Talk, Bholepana ani nirvicharitecha killa

Mumbai (India)


Talk, Bholepana ani nirvicharitecha killa

[Marathi to English Translation]

Yesterday, at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, I spoke about the 3 powers of the Divine. Many people who were present said that a lot of things that were told went over their heads. [They couldn’t understand a lot of what Mother was saying.] So it is best that I tell you only the things that go through the heart. It is true. The brain cannot comprehend such things. Many people who claim to be very educated/learned are not able to take to Sahaja. I have seen many such cases. And then there are people – the ones who are not educated, who don’t even have proper means of livelihood – I have seen Sahaja manifests in them very beautifully. You cannot understand God through education. Although if I say this, all the big shots in the education industry would come after me! You may be able to understand how the everyday world works through education. But to grasp the workings of the divine you need different ways, different qualities. Out of them, the most important one is the quality of ‘Bholepana’ – which translates to ‘innocence’ in English. Children have innocence in them. Although you will find a few grown-ups who are also very innocent. They get cheated, people take advantage of their innocence and trouble them a lot. Hence all the saints have suffered at the hands of people in this world, and they still do. That is what makes me feel sad at times. All you people who have got your realization – that is what you are – saints. Not only saints but you are the members of the divine kingdom. The same ones that have been described in the Puranas [ancient Indian scriptures]. These gods have now been awakened inside of you all. So it is obvious that the bhoots [evils] will try to take you away from this state of divinity and trouble you. I say, “Let them.” They can only trouble you to a certain extent – until they reach their limits. Their powers are restricted to the 3 dimensions of this world. At the most they may harm you physically or emotionally. And you may suffer those pains as well. But there is a solution – I have shown you a fort inside yourselves – the fort of Nirvicharita [thoughtless awareness]. Be assured that no one can even touch you if you establish yourself inside that fort. Always keep that in mind. But you must form a habit to make yourself sit inside it. They call Shri Krishna as Ranchhoddas [the one who runs away from battlegrounds]. That is what it is – running away from these negativities into that fort where you are safe from all harm. There are indeed a lot of negativities out there: black magic, people practicing all sorts of dark arts, troubling the good ones. We are all aware of all this. But you should be able to challenge all these negativities to come and try attacking you in that fort of your thoughtless awareness. So you should never forget this fort. This safe haven that had never been granted to humans before, has now been made available to you through great difficulties. Let us see which negativity has the nerve to even get close to you! Such is the power of this fort. You need to establish yourself inside it. Even if your family members oppose you, even if the society, the entire world opposes you, you should be able to establish your foothold inside that fort. And not only that but we also need to pull others inside it. And then all these negative people [the ones practicing the dark arts] will realize that all their efforts are futile, that they are powerless against this giant fortress of our united forts. All these people are doing nothing but digging their own graves, opening the gates to hell through their own hands. There is no need to be scared – but be alert. So if you are all prepared, let us create that giant fortress. There is no force strong enough to face the Goddess in this Kali Yuga; no one with the nerve to stand up to me and challenge me. Only a few who try attacking my children from the back, so don’t pay attention there. Be assured that no harm will come your way – but you need to keep the roof of that fort above your head and not fall into their trap. I came to know of few such people in Dadar [an area in Mumbai, India] who practiced the dark arts. These false gurus have destroyed many a home so far. They are still out there. I can see a few sitting here. These people are selling bhoots [negativity] under the name of God. That is worse than making money in the name of God.  It would be hard for the divine to forgive all such people. Such people will never be pardoned. They put these bands and strings around the wrists of people and send them home packing with all sorts of bhoots. I was amazed that this sort of business is going on in London too, and on a much larger scale. Like London had turned into a city of bhoots. Christ – who had warned against walking the path of such bhoots – the so-called followers of the same Christ, these Christians, are now scavenging the graveyards for blood and ashes and are practicing these dark arts. Christ had spoken to great lengths about them and the damages they cause. So had Nanak. And now all these Christians of England – who used to rule over India once – have now been possessed by the bhoots. The streets and alleys of London are rampant with businesses selling bhoot vidya [the knowledge of dark arts]. And when I speak out against them, the people there don’t accept it. The only difference is the people out here in India sell it under the name of God while people out there sell it as it is: the art of Satan, witchcraft, etc. There is no falsity there like we have in India. But those arts have been ‘exported’ there from India. All those false gurus who went there from India have now become rich businessman, each with multiple Rolls Royces [luxury cars]. This is what the situation is in England. And it is no less worse in India. You need to first decide as to what you want: Dharma [Righteousness] or adharma [iniquity]. If you want Dharma then you need to stand on truth. For those that are looking for untruth, I don’t have it, I don’t have chamatkars [magic tricks], I won’t pull out rings to give you if you want those sorts of things. I have meditation. I want to teach you the art to unlock the great potential placed inside of you by the divine. I want to ask all these false gurus who are doing such gimmicks like giving out rings, “Why don’t you give them to the poor in India, why not solve their problems, why do you entertain only the rich?” And it is surprising that the rich are stupid enough to go to such people. Such is the state of affairs. The divine will never forgive such people. What you are not aware of is the fact that the reason this country is facing such a pitiable state, is because of all these bhoots. So never seek help from such people. If you are expecting monetary benefits, never stand at their doorstep. All the blessings including wealth and even much beyond, all of them are encompassed by the Dharma. All of it is created by Dharma alone. There is nothing that exists beyond it. And that what exists beyond cannot be described to you. Generations of hell if you wish to suffer them, if you want to get out of the cycle of human birth and step into the one of insects, only then you may walk on the path of this bhoot vidya.  You need to stand up and speak out loud against it. And you shouldn’t be scared to do that.  All these false magical gimmicks should end. The real magic that exists inside of you should manifest, the light of divine should shine inside of you. And the flowers that bloom in that divine joy everywhere, the scent from them should spread everywhere so that this mess of a dirt gets transformed into a lake of lotuses. The time has come. The entire nature is ready to assist you. The Pancha-Maha-Bhootas [the five elements] are standing at your side to help you out. All the great incarnations are showering blessings upon you to carry out this great task. Everyone is fully prepared to help you out in every imaginable way. It is now up to the humans to make a decision, “Are you going to stand up in Dharma or take to Adharma? What do you want: truth or untruth?” It is not possible to buy truth. Those who have made a business out of god, those who have made a mockery of Dharma by fooling and cheating the innocent, all those will have to suffer for their sins. But the biggest sin of all is to torture the saints. There is no greater sin than distracting the seekers from their path to seek God. And the punishment for that sin is so horrific that it cannot be described. So never take to such evil. Dharma is beautiful, it is guiding, it is loving, it is encompassing. It is all of those qualities in the extreme. But it also is equally destructive. It can scorch and burn everything and everyone out. It has got the very same qualities of Agni [fire], bear that in mind. Today, we are giving so much pain to our very own loved ones: our mothers, sisters, children. It is only the humans themselves who are harming their fellow human beings. No one else is responsible except them alone.  They are the ones slitting each other’s throats. And the reason this is happening is because the rakshasas [demons] have entered the humans. And inside the human, resides the bhakta [devotee] as well. So it is obvious that the demon would want to slit the devotee’s throat – that is what rakshasas do. But it doesn’t end there – the situation is worse as the rakshasas have entered the saints as well. The one who I have made my daughter, my son, my child – there is a rakshasa already present inside.  And this becomes a dilemma for me: I can’t kill this child of mine, neither can I bring it closer to myself. How helpless can a mother get in a situation like this! The child, whom the mother has come to visit, is hosting a bhoot in its head. Now what can I do? Throw away all those rakshasas who are dancing on your heads! Why are you carrying them with all that pride? What good have they ever done to you? The sun, the sea – the whole of nature has given up against this stupidity of humans. The people troubling the saints should keep this in their minds – if you make a saint suffer to make a few pennies, you will have to answer for it, not only in this lifetime, but all the ones after it. I am the mother of the rakshasas as well, as I am yours. But I have been killing them to protect you. Hopefully some of them will ascend and take births as humans, we will see. And I’ll continue killing them for your protection as I have been doing time and again, don’t worry. But don’t you fall for their illusions. As it is, the nation is in ruins – but don’t ruin the future of coming generations. Great souls are taking births in these times. Create something beautiful and heaven-like to welcome them on this earth. We all [the Gods] are standing here to help you. But from where can we bring the wisdom? It is only you who can bring it to the table – the wisdom lies within yourself. Just get that and we will take over the rest. It is true: the seed lies inside you. Vaalya transformed into Vaalmiki. He didn’t know how to transform but he had the wisdom. When he realized that he is killing his soul through his acts, he gave them all up once and for all. That how he transformed. It pains me tremendously, every moment, to see you all suffer. I want to light dipas [oil lamp] – inside you all – the light of which will spread all over the world. You will be surprised but it is going to be this country itself – India – that is going to become the light of the world. It is only a matter of time. It is you all from this country, who are going to one day sit on top of the vibrations. And there is a reason for that. Granted, everything is messed up in this country – but we still haven’t learnt to disrespect our mothers, we still haven’t lost that morality. And until this situation changes, the position of this country in the Kingdom of God is not going to slide down. This country is the Yog Bhumi, Bhog Bhumi. It has already been decided by the Gods. And you the people who have taken birth in this country, why should you consider yourselves any lesser? Don’t compare yourselves with the folks in England. They will start crying even if there is something wrong with the collars on their shirts. It is you who can sleep wherever, eat whatever and find joy in everything. You are the true Sanyasis. You have the blessings of your Mother.

