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Mumbai (India)

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Sweet Home Hall, Dadar, 1975-02-13

The self-realisation, which we know by the name of Kundalini, does not awaken through external factors such as one’s practice, effort, money, labour, influence. In every religion, different arrangements have been made for Kundalini awakening. For instance, the ‘namaaz’ for Muslims is a complete arrangement for Kundalini awakening…putting hands like this (palm facing upwards), bending, lowering the head, holding ears, putting fingers in ears, etc. are all for Kundalini awakening. But it is all mechanical, artificial. Like any part of a machine can’t function without power, in the same way, the subtle vibration inside us, which we know by the name of Kundalini, this also can’t be awakened, with any human effort or through any artificial instrument. 

In the same way, in the prayers of Christians, there is an arrangement for Kundalini awakening right from the beginning, they give initiation to a child, which is called ‘Baptising’. Before Christ, whenever people were initiated into religion, they were made to take a dip in the river. You are aware of how much relief you get when you get into a river after your realisation. Those who were making people take a dip were not realised souls. Those who told them about religion were not accomplished people. They were doing it in an artificial manner. They brought someone, dipped them in water, brought them out and baptised them by performing some religious rituals. Even there, there is a ritual called ‘communion ‘, in which wine is used. Actually, it should not be wine, but grape juice, but they have made it into wine and they give two things to everyone to eat. You know that we also give water, and ‘chana’ (roasted chickpea) for clearing the Nabhi chakra. This is the arrangement for clearing Nabhi Chakra. 

In Hindu religion, for ages people have made arrangements primarily for Kundalini awakening. But we saw it in the most beautiful form in the incarnation of Shri Krishna. The rationale behind the antics of Krishna such as stealing of butter and tying people up around himself was that if they were all tied to his Nabhi chakra, their Nabhis will also be cleared. The purpose behind Radha Ji going into river Yamuna and filling water was to vibrate the water of Yamuna river. When She carried the earthen water pitcher on Her head, Shri Krishna would break it by throwing a stone at it, the water would again trickle down Her back through Her Kundalini, getting double vibrated and ultimately falling on the land and vibrating the entire earth. So much calculation and planning was done. Only Radha Ji could do it, no one else was capable of doing it. Gopis (playmates and devotees of Krishna) going to the ‘pan-ghat’ (waterway) has a lot of significance for us. During the incarnation of Krishna, gopis used to do many other chores, but getting water from ‘panghat’ was considered very special. Its symbolic significance was that Radha Ji used to sit with Her feet in the river and the water used to get vibrated. The gopis used to fill their pitchers with this water and take it home and this cleared their Nabhi chakra. Ras Leela is also nothing but Sahaja Yoga. You have seen that many times I tell you to sit whilst holding each others’ hands. This is not a mechanical thing; in Sahaja Yoga, many people turn mechanical. They start doing things mechanically. It is not at all a mechanical thing. Every action has to be understood carefully and you should know the meaning of every action and which chakra is getting relief due to that. 

Whatever chakras we have in our body, in all those chakras My powers are in-built. When we bring them into use, those chakras become weak, their powers get reduced. There is only one nadi (channel) called Sushumna Nadi, whose internal power becomes Kundalini and gets hidden. We can’t bring it to use and presiding deities of all the chakras are only seated on that nadi. When we expend the energies of these chakras and go on exhausting them, we reach such a state where all the energy is exhausted and presiding deities residing in those chakras become tired, dry and may disappear. 

In such a state, diseases like cancer can start. Due to excessive usage of any chakra- the area surrounding the chakra which it nourishes with its energy, becomes depleted and the nerves and organs of the body become diseased. But this Shakti has to be used. In all circumstances, this power has to be used. 

When you use it for religious purposes, our dharmic power gets exhausted. When we use it for dharmic (religious) purposes, the dharmic shakti also gets exhausted. That is why, for dharmic people, there is a lot of pressure, especially on the Vishuddhi Chakra, like reciting mantras. Reciting mantras harms ‘vaikhari’, because the voice comes out of here. When we take the mantras in a very mechanical way, this power becomes weak and you will be surprised that at this place of Shri Krishna at the Vishuddhi chakra, for those who chant the names of Radha-Krishna day and night, their chakra becomes weak. It is very surprising that you take the name of Radha-Krishna and your Vishuddhi chakra gets damaged! Many people chant the name of Shiv Ji in all possible ways. I have not seen so far that anyone who takes the name of Shiv Ji before realisation, does not have a catch in their Heart Chakra. It will have to catch because His name is taken in the Heart chakra and your Vishuddhi chakra will be caught up too because you take His name through ‘vaikhari’; Vishuddhi chakra will be caught up and also the Heart chakra will be caught up. This way we keep committing all types of mistakes, because when a blind man….

