Dharm Va Adharm



1975-0101 Dharm Va Adharm [Hindi] City Unknown (India) 40min

Part 1 – 30 mins

First line (Unclear). In Kalyuga, for human beings, there are no other means except forgiveness and more the power of forgiveness is with you, more you will be powerful. Forgive Everyone. Only those who are big can forgive, how can a small person forgive. Today morning I said, know the Dharma, know the Dharma which is inside you. We are standing on Dharma. A person who is standing on Dharma is so powerful. Know the Dharma. Aha ! how beautiful it is. We are standing in Dharma. We have no competition with those standing in Adharma. But we are standing in Dharma. Those standing in Dharma have a different way from those standing in Adharma. A Dharmic person cannot have a relation with an adharmic person. Even if we have a problem and hardships, but we are standing on our Dharma. That’s the most important thing. Know your Shakti from inside which is Dharma and Dharma is nothing but love and when love is everything then forgiveness becomes one of its aspects. Who can oppress and how much in front of our love, let us see. Who can be evil, who can strike behind the back, who can give suffering, who can…(word unclear) ? Let them do it, in front of love everything…(word unclear). This is the only thing that fits into this kalyug. There is no other method in my understanding. If you think any of the older methods can be used, it cannot be done. There is one reason for that which I have told you earlier also and I am repeating now, there is no complete saint in kalyuga. Every saint ..(word not clear). They have entered into your attention. Have you understood? If there is someone who is completely saint, then its ok, paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam (परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्‌), but there is an evil sitting with every saint person, then you have to separate that with extreme love. Now how difficult that task is? Whether you are standing on saintliness or evilness, is up to you, but if any evil is glued on you, you can remove that as well. But how many of such pure beings we have in this world today? There is a difference in degrees. And those who are going towards saintliness should collect (qualities of) saintliness. They should have no relationship with unsaintly. Those who are thieves, shrewd are unsaintly. What is their comparison with us ? That is theft. They cannot become us and we cannot become that. It cannot happen. They are on a different line and we are on a different line. To awake in Dharma is the only aim of Sahaja Yoga, there is no other aim of Sahaja Yoga. This is very simple, Sahaja Yoga doesn’t have any relationship to all this. We have to rise in our Dharma, we have to achieve our enlightenment, we have to know ourselves. Some people ask, what to do Shri Mataji? Do we spin the chakras like this, like that? All these are primordial movements that I am telling you. But it will have a meaning only when it flows purely. If there is mixed (impurity) in you, and when you move hands then mixed (impurity) moves inside you. There cannot be purity inside us without forgiveness. And when purity comes inside us then the light of dharma spreads around, pure, Nirmal. Means, those who have dharma have to come in light, have to speak, have to share. But there should be dharma in his every gesture. He should think by himself that whether dharma or adharma is reflecting in his behaviour. If I would have given this lecture before realization, it would have been wrong because there is conditioning. That’s why all psychologists have finished dharma and taught that each dharma has made us more conditioned by telling us do’s and dont’s. This is correct. But it is not going to happen now. Now whatever you want to do, you can do. There will be no conditioning at all. Because now your attention has been brought in between ego and superego. Dharma is rising by itself within you. You have yourself awakened it. It’s way ..(words not clear). And whatever worldly knowledge you have known, you cannot compare it with divine knowledge. You cannot attach the value of worldly knowledge with divine knowledge. I am talking of divine and you are seeing it as worldly. The three dimensions of worldly knowledge are over. Those who have to move into the fourth dimension with depth and seriousness, I am talking of walking into the fourth dimension. You cannot benchmark worldly with the divine. Words not clear …the suffering which I have seen and the people which I have seen, you won’t find any abusive words for them, you won’t find any description for them. Very evil people. But that state of society is very good these days. And your state is also good. But don’t do trickery against yourself. Simple thing. Whatever you are doing with Sahaja Yoga, you are doing it with you…words not clear. Yes, words not clear….in administration, the question of what to do? Whether this is right or not? And This is so simple, before taking any decision, go to nirvicharita. Whatever decision comes from nirvicharita, juts do that. It cannot be wrong. Decision taken in nirvicharita will be spontaneous, and that taken by thought will be biased because your ego and superego are working in that. Whatever conditionings and worldly you have earned is behind you. But if you do in nirvicharita, it will be never like that. It will be divine, miraculous, miracle. Because in hindi, miracle means something very high and in Marathi, it means something odd. One will be miraculous of Hindi meaning and another will of Marathi meaning. So when we are talking of divine, your worldly formed pre-conceived ideas cannot guide God. He has His standing and His being. You want that God should be like us, so this same as those selling God (idol) for money. That level …words not clear. God is what He is, He will enlighten your way. You keep opening your way.

