Two minds, lying vertically parallel on both the sides of the Sushumna

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)

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Public program day 3, Mumbai, India, 19-02-1975

Yesterday  I explained to you the position of the kundalini in our spinal cord and why it exists there, and what are its functions. God has created human beings in his own image and all these things that I have told you yesterday are first built up in the body of the Virata that is the aspect of God in which all that is created exists.

But let us see in the human being in what way this kundalini came. As I have told you yesterday that there are three powers that exist in the body and the most important one is the central one which is incarnated as Mahalakshmi which helped us to evolve into a superhuman being. That channel is known as Sushumna which I have shown you in the centre. And there is a gap between the navel point and the abode of the kundalini. This portion of that channel or you can say of that energy is settled down here and kundalini, which is not used till you get the chance of meeting somebody who can give you self-realization and that is the only time the kundalini rises. 

These two exist within us psychological. One has the constructive power by which we think, or we can say the preconscious mind , the Mana the postman which is every moment receiving something from the conscious mind and putting it into the subconscious mind.

For example, you are listening to me, you are paying attention to me. I am talking something, you are receiving it from me and it is going into your past. Again you are receiving from me and it is going into the past. So this represents the preconscious mind while the other is the storing of all your experiences is the subconscious mind.

We have two minds, lying vertically parallel on both the sides of the Sushumna. This is one of the greatest facts most of the people who have been searching God have not understood. That to go to your Sushumna Nadi or to go to your present moment. And this moment when you are listening to me moment to moment you are living, this conscious mind, to approach that conscious mind and stay there at that point one need not go to the subconscious or to the preconscious.

One need not to control the preconscious mind. That is the Mana, neither it is necessary for you to go to the subconscious mind as have these siddhis and things like that and go to the bhootvidya and pretavidya. Both things are not at all necessary, on the contrary, those who go on these lines might be able to see the kundalini, they might be able to see all the chakras from the backdoor, while in the centre when you rise in the Sushumna Nadi then you do not see anything whatsoever but you just jump out. Later on you can come down and see all this.

For example, I live in London. In my house, is about ten miles drive from the station. Some people, visitors are coming to see me, so I have to receive them at the station. I go there, receive them and they come to my house, direct. You know about London that nobody is seen on the streets. It’s a very small village so there is nobody on the streets. You can’t meet  anybody.

You just come straight to your own house, and then you enter inside the  house. You stay there, then you know your neighbours gradually. But supposing somebody arrives without telling me, and he has to find out my house. So he goes from places to places to the backdoors, because front door nobody is willing to open in England, especially in London, people are afraid. So he goes from the backdoor. Goes from one house to another house inquiring as to where is this house, where I have to go? And the people call him inside, give him tea, offering something and the person is lost there. He never reaches the real house. In the same way, those people who go on the sides either by preconscious method, or by the subconscious method both of them jump into something else which has nothing to do with the central path and are thrown sideways either to the right or to the left to the resonance.

And there are some people who want you to be deluded, to be stopped, to be sponged, exploited so they stop you going that side. That is what enticement is,  that is what we call as the hypnosis. When you hypnotize a person what happens is that his attention immediately goes into his subconscious mind and he is  hypnotized. But we do not understand that by hypnosis it is not only our subconscious in which we are existing. 

While we sleep we are in our subconscious, but there is no hypnosis. Actually in the subconscious mind, beyond  the subconscious mind, is the connection to the collective subconscious which we call the Paralok. The complete dead exist there. All those who died exist there. So these people enter into your psyche,  become one with your psyche, and they dominate your  personality in your head and you become absolutely hypnotized.

Then you can do whatever you like with that person. The thinking power is completely finished, your brain is completely washed off. You may call it conditioning, I think it is much worse than that. Conditioning is a very very mild word. Actually, we never get conditioned if we are left to ourselves. But we get conditioned when we start reading other people. When we start attending to such people, meeting them, taking prasad from them, food from them.

