Meditation and Prayer, Prayer To The Almighty, Dhyan Aur Prathna

Mumbai (India)

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1975-02-09, Meditation and Prayer, Mumbai

The most important part of Sahaja Yoga is that, to progress in it, you have to meditate. Meditation is very important. Even if you don’t do anything else but meditate, you can progress in Sahaja Yoga. As I told you, this is a new path, a new dimension. A new thing. In which you have jumped in. In your mind, in that Sea you have gone in. But if you want to get inside of it, you have to meditate. 

Some people say, Mother I don’t get time to meditate. Modern man has clock now a days to save time. But he doesn’t know what is he saving time for? That he doesn’t know. The time is being saved for Sahaja Yoga. There was this gentleman who wanted to go to London. He was saying, Mother please get me the ticket, talk to someone in air India, please let me go there, I have to go through this plane only. Mother asked : «  what’s the matter, what is important ? » He said : « Mother I must go there I have to save time. » « What’s the matter, why are you saving time to go there? » « Mother because there is a special dinner and then there is a ballroom. » 

Just remember that the watch on your hands is just for Sahaja Yoga. For a person who spends his whole time in Sahaja Yoga, it is not important that he does office work or house work, but he should do it in Meditation. While doing every task, you can be nirvachar. When you are in thoughtless, you’ll get all: beauty, knowledge of that task and all joy of that task. People don’t understand this, this is why they start fighting that they are not getting time for meditation. But what you start enjoying It, you realize that once you start meditating, even your sleep gets shorter, even in your sleep you go into meditation. 

You don’t have to leave or decrease anything. But what we think are very important don’t stay as important, and what we don’t think special become special. 

Before meditation remember one thing, which instrument (Veena) in which this alaap (the first notes of Raaga) is going to start should be clean (synchronised). You are not that Veena or that Alaap  but you are owner of it. You are the one who is playing it and enjoying alaap. If that Veena is not in tune, wires are rusted, then it is important that you clean it. If they are not right, then you don’t have that sweetness in your life, you can’t get that beauty. You have that biliousness, dryness and instability in your vision. 

It becomes a big thing for Me to see that some Sahaja yogis are meditating with that determination and going deeper. Whereas others are not. I can’t say if all of you can go into that state. Whatever you can achieve (in Sahaja yoga) you should try to achieve in this life time itself. Whatever time you gain should be spent on this. The other things do not matter.

People will talk about everything else but not about going deeper than this. Like about meditation, improving yourself, cleaning yourself. « He said this, he said that, this should have happened, this shouldn’t have happened », Does it look good for a Sahaja Yogi? When you have this huge wealth of Nirvichar (Thoughlessness)  then we should bring it out fully. 

You know that every moment you are getting it and also losing it. Every moment is important. What about holding or letting it go, have I told you anything. « So should I leave family life? » No, did I leave it? You know that I work harder than most of you. But I am not tired, because you give Me joy, when I see you, it gives Me joy. My heart fills with joy. 

Whatever has importance, keep your attention there. I don’t say that you should sit here 24 hours. But wherever you are sitting, just keep sitting there on that throne. So many people don’t have physical problems, but there are still some mental questions. Forget about all those things. Every person can get it. It is your birth right because it was with you at your birth. But you have to meditate. But don’t worry about arranging it, don’t worry about it. How does it matter if there are 10 people more or 10 people less? Instead of 1000 bad people, just 10 good people is good for Sahaja. Please be one of those 10 people who are enjoying Sahaja, doing Sahaja work with extreme love, enjoying it, and are standing in first lane. Like the Himalayas who is the highest and everyone looks at it. Let everyone look at you and think, that: « I should be like that person, if I grow in Sahaja, I grow like him. »

This is something of inside and not outside. I know who is going where. You are blocking yourself, no one else can stop you. No person in the world, mantra tantra can stop you. You stay with Your Self. Just witness which person talks about what, you’ll know that there is some negativity in that person which is why he or she is talking about that. Whether it is your husband or wife, you don’t have to argue, there is no point. He or she will get better on their own. 