(Shri Mataji is scolding the false gurus now.) So if you want to go ahead and disrespect you Mother by following such negativities and befooling the innocent, so be it. And then suffer the consequences. Granted, you can get offended by your Mother – but if there is a relationship in this world that has the highest rank, it is that of a Mother and only in Her will you be able to find God. And it is only the mothers of this country that have the capacity to bear so many pains. You will never find mothers like these elsewhere in the world. And is this how you honor your mother? Stop this nonsense – return the money you have taken from people now. Give up these ways of living.

(Shri Mataji turns soft again.) So, whatever it is, right now – in this lifetime we need to get our realization. Let’s eat the laadoos [sweets] first and then we will sort out the rest. Mother has prepared such nice food for you all and then she has to scold you! But I have to do it sometimes. So now relax and sit down to eat. And take in the amrut [nectar], the amrut of love. Let this amrut flows from you throughout the world. Here we are – all set on changing the course of this world – and you are still involved with petty nuisances. All these things are going to get recorded in the history of this world – keep that mind, all the people who have committed such stupidities. All your names will be remembered and people will spit upon them. So rise up, enlighten yourself. That is all I wish to see. Go into meditation – close your eyes.

(Shri Mataji switches to Hindi- ) The talk I had to give today, it had to be in Marathi. You see, Marathi is a very heroic language, I can’t manage to do the same in Hindi. So forgive me if I didn’t speak Hindi. I needed to tell somethings to some specific people – it was not meant for you.

(Someone in the audience asks a question referring to some guru.) Don’t say names. At least for the time-being. You won’t know who the real guru is until you get realized, until you get the vibratory awareness. So first learn how to get that awareness and then decide who the real gurus are. Get the eyes to see the real guru. Till then keep all the gurus to the side. For now, you are your own guru and I am your Mother.