Mumbai (India)


1975-01-23 Seminar Mumbai, (Hindi) [Translation]

Just like a gardener cultivates a garden, and nurtures it with love, and then he watches out for the blooming flowers in the garden. The joy the gardener feels upon seeing those flowers is inexplicable. The name “Krishna” is derived , from Krishi,  Krishi – you know is agriculture. During Shri Krishna’s time it was primarily agriculture, and, during Christ’s time it was irrigated with his blood. The fertile land of This world has been adorned by so many incarnations before. Today, in this age of Kaliyuga, the time has come when we can witness the blossoming of that farming, to breathe in the fragrance of those flowers. 

These vibrations (Chaitanya Lehriyān) flowing from your hands  is the same fragrance, because of  which the entire world, the entire creation and the entire nature is functioning. But, today you are those chosen flowers, chosen over the ages, to blossom so that today your vibrations and your fragrance should spread across the world, cleanse its sludge and eliminate the filth of this ocean of illusion (Maya Sagar). When looking at it, one may wonder how it is possible? Mataji is making a big statement. But, this is a continuous process  (Silsila), and, when the destination has arrived in front you, then thinking why it has arrived? How has it come? How can this happen? When you were walking, did the destination not arrive? When you were seeking, will you not get your place? But, when you have got it, why should there be any doubts about it?

Today, I want to tell you about three powers that the Almighty is one. He is not two or many. I am just one.  I am not many. But, I am your Mataji, my husband’s wife, my kids’ mother, I am your heavenly mother, their worldly mother. Similarly, even the Almighty has three forms, three aspects. In the first aspect, He is the Witness Form (Sakshi Swaroop). He is the Witness to His play of  his power, shakti , that He watches. We call Him Ishwar. We call His power – Ishwareeya Shakti or Ishwari. In our Sahaja Yoga, we call this, the power of Mahakali. The moment when this witness form of His comes to an end, meaning when He doesn’t want to see anything else, He dislikes something, He shuts His eyes to the play of his /shakti, at that time, everything comes to an end. That is why we call it, as the power of destruction (Sanhārak Shakti). In reality, it is not destructive (Sanhārak). But, it actually does all the organisation  work for the whole of the world’s affairs and ends it too.

The second power that the Almighty utilizes is His Trigunātmika Shakti, with which he creates the whole world. All the huge planets, stars are created and an immensely pure Earth is created in this manner.  In this state, the Almighty is known as Hiranyagarbha and His wife is Hiranyagarbhini. In our Sahaja Yoga, we call this Mahasaraswati.

The third power of the Almighty is the Virāta form, the power of Virāta because of which creatures are born in this world. They achieve their evolution. Animals evolve into humans and humans (Mānav) evolve into superhumans (Ati mānav), and the super humans evolve into the Almighty (Parmātma). This power of Viraat is known as Mahalakshmi in Sahaja Yoga. 

In this way, there are three powers of the Almighty that spread His splendour. The first power is known as Ishwari Shakti, the second is Hiranyagarbhini, and the third is Viraatangna.  Sahaja Yoga work is the work of Viraat. The Almighty has bestowed all the three powers in humans too. With one power, whatever is dead, man collects. This is the power of Mahakali. With another power, man does all the future planning, thinking or reflection- this is the power of Mahasaraswati. The power with which he achieves his evolution is the power of Mahalakshmi. All these three powers integrate in the body of the Viraat, in his Sahasrara. He is the Adi Purush (Primordial man). The Almighty has made all the arrangements to create human beings in his own image. The Mahalakshmi power ensures Her work is well organized for living beings. She makes so many selections, makes several choices and ascends the deserving people, deserving animals to a certain level of evolution(unclear). But, a human being gets complete freedom to achieve that state so that in his consciousness, in his awareness, he can seek his evolution and  know how he has achieved his evolution.  An animal can’t think about its evolution, but a human can think about it, can see it, and can know it too, when these vibrations start flowing through his hands. 

The destination has arrived. You all have reached the courtyard. How easy and Sahaja is all this, but humans have really complicated themselves, too much. It becomes very difficult for a human being to live with simplicity and innocence. Religion is nothing else but simplicity and innocence. But when so many brains are involved, how can we talk of innocence? That is why many small children attain realization very easily because they are innocent. 

Many things are happening in kaliyuga that you probably aren’t aware of. As soon as the power of Virāta is strengthened , at the same time the powers of many people who were downgraded to hell (Pātāl) like waste materials whom we say ‘rakshasas’, grow remarkably too. Both the powers are competing against each other. One power is dead and the other is living. The dead energy can never be stronger than the living power. However,  the living power is very sensitive . For this reason, it is difficult for it  to flourish. A plastic flower can never be more beautiful or more important than a real flower. Thousands of plastic flowers can be made, but just one or two natural flowers bloom. That is why those who have thrived in Sahaja Yoga, who have achieved in Sahaja Yoga, they also wither, then thrive again, and then again wither. Like a mother nurtures her child with utmost care and love, likewise, Sahaja Yoga nurtures and nourishes. But the child also has a power by which it must recognize its powers. 

Through Sahaja Yoga man can attain the highest state in a short span of time, for which the great saints and sages had to take thousands of births and had to do austere penance for thousands of years, and meditate for ages. We are extremely fortunate that we are born in this special era.  We are normal people born for unusual work. This unusual force is working from behind the curtain , helping you. The ordinary  people have been chosen by Virata to reside in His Sahasrāra, because the ordinary  has the power, not the extraordinary .  In Sahaja Yoga the foremost thing is that there should be innocence and peace within. Peace is satisfaction. Someone or the other has some sorrow, some grief, some confusion. A gentleman in London started saying, “there is a fierce war ongoing in Vietnam, what are you talking about?” I replied, “are you going to Vietnam? Are you the Prime Minister? Why are you so bothered? You watch your inner self.” We shouldn’t fill our lives with small, trivial problems.  Your eye can get damaged even if a small speck  goes in your eye. . This is not significant. Be peaceful, because  the time has come when the kingdom of God is going to be established on this earth. Be content. Sahaja yogis should be more peaceful than other people. They must be full of satisfaction and fill the whole world with their joy. Sahaja Yoga will demonstrate the innate miracles.  A forceful churn is going on, shake-up is going on.  

Some of you here are new people who have come, some are quite old. Some new people easily reach great levels while some  older ones are still sitting here. The one  who has faith in the limitless grace of God Almighty (Paramatma), knows that He is the creator of the entire universe and it is He who helps us sail through, such a person achieves realization in Sahaja Yoga instantaneously and establishes himself. And once he settles down,  he never regresses. Strengthen your faith because such a thing is flowing through your hands. You have witnessed its miracles. Believe in yourself. Know yourself. A lot more is happening. I have seen many children, small children, being born. They are actually those great saints, your fathers and forefathers who are taking rebirth to help you all. Within 10 to 12 years, many great people will come in this world. Preparations are going on for their welcome. They were hung on a cross, they were beaten. They are all going to take rebirth now. A new era will dawn upon this world. There is a small waiting time now. Have faith in God. The essence, blessings and hope of all the religions is that man will get connected to God and become the truth. 

Now, we will go into meditation for some time.  There isn’t anything to do. Within you the seed which is in a dormant state, will flourish.