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Mumbai (India)

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Talk to yogis (Hindi). Mumbay (India), 25 January 1975.

[English Translation from Hindi Version 1]

Sahaja has been created for you only. But for mankind to understand Sahaja Yoga is not so easy. Because if some very great thing is obtained effortlessly, a lacking remains for its importance, its measure, faith and devotion for that Shakti, to absorb it with complete attention within through hard work. That’s why you see that mostly Sahaja Yogis are very casual. But those other Swamis, as you know, how they put people into meditation, and how they take advantage of them. Those who take money from you, make you work hard and make you stand on your heads, make you exercise, etc. So your ego gets satisfied with it and you get stuck to it. You must have seen such people who have given their all, their money, etc and then sweep the floors for these Sadhus. The getting of Sahaja Yoga is done so effortlessly [sahaja] that people remain casual towards it. Like we got our eye so effortlessly, so we are so casual about it. We have no value that this eye is so precious. But the day we get a slight pain in the eye then we realize, “O God!” That is why it is so necessary to get badhas. If there are no badhas then Sahaja Yogis will never bother. (A person in the audience asks about badhas. Shri Mataji answers.) Badha is dependent on you. Till you catch, there is badha. What to do? There are some people who have got Realisation and they have gone beyond. Badha doesn’t catch them. They never get caught up. Because there are a lot of merits [Punyas] from their past lives. But they should also be alert. They should not forget that, “We do not catch so we are something special”, doesn’t matter.

To be casual towards Sahaja Yoga will cost us dearly! If you are casual towards your eye then it does not matter because there is someone ready to look after your eyes, hands, feet, body. You don’t have to look after that. But you have to look after your Sahaja Yoga. There is a lot of difference between the two. Someone will look after your body, and all that is three dimensional will be looked after, but you yourself have to see to Sahaja Yoga. We have to grow in it, but we are so casual that even if a person is sitting in our neighbourhood we will not talk about it. Whoever you meet, talk about it. You will have to give this dedication about Sahaja Yoga. There are many people who… Their bodies are separate. Like yesterday, one girl had a badha, and when her brother came he got his Realisation . In this world there are many parts of you all over, whom you have to gather. This is also a very big Sahaja Yoga. Even in your own house how can someone live without Sahaja Yoga, “If you live in my house then you all will have to come to Sahaja Yoga. You will have to get Realisation and keep no badha.” There should be an insistence but there is no need to get angry. You must tell them. This casualness will not do. Sahaja Yoga will have to be established with eating, waking, with every breath being taken. Because if you think of yourself as something special, if you think that your body is a temple and there is something special about it then the voice of the Temple bells must keep ringing. Otherwise it will go to waste. Sahaja Yoga can also go to waste. Please understand this! Also the second thing I better tell you that without Sahaja Yoga you now have no personality. Without it you have no blossoming. Without that you have no place. Because when you have come to the Kingdom of God you will have to take its citizenship.

Yesterday one family member came and he said that, Yesterday I went to Gajanan Maharaj.” “Who is this Gajanan Maharaj?” I saw that Agnya Chakra, Vishuddhi chakra, three chakras were catching. He said that he catches with the photo of Gajanan Maharaj. I said, “Here I am your sister sitting in your own house and why did you go to Gajanan Maharaj?” First he said, “No, he is a saint.” I said, “At least check the vibrations that he is a saint or not?” They just went casually. They should also see, “Is this Sahaja Yoga?” After becoming a king then wanting to become a beggar, such people should be thrown out! But they said they did not become beggars deliberately. It was in casualness that they went off there, “What to do, our wife is like this, what could we do?” “What could we do our father is like that.” “Our daughter said, ‘Let’s go’ so we went..” So then they came and said, “Mataji, my Agnya Chakra got caught. My stomach chakra got caught.” Three chakras of theirs got caught yesterday. “I am your real sister sitting here then what was the need for you to go to Gajanan Maharaj?” Then they said, ”Our state has gone really bad so now we will go to Sai Baba.” So I told them that, “You better come here and then go to Sai Baba otherwise the same will happen there. What wisdom will you gain there? Thousands go there, so what is it you want there? You want material things from Sai Baba? Will these desires of human beings get fulfilled? You have got all materially. Now what is it you are wanting? You have got kingdoms, palaces now what do you want?”

The one who has come to give, and what you have to get, is of great importance for humanity. God has made you with great care. All this filth which you have collected in your brain, just throw it all away! You have collected all these useless things, all this junk in this temple of yourself. Establish this temple. In every heart you have to light lamps. Purify your house, purify your family, and purify your society. You are very concerned about your relatives. Your mother in law has come, “I have to do for her; I have to give her.” What will your mother-in-law give you? She will beat you with shoes! You must know that your relatives are the Sahaja Yogis. There are no other relatives besides Sahaja Yogis. Sahaja Yogis are the relatives of Sahaja Yogis, because they speak another language, their ways are different; their manner is different. For this you will have to burn your life force [Prana].For this you will have to share Love. Love will flow on the edge of your Attention [Chitta]. First make your Attention alright. Make it light. If you keep everything else on your attention how will Sahaja Yoga come? It is coming down through your Attention, [Chitta] only. God is waiting to pour this into you, but where is your attention? In two minutes your attention runs here and there. Just put your attention at God’s feet. He does not want your money, wealth or anything else. Keep this all with you. This is the stupidity of humans. And which you have gathered, what is the importance of all this? Give importance to your attention because it is on this attention that God will come. He has made you young like 20-year olds. Your bodies have healed; He has made your hearts Pure. Collective Consciousness has come into you. Now what? You are still running after this or the other. You consider all those things more important. In your past lives you had earned all this rubbish and left it all behind. Now again you will collect all this wealth and you will again leave it all behind. To live casually for a Sahaja Yogi is a very dangerous thing. What we call as carelessness. There is a great war going on. You know how other ways and methods have got started for destruction.