Not just that, you know that if you have any deformities, you know how to move your hands and clean them. Even in your fingers and hands, all gods are awakened. But it is very important that these gods are not insulted anywhere. They should be worshipped in properly. Our hands should be like , that they are worshippable. People should feel that these hands have the flow of Shri Ganga. The reason why River Ganga is pure, that is because of the vibrations, is flowing through your hands. The energy which is running whole universe is flowing through you. This hands and legs where the energy is flowing, keep them pure. It is not about just cleansing but about doing things from it do it with beauty and in worshipping way. 

Your job is to get speed up in meditation, that’s your job. If someone says that I do this or that, then you should know that I release My Maya and a lot of people have got hurt because of it. Its just happening, like this is moving, this is coming. Do everything in akarma. Like the Sun never says that I am giving the light to everyone. He is just giving. He is flowing that huge energy from it. Just like that those energies are flowing you because you are micro machines. You are not  a machine like the sun, but a very special machine, a micro machine. The vibrations which flow through you will not only give you a special experience but also to others. You can cure the very subtle aspects of their body and the minute instruments within them. The energy which is flowing is of love and thus I do not know how to describe it.

If you want to clean this worldly machine, you can fix them by changing parts, rubbing against something, filing. But the human machines are much more complex than that. They cannot be fixed that way. They could be cleansed only by love. They have so many scars. You can only fix those with love. Human is very sad. These vibrations are nothing but love. When you lose love, you lose vibrations. 

« Mother we had a badha, these vibrations have stopped coming! » It ’s because the love has stopped. When it starts [again], vibrations will start flowing again.  If you are holding on to Love, vibrations will keep flowing. These vibrations, which is the love of God, keeps on flowing. That is the only thing which is flowing. This is an amazing feeling, it is an amazing moment. Will it get destroyed because you did not give Me your full support ?

Everything you can know yourself, else I am here to explain you everything. But I have to give a small suggestion, just think about it, are you qualified to get it? Just because you came to my programs you don’t become eligible. You become eligible when you get those depth. Like the pot, the deep it is, more water it gets. If it is small, it will overflow. You have to have that depth in your meditation. Look at those meditating. Go deeper in that after thoughtlessness. You will reach the Unconscious [the Collective Consciousness] through your conscious. 

Your own consciousness will go away and then you will know the Unconscious.

 It is the first time that you know yourself and others via Collective Consciousness. But very few people value it. 

Some of you say, Mother if you take money from people, they will value it. But Money is a Bhoot. If by taking money you understand its value, then its better you don’t. No one can understand it from money, you have to give yourself. And what you get in return is much more and very quickly.

You have to come fully in meditation as group. It is very important. Even if you do it once a month, you have to do it. It’s part of the Virata, so every part of it has to awaken. The more it is awakened the more lamps will be lit.

Even if you meditate everyday at home you can see you didn’t do much as compared to those 6-7 people who came here everyday and rose. If in meditation your eyes are blinking it means your Agnya chakra is getting hurt. Nothing to take personally here, it means you have to fix it. If you are sitting in meditation but your body is shaking, that means your Mooladhara chakra is getting hurt. Which is much more dangerous. So your Mooladhara has to be fixed. 

In order to understand, you can listen to all my lecture and know everything. But a few new comers can go ahead of you. It’s not about something to learn and teach. It’s not about that. If your hands are shaking then you should understand that there is some serious problem inside you. For this problem, beating with shoes is the best solution.

Yesterday a gentleman had come who told me that he was feeling heaviness and began shaking in front of Me. So I asked him: «  who is your guru ? » He replied that there is one Mr Bhagawat in Pune. I asked him what does he do ? He said that “he has started a spiritual center and he gave me a diksha (initiated me)”. So I asked him what diksha did he receive? The diksha of shaking. So he said: « In 16 years I had health problems and even lost the job. » I said « did you not have wisdom? If you have guru then it shouldn’t have happened. How much have you paid? » For the moment I have already paid five to six thousand rupees. So I said: « You have paid five to six thousand rupees and got all the sicknesses?! » Then we did shoe beating to this Mr Bhagawat and also the center. Then the shaking of hands stopped. This happened in front of all of you yesterday. We should talk to them clearly that you have a guru and a badha (catch), there is nothing to feel bad about. 