Awaken Dharma within you. Know Dharma within you, it is very important to know this Dharma. How beautiful it is inside. There is so immortal thing flowing inside this mortal body, like confluence of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, stream flowing. Hence you cannot know it through which is worldly and mortal. If you go into one second of Nirvicharita and take any decision, you will take such decisions which even these big people cannot take, dynamic, absolutely dynamic. Worries, Fear, Anger, Servility, Slavishness, Inferiority, all complexes will shed. He will speak in his pride. He has got his humility because it is so sweet so sweet, how it goes inside one doesn’t know. Words not clear. And when you are elected (by God), your importance is very high. Now you are thinking I am ordinary person, how am I chosen ? It will elected from ordinary persons only. And all these extraordinary person whom you see in world, in big big positions, will all become missing links tomorrow. It has always happened in the history of evolution. In every stage of evolution it has happened. Those who became mammoth, developed very big physically, became extinct, became missing links. Elephant was saved in them who was in the middle (path). Elephant …words not clear. Likewise those who developed too much mentally, for ex. Fox became missing links and many like that but dog was saved. Similarly among human beings, who will rise from ordinary only. It has always risen from ordinary. And the so called extraordinary in three dimensions, are not going to do anything. They will become missing links in the evolution stage. People will know them as they know chimpanzee was a missing link. In evolution, from ordinary only will be chosen. One should be very normal. Those who are roaming like big sanyasis (saints/ascetics) are not going to reach anywhere, all are going to become missing links. And those who are in big positions also are not going to reach anywhere. So many have been given realisations, kings and words not clear. All are sitting in their thrones, does anyone feel like why this lamp is lit inside us ? They write letters to Me that they are in bliss, does anyone thinks to give it to others. If you have a special place, you have to be special. From ordinary only, extraordinary is going to come. That is going to refine. Slowly you will understand that these are big fools, who is going to talk to them. They are big doctors, what to do ? Big fools they are, they have not done anything in whole life. Lets leave it, what we have to do with it. Marathi words ..Our position is very high. And there cannot be education about this thing to human beings. It cannot be that I educate you and teach A,B,C,D to you. This you have to see in daily experiences. And the key thing which I told you today morning, you should know it that in Sahaja Yoga you are in Totality, not in Individuality. Now there is Gagangiri Maharaj, he is on a very high position as compared to you (Sahaja Yogis), he spent 21000 years, 21000 times he took birth and remained in jungles and he kept at Gods feet every time and then he got these vibrations. And why you (Sahaja Yogis) have got it instantly ? Because it’s a new world, it’s a new thing, you are part and parcel of body of Virata. He was made a symbolic man (apparently She is speaking about Gagangiri Maharaj). Its done. Forget about him. You all are in the form of totality. Those of you who want to be away from totality, should know, he will become cancer and will be finished. No one is bad among you and no one is good. If one finger pains, press it with another finger. If this hand pains, press it with another hand. You all are connected together, you all know that you all are connected together. When you share your badhas, why do not share your Dharmas. You call catch Badha instantaneously. Marathi words .. You all catch Badha instantaneously, then why not catch Dharma. What is the reason ? Simple reason is that we are now rising, we are small, growing up, we are small children now. First we will burn a little, fall a little. One day when (Sahaja Yogis) will grow up, (they) we will make thousands walk with (their) fingers. They are small now. No issue if you get robbed. Be in your innocence. But those who are robbing are thinking they are very smart, they should understand that they will be thrown out like cancerous cells. That’s also another path, where one if goes, never returns. There also a way to hell. Many people walk on that path, they don’t know, they come and think that it will be a big deed if I touch Mothers feet, if I wash Her feet. That path is also there, parallely running. When a flower blooms, the remains of a bud falls off and there is fragrance from the remains. Whatever has to fall, falls and whatever has to blossom, blossoms. Both happens at the same time. Life evolves like that. Those who have to fall, life will make them fall, will make them finish but they also have a storing time, a storing period. They also go and some go in manner that they do not return. From animals, they became humans. What is the use if from human life, you go to insect life ? There should be mutual competition in Dharma. Think that whether I am in Dharma or not ? And think about others that how much are they in Dharma. How much I am into Dharma and how much he (others) is into Dharma, and if he is in Adharma, why is he in Adharma. His which chakra is catching ? Only because of Chakra catching (he might be in Adharma), there is no other thing. See from detached point of view. Only chakra is catching, so it can be corrected by desiring. If it’s a gone case, then leave it, it will be a cancer. Leave it. Bury it. But if