Public Program: Sharirik bimariya Vibration se thik ho sakti hai

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)

1975-02-16 Bimariya Chaitanyase Thik Ho Sakti Hai Mumbai NITL HD, 56'
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[Hindi to English translation]

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)Public program, 1977-0731, Kundalini and Self-realization

As on today, as a mother, I … I have arrived, whose name is very amazing. But you may not believe that an ordinary woman, like you, living in a household like this….. How did I come? That… The name is easy moksha. Before we know what is Sahaja, we should know what salvation is. What is salvation? Why did we come into this world? Why did man evolve? Why was man specially created?

Why did God give this beautiful creature so many powers from a special artwork? Only after understanding this, you will know that your whole existence, your whole existence, has been created to immerse you in great bliss.

God worked hard for this. Now there may be such people among you who will say, “Mother, where is God?” We need to do that… You have to start with the first step. Whether God exists or not, this thing is very easily understood, if you are a science teacher. Science in itself has now proved that there is God. You go to a chemistry person and ask him how God has systematically created all the elements of the world one after the other. And how systematically grouped them into eight divisions, can something, like this be without thinking, by some planning? If you … If you go to him and ask him, “What is this earth, which creature has made such a vigorously rotating earth, that people are still sitting comfortably on it?” If there were to be a more mass anywhere on this earth, this earth could be shaky. It can be completely shaky. Its whole conduction, how much of its arrangement, how much of our distance from the sun, how wonderful is the whole system, that someone or the other, someone or the other must surely be a magician. Then you can look at yourself, who are the ones who run this heart, who runs this heart? Thereof… Name it, name nature, name nature, call it God, whatever you may call it in your language, but you started behaving like a psychologist that there is such a universal soul inside you, which they call unconscious, universal unconscious. Whatever strange things it does for us, brings us in balance, sustains us, tells us in dreams, whoever says it. The verge on which man has reached today, he must understand that there does exist some ditch. Until the ditch was visible, it is necessary to take one to the ditch. In that creation, in that nature, in the power of that God, all this creation is very beautiful. He used three powers. He sustained it by one power, through which he is the master of his power, the program of his power, his game, and if he does not like it, he also destroys it. Many such creations have happened and have ended. The second power is to see, witness and being witness. Which many people call destroying power. And the other power that creates. Big planets, stars, moon, sun, clusters of stars, beautiful things like earth, for this creative power, that you may call creative power, it may be called God too. 

If you take a small atom, molecule of sulphur dioxide, you will be surprised at the vibrations emanating from inside a sulphur! However, this…is electric like  its electro magnet. But who’s driving it there? Anyone who’s running that thing in a tiny atom? Who is vibrated in that molecule ?. If I don’t speak here, you won’t have a reach to voice. The same power is working in that small atom, which …… the whole creation And she thinks, understands and is disciplined with everything. Whether you believe it or not. The third power that God has used has been used very well. That is the power of evolution, the power of revolution. The power due to which man gradually came to this state, came to this state of consciousness. The power present in that sulphur dioxide does not know that any power is located within me. 

They don’t even know where I stand, what’s going on inside her. What is my atomic status? She doesn’t know anything. I’m just existing. Where is here, it is completely disciplined. After that, his third power is there, vibration of life began in that. Due to this power, after the vibration of life started, evolution started in man. I would say that it happened first in every living being. Even before that, as you know, it happened in vegetation and today in man has reached to the end of that evolution. If you look at a monkey’s head, it seems to be cut in half from here. This head, was our need to grow, which is fore-head, from which we think. Do planning. With which we run our ego. This too is something given by God. No need to fret it. There is no need to panic. This part should have come so elongated in us. The living apparatus of our body also had to be so fully developed. That is why this happened. Today that day has come, today the time has come, that you are ready. It has been described in our books and scriptures by great sages and in every religion. Many have not read it, many have not understood it, have not known it, but today the time has come to know it. In this way, the three dimensions that were in us till today. The time has come to move from the three dimensions that we were walking on to the fourth dimensions, and since long now the fourth dimension is being talked about.

Not only that, its being talked about, its gesture is also in our minds. We now understand that there must be some power beyond us that drives us. This.. It’s a new discovery. All the scientists, sitting in their places and got amazed that what we took so much common till date is ….. it was not right. It’s saying something else. The source for all these powers is the fourth dimension, the fourth dimension. The formula that operates all the powers is beyond these three powers. To become one with that thread, to be identified with it, beyond the three gunas, beyond thoughts, is liberation. This is the path to salvation. Where you wake up thoughtlessly, you don’t sleep. I’m not talking about trance. that’s an elusive game, about which I’ll tell you later. 

I’m talking about knowing you awakened, in search of you. Because whatever evolution has taken place of animals till date, there has been evolution, when they have become humans, they had no consciousness. In their senses, they were not evolution. Because that is disciplined. But man became independent. Later, after independence, he found his way and has extended his this part, from where it is thought and planned. See later. Only when this yantra is fully ready, this light is going to awaken. As if you decorated with the lamp. They have put a twig in it, they have put oil in it. All three dimensions are ready, now it’s just a matter of putting the twig into it. It is a matter of lighting the lamp in some way. A lit lamp can enlighten it up. But without lighting a lamp, it cannot enlighten it and it can be awakened Sahaja way. The meaning of salvation is simply that to immerse ourselves in the source, through which the creative work of the whole creation has been done and by which we too are created, to become one with that power, at that time these powers start flowing themselves from within. Like light from inside flowers. But in this thought process and this… Humans make big mistakes. I’m not talking about other mistakes that are unethical. But even in righteousness, great mistakes were made. A lot of mistakes have been made. All can be forgiven, because in ignorance the child can do anything. But love is such an absolute power that it can forgive all mistakes. 

Donate to that ultimate thing….. The power of this love has created the whole world. That love created you. And today the love that resides inside you awakens. This can make the whole world loving. Bharat is a land of great yoga. You don’t know it today. When that thing starts flowing from inside you, then you will know that this pulsating thing on this earth, it does not come anywhere in any country. Just as lotuses bloom in the mud, in the same way, we have had great yogis. The mud is increasing, the lotus is decreasing. When will the fragrance of the lotus be so much that when it ends the fragrance of mud? If you are prepared, then for you the time has come for the lotus to bloom. What should you do for that? How will it happen? What to do? Therefore also it is this thing, that spontaneous, Sahj, Sa  ha  ja , sah means with, with, ja means born, born. What do you have to do for what you are born with? You have your eye with you. You have your nose with it. You have this whole body with you. ….. What to do with it? In the same way, your ego is born with you. Your birth is systematically cherished and decorated you within the forewalls of yourself, which is your own mother. She was born with you again and again, many times she was born with you. And she longs that I give my child another birth once again, so that they may receive that great pleasure. It’s like there’s a machine in front of me today. You know, it was first well prepared and then brought before me and then my voice is coming to you from it. But the question is, we are not at ease/ Sahaja. It is very difficult for man to be at ease. It is not difficult for dogs, cats, trees at all. Just think about this little thing, that the day you were born, you were born as a human being. Whether you were born in India, whether you were born in England, whether you were born in America, whether you were in Japan, whether you were born in China. God did not create all this England, America, nor China, nor Hindustan. But the moment you were born, you thought that you were an Indian. The second thing came to his mind that there are parents for you. The third thought started that you have your relations. This village is yours. This city of Bombay belongs to us. Then it began that this is our name. That’s our job. This is our position. All these are Miss Identifications of Life. All is false. We consider all falsehoods to be our own. We hue & cry for it, we fight the world. They cause havoc. But whatever is false is false, it will remain false and it is false. The truth is the same, that you are human. And only from a human being can you become a superhuman being. You can be Super Man. In which you will reach the stage from where you will see what this game is going on. This God’s own power will flow from within you because you will know what its power is. What are it’s deeds? How does that work? I can’t teach you anything about it. There cannot be any mantras and so on. This thing cannot happen by  any means. Big pundits come to me. Seeing their scholarship I think that I am a great fool. But I ask them, ‘Have you found that bliss, that supreme happiness that you are talking about?’ It’s not our cup of tea. You have to do this for it, you have to do that for it. We have to be purified. What are you are purifying about? We are mothers. We are pure first. Nobody can accept this. Scholars have no mothers. Nothing there. They are the biggest. They become so educated that they don’t even have a mother. Such an educated person is of no use to Sahaja Yoga. A kind of bizarre ego comes to mind. I’m not saying that man doesn’t have ego. There is ego and there is super-ego too. There is ego and there is also super ego. I’m going to talk to you about that tomorrow. But the perturbations that come before us, the perplexities of it, bind us in such a way that men are not prepared to leave it. For example, I went to America. Now let’s look at the scholars’ talk. You’d be surprised that learned people talk like that! they said to me, ‘Mother, you should charge some money for what you are doing. Some fees should be imposed. They came so-and-so, they charge $275 and you’re giving it for free. It doesn’t cost people anything. It belongs to the one who sent them with sticks. I said, “What a fool. How does he talk? I said, ‘Brother, whatever price you want to put for my love, put.” Now that you have bent down to pay the price of your mother’s love. What can be called this great stupidity, that they even think of God, a spectacle of money. 

Man has become so egoistic with money that he thinks that he can even encash God. The same thing has happened in our temples, mosques and churches. Wherever you go, this is a state of religion. What knowledge is in it? You tell me what wisdom is there? You say in temples that brother may take my 101 rupees offering and give me liberation. Now you are buying permits with money!  “I am a very charitable man, Mother. I gave so much money to that temple. And it turned out that the priests who were there, I saw, were great demons. In Mathura where Krishna settled. He performed all their lilas. You will be surprised that when I went to Mathura, I was stunned to see that the priests there are ……. (vague) I cannot say that of others. All are the same followers who were the followers of Kansa and were demons. And today they are robbing everyone. No religious man can rob money. He is not used to living on other’s money. His built is not such that no one can buy him. None can be the buyer. One who is buying him, is that religious! Man’s intellect is so stupid that it wants to look for religion. What an uncomfortable thing. It’s an impossible issue. You talk about impossibility, it is difficult to say. Absolutely difficult. What an uneasy fantasy that you are buying God by paying money. But today, ever since I was born, I see that only that business has been run in the name of religion. Some make money by giving speeches, some earn money by doing something. They’re buying all motors. Buying a house. They are buying residences. Buying motors with the money of the devotees of God. And what about you guys too? You people believe this, that is why you have made these people so big. This is also a big fault of yours. You give too much recognition to these people. Because you also have one of your egos in it, that let’s buy God for two rupees. They also know your weaknesses very well. Money cannot buy God. It’s a very embarrassing thing. You can’t buy something that is alive. Talking about buying love is a great insult to love and a great sin. And these people should also be given to understand that a person who talks about religion without taking it and sits as a guru commits a great sin. And a great punishment for him from God, awaits. You will make money here. You will earn money here. But in the kingdom of God, such a man will not be forgiven. This must be understood. Such sort of thing must not be thought or attempted. This is not a socio-economic activity. Everyone has made a business of it. You cannot make religion a business. I am telling you now, but if you see a temple as you go, you will be offering rupees two before you go. This is the embarrassment of man. This does not mean that God is not present in the temples, but they are sitting there and suffering, “O Rama! That’s why I’ve been made to sit here and a demon sitting in front of me is snatching the money from all. He is snatching my devotees. “She is crying, this mother, at home. Where did you show Kalki? Set it right.” Embarrassing, the whole thing became uncomfortable. Another way is that you are getting yourself purified. At first, there would be purification, but by giving money, many people would purify themselves. But not this with money, Get yourself mentally purified. Who is going to do is what’s wrong. What is going to do is what’s wrong. Now what are you getting done from him? Just as you have decided that you have to purify, you take it that you cannot be purified. Because the reason for which purification takes place, what carries it, what cleans it, you do not have that water. You don’t have the vibrations with which you are purifying. I am not against purification at all. 

But I am against stupidity, that if you move your hands like this, purification will not happen. You need that water with which you can purify yourself. For that, at least these vibrations should come inside you, otherwise you cannot purify yourself. That soap should come to you with which you can purify yourself. There is no airborne purification, there is a lot of ego in that. Someone might think I have a very pure mind. Self-realization should come first for purification. Just like it is in dogma. I’m not against dogma. I never will be. But it should be understood that when we are calling someone, there should be at least some connection in it. Otherwise, whom are we calling? We are damaging our own phone. In matters concerning God, we think that whatever we say is right and whatever we do is right. The difficult sentiment of a person is to imagine about God and keep their imagination. This is the foolishness of that person. Because He is as He is. You have to see Him, know Him, then think about Him. You have only thought from your mind that God is like this. This is God. I didn’t think about winning the lottery, God showed great grace upon me.

Oh, whether they have any business or not, that God is sitting there to give you a lottery ticket. God is as He is. He will give you what you deserve. He won’t give it just because you ask for it. Tomorrow, if a child comes to me and says, “Mother, give me poison.” Will I give them poison? If they ask, “Mother, somehow bring me something that would just entertain me for a while and later make my head explode.”Will I give such a thing to them? We give our children only what is real, what is absolute. Giving them what parents don’t give is a mistake. They are not parents, they are wrong parents. Whatever you ask from the Supreme, ask only the Supreme. There’s none else to ask from. He has everything. What kind of illusion and deceit is this, asking for it from them? You are running after what pursuit.

This has only developed fear, worries, and troubles within you. By which your head is filled with all tensions and you are troubled. Is this also something to ask for? If you go to a King, ask for kingship. Are you going to a beggar? But humans are uneasy. They are uneasy. Those who give them such things by performing miracles, (it’s very unclear) to them.

I ask you to look towards those countries that have achieved everything in materialism. In countries where everything has been acquired, where servants ride in cars, you need to go inside these countries to see.

Is that country happy? Why are there so many suicides there? Why have all the children left their homes? Why are the people fleeing their homes? What is happening? We should think. Are we also going in that direction? Are we also going to burn ourselves in the same fire? Are we also going to fall into that pit? Are we, the residents of this Yoga Land also going from the same path?

Even in that situation, when our children will run around as hippies and smoke marijuana, then we will wake up, and then we will understand that we need to shorten the path. That’s wrong. Happiness, peace, and joy are within us. I don’t give you any command for this tomorrow. No one teaches you for this. No one can give you rules for this. No one can teach it to you.

Just as a seed sprouts from itself, similarly the seed of yourself, residing within you, sprouts by itself. I just pour a little water of love into it. And when your seed awakens, you too can pour the water of love into others. When one lamp is lit, it will light another lamp. Life’s layers unfold naturally.

Artificiality cannot create a life, cannot create a life. But when you understand this thing with intelligence, and comprehend it, only then does this thing manifest within, only then does the truth become visible from afar. Truth does not take on a single form with us. It is not identified. We know the truth well, we see it in books, we read it. But truth is not identified with us. Truth stays distant from us. We perceive truth. Its sighting remains occasional. And it feels like someone is deceiving. It’s not understandable. Let’s agree that this is the truth. But we cannot become identical with the truth. There’s no fusion with it. Only through understanding can someone bind with it. What is the reason? I’ll tell you tomorrow. What’s the reason? I’ll tell you tomorrow. But today, please let me tell you what its context is? This thing happens naturally, it doesn’t happen by doing something. It happens from within oneself. And it’s going to happen. A new dimension is about to unfold. And because it’s going to happen in your consciousness, there’s no need to tell anyone about it. Please don’t consider me like Guru etc. as you consider others. I am a mother. A mother washes her child’s feet. She bathes them. She loves them. A guru only gives. She doesn’t desire anything. She doesn’t ask for anything. She only loves. Whether you beat her, scold her, put her in difficult situations, she still remains in love. Even if she scolds  you, she does it so out of love. Everything is happening in love. Then what can you do? You just perform actions, perform actions from within. Whatever peaceful form it may be, I won’t need to say anything. I won’t need to do anything. Naturally, like the rays of the sun spreading across the world, by spreading its net, it gives you life. Similarly, this love also spreads, enters into you, and acts within. There’s no need to do anything. This is simplicity and this is liberation. Seeing you people in such numbers brings great joy. Despite so many troubles in this country, people still seek peace, search for happiness, and want to achieve everything. They don’t go to the wrong places. This is a big thing, this is accumulated from past lives, which has brought you here today. For this, let me tell you a small story. Once Nala had caught hold of Kali. You know Nala, the king Nala. There’s no need to explain so much in India. Everyone knows. Kali was caught, and Nala said to Kali, “Come, I will twist your neck in such a way that you will never be alive again. You have deceived me greatly.” Kali thought now there is no escape. So he said, “Alright brother, you can kill me. No problem. But listen to my glory. Listen to the glory of Kali Yuga. Then you won’t kill me.” “What is this glory? Alright, tell me.” This glory is that in Kali Yuga, even in these mountains, in these caves, wandering sages and saints are lost, wandering while thinking, ‘Help, help.’

