Mumbai (India)

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1975-01-23 Seminar Mumbai, (Hindi) [Translation]

The way a gardener plants a garden and looks after it, water it with love. After that he looks at the number of flowers blooming in the garden. How to explain the joy gardener gets by seeing this garden. Name Krishna means ‘Krishi’. And you know that is agricultural. Agriculture was there at the time of Shri Krishna and it was irrigated with blood at the time of ‘Khrist’ (Christ).

The fertile land of this world, has already been groomed by so many incarnations. Today, in Kaliyug, the time has come to see the spring of that plantation and enjoy the fragrance of their flowers. The vibrations, flowing from your hands, are the same fragrance who runs this whole world, whole creation and whole nature. But today, you are those chosen flowers, who are chosen from eras to blossom today. And the fragrance coming from you will spread throughout the world and remove all the filth, dirt from this illusionary ocean. At a glance it seems how is it possible. Mataji(Shri Mataji) is talking too big (nearly impossible). But it is an ongoing process, continuous process, and now, when destiny has arrived then thinking why it came? How it came? How is it possible? When you were traveling then why would destiny not come? When you were searching then why would you not get your place? But when you got it then there should be no doubt about it.

Today, I want to tell you about the three powers of God. God is one not many. I am one, not many. But I am your mother. Wife of my husband. Mother of my children. Your primordial mother, my children’s worldly mother. In the same manner the God has three forms, three aspects. From first aspect, he is in witness form. He witnesses the game of his power, he watches it. Here he is called ‘Ishwar’ and his power is called ‘Ishwari Shakti’ or Ishwari. We call it ‘Mahakali Shakti’ in Sahajayoga. At the time when his witness state gets over, means he doesn’t wish to see any more, he doesn’t like it, he closes his eyes from the game of his power. At that very moment everything gets over. That is the reason, this power is called the power of destruction. Actually it is not destructive, he is the one who plans and completes all the work related to this world.

The second power which God uses, is the power of creation. He created the world with this power. Here very big stars, planets are created and from them the purest thing that is Earth is made. At this Stage God is called ‘Hiranyagarbha’ and his power is called ‘ Hiranyagarbhini’. In Sahajayoga it is called Mahasaraswati.

The third power of God is the Universal form, power of Viraat. This power is responsible for creating living beings and their evolution. Human being is made from animals. Super human being is made from humans and from super humans, God is made. This power of the Universe (Virat) is known as ‘ Mahalakshmi’ in Sahajayoga. In this way there are three powers in this world who spread the aura of God. The first power should be called Ishwari Shakti, second is called Hiranyagarbhini and third is Viratangana.

Work of Sahajayoga is work of Universe (Virat). God has given these three power within human being also. From one power whatever he does, he preserves. That is power of Mahakali. The power through which he thinks, plans for the future. This power is known as Mahasaraswati. And the power through which he evolves, gets his evolution is known as power of Mahalakshmi. These three powers merge in the body of Virat at its Sahasrara. And there is primordial father. God has prepared complete system to make humans like him. Mahalakshmi power does it’s work systematically in living beings. It selects from them. Choses all eligible humans and animals and evolve them till a state.

But after getting human state, he is given complete freedom to search his own route of evolution in his complete awareness. And understand that what kind of evolution he has got. Animal can not think of its own evolution. Only humans can think of their own evolution and can see it also. He becomes aware of it when he feels the vibrations in his hands. Destiny has arrived and you all are standing in the courtyard. It’s all so simple and easy. But humans have made themselves too complicated and highly developed. It has become very difficult for humans to live simply and innocently. Nothing else only plain and simple innocence. But after standing on so many heads, how can we talk about innocence. That is why many small children get their self-realisation very quickly, because they have innocence.

There are so many things happening in the Kaliyug. You may not have guessed about it. This time when Virat Shakti has become extremely powerful, at the same time from Hades (Patal lok),all waste materials, degraded people whom we call demons have been getting powerful. Both powers are clashing. One power is dead another power is alive. Dead powers can never be more powerful than alive power. Alive power is very sensitive and sophisticated. Thus, it is difficult for it to sprout and grow. Plastic flowers can never be more beautiful and important than the real flowers. But thousands of plastic flowers can be made at a time. But real flowers bloom very little in numbers. So, people who grew up in Sahaja Yoga or who have got something from the Sahaja Yoga, wither fast, then they grow again then again wither. The way a mother looks after her children with love, compassion and care and groom them. In the same way Sahaja Yoga looks after and nourish. But children have power to know their power. After Sahaja Yoga human can reach that state in a very little time where great saints and Rishis took thousands births and thousand years of penance to reach. It is our ultimate luck that we are born in this special era. Even though we are common people but we are born to do uncommon task. Uncommon (people) are behind the curtain and helping you out. But only common are chosen by Virata to make them sit on its Sahasrara. Because only common has power to become uncommon. But in Sahaja yoga first thing is to have innocence inside. And have peace. Peace and satisfaction, be satisfied. Every body is suffering from one or the other sorrow, problem or discomfort.

One Sahib (person) in London told me that there is a big war going on in Vietnam and I am talking irrelevant. I answered that neither was he going to Vietnam, nor was he Prime Minister of Vietnam then he should not be worried about the Vietnam. He should see inside himself. One should not waste life for little matters. Even a single straw can spoil the eye if it gets stuck into it. It’s of no use. Peace, because kingdom of God is coming in this world. Be content. Sahaja Yogis are suppose to be more peaceful than the others. Full of contentment. Keep blooming, and filling this world with your joyousness. Sahaja Yoga will show up the internal marvel. A very big churning is going on. There are some people who are new here and some are very old in Sahaja Yoga. Some new reach at very higher state and some old are still at the same state. Whoever has full faith in limitless blessings of the father Almighty. Whoever knows that God only is the creator of this Universe and he only can allow to cross this worldly ocean, he can get self- realisation in Sahaja Yoga within moments. Such person not only gets a permanent state here in Sahaja Yoga but never falls from there. Keep your belief strong because you have seen the miracles of the thing which is flowing from your hands. Believe in yourself and learn to know yourself. There are so many other things going on. I have seen in small-small children great souls of your great fore-fathers are being born to help you out. So many great people are going to take birth in this world within ten to twelve years. Be ready to welcome them. They were earlier crucified, hanged, tortured and beaten up. They all are going to take birth. A new era is coming in this world. A very little of this evaluation time is left now. Have faith in God. Blessings and belief of all religions that human will reach at the position of God will come true. Now, let’s be in meditation for some time.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi