Dharm Va Adharm (India)

1975-0101 Dharm Va Adharm [Hindi] City Unknown (India) 40min

Part 1 – 30 mins

First line (Unclear). In Kalyuga, for human beings, there are no other means except forgiveness and more the power of forgiveness is with you, more you will be powerful. Forgive Everyone. Only those who are big can forgive, how can a small person forgive. Today morning I said, know the Dharma, know the Dharma which is inside you. We are standing on Dharma. A person who is standing on Dharma is so powerful. […]

Letter to Sahaja Yogis, Parklands, Ice House Wood, Oxted, Surrey (ANANT JEEVAN, ISSUE 4, Feb-April 1980) Oxted (England)

Letter to Sahaja Yogis

My dear Sahaja Yogis,I left you with a heavy heart and the silent sorrow in your expression made me feel helpless. How rich you are in your feelings ! As if the sea of Love was rising and its every crest wept in your hearts. I could feel the tempest of my Kundalini. How can words express the sorrow which was witnessed by us in silence.The three months passed away so fast. […]