It is in the Kaliyug that they will come to the household as an ordinary person, become a saint and they are going to transcend. In this era where the outcry will be completely done. Lawlessness will flourish completely. Then righteousness will arise in the hearts of these people and destroy all iniquity. This is the praise of the iron age. And finish me off if you want. But the ….. of all this. And that’s what is evident. The time has come that work is going to be done in this Kaliyug itself. Cancer-like disease.

I can still say with confidence today what I have said before. Except with natural cooperation, nothing can be fixed. Most physical ailments can be healed through these vibrations. But one should not be interested in diseases. Doctors should be prepared first. Let the doctors be prepared first. Let a thousand such doctors be prepared. There is plenty of time. You don’t need to pass a medical degree for that. Because here you have to work like this, work like this. Vibrations have come, just rotate your hands and the work is done. When the signs come, all of nature will flow out from within you. You will be amazed, someone can do your work effortlessly. Very effortlessly, you will be amazed at yourself. Many people say, ‘Mother, we are great sinners. How can it be possible for us?’ I said, don’t say such things in front of me.

If a child were to go to his mother and say, ‘Mother, I am very sinful,’ would the mother be very happy? Don’t do such things in front of me. What sin of yours is there that I cannot bear? What dirty thing of yours is there that I cannot endure? What accident is there that cannot be handled in my case? Everything can be managed. A mother’s power is immense. Don’t provoke her! There is hatred inside someone. Because when you start running, when your path begins, then you have to work hard. Many people become successful without hard work, like some who have come here, from America, they have worked hard. Sahaja yoga achieved it in one go. But some people waver. Especially children. Children are naturally straightforward. When they set out to achieve something, they hardly ever face problems. Many get stuck in it. But many people are such that they cross over, then they hold on, then they cross over again. They hold on, then they cross over again. Just now I met a Nagpanthi Baba. He touched your feet. He began saying, ‘Mother, I have just grasped the Agnya Chakra and the Vishuddhi Chakra.’ He said, ‘I have awakened the Kundalini with great effort. I have worked hard.’ A saint even told me, he told everyone, ‘After twenty-one thousand penances, I felt vibrations. Mother gave you all with great love. I don’t know what good deeds you did in your past life! I just cut wood for so many years. I lived in the jungles. I never met anyone in the world. Many get stuck in it. But many people are such that they cross over, then they hold on, then they cross over again. They hold on, then they cross over again. Just now I met a Nagpanthi Baba. He touched your feet. He began saying, ‘Mother, I have just grasped the Agnya Chakra and the Vishuddhi Chakra.’ He said, ‘I have awakened the Kundalini with great effort. I have worked hard.’ A saint even told me, he told everyone, ‘After twenty-one thousand penances, I felt vibrations. Mother gave you all with great love. I don’t know what good deeds you did in your past life! I just cut wood for so many years. I lived in the jungles. I never met anyone in the world. 

Then after working hard for twenty-one thousand years, after many lifetimes, my vibrations broke. And you all got it for free. And today Mother washes your hands and feet.’ Who said to go somewhere? Stay here. Get married. Having children is fine. Some mothers feel good when their children become renunciants. What’s the need to beg your life from your mother? Stay calm, stay relaxed, eat, drink, enjoy. Now, when it comes to enjoyment, another business starts. I don’t understand. If I say, ‘Enjoy yourself,’ then people head to the bars. It’s amazing that those who refused alcohol, their disciples become confirmed alcoholics. The opposite of what was said is happening. I was in Tehran recently. There, I said, Mohammad Sahab had said not to drink alcohol.

So, Omar Khayyam wrote poetry about alcohol there. His, Omar Khayyam’s cassets made. At first, they wanted to beat him. He built temples of alcohol. On your land, a personality like Mohammad Sahab has emerged. Use your intelligence, understand something. Hindus were told one thing, that there is the same divinity within everyone, you are repeatedly reborn. You can be a Mahar or a Brahmin at times. You can also be a Muslim at times. They became so rigid. When I  went to Pune. There, a gentleman started saying, you are not a Brahmin. How can you speak on religion? I said, I am a Brahmin, come forward. When they came forward, things went like this. I said, ‘What is this? Hold on to your Brahminhood. What’s happening? Why are you trembling?’ They said, ‘You are trembling because you are powerful. I said, ‘This madman is trembling, and you are trembling too. Both are the same.’ Why aren’t the rest trembling? Brahminhood exists when you are awake, Muslimhood exists when it wakes up, Christianity exists when it awakens. Before that, who is imposing all this brand? Who gave the authority? Who told? Its brand is being rotated everywhere, we are here, we are there. All this doesn’t work in front of God’s notes. You can move them here and there. Only the real notes will work with God. The fake ones don’t work there. Any kind of manipulation you do. So, whatever notes you place, we are here, we are there, we are in control, they won’t work there. And those who believe in such nonsense and hold on to rigid beliefs are not eligible for Sahaj Yoga. 