But I have noticed that if one has a catch then another person who has the catch is attracted to such a person. All the persons having catches sit together in a line. You should not sit this way.

You should sit separately. Don’t make group. Making group is bad.  For example people from Thane (a town north of Mumbai) sit together. You should sit separately. There are some old persons, some of medium age and some are kids. For kids there is no problem. Elders should sit with youngsters and youngsters should sit with the elders. If elders sit together it creates a problem, if youngers sit together it also creates a problem. You will see it happens. The understanding of old and young is [inaudible] and can be understood in collective vibrations. 

Elder should be wise, they should have baddapan (big heart), and youngsters should listen to elders and in youngsters, activities should me more than elders. If elders are respectable, then people will respect them. But elders should try to be respectful and youngsters should respect elders. 

One Sahaja Yogi should not show disrespect another Sahaja Yogi because you are all like gods and goddesses. You can understand all this in your meditation. 

When you’ll earnestly try to think about somebody, you’ ll know that it is happening because other person has Agnya catch or say Heart catch, so it is happening. That’s why the sound [from our body which is like a veena] even is not emitted correctly and you’ll not feel bad and the other person will also not feel bad. But if you feel bad that itself is a very big negativity. People even feel bad of what I say so what can one says about others. So you should not feel bad of whatever I say because I tell it for your own good. 

Whenever you are talking about anything, make sure that you are talking that where is your kundalini? where are we going? how is it? Everything else is useless. How much have we established ourselves in dharma? How much joy have we got? how much are we enjoying the love of God? These are the only experiences we have to share between us, everything else is vain. Concerning the discussion about other things, maouna (silence) is the best approach.  When you get these kind of Sahaja Yogis, it will create a huge difference. The reflection of Sahaja Yoga will come from you. Whenever you want to reflect, you should be very clean. When you become fully reflective, then there will be no [inaudible]. 

Sahaja Yoga won’t spread from big bands, events, big size nope. Nothing will happen from all this. I have never seen these many realized people in my life. This is amazing. But as I say, in modern times, no one is a complete saint. You were saints before, lived in jungles. Now you have taken birth in this world and are a part of it. Try to get down into this saintliness, you’ll enjoy. It will be like in this river Ganga Yamuna, Saraswati will start flowing. 

When you are going to meditation, forget about all the outside sounds. When you are in meditation, and close your ears, you can still hear because you listen from Sahasrara. Those boys who came here who couldn’t hear started hearing a bit from Sahasrara. If your Sahasrara is open, in your lymbic area, you have certain points in your lymbic area which when excited do the exact same job which your mouth, ear, nose do. All the organs can feel. If we open same Sahasrara, we don’t need to breath and smell from nose, you can do it from Sahasrara. Even if all your body is destroyed still you can do everything from your Sahasrara. But it doesn’t happen. Health of the body is constantly improving, diseases have already disappeared. Even if some (diseases) are left, they get cured easily.                                

In meditation, if you want to grow, there is one guna which you really need. It is called innocence. Like a child. You can see how small kids can rise so quickly. Cunning people, over smart people, they can’t go through. If you give pain, or hurt someone, this is also against the innocence. If we sit on the heads of so many people, can we be innocent? If someone is hurt (by our behaviour), that person cannot be innocent. Innocence itself means, that flower like open which only gives joy to the world, good smell. Never give pain or hurt anyone. Yes, sometimes people feel hurt because of their stupidity, it is understandable. But don’t do it consciously. You don’t have innocence switch. If you’ve had the switch of innocence , as soon as it is put on your Agnya will be cleared immediately. You neither have the switch of peace, kindness, you do not have all these switches inside you. First awaken all the deities in you and then one by one all these switches will come up. But most easy to put is innocence one because we were very innocent when we were kids. When you spend time with kids and talk to them, or remember their words then you develop a  lot of innocence. 

Those who become innocent, they become eligible for kingdom of heaven. In your meditation, just see where is my mind diverting now in what cunning plan, what stupidity. Just witness it. Thoughlessness is innocence. 

When you go into meditation — we won’t meditate for that long today — but check which chakra is catching. On your fingers you can tell which fingers are catch, if they are burning just shake it or put a bandhan. But stay in thoughtlessness with your attention on the Sahasrara. Those who have come for the first time, we have to see if they have received their Realization or not. What troubles they are suffering from and what chakras are catching. All these catches are outside.

Even by moving the hands in this way you can put a bandhan. You can press it like that or throw away like that. This is also a big surrender in itself. Right in the center is a Shushumna Nadi. It has to be awakened. If it is awakened, it means, from all these fingers you ll get cool air. If you are feeling these cool breeze and you are thoughtless, you are moving forward, like you are in aeroplane and moving forward, you don’t know where it is going but you are going. 

Whilst I am here, the Sahaja yogis should participate actively and progress. Even when I go, don’t destroy collectivity. For anything stupid you say, you have to punish yourself. You should prohibit others to talk about anything else except Sahaja Yoga. Don’t talk about outside. Talk about inside. Whoever is getting catch, clean it. You need not feel ashamed. If your hands are burning you should clean them (chakras). What else can you do?

You know other ways to clean yourself in meditation. Don’t take umbrage when I tell you to do footsoak. Why you feel bad. It is stupidity to feel bad on such trivial things if I tell you some things. Who are you ? Are you a big saint ? Even big saints cleanse themselves.

Like Kabira said that, “Das Kabir jatan se odhi” (This body of mine, the sheet which is created by God, I kept it as I got it, didn’t spoil it) even when he was such a great man. So why should you feel bad. If I ask anyone to bring a matka [earthen pot] he feels hurt. And then he brings a very big matka ! We should abandon whatever foolish ideas we have about ourselves. We have to be childlike and not childish.

Now we will go into meditation

You will all sit this way. As I said before, just fill yourself with love. You know that I am your Mother, that means you have complete protection, nothing bad is going to happen. Just put your hands towards me. Just close your eyes slowly and look at your thoughts and you ll be thoughtless. As soon as you are thoughtless you will go within yourself. You should just decide that from today I will not hurt anyone. And God forgive all who have hurt me and please forgive me because I have also hurt a lot of people.  Whatever you say, God will do it. Ask for peace, he will give you peace, but you do not ask for peace. If you ask for satisfaction he will grant it to you. But you do not ask. If you ask for a good character, he will grant it to you. Now prayer has a meaning because now you have connection with God. 

Please give me love. Love for whole world. Please give me sweetness, madhurya. Please give me pleasantness.

Whatever you will ask for, He will give you. Don’t ask for anything else, ask only for yourself:
“Please protect me at Your feet.
Give me a place at Your feet.
Take this drop in Your ocean.
Whatever impurity I have, please remove it”.

Whatever you pray to God, that will happen:
“Please, make me vast.
Please, make me wise.
Please, give me Your wisdom.
Please, give me Your knowledge.
Let the whole Universe be blessed.
Let there be love in whole world.
Let there be Kingdom of love on earth.
Please, let this lamp burn for that.
Let my body, my heart, my mind burn for that”.

Ask whatever is beautiful. He will give you. You ask for ugly, He still gives you. Even when you ask for useless things He gives them to you. So when you ask for real, will He not give you that? Don’t ask superficially but from your heart.

You must pray to God and ask what you want. Ask for complete satisfaction in my heart, joy in my heart, bliss in my heart, so that the whole world becomes blissful.
Give me love, love that I could love the whole world and that the whole world becomes one in love.
Give salvation to this humanity which is suffering.
Take me to Your feet.
Cleanse me with Thy love”.

Now see if there is God or not? You can feel it within yourself. He hears you. He understands you. He’s the glory of all the glory. He loves you. He protects you. He guides you. He’s created you to reveal His love, but accept it.

Any time, any thought is coming you pray and you will be moving in the waves of that ocean which is Unconscious Mind, which starts with thoughtless awareness.

[Long pause]

If you cannot become thoughtless, you pray to Him: “Forgive me for what I have done and forgive those who have done harm to me.”