Letter to Sahaja Yogis, Parklands, Ice House Wood, Oxted, Surrey (ANANT JEEVAN, ISSUE 4, Feb-April 1980)

Oxted (England)

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Letter to Sahaja Yogis

My dear Sahaja Yogis,
I left you with a heavy heart and the silent sorrow in your expression made me feel helpless. How rich you are in your feelings ! As if the sea of Love was rising and its every crest wept in your hearts. I could feel the tempest of my Kundalini. How can words express the sorrow which was witnessed by us in silence.
The three months passed away so fast. The only record of all the eventful moments is the deep feeling of gratitude for all of you who did so much to acquire a place for Sahaja Yoga. How much you worked day and night and in such a short time achieved your target. This is the miracle of Sahaja Yoga working through you my beautiful dearest children.
You are not like other people who have gone away from the field of kuruskshetra. Some are not even yet born to take the load of the future building of Sahaja Yoga. Your task is tremendous and worthy of great glory. May God bless you all.
All such adventures are to be treated like sports (rflHr). Your metal will be judged and your power of love will be tested. Do not get entangled in the webs of ‘Maya that reduces your I. Please calm down and humble down yourself before the Lord. Sharpness of language does not, behove a Sahaja Yogi. First develope a sweet tongue and then try to clean your hearts. Some people have a very clean heart but an excitable nature. Now with Sahaja Yoga try to calm down your excitability. Bhajan singing will help you a lot. Bhakti will calm your hearts. After realization you all had lots of knowledge about Kundalini and Sahaja Yoga but without Bhakti you cannot achieve the balance. You have to get lost in Bhakti. Bhakti enriches your feelings. Try to feel the other Sahaja Yogis without criticizing them. I am enjoying your beings, the beamy and glory that you are. I wish you all could do that and feel like a drop in the ocean of love thus becoming the ocean itself. Bhakti will dissolve your angularities and impediments in the collective oneness. I do not know how to thank you individually.
I will be writing to you later. With all my blessings to you.

Your Mother—Nirmala.