you think that he (other) can be corrected, if you have compassion, if you think his condition can be improved, then you have all the methods. These are primordial movements. You can correct them by those. Share between yourselves. Done feel bad. To feel bad is same as to give pain to others. To feel bad and to give pain to others is same thing. So do not feel bad. If some (sahaja yogi) says that your chakra is catching, then you should be grateful to him. If someone informs you that a snake is biting from here, you are greatful to him. In same manner you should be grateful to one who tells you about your chakra catching. Remove that (catch), cleanse that. However you are bigger than the rest of the world, because you have got the vibrations. How many people in the world have got it ? Even such a big Pope doesn’t have it, I have seen it. You are bigger than these big big people, but still you are children. You are children in Sahaja Yoga. Even Pope doesn’t have vibrations, these big big names, Shankaracharya etc. whom world bows down, don’t have vibrations. You all can give awakening and self realisation. You all are managing kundalini’s (of others) on your finger tips. How big a thing this is. Noone else except Ganesha could do this. The small snake in Ganeshas hand was symbolic of this because he used to manage everyones kundalini. At least now you are capable of raising others kundalini. (Speaking to Sahaja Yogi Mr Damle in Marathi). That is divine. There is no (word not clear). Word not clear. The more delicate and loving it is, equally devastating it is. It is going to move in its own way. You just move like this. Marathi words. First of all, cleanse you heart. Is my heart clean or not. Do I have anger against anyone in my heart. Do I have apprehensions about anyone in my heart. This is the biggest thing because heart controls the brain and we do all work by heart and you and Me and connected through the heart. That’s why first of all completely cleanse your heart chakra. We think from our angle that this is how it is. Towards heart chakra. How much love we have given to others. How much …words not clear. I got letter from your Desai. He has written for him he helps my wife very much. I was so happy to read this. My joy knew no bounds listening this. Words unclear. I said I have given to so many people, how is it that she is suffering. Why I am bothered, I can send vibrations from London but why you have been given this (vibrations) for ? Words unclear. Love among yourselves. We will get tied in this one knot. There is one body of virata aud you are on Sahastrar of that body. I have put you on the Sahastrar of the virata and what these mad people are doing ? 1000 people have to be made sit on Sahastrar of the Virata. It look like a very big thing. It is. How many people have got vibrations on hand. You have received it. You understand kundalini, there is no doubt in that. What about me. I have ploughed the field, will see. Marathi sentence. Worldly people might complain, but why you (Sahaja Yogis) complain of small small things ? This thing didn’t happen, that thing didn’t happen. What does all this means. Which line are you in and what you are thinking. Now if you have to go to Delhi from here, you have to know the rate of flour there. But if you have to go where this flour etc. doesn’t exist, Dharma exists, then you should know the price of Dharma. For Dharmic people, What is the need to know the price of Flours & Pulses ? In place of what Dharma is running there, (we pay attention to) what politics is cooking there. You know all this. If you don’t get vibrations, then it’s a separate matter. This flowing (of vibrations) is a very small thing. It is almost nothing. You are just children. I am not even prepared to celebrate your 1st birthday. As of now, it is coerced (chanting of) Ram Ram. You should look at yourself, have I changed or not ? is there a difference in me or not ? Am I peaceful or not ? I have pulled you from the ultrasensitive nadi of sushumna (central channel). Drawn on one single thin line which I should say is equal to a hair strand. If you see Sushumna itself is that thick (hair strand). And it has four layers, one upon the other. But it is due to these vibrations only that people are getting cured. Today a lady came whose face was looking totally different. She was saying her asthama got cured. So what is the big deal in that ? If your asthama, cancer etc get cured, what is big deal in that ? It has to happen. There is no big deal in that. If electricity is brought in a home, then everything will be visible. Least of least this will happen. If light has come, then what is its purpose ? At least you should be able to see everything. There is no special thing in that. But after coming of this light, what is that you have known, what you have learnt, which new dimension you have seen ? This is the speciality. Whatever is being said, is it going above the head or from the heart. It should go from the heart. If it will go from the head, then arguments wlll be there, there will be dogma. If you allow it to pass through heart, light will be there. If you want to experience joy of love, then bring it on heart. Sacred Heart in Christianity is Heart Chakra only. And it is the place of Goddess Bhawani, Durga. And it is a very big place in the heart. It is not possible for you to understand Durga. All these rakshasas (evil people) are also her children. This whole world is her place. Sentence not clear. It is not easy to give onself an injection from own hands. It is not easy to kill your own children to save another (set of) children. But that killing is also a work of Shakti (power) and Kshama (Forgiveness).

It is very big work of forgiveness. In Kalyuga, you don’t have to become Bhawani. Become peaceful, become extremely peaceful, extremely extremely peaceful. Your peace is only going to help our work. People will say we have seen Sahaja Yogis who were ambassadors of anger, servility, and fear who became so gracious. You people only are our advertisements. Who else is advertisement? People should say to you, you have such a huge persona, first class, you have so good temperament, you are wider in every sense. It is happening, happening a lot. Lot of difference from the past. But it can happen even faster.

Part 2 – 12 mins

Now everything is up to you. Up to how you think about it, understand it. Listen to others, understand others peacefully, feel others, identify with others, like one hand knows the other, this had is connected with brain also, heart also and all things are moving in an integrated manner. All of you have to integrate. Only then those 1000 hands will be prepared which will be used in human form. Those 1000 hands which are in Sahastrar of Virata, they will come out of human beings and from commoners. Big rishi munis are not required, those have been made to sit at chakras. Those who are big are sitting at chakras and doing their work. At Sahastrar only common people are going to come. Marathi sentence. First, clean the home. I am saying that you start cleansing each other with vibrations. You give to him and he gives to you. First, see the chakras among each other and then move out (to give others) after having cleansed and getting ready. You met Sharad, Sharad cleansed you, you cleansed Sharad, cleanse and move forward. It is done then, the situation is Nirmal. There is a lot of trouble going on in the outside world, you do not know what all is happening. Criminality is going to come, there is a kingdom of demons. Demons talk to each other and they form a group, they get stuck together like glue and those who work for us, they go here and get separated and they go there and get separated because they are in complete freedom. And see these demonic personalities, how they are collective, how they are enjoying, they kill, they murder. When there will be collectivity of saints, think what can happen. There hasn’t been collectivity of saints till now. This is happening for the first time. If saint leaves his saintliness, what is the use of such collectivity? All qualities of saints should reflect from within us. (She speaks to someone) “Lal Saab, you all had a meeting, you do it and then do puja. Word meaning not clear …I will not be able to speak then. Words meaning not clear. Now you tell, any problem, worldly, gross, everything, lets talk. And then do the pujan with comfort. All this dung, please collect it and cleanse it and throw it and then we will talk. Marathi (What are the problems). If someone has a problem, you all can help and correct him but keep neutrality (nirpekshita). You are not you, you are nirmal inside. You remain alert about others with neutrality, if you see any major problem with someone, then correct it. Don’t feel bad. If someone feels bad, then communicate with signs. For ex. If you come to touch my feet, and someone feels bad, so it can be told in gestures. All will signal towards here. Let’s remove it. We all can collectively cleanse each other.