Sahaja Yoga is like a lotus standing in these murky waters. Delicate, Fragrant, Beautiful, and you are the petals of that lotus. Any filth which falls on you will just slide off when you get to know that you are lotuses. So if any chakra is catching then get rid of the filth. You are lotuses; you have been made into lotuses so if any filth falls onto the lotus then the lotus should just throw it off. Each one of you will have to be awakened towards Sahaja Yoga if you have to take the boat of Sahaja Yoga across. Don’t sit with your tiny and petty problems of your relatives, homes, and your small petty questions. Till when are you going to keep hanging onto this filth? None of this lot is going to side with you, “Will my son or daughter get married?” Etc.  If it happens fine and if it doesn’t then fine also. You will spend money there, try and get a name there. And for Sahaja Yoga? You have no time for Sahaja Yoga. The big thing is that people in India do not have too much money. Their own monetary condition is not too good. But we must know that in this India there are VIBRATIONS which control everything. Any other country would have collapsed by now. You are living because of the support of vibrations. What a great country this is! What a country you are born in! You know this. I don’t know how to tell the foreigners about the importance of the Devi. They don’t know what is the Devi, what is the Mother. They are such dirty people who don’t understand the relationship of the Mother, I feel like crying. And you people have become so casual. Like you shave your beard, you meditate in the same way. How is this going to happen?

My brothers tell me, “Why are you killing yourself from morning to evening? Something might go wrong with your health, and then what will your husband tell us? You sleep at 4-5 am, day long you are working so hard, why are you doing this, what are you going to get by this?” I can fight alone but what benefits are you all going to get by it? To be casual, to live casually, it is a dismal attitude towards yourself. It is your own insult. It is like a king who has got all the wealth and he is living casually. There are rules to ascend the throne! Are you going to finish off Sahaja Yoga by taking up petty little things?! Clean your insides; clean your heart. Leave this cunningness and clean your heart and see if we are sitting in innocence. You are doing me no favour. What you were seeking from lifetimes you are getting that only. Now that you have, come to the last stage. Then what is this crazy behaviour? You may not have seen the one who has come to the last stage, but I have seen many like that. First I have to get them stuck to it. Stick! Stick! Stick!

Sometimes you have such thoughts that, ”What can we do? Our country is so bad, and we are so poor here. And what good can we do to our country?” Good that you don’t have money. I have given realization to so many people who are rich. Where are they? Just two or three! And they too are such misers. There is no one here with too much money. I have given Realisation to people with lakhs and crores. What are they doing? Good there is not so much money and its nuisance! Good that this money is not stuck to you. You have less money which is really good. I have seen these rich, so called, these ministers, they have no joy like you people have. They got their Realisation and then just sat down very nicely! There they will sit with money! Big ministers, secretaries have got Realisation! What have they done? God protect us from their egos! Who is a secretary or a king with God? Answer this. Is Shri Mataji right?

It is such an important day. Who am I before you? Go where you go for your Pujas to these temples! Are they going to come on this earth get your own temple ready? These little children who just came in are more lucky and blessed than you people. They are beyond money, positions and all this foolishness. They just want Mataji. Yesterday some of these children had come and they pleaded with their mothers to let them be at my program for a longer time. I was not giving them any chocolate or anything like that but they wanted to sit more with Mataji. They understand more than you people. Leave your past and become like children. You have become like children. What a beautiful form! You too were like this my children. You all were like this. Where have you got lost and become disfigured? Be afraid of your ugliness. Look at the beauty of others. When I will go away, when the Mother leaves then it is the duty of the children to look after the house. When I come back, I see that my children have been spreading Sahaja Yoga. But here when I come, I see that 8-10 people have their Agnyas caught up, some others have their Nabhi caught up and yet others have Vishuddhi caught up. Someone went to someone else [guru], while others have fallen sick, someone is in bad shape, someone’s wife is in hospital and another has gone to the lunatic asylum. Oh, what happened? And don’t think you are small people. You are very great people. All these “big” people are of no use. They don’t get their Realisation! Know your greatness and then talk. Open yourself and talk. One who speaks even one word in Sahaja Yoga, then Sakshat Saraswati herself will come and sit there. I am telling you. Just speak and then see. Just start talking about Sahaja Yoga and you will see Saraswati coming into your voice. Start writing about it and She will come into your writings. Take up any work in Sahaja and Sakshat Hanuman is standing and he tells me, “Mother, with whom should I stand?” Hanumanji is doing all your work. Take up any work in the name of your Mother, even of work of the world. For Sahaja Yoga the five Immortals [Chiranjeevs] are standing there for you. All these deities are ready with their Shaktis standing in the background for you. And what do they see? That the actor who has come is in very bad shape. He is looking here and there. How will the drama go on? This half-baked attitude won’t do.