You are disrespecting your own religion. Muslims disrespect their religion… (unclear) Jesus had told Christians one thing, that do not believe in ghosts. Ghosts are bad. Do not touch spirits at all, openly, against God, no one else has ever said. Even Guru Nanak said that. But I cannot describe the remaining ghosts there to you. They play their tricks, they manipulate, apart from that, whatever was lacking, many have gone from here. They are all wrapping them up, gathering them. Some have even bought thirty-thirty Rolls Royces. They have made a business out of it. There are things like this. Whatever was said, the opposite of that thing, whatever was said with religion, is not religion. Religion has to be completely explained. Especially high religions like Hinduism. Those which have been investigated by sages and monks so much. How many things have been discovered. It is surprising how much knowledge this human has! How was this information obtained? 

When I read the greatness of the goddess, I think, was Markandeya Swami sitting with a microscope? How did he know so precisely? When I read Adi Shankaracharya, I am amazed. How did he understand each and every small thing, what does ‘hu’ mean? What does ‘haan’ mean? What does ‘him’ mean? He figured it out. Completely surrendered. It’s very difficult work. It’s very difficult work. I don’t know how they figured it out. If the establishment of such great religions has happened, it wasn’t done by one person. There shouldn’t even be a question of fundamentalism. It shouldn’t happen. And whatever these people have figured out, it’s all true. But by rote learning or by their saying, you cannot have a vision of that truth. Until you directly experience the truth within, you yourself are not the embodiment of truth. Many people wander in search of truth. But they end up falling into falsehood. This is because it’s unnatural. Naturalness happens when truth is found in the world.

Without truth, we will not accept anything else. Even I don’t need to believe. You shouldn’t even deny me. But I don’t need to believe blindly, saying, “Yes, Mother, alright, alright.” No. When you have the experience within you, you will yourself know that I  did not tell you anything vague. I don’t want to deceive you. I don’t want anything from you. Except that you attain this welfare. Attain that ultimate state. There will be many blessings about that. You have an account in the bank, I want to cash it. I am just a cashier. But what about someone who doesn’t have any account? Something should be there for them too. Overdraft is not possible. But there should be a little in the account of the Divine too. Just as many people come to me, Mother, they are fine now. We are not fine. It’s worth thinking about. If a mother’s love is right for everyone, then it should be fair. All the children of a mother are not the same. Or if God is a male, if He is a father, if He is your protector, then what should be done? He also knows that if you are evil, tomorrow if Hitler says, “Sir, please give me the kingdom.” then who will give him the kingdom? He hasn’t faced any punishment. He should face severe punishment. A man should also understand that if we are in simplicity, if we are at the feet of God, then God is very pleased with us. And in this matter, you cannot pretend. He knows everything about you. He hears your voice, he knows everything. He knows every little thing. He is the same, this small dormant Kundalini that resides within you, the power that resides within you, is like a tape recorder where all things are stored within Him. And that same tape recorder, the tape it has, knows when you can cross the threshold. It will only rise, it will only operate when you come into contact with a person who has the authority of religion. The rest play with the Kundalini, it’s a big spectacle. They do not awaken the Kundalini, they insult Ganesha greatly. He used to guard it, he knew all those donkeys, if you were there, and if your Kundalini were awakened, it would turn into a spectacle. They write such books that your hands burn while reading them. It happens. Who told you to touch the Kundalini? Who are you? Your mother is sitting inside, her gatekeeper Shri Ganesha is seated. He is the eternal child. They know that their mother is covered in shame. It is their duty to uphold her dignity, her honour. When you try to assert your authority over them in the wrong way, they don’t do anything. But that boy of theirs, he’s very naughty. He doesn’t listen. No matter how much you explain to him, he won’t listen. Things get so messed up that you feel helpless. A gentleman came to me in Delhi recently. He started saying, “Kundalini has awakened, feeling unwell due to the heat.” I said, “Kundalini is so cool that its temperature is minus 2 degrees. It’s as if it’s sulking. It’s absolutely cold. Cold vibrations come from it. That heat you felt was a figment of your imagination. When Kundalini rises, how does it rise? What is Kundalini? There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s your mother. Where is she seated within you? What do they call it medically? What do they say scientifically? What does psychology say about it? All of these will be explained to you, and I will also explain what happens during its awakening. What changes occur within you? What state of mind do you enter? I will delve into this. Come tomorrow and the day after as well. Make sure to come for three days. People nowadays think, “Let’s have some water and then go listen to the mother’s speech.” Find some time. Nowadays, we use wrist watch to set alarms to save time. We’re saving time for just one thing. If you think about it, we’re not saving time for our progress, for our ascent, for our struggle, or for anything else. No, we’re not saving time to go to the cinema.  

