing. You always keep checking your bank balance, how much you have and how much you don’t have. And based on that, you work and based on that your ego builds up.In Sahaja Yoga whatever innocence you have accumulated over your various lives, that will be encashed. Such people get their realisation instantly and there are others who are struggling to get it for years. There is no one like a bad person, I have not seen a specifically bad person. Those who come here, they cannot be bad people. But there is one thing; you are showing a little cunningness. With cunningness, you can not realise Paramatma; cunningness is human’s quality. You measure your innocence.

There is no measurement for this, no criteria for this. Only you can know, no one else can know. That is why children get it instantly and after getting their realisation, they say ‘we are getting it. He is getting cool vibrations and he is getting hot’. At My place, we have a two-year-old granddaughter. If any cunning person comes, she will ring a bell; she has kept a bell with her to say thatthe person has come and we come to know she is feeling the heat and she is feeling the discomfort. They played a song about it, it is a big thing, it is a big thing. They came into this world to uplift the world. The poor people- their hands got burnt and destroyed , legs have burnt and destroyed, how much trouble they faced from demonic, evil people? The innocent people like Christ have been crucified, Mohammad Sahib has been murdered, is there anyone whom they have not harassed? Are you with them or with innocence? 

At least you think of your children, what do you want to give them? What type of world are you making for them, what statute have you thought for them? Or history will record that Sahaja Yoga was founded during your time and you did not adopt it. That’s when you do not have to give anything for that, you cannot give Me anything. You are at the receiving end, what will you give Me? You realise that you cannot even give Me love. Because you have less love in you. You awaken love inside you, and once you do that, what difference will be there between us to think about giving and taking. You have to give nothing, only you have to make preparation for receiving. Like River Ganges might be flowing with strong current, just in front of your door, if you throw a stone into it, will the stone collect any water? You will need a vessel, and the vessel will also be made of innocence. Only one thing, con yourself, there is no harm. If you are conned nothing is going to be lost, nothing from this world will accompany you except your innocence. Keep your innocence intact. Those who thought themselves to be smart, have been conned the most because they’ve lost the valuable thing and accumulated stones and sand. 

Today, we thought we would do some experiments. You also have come, I am thinking, tomorrow at 8:30 pm, we will again have meditation at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. But some people are sitting, nothing is going to come out of chit chat- you get your realisation. If you want to become something, go ahead. But after getting realisation, I see that many just sit at home, I get so many letters in London; ‘Mataji you have uplifted us, we have a lot of joy, this has happened to us’. What next? 

Are the lamps lit so that they can be placed under the table? After getting your realisation, you should understand that you are the chosen one. You are the token of that light which will enlighten the world. Leave the little boundaries, leave behind the moments of joy which you have got and come in the open and give light to the world. If you want to give to Sahaja Yoga, this is it and nothing else.

Day after tomorrow, I want to talk about the subject, about which a lot of illusions are spread, but it is a huge ignorance, which we call ‘Pralok Vidya’ and in English, it is called psychology, subconscious. How people use it, how people are confused, and what are its identities; I will tell you about all these. That is the plan for three days. What I have spoken so openly in this life, I have never spoken before. At that time, people were not intelligent enough to be told about these. I am telling even the most secret things openly so that people do not say later, we did not know, otherwise, we would have stayed back. You are only listening to what I am saying, you will understand it only when you get your realisation. 

If you want to ask questions, do it now, otherwise, they will confront you when you are meditating. One or two things I will tell you, which generally people ask. How is that people get their realisation so quickly? Why not, why don’t you think like that? How is that man landed on the moon? If you go and tell My grandmother, she will not believe it even now. If someone can reach the moon, some can surely reach vibrations. Some discovery can take place in this world. If something is discovered, it should at least be tried. Even before trying, you ask questions,’ Sir, how is it possible?’ In the matters of ‘dharma’ (religion), man does not ask questions when ‘adharma’ (non-religion) is sold in the name of Dharm (religion) because his freedom is taken away. I will talk about it the day after tomorrow. I am telling you that when man will come fully into enticement, he forgets to ask questions. Not only does Sahaja Yoga accept your freedom but also respects it because giving freedom is the obligation of Sahaja Yoga. If you are enslaved, then what is the use of giving this freedom? There is a lot of difference between swachandata (independence) and swatantrata (freedom), one should understand this. Freedom comes from man’s wisdom. Do not be misguided. You have to take care of yourself, your well-being. What do we have to bother with anyone? Why should we talk about anyone? So and so wrote like this, so and so wrote like this, so and so said this. We have to be alright, we have to meditate. 

When people sit in meditation, they say ‘Mataji, please cure us’. But, I say that the diseases will be removed from the roots. Why don’t you adopt that which removes all ignorance from the roots? The darkness is from the matter, why don’t you burn it so that it is finished. Now, we will all go into meditation for some time, if you have half an hour’s time for yourself, please sit down. Don’t get up in the middle, those who want to go, they may go at the beginning itself. It will take at least half an hour and those who want to leave can do so now because they may want to go to a cinema, they have to do some big work, someone has to go for ballroom dance, all those can go. Sahaja Yoga is not for them. Those who want to seek Parmatma, may sit down and get it, at least half an hour you should sit in silence and give your time. Rest all your work will be taken care of.