“Mataji, I don’t get time to sit for meditation.” What do you mean that you get no time? What is time meant for? Who has given you this time? If you have no time for yourself then how will you get time for God? How do you get no time? You should wake up at 4am. You have seen your Mother. How many hours does She sleep? Wake up at 4 in the morning. Tell yourself. You have to go into meditation from 4 to 5 am. Throw away your sleep! Give up keeping awake in the night. Stop talking with useless people. Stop these useless associations, these relatives, all these useless people. All these are bhoots. Have we come here to waste our time on these people? I don’t spend even one moment on telling you about Sahaja Yoga. Not even one moment. I have to meet thousands of people from my husband’s office with whom I have to shake hands at receptions; I use it for giving Realisation. They shake hands and I give them Realisation. I see that he has got Realisation and I feel like laughing. Whichever country I go to I keep giving Realisation. Whoever I speak to I keep giving Realisation. He keeps talking and I keep on giving Realisation. He goes on talking about his own things. Where I get a chance I keep giving Realisation. On Victoria station a Pakistani Muslim was collecting tickets. The line was very long and I was giving Realisation to him standing in the line and also to the people standing in the line in front of me. Just as he gave me the ticket and looked at Me, he got his Realisation. He gave all their tickets and came and sat in my compartment, where I’m sitting alone. He asked, ”Who are you? How do you have such an attraction?” I asked who he was. He said he is Hussain. So I told him to sit down and put his hands towards Me. He says, ”What is this happening? Cool? Who are You?” I said, “See and recognize.”

I went to Rome, where many artists were sitting and painting something. I gave one Realisation, then he got up and said something to the one next to him, and then came and caught hold of my feet and started crying bitterly, saying, ”Mother, When did You come?” I had gone there as the wife of a big officer with three or four official people standing beside me. They all got embarrassed wondering what he is doing. He started saying, ”Mother, I have found You. In the night You had come in my dreams and said that, ‘I will wear such and such sari’ and You have come in the same sari.”

Even a moment I think of nothing but Sahaja Yoga. I have forgotten all the past. I have had big births, big people. I have forgotten all the past and future. In this moment I remember only Sahaja Yoga and nothing else. In the same way you people should think of Sahaja Yoga only at each moment. Wherever you sit there should be Sahaja Yoga. Throw away your watches! Throw away this servitude to watches! Sahaja Yoga is your watch. If it is 12:30 it does not matter. It is 3 am. You are sitting in Sahaja Yoga. Is Sahaja Yoga the servant of a watch or time? We are not servants of any laws or rituals. We are standing only in Sahaja Yoga. We keep sitting even if it takes time. Are we some servants of our stomachs? We are servants of no one. Everything keeps happening. It has to happen. Throw away this servitude to all your old bindings! Throw away your watches! There is no system made for anything. In Sahaja Yoga there can never be a system. It makes its own system. Let it be made. If you try and make systems then it will be destroyed. Don’t make disciplines. Let the discipline of Sahaja Yoga keep moving within you. Yes for those who have not got their realization for them the discipline is important. You do that. But those who have got realization such people have to get their own discipline inside. The discipline will come by itself within. Sahaja Yogis have an inbuilt discipline. There is no forgiveness for this. The one who is not a Sahaja Yogi should be forgiven because he does not understand what discipline is. He only knows the worldly discipline of the stick. Let the discipline come from within and awaken from within for Sahaja Yogis. See how much you are moving in the discipline of Sahaja. You are moving with its hand and feet and rising with its waves. How much is the discipline tied with the waves of an ocean? You can tell sitting here at what time low tide or high tide will come in London; who has tied its discipline; that you have started tying other’s discipline! Learn to step into the discipline of the within. Learn to move in the directions and methods of within. Its methods are moving. Don’t make your own. Make your own this, that. Let’s get more into Sahaja, spend time for Sahaja. If you have to wear watches then wear it for Sahaja Yoga. If you have to put alarm then let it be for Sahaja Yoga.
(To a person who just entered: Come and sit.) You are all within my heart. Are you far away? You must understand this.

Even one leaf in this world cannot move without His discipline. Blend yourself in His discipline and merge in with His harmony. Harmonize yourself totally. When it rises you rise, when it falls you fall. When we try to do our own thing then we are left behind. Keep molding yourself with it. This can happen only through Sahaja Yoga and not through any worldly things.

There is only one way, which I have said a thousand times and I am saying again, that your fortress is Thoughtlessness [Nirvicharita]! Know in Thoughtless Awareness and you will know everything. Anything you have to do, go into Thoughtlessness. Once you do all worldly works in thoughtless awareness then you will know that how dynamic it has become. Who has seen flowers bloom or become fruits? Who has seen the living work of this world? It is being done. You are moving in the dynamism and in this living thing. It is coming from thoughtlessness. When you sit there the whole world becomes pale. Try to make a habit of remaining in Thoughtlessness. Every work is done through thoughtlessness and so will yours. Your movement within has to be done by you. There is no age limit for this, that we have become old. You are not old. You have been reborn hardly 3-4 years ago. You are just small little children. It is not a question of age. One should remain in Thoughtlessness. This is your place, your wealth, your strength [Shakti]. This is your form. This is your beauty. This is your life. Thoughtless! As soon as you are thoughtless the outside methods, the whole of it starts moving in your hands. Live in thoughtlessness. Over there, there is no Time, no Direction, nor can anyone touch it. There is only a vision of the Living. There is only a vision of Life and how it blooms. There is vision of its Beauty, its Capability, its Prosperity and its Truth. Watch it from where the stream of life is flowing.