Yogi: There is no difference between each other

Shri Mataji: There is none. But it happens so that we move 5 steps forward and then 6 steps backward. And again 5 forward and 6 backward and then the question arises in how many years they will reach. Like this, they won’t reach at all, they are standing there only. This is the thing.

Yogi: Sound/Words not clear.

Shri Mataji: That also is correct. When you get to your awareness, it will move as one. For ex, in such a big sea, all its waves move as one. Your all movements should be one. Now it is that either you hit this one stick to yourself or to others. It is better to hit a stick to yourself only. There is no big and small in this. There is no seniority here. It has a reason, you all are coming from the mundane world where you have seen that there a big, a small, an officer, a king, a sadhu (saint), dand sanyasi (ascetic). There is nothing as such here. It is churning going on here. One up and one down, it’s like that. I am doing churning only and nothing else. Now, who steals the butter remains to be seen. The intelligent one will steal the butter. This churning is already going on. Sometimes it will be hot, sometimes cool (vibrations) and butter will come on top. It will float in lightness. No one is high or low in this at all. One who thinks he is higher or lower, then there is Mahamaya also sitting, understand it. Their kundalini will be held in such a manner that they will see who is big. This is churning. Sometimes kundalini will also be brought down intentionally, also because reason is that unless it is brought down, then up and again brought down and up repeatedly, it is not going to happen. Intentionally she (kundalini) will be brought down. Those who are old should know that from a worldly point of view, they are the leaders. You all aged and old and hence you all have to be even better. You all get together and tell children from the mundane world view. Yes, spiritual anyone can. Those who are looking higher, even if they are standing at the first step, they will rise. Even if they step down, again and again, they will rise. But if anyone is thinking that only he is at a higher step, that is wrong. You should see and think from inside that you rise and you fall, you rise and you fall. It happens with everyone. Because churning is happening. In churning, there is no permanent place for anyone. The way of Sahaja Yoga is absolutely new and till now no one has done it and neither churning has taken place.

One man Gagangarh Maharaj, who sat in the jungle doing penance for years, you have no relation with him in this matter and he will not be able to make you understand anything because his churning has not happened. He has made himself on his own, alone. His matter is different. His guidance is just like Ganesha, who strikes his head many times as to how to make these people (Sahaja Yogis) understand. Now you are Ganesha (apparently Gagangiri Maharaj), these (apparently Sahaja Yogis) are not Ganesha, these are children. Agreed that you (G.Maharaj) are very big but these are children. And they are tied in my manthan (churning). I am the one in between and making understand. One thing is there, whether it was Shankaracharya or anyone else, no one knew about vibrations so much. So many technicalities, primordial movements, no one knew. You may read Shankaracharya or anyone else. Is it written anywhere? Nowhere it is written. Some 200-250 living beings have come on this earth. What beings are they, My God! They will be prepared in 10-12 years. Now till that time, you (Yogis) don’t break my platform (laughter). If my platform breaks, what will my children do? They have come to play in this world. A little bit is okay but do not do Tandav Nritya. Organisation says that everything will fall in place if you all remain one. If anyone tries to be bigger, then others should remain cool, cool, cool. You get cool vibrations, no. Should remain cool also. Coolness. Deep. Dharma is cool. It exists on absolute zero, minus 275. On absolute zero it exists. That’s why people used to go to Himalayas. Now you don’t need the Himalayas, you open your air conditioner (vibrations) here itself. Look at yourself, be aware of your chakras and help in chakras of others, first secretly. No need to tell others when you can lay hand secretly. When awakening is happening on roads by just walking, so what is it? The more secretly its done, purer it will be and more lovingly it will be. Feels very good when you do something very secretly.