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That is the same condition for all efforts like Pranayam. Those who do Hatha Yoga, those who think they are doing Hatha Yoga, in reality, you can’t do Hatha Yoga, because Hatha Yoga means, ‘Ha’ and ‘Tha’ – these are two Nadis (channels); ‘Ha’ is what we call ‘Surya (Sun) Nadi’. Whatever they do, they do on Surya Nadi, but doing it on ‘Tha Nadi’ is very difficult (and ‘Tha’ is what we call ‘Chandra (Moon) Nadi’) and to get into your Chandra Nadi means you have to go beyond your mind. Those who are only on Chandra Nadi, they learn ‘Bhoot vidya’ and those who are on Surya Nadi, they become egoistic demons or egoistic saints, whom we may call charismatic, but they can’t love anyone or uplift anyone- they can only curse. 

That is why even in the matters of religion, many mistakes have been committed – it keeps happening. That is why a person who looks very dharmic outwardly, does not get realisation easily and he who looks very adharmic, he may get his realisation in a split second. 

What is the thing of essence? It is not that either the desire or inward seeking is less. What is the difference between the two, one should understand this; one person’s attention is complicated and another person’s attention is light. One person’s attention is on fasting on Saturday and if he does not fast on a Saturday, he will not sleep at least the whole week. Such a person will never get his realisation. Whether you fast on Saturday or Sunday, how does it matter to God? Has God given you birth for fasting? But he has also not given you birth just for eating. A person’s attention is on food because he has to fast, or he has to think of food all the time, the attention of both is gone. For many people, they are bent on getting up at 4 am, even if the world goes upside down. On a day when they can’t get up at 4 am but 5 am, they will trouble everyone. How does that matter? We will get up at whatever time when we feel like we get up, feel the joy, otherwise we will not get up. For any resolution of this type, our attention sticks like a calculating accountant. Some are like this and some are lazy and neglectful. He constantly thinks about when he can sleep peacefully. All the thinking is about sleeping. ‘The bed has to be like this, this arrangement has to be there. I need this comfort, I need that comfort. I need a dress like this. If I don’t get a dress like that, he won’t touch or wear it.’ If his suit is not ironed one day, he will lift the whole house on his head, but his suit has to be ironed first. If her sari does not match…that’s it! The body matches or not, whether she is matching with the world or not… whether she is in harmony or not – that is not important. The sari not matching is more important and she will make everyone’s life miserable, from mother-in-law to father-in-law. 

This is the hold of attention. For a person whose attention is spent for so long on any mundane issue, he will not get his realisation. If the attention of anyone sticks on anything, his attention will get caught up in such a way that he is lost to the world. No one can tell him why he is caught up like this and then it becomes a mania., He gets into madness as if troubled by a bug that’s got into his brain. If you ask him if a bug got into your brain, he will not admit it. But if he does not get his realisation, he will ask. ‘Why am I not getting my realisation?’ ‘Look, it is because a bug has got into your brain’. 

We can call it obsessiveness, but sometimes it becomes so heightened that it reached its limit.  Like some people are obsessed with cleanliness, especially Maharashtrian women.   ‘I want everything absolutely clean.’ They make men’s and everyone’s lives in the household miserable for cleanliness. ‘I want cleanliness.’ This type of madness must be surprising to you. You must have heard that some people come to me for treatment for this. Recently a lady came. I asked, ‘What is her problem?’ ‘She washes her hands very frequently and if she goes to the bathroom, she spends hours there. She scratches her hair- she does not like them.’ It is madness. 

And the other extreme is to remain unclean, whatever may happen, whether they feel itchy or any other thing may happen. They think they have become saints and it doesn’t matter if they get itchy. Both are extreme behaviours and because of this, your attention wavers from one place to another. Extreme behaviour can be like an intoxication with alcohol.  Man doesn’t realise that he slowly becomes superfluous. He thinks that ‘it is my birth right to be extravagant and the entire world will say,’ Let us keep him cool. God save us from him and keep us well’’. Becoming extravagant is not the path to Sahaja Yoga. The path of Sahaja Yoga is in the centre. 

If someone wants to make money, he will keep on making money. It is another madness. They are not satisfied, even though they are earning throughout their lives. Some are after positions and they are running after positions but they are not satisfied. The other side is INAUDIBLE AUDIO …..

They have also written a poem on beggary! Sahaja Yoga is not for those who live in slums or palaces. Sahaja Yoga is not for those who despite living in a palace want to get another ten built. Sahaja Yoga is only for such a person, who has contentment in him, one who thinks, ‘I have earned enough and have got enough possessions, a little more for carrying on day-to-day life is all that I need’. One should have contentment. He who lives in a palace but is content is alright for Sahaja Yoga. He who lives in slums and has contentment, he is also okay for Sahaja Yoga. Contentment is in the middle path. When the man is contended, his chakras do not open much and there is no pressure on them. 

We have a lot of fantasies about our responsibilities in our minds. Being extreme on this count is against Sahaja Yoga. There is no excess of anything in Sahaja Yoga. That means that whatever is there, you should be frank about it. I am not against anything. Those who want to earn money like mad people, let them earn. Those who want to beg, let them beg. We don’t have to respond to them. But those who want to come into Sahaja Yoga, they should understand that some satisfaction is required. 

Another thing is those people who are very vindictive. I can express it better in Marathi as I have seen my elders do this….Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi. Those who say, I do not like this at all- who are you to say that?. ‘I don’t like this, I don’t like that’- one who uses such language is not any good for Sahaja Yoga. If someone is vindictive, or tries to be overbearing, just say ‘I don’t care. Where do I have the time for talking to such beggars? Where do I have time for talking to such affluent people or such useless people?’ Only when this happens, Sahaja Yoga can get established, because Sahaja Yoga is a revolutionary path in the centre. Such people, I told you earlier, will be called missing links. When you live in that kingdom, they will be called ‘missing links’, who are extreme. When you will be in the state of evolution, these people will be known as missing links, those who live in extremes.

That is why forgiveness is built in as a cure for this inside a human being. First, you should have contentment and secondly, if you can forgive people, half of your energy is saved. Supposing you abuse Me and I keep thinking, how can I abuse you back. If I don’t know how to abuse, I would go to a friend for advice on ‘how can I abuse this person who used these abusive words against me?’ I keep on thinking, I run here, I run there. Instead, if someone abuses and I forgive, it’s all over. That chapter is over! Nothing further! As soon as you forgive, the other person will also change. There is no bigger weapon than to know how to forgive. The day you know the mantra of forgiveness, the same day your Kundalini will cross your Sahasrar. 

Let us look at Agnya chakra, which the Kundalini finds very difficult to pierce. If the Kundalini stops there, if you have a problem with your Agnya chakra, the first thing you should learn is to forgive. If you get any thoughts against anyone in your mind, you should tell yourself, ‘Beware, forgive’. Whoever comes to trouble you, forgive. Another person comes, ‘You came to beat me the other day, forgive’. He will go. Now comes the third person, ‘you abused me, I forgive’.  Fourth one comes, ‘he had insulted you, forgive’. If at Agnya chakra, one can’t forgive, it is very difficult to keep Agnya chakra in proper condition. It is not that you do it to please Me. Not for Me. You- for your own sake, in your mind and with a clean heart say, ‘I have forgiven everyone’. If you don’t forgive, all your energy will be spent in planning revenge- ‘hit him, beat him, do this, do that, abuse him’. If he has hurled 4 abuses against you, you hurl 10 abuses, take an army from here, take an army from there. Just by saying the word ‘forgive’, all your Agnya chakras have cleared. Forgiveness is such a tremendous attribute.

The other thing which is very essential for Sahaj yogis is that they should have love in their hearts. The heart should be clean. There should be a cleansing of the heart. Those who deceive, tell lies, say this here, say that there, say bad things behind others’ backs, such people will never get their realisation. Even if they get it, they will have catches on their chakras very frequently. Those who gossip around, their heart will catch and also surely Agnya Chakra will also catch because they will lose their ability to forgive. God rarely forgives such people. 

Someone who deceives, cheats, pretends, lies and who without realisation gives discourses for money, is committing a very big crime. God will never forgive such people. Whoever does any religious work without getting his self-realisation, he will be a big criminal in the eyes of Paramatma (God) and that is why God will never forgive him. One who makes money in the name of religion in the society, in a temple or a mosque, there is no one more unholy and evil than him. 

I told you that when I went to Mathura, I noticed that all the chiefs of the cults are demons who have taken birth in Kali Yug and are working there as ‘Pandas’ (religious persons performing rituals). It is like this in all religions.  All the demons (rakshasas) are wearing religious masks but their crimes are unforgivable.  You are daring to cheat in the court of Paramatma; there can’t be a greater stupidity than this. 

In the essence of all endeavours, the important quality that should be there in a human being is purity, you call it innocence. Purity. Keeping oneself pure, not talking ill of others, not allowing any impure thought to come into one’s mind- this is the biggest YAgnya (sacrifice), which happens after Sahaja Yoga. That is why small children get their realisation very quickly and get it. The essence of all things flows from the feet of Shri Ganesha, which we know by the name of auspiciousness. He’s the one who has created the universe and will also bring forth the dissolution of this creation and because of whom a new type of human being can also be created that Sahaja Yoga is establishing. That’s why a person who does not have any aspect of the auspiciousness is not human but… 

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