But when you become brainless, or extremely stupid, then how will It show you? Or to be heartless, without love, selfish, self centered, to be ugly, to do atrocities, to keep on thinking about yourself, to think that you are something very great, then how will It show you the way? In the movement of Sahaja Yoga there should be such beauty. While doing it there should be tremendous faith. When raising the Kundalini there should be so much Devotion that it is like you are praying to the Kundalini or Mother of another. There should be great respect for that state, so much thought about it. In everything, in your behaviour, your talk, the way you talk, in your touch, your laughter, and your tears, in everything there should be such a vision of your heart. It is massive. This massiveness should show from within you. There should be a Vision of the Skies within you. The Purity of Water should reflect from within you. The Brilliance of the Sun should show from your face, the Coolness of the Moon should flow from within you. Flowing everywhere, you should be like the Wind. Your Breath is beating in everyone at this time. Know this! Don’t play with your life. By being extremely reverent and humble just accept it, the new life the Divine is putting within us. May you accept His Grace, His Love. You don’t need to bathe or wash your hands for it, you need to do nothing but clean your heart. Clean your heart, “O God, please clean our hearts and make us leave our cunning and deceitful ways.” Clean your hearts as He is going to descend in the lotus of your hearts. Clean your hearts. Are our hearts clean? Who are you deceiving? To whom are you telling lies? You are all one. I can never say to one person only. I am speaking to each one of you that you are all in one body; and that too in my body. You are my projection. I am telling myself. To whom else shall I say? Who is the other? When you are sick, I feel pain within just like I myself have got sick. And when you are happy then I feel tremendous joy just like I have myself become happy. When you are unhappy then I too don’t enjoy any joy. I keep awake night and day for you.
Whatever or whichever way you can do, one must give time, give full time. Now we are going to make an ashram, so the ones who have money can give money. You will have to give. You spend money here and there. Of what use has it been your spending money here and there. I don’t need your money. I need nothing. I don’t need to spend anywhere. This ashram is being made for you, your brothers and sisters, who are going to live there. Now these realized children are being born, they need a school and someone who can look after them. Give money for that. How will the money come? Any money that comes from you is very important. Such people come here who do not want to spend even one rupee. There are not such poor people here – if that is the case then it is alright. But those who cannot give even one rupee can such people be Sahaja Yogis? I get really amazed that they trouble for giving one rupee or five rupees! You will have to give in thousands. Who has given you this money? I don’t want it. What can you give me? At least give for yourself, for your children, for your benefit. Tomorrow you yourself will come and live in those ashrams. I know it. There is no need to be such misers or be freeloaders. Live like kings. Just like I don’t eat for free you should also not eat for free. Whoever can do, do. One who has time, give time. One who can work, then work. One who has to give realization, then give realization. One has to take out the bhoots then take out the bhoots. Do for Sahaja Yoga. You will have to. Without doing so your ego will not die, and neither will your super ego die unless and until you do not do something for Sahaja Yoga. Again your Agnya will catch, “Mataji, my head is caught.” “Mataji my daughter ran away.” “Mataji, such and such happened to my father.” It will happen. I don’t do anything. The Ganas don’t do anything. Wherever you have a weakness, there only the bhoots will catch you. They don’t catch Me. Why don’t they catch Me?

“What has Mataji given us! She has given so much to someone else.” Ach! He had to get so he got it. What you have got is no less. You have no value for what you have got. There should be a satisfaction within. Catch hold of that Satisfaction. Stand in that satisfaction. How can I tell you? There are also computers and points about this. Press the Satisfaction key and Satisfaction gets awakened within. Press another key and your Innocence will awaken. Press another and Truth will awaken. This is all within you. By pressing the fingers, the whole program can get set. But first at least there should be innocence. There should be some satisfaction otherwise when you press the finger what will come out? Vacuum? One who has pressed Satisfaction has arrived at Satisfaction. They have arrived at wealth. They are sitting in wealth. Some have collected your wealth from years by burning your bodies for years and are now standing before you. In the same way you must collect things one by one: Satisfaction, come into Innocence, come into Wealth, come into Beauty, come into Truth, come into Love. All the buttons are there.

How are we going to do it, how will we do it? There is no word like, “How will we…?” in Sahaja Yoga. Whatever you want to earn, you can within yourself. You can earn satisfaction within yourself; you can earn everything within yourself. Press the button and whatever you want will keep on coming to you. You will become a machine within. I can’t understand how to get that attainment within you and join you.

Let us now go into Meditation.