I am not against cinema. But if time is being saved anywhere, it must be devoted to your progress. You must spare three days. And a large number of you should come tomorrow and attain this. Getting it is the thing. It can happen very easily. After this, we will try to show you a little practical demonstration of it. What you will experience within you. Many have already experienced it. It happens in a moment. In a moment, a person transcends. If the preparation is there, understand, if you have any physical element, if you have any physical pain, Kundalini stops. “Fix this, then I will rise.” So I fix it. And in this process, you also get fixed. But it’s not my duty to fix. Kundalini does it. She does it. But the man who never even thinks about spirituality, who has no interest in the Divine, he comes to me, Mother, I have come to you, as they say in Marathi, ‘Muddamahuna aalo,’ I have come knowingly. I asked, ‘Why have you come?’ I thought maybe my son was running towards me? They said, ‘My uncle, my grandfather, someone from here, someone from there, has cancer. Mother, please cure him.’ I said, brother, I don’t understand this. This is going beyond the limits of charity. Those who are cooperative, who have transcended, they are blessed. They are blessed with physical, mental, and intellectual blessings. Not only that, it’s a worldly blessing as well. As many people transcend, as many people attain. Many people have transcended effortlessly in the past. You are sitting here. They never come in a collective manner. That’s why you should understand that this progress is collective. This is the complete thing. If one individual does it alone, it will have to be done on the Himalayas. But in the Kali Yuga, the entire cosmic body has to awaken. It’s not just an individual matter. When you meditate, you will understand why Mother is saying the cosmic being is involved. The entire society has to be involved. The entire society. Because when one person’s cycle increases more, another’s decreases, and someone else gets something. You’ll have to cross-check among yourselves. You’ll have to exchange with each other. You’ll have to share your powers. Only then will it work. Without that, this thing won’t be ready. I have given it to many. I have given it to many ministers, to many high-ranking officials. To kings – emperors, and I don’t know who else, scholars, wrestlers, and so on. I have given it to many. But sitting at home, Mother has given us great joy. Then whenever we meet, “Mother, my vibrations have disappeared! What happened?” “Oh brother, you’ve caught onto three chakras. The vibrations will go away. You should come into meditation.” “Mother, I don’t have time! I am a very important person.” You have become so important that you don’t have time, then your existence is worthless. Such people, who become like chimpanzees and the like, will become like them. Those who consider themselves extremely important. Greed for money. Greed for power. Greed for position, prestige. Those who are wasting their time, nothing good will come of them. Especially in Sahaja yoga. In Sahajayoga, only those will benefit who can spare a little time for themselves. It will be good for those who can also take time for themselves, it will be good for them. It’s a matter of your own choice. It’s a matter of your freedom. It’s a matter of your own thinking. No one can force you. If you don’t have the desire, if your heart is not in it, if you haven’t accepted it in your freedom, then how can you be made a king? It will be forced upon you a little bit. You should have your own preparation, your own desire, and it should be with complete freedom. Not because I’m saying so. Not at all. Because you are feeling it internally. That’s why it will happen. Who am I to say this to you today? Nothing yet. When you become ready, then it’s another matter. When you are fully committed, when we have a relationship, but not now. Until then, you are completely free in yourself. You choose. Think and achieve it.