[English Translation from Hindi Version 2]

Sahaja Yoga has emerged, but it is not so easy for a human to understand Sahaja Yoga. If you get a great thing like Sahaja Yoga so easily, its greatness, its assessment, reverence for the shakti, devotion for the Shakti, the hard work required to fully integrate it inside with full mind, all these things will be lacking. That is why you notice that many are very casual. But the other swamijis, you know how they consider the people, and how they exploit them. They take money from you, make you do hard work, make you stand on your head, make you do bodily work, some or other hard work so that your ego gets satisfied a little bit and you stick to it. You may also have seen such people, who give away everything they have, like money, etc. to these swamijis and then they sweep at Swamiji’s place. One gets Sahaja Yoga with such ease, they are casual towards it. Like they got their eyes so easily, they are casual, they do not know the value of these eyes. But the day we have a problem with the eye, we will say ‘Oh, God’. That is why one must have difficulties. If there is no difficulty, the Sahaja Yogi will not care for it at all. … Audience talk..unclear.. How long difficulties will be there will depend on you, it will be there till you hold on to them, what can be done about it? There are some people, you know, once they are realised, they are realised; it will not touch them. They will never have difficulties; it is due to the Punyas (good deeds) from their previous lives. They should also be alert. They should not be unduly happy, ‘We do not have any difficulty, so we are special, no problem’. Being casual towards Sahaja Yoga will prove costly. If you are casual towards yourself, there is no harm, because there is someone to look after your eyes, hands, legs, body-there is someone to look after, ready. You don’t have to look after it. But your Sahaja Yoga, you have to look after yourselves. There is a big difference between the two. All your body will be managed, whatever other things which, I call your three dimensions, will all be managed. But your Sahaja Yoga, only you have to practice. You have to flow in that, but you are so casual, so casual, even if someone is sitting next to you, you don’t tell him, meet him, talk about this and dedicate to Sahaja Yoga. There are many people and different parts of the body – (alluding to the Sahaja Yogis)- are separated. Yesterday a girl had a problem and her brother came, he got realisation in a split second. Lots of your limbs have fallen in this world and you have to gather them, even that is a big Sahaja Yoga. In your own house, how can one be outside Sahaja Yoga? If you are in my house, you have to come to Sahaja Yoga, get realisation and you should not have any problem. You should insist, you should not get angry with them. You have to tell them about this, talk about this, but you should not be casual. Eat, rise, sit and as you take a breath and with every breath, you have to propose Sahaja Yoga. Because, if you consider yourself a special form, and if you think that there is something special about your temple, there should be ringing of bells all the time, otherwise it will be a waste. Sahaja Yoga also can go waste. You understand this. Another thing I want to tell you is that without Sahaja Yoga, you do not have a personality now. Without that there is no glow. Without that there is no acceptance. If you come into the kingdom of God, you have to take citizenship!

I heard from many people, my brother came yesterday, he said’ ‘I went to Gajanand Maharaj’. I do not know who Gajanand Maharaj is. Phadke talked about Gajanand Maharaj. Then, I saw that Agnya chakra, Vishuddhi chakra, and another chakra – three chakras were caught up. He told his experience that he gets a catch from his photograph itself. Three chakras were caught up. I said, ‘I am your sister sitting here and why did you go to Gajanand Maharaj?’ He said ‘All told me, he is a saint’. I said check from Vibrations, whether he is a saint or not. He went casually. He should have checked. Is this Sahaja Yoga? After becoming a King, one who becomes a beggar, he should be removed. But you are becoming a beggar knowingly. Went casually, went there also. What to do, my wife is like this, what to do, my father is like this what to do, my daughter said let us go and I went. Then what happened, After coming back, Mataji, my Agnya chakra is caught up, have a catch in the stomach, Nabhi chakra is caught up, three chakras are caught up. I am your own sister sitting here, who asked you to go to Gajanand Maharaj? Then we thought our condition was bad, so let us go to Saibaba. Then I said, first you come here, get the stomach fixed, then go to Saibaba. If you go there also what wisdom will you get? Thousands go there, what happens there? What do you want to ask? Want to ask for material things from Saibaba? When will man’s material desires be fulfilled? Everything is done, what do you want materially? You have become a king, what do you still want? What I have come to give, what you have to get, that is very important.

For the human race, God has made a human after a lot of contemplation. There is so much dirt in your brains collected from here and there, throw it away. You have collected a lot of useless things, junk. Throw away from this temple and make that temple prestigious. Have to light a lamp in each and every heart. Purify your house, purify your family, purify your society. You care a lot for your relatives! You have a lot of relatives. ‘I have come for them, my mother-in-law has come, I have to give her, I have to do something for her. What will your mother-in-law give you, When you go, she will give you thrashing with footwear. These are your relatives, Know that. You do not have any relatives, other than these. Only a Sahaja Yogi is the relative of a Sahaja Yogi because they speak a distinct language. Their ways are different, their stride is different. You have to give your life. You have to share your love. Love will flow on the edge of the mind, Correct your mind, make your mind light. If you keep so much in your mind, how will Sahaja Yoga get in there? It is working on the mind, watch.

God is sitting to pour on you. But where is your attention? It keeps wavering every two minutes. You have to put your attention at His feet, He does not want your money, etc. Keep it with you. What is the importance of all the collections made from deaths? Make your attention important. God will descend on that mind. He has made you younger by ten to twenty years. Your body has become alright. Thoughts of your mind have been purified. You have got collective consciousness. Now what?

Still, you are running after this and that. Do you attach more importance to that? In your previous lives, you have earned a lot of dung. You have left it here and gone. Again gather it! You will again leave it here and go. It is very dangerous to be casual for a Sahaja Yogi. This is called negligence. A big war has arisen. You know that other ways of destruction have been kept ready. Sahaja Yoga is standing like a lotus in this mud; delicate, aromatic, fragrant, beautiful and you are petals of that. All the mud which is there will fall off once you know that you are the lotus, you are not the mud. But by chance if a chakra catches, it is mud, remove it. You have been made a lotus. You are the lotus and if the mud falls on the lotus, the lotus should throw it away and also it is also not going to stick.

Everyone has to be aware of Sahaja Yoga. If you have to cross with the ferry of Sahaja Yoga, don’t get bogged down by small problems of family and small problems in the house. How long are you going to hold onto this mud with your hand? There is no one to support you. The boy is to be married, the girl is to be married, it may happen, may not happen. You will spend money on that. You will earn a name in that. And for Sahaja Yoga, you have no time. The most important thing is that Indians don’t have much money. if you look at it, their financial condition is not that good. But we should know that vibrations are there only in India, which controls everything. If it were any other country it would have collapsed by now. You are living only with the help of those Vibrations. What a big country! You are born in such a great country. You know everything. I don’t know how to tell the English about Devi mahatmyam, they have not read it. They don’t know what Devi is and what Maa is. They are such dirty people they don’t know what Maa is; how can I tell them what Maa is, I feel like crying. And you have become so casual and you sit in meditation as if for a shave. How will it happen?! My brothers asked me ‘why are you struggling day in and day out? If your health gets affected, what will we tell your husband? You sleep at night at 4 or 5 and the whole day you are working. Why are you doing it? what are you going to get, we don’t understand’. Now they will not understand nor will I! When we both have an understanding then only something will happen.

I can fight it out alone, but how will you benefit from that? Being casual, walking casually are signs of showing apathy towards yourself. It’s disrespectful to yourself. The king who got the entire wealth is being so casual. Rule, Relax! Are you going to finish Sahaja Yoga on small issues? You clean your inner being, you clean your heart. Leave the over smartness. Cleanse your heart and check ‘Are we sitting in innocence?’ You are not doing a favour to me. It is for you; you are getting what you have been asking, what you have been searching for ages, you are getting. When you have reached the pinnacle, why are you being mad? You may not have seen those who turn their face away when they reach the pinnacle, but I have seen. First, you have to make them stick. Have to keep on saying, ‘stick-on, stick on!’ Sometimes I think of you like this; ‘what can we do? Things are so bad in our country. We are poor people, we have our problems, how can we uplift the country, Mataji? You have put us on a higher pedestal’.

It is good that you don’t have money. I have given realisation to so many rich people here. Where are they? See only 2 or 4 here. They are even very miserly, we don’t have a rich man among us. I have given realisation to millionaires. What are they doing? It is good you don’t have money, it is a hassle. Very little is sticking to you. Less money is very good. I have seen rich people, people holding positions, Ministers. They don’t have the happiness which you have. They get realisation and sit back in style, and sit with a lot of money. Ministers and Secretaries have got their realisation. What have they done? God save us from their arrogance. For God who is Secretary and who is king? …….Marathi conversation of Shri Mataji….. They are better than you because they do not have the dirt of money. They do not have any position, to make them stupid. They just want Mataji. Yesterday a few children came. Their mother said, ‘let us go’. They were saying ‘let us stay back’. They were not getting any chocolates, nothing. ‘We don’t want any cinema, we only want Mataji. Let’s go to Mataji’. They know more than you. You also become like them. Leave everything of the past and become like them. Now you become children. How beautiful you are. You are also like this, son! You were also like this. Now you have all become deformed, disgusting. Be worried about it. See the beauty of others.

I will go. When the mother is away it becomes the responsibility of children to look after the house. When I come back I should see that My children have spread Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise, I will see that someone has a catch of Agnya chakra, someone has a problem with the Nabhi chakra, someone has Vishuddhi problem. Someone went there, someone went there. Someone has fallen sick, someone is unwell, someone’s wife is in hospital and someone is in a Lunatic Asylum. What has happened? Don’t think that we are small people. You are a very great person. So-called great people are useless, they don’t get their realisation. You realise your greatness and talk. You talk openly. If one speaks one letter of Sahaja Yoga, Goddess Saraswati will come and sit there, I am telling you. You speak and see. You will experience it. Start talking about Sahaja Yoga, Saraswati will be in your voice, you start writing, Saraswati will be in your writing. Start any work Hanumana will stand there with folded hands, Mother tell me, ‘with whom shall I stand?’ Hanuman Ji is doing all your work. Whatever work you take up in the name of Mataji whatever work you take in this world, whatever it may be, he will do it. For Sahaja Yoga work all the five Chiranjeevis- long lived-are standing by. All of them are putting powers behind you and standing in the background. And Nat Ji who has come, he is in a bad shape, he is looking here and there. How will the play be composed? We don’t want a half-hearted approach. ‘I don’t get time to meditate’. What do you mean I don’t get the time? For what do you have time? Who has given you time? If you don’t get time for yourselves, God saves you. How do you not get the time? Get up at 4 in the morning. You have woken up your Mother. How many hours does She sleep? Get up at 4 in the morning. Tell your mind, I have to meditate from 4 to 5. Throw away the sleep. Stop staying awake in the nights, stop talking to useless people. Leave worthless associations, leave aside relatives, they are all useless people. They are all bhoots. Have we come to waste our time for them?

I don’t spend even one moment, you will be surprised, on anything other than Sahaja Yoga. Thousands of people come to my husband’s office, whenever there is a reception; they all ask for their realisation Shake hands and they ask for realisation! Whichever country I go to, I give realisation. They keep talking to me, I give realisation while talking. I see that they have got realisation in a split second. He keeps on talking about so many things. Wherever I get an opportunity, I keep giving realisation.

At Victoria station, there was a ticket collector. He was a Muslim. When I was buying the ticket, there was a long queue and I was giving realisation. Maybe he was from Pakistan-from wherever he maybe. I think he was from Pakistan. While standing I was giving realisation and even to others who were standing there, I was giving realisation. While he was issuing a ticket to me, he looked at me and he got his realisation. So he gave a ticket to all and came inside and sat inside my compartment. I was sitting alone in that compartment. He asked Me, ‘Who are You? Why is there so much attraction in you? I asked him, ‘who are you?’. He said his name was Hussain. I said, ‘Sit down, Hussain mian’. I said, ‘Put your hand like this’. He said, ‘What is this cool breeze coming? Who are you? I said, ‘See and recognise.’

I went to Rome. It is an incident that happened long back. Many artists were sitting there. They were painting something. Gave realisation to one. He got up, told something to someone and fell at my feet, sat, caught hold of both My feet and started crying, saying loudly, ‘Mother, when did you come?’ I went there as the wife of an officer; three people were standing on this side and four people on that side. Those people were embarrassed- what is this man doing? He said, ‘No Mother, I found You. I saw You in my dream last night. You said you will come wearing a white sari. And you have come wearing that’.

Even for one moment, I can’t think of anything other than Sahaja Yoga. I have forgotten all my past, there have been great lives, they have all become great. I have forgotten everything, all the details. I only remember Sahaja Yoga. I don’t remember anything. In the same way. every moment you have to think of Sahaja Yoga, wherever you are sitting there itself. Throw away your watches first. Throw away slavery to watches. Become a slave of Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja Yoga is your watch. It was 12:30, no harm, you were sitting there, it is 3 you were still sitting there. You were sitting in Sahaja Yoga. Is Sahaja Yoga slave of the watch or time? We are not slaves of any regulation or law. We are only standing in Sahaja Yoga. Whatever time it may take, we will sit there. Wherever we are sitting, we will sit there. Are we slaves to the stomach that we have to eat on time? We are not slaves to anything. Everything keeps happening, it is going to happen. First of all, you leave your slavery of everything, whatever old slavery is there leave it. First of all, throw away watches. No system has been made for anything. No system can be made in Sahaja Yoga. Its own systems are being made, let them be made. If you make the system, that will be hailed. Don’t enforce discipline. Let its discipline be working inside. Yes, those who have not got their realisation, discipline is required; you enforce it. But those who are realised, they have to enforce discipline inside them. The discipline will happen inside by itself. Sahaja Yogi has an inner discipline. But if there is indiscipline here, it can’t be forgiven. But one who is not a Sahaja Yogi, forgive him because he does not know what discipline is. He knows worldly discipline enforced through ‘the cane’.

Let the Sahaja Yogi get the discipline from within, let him be awakened from within. Look at its discipline with which you are moving. You are moving your limbs with its discipline, with its waves. Who has enforced discipline on the ocean’s waves? Sitting here you can tell the time of high tide and low tide in London. Who has enforced its discipline? You are trying to enforce someone else’s!? Learn to get into its discipline. Learn to grow with its signals and its mechanism. Its machine is working. Don’t make any of your own. Just say, ‘let us get into Sahaja Yoga, Let us go, let us invest time in Sahaja Yoga’. If you wear a watch, it is for Sahaja Yoga. If you put an alarm, it should be for Sahaja Yoga. …..Marathi words….See this, this age and this is Sahaja Yoga. ..Marathi…silence…. Not even a leaf in this world can move without its discipline. Become one with it; get into its harmony – Get fully harmonised with it; when it rises you rise when it falls you fall. If we make something of our own, we will not be in touch with it. You mold yourself with that. It can happen only with Sahaja Yoga. It can not happen with anything else, it can’t happen with any earthly thing of the world. There is only one way, I have told you thousands of times, I am telling you again and again; your fortress is ‘Nirvicharita (thoughtlessness). Find out in Nirvicharita. You will know everything. Whatever you have to do, go into Nirvicharita. Do all worldly things in Nirvicharita, you will see that it becomes dynamic. Who has seen the blooming of flowers, who has seen fruits growing, who has seen the execution of all the worldly work? It is happening; you are moving in the same dynamism, in the same living thing. It is coming from Nirvicharita, is n’t it?. You sit in that place, from where the whole world blooms. Make a habit of Nirvicharita, try to be always in thoughtlessness. All the work of this world happens through that and yours also will happen. All useless things will happen, but you have to operate the inner system yourself.

There is no age problem; no one is old. You are just born, maybe two or four years. You are all small babies. There is no issue of age. You have to be in Nirvicharita. This is your place, this is your wealth, this is your strength, this is your power, this is your form, this is your beauty, this is your life, Nirvichar. As soon as you become thoughtless, the machine outside starts to fully spin in your hands. Be in thoughtlessness. There, there is no time, no direction, nor anyone can touch you. You will get to see the life process, how life blooms. You will see its beauty, its ability. Its opulence, its truth; gaze from the place where the stream of life flows. But becoming ill-advised, becoming a fool, how will it show to you?! Or heart becoming empty, loveless, selfish, self-centered, thinking about oneself, thinking big of oneself, how can it show you the path- being ugly, torturing. How much beauty should be there in the movement and speed of Sahaja Yoga? When you are doing it, there should be reverence. When you are raising the Kundalini, there should be spirituality in your hands; you are worshipping someone’s Kundalini, someone’s mother. How much respect you should have? How much thought you should give.

In everything, in your behaviour, in your language, in your speech, in your laughter, in your caress, in your crying, in everything you do, your heart should be seen, vastness should be seen, the sky should be seen. A glimpse of the purity of water should be seen inside you. The glow of the sun should be seen on your face, the coolness of the moon should flow from you. Like the air, you should be outgoing. Your life is pulsating in the lives of all, realise this and don’t play with your life. Be very reverent and devoted and accept it with humility, the new life which is being poured into us by Paramatma. Accept its love and compassion. Just there is no need for taking a bath, no need for washing hands, nothing is required. Only the cleanliness of the heart is required. Clean your heart. Pray, ‘God clean my heart’. Give up your deceit and guile. Clean your heart. You are to get into the lotus of the heart. Clean your heart. Is my heart clean? Who are you cheating, who are you telling lies to?.
You are all one. It never happens that I am telling a particular person. I am telling you all that you are all part of one body; even that is My body, inside My body you are My projection. I am telling Myself. Who other can I tell? Who is the other? If you get sick, I feel the pain, as if I have become sick. And when you are happy, I feel I am very happy. If you are not happy, I don’t feel happy about anything. That is why I stay awake all day and night for your sake. The one who gets, who has time, he should give time for this. Give full time for this. Our ashram will be built, those of you who have money can donate.
You have to give because you spend so much, what did we gain by the money you have spent so far? I don’t want your money, I don’t want to spend your money. The ashram is being built for you, it is being built for your brothers and sisters. They have to live there. They are getting children, they are realised; they have to go to school. There we need someone to take care of these children. Give money for that. Without money how can the building be brought up? Even if we get one Rupee from your heart, It has a lot of significance. I am surprised. Such people come here who hesitate to give one Rupee. There are no poor people here if it were so it is ok. Even for giving one Rupee if they are miserly, how can they be in Sahaja Yoga. When I hear this, I am surprised. They bother you even for giving one Rupee or five Rupees. When you have money, you donate, you have to give in thousands, in tens of thousands. Who has given you the money? I do n’t want it. What need do I have? Please give it to yourself. Give for your well being. You will live in those ashrams with your kith and kin, I know. You do not have to live on freebies, live like a king. I don’t eat for free, you should also not eat for free. Whatever you can contribute, contribute. If you have time, spare your time, if you can put in some hard work, do it. If you can awaken Kundalini, do it if you can give realisation, give it If you can remove bhoots, remove bhoots. Contribute to Sahaja Yoga. If you don’t do it, your ego is not going to die, your superego is not going to run away. Till you do something for Sahaja Yoga, it will again bother you. ‘ Mother my head is caught up, Mother my daughter ran away, Mataji, this happened to my father’. It will happen. I don’t do anything. Ganas also don’t do anything. The bhoots will catch your weakness. They don’t trouble Me. Do you know why they don’t catch Me? ‘What has Mataji given me, Mataji has so much to him’. He had to get so much. He got it. What you got also is not less. You don’t value what you got. You should be satisfied within. Catch hold of satisfaction from inside. Establish yourself on that satisfaction. How should I tell you this, there is a computer for this, it has points. If you press one finger, your satisfaction will be awakened, if you press one finger your innocence will be awakened, if you press one finger truth will be awakened. This is all inside you, by pressing the fingers like this, the entire program can be set. Shri Mataji keeps doing this. In the first place, there should be innocence there. There should be some satisfaction there, otherwise, you press the finger, what will come out from there-vacuum?! There is nothing inside. One who has added satisfaction, he will reach satisfaction. We are sitting in satisfaction at this time. We have reached righteousness. We are sitting in righteousness at this time. All have accumulated wealth after burning the body for years and now it is present before you. Like this, you have to keep adding everything, add satisfaction, a lot of it. Come into innocence, come into righteousness. Come into the truth, come into the beauty, Come into love, you have a button for everything. How will it happen, how to do it? Sahaja Yoga does n’t have to do it. It all happens. There is no such word like ‘How?’ in Sahaja Yoga. You can earn whatever you want to be inside you. If you want satisfaction, you can earn satisfaction. You can earn everything and keep inside. Press a button and you will keep getting what you want. A machine will manifest inside you. I don’t know how you will earn these-You add your earning!