You have seen such people with dhoras and dandhas and things like that. All these things carry the germ of conditionings and hypnosis. The dead sit in that. They exist whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not. Even the psychologists, I have some very great psychologists as my disciples, they were arguing with me “Why do you call it the Spirit?” then I said what do you call it ? They said it can be because you know the person, it might be your father or your mother.

You must have seen the pictures I have shown you, where he was trying to copy his mother.

I said what about the people who you have never seen, you have not known? You talk like that person, and if you verify it you will find it’s true.

In London, I visited one lunatic asylum, where I found there were patients they could not understand.

When I talked to them, they started talking as if somebody said that “I do not belong to this place, I belong to Paris, and I live there and this thing happened, and there was an accident and I died. And this lady had come to Paris and I got off – oh over” I asked this lady what happened and she would not say anything. She didn’t know she was doing…..[UNCLEAR]. Then we inquired. I told them to find out. And there was such and such person who died at such and such point, with an accident. And this lady had gone there and had a shock because her husband was lost somewhere and she was in a shock condition and this shock identity went into her. But all such identities that enter into your psyche are one of the most deprived people, absolutely depravity personified. They are the worst type of people you could think.

They can tell all kinds of lies. They can do whatever is possible under the sun. I mean even the animals won’t do the things they can do. Those who are good people never enter into the body but sometimes they hover around.

For example, somebody has died, or the wife has died or the mother dies, especially the mother. If the mother dies in very small childhood, then the mother doesn’t want to leave the son or the daughter because she wants to protect it. She is with the child all the time, but she doesn’t harm. But of course, that affects the child’s personality too and the child’s manifestation to become himself because of the hovering of the mother.

I have found out during these  6-7 years of my experiments with people, that on your hands you can feel it if there is such an affectation on a  person. It can happen to anybody, even to the most religious, to the nicest person. 

And sometimes it can happen to a person who is shocked, who is under some kind of a mental strain.

In London, there is an organization known as the Universal Curative Centre or something like that by Dr.Lang. This doctor doesn’t exist, he died a long time back. There are many organizations like that. I am giving you an example. He died long time back. Of course, they are honest people, they tell the truth, they don’t tell lies, but they don’t know the effects of this kind of thing. This fellow died in London and he said that his manifestation or whatever he wanted to do was not complete and he was dissatisfied.

So when one soldier was fighting in Vietnam, he was shocked with something. This doctor entered into his being and told him that “You go to my son and ask him to open his dispensary and I will talk to him. You just don’t worry. And he drove this man mad, so that he could not help it and he had to go to London. He was an uneducated soldier. He went and talked to this son of his, and told him that “I am such and such and that you’d better open your dispensary, I want to start my work and also my operations.

He was amazed, this soldier was such an uncouth person and he never seen what is surgery. How is he going to operate? So, the person inside him told him “No, I am your father, believe me”. And he told him lots of secrets which passed between the son and the father. And he was quite convinced and  they opened this universal curative centre or whatever you may call it. You can give it any name.

And they started curing people. They said at about 5 o’clock at this time you will feel something. And 5 o’clock anywhere in the world when they sent you the letter, that at 5 O’clock in your place I will appear, the person felt shivering. The person felt terrible shivering in the body and the person felt alright and better and many things get cured. But later on after one year or two years that person would start be suffering from neurosis. All kinds of trouble came to him and his family lost all fortunes and all kinds of problems and his body started aching and everything happened. All these things are absolute truth. We have patients from that centre whom I have treated myself. 

These are the spirits which enter into your body and cure you. And don’t believe in all such cures. You should be cured by your own powers that is your kundalini which is lying here. Which is is going to recharge your batteries. Don’t depend on all these cures which people are giving you that “Oh, I will give you some mantras, you put it here”. Those mantras mean nothing else but a spirit. I can prove it to you.

Many people who have been with me in the beginning were very against me, when I told them about it, but gradually they realized that this is a thing in us. It is working. There is a very big war on between the evil forces and the Divine forces.

You cannot see that. They are having a strategy now, a wonderful strategy, as all clever, cunning, worthless people have; is to come on this Earth as human beings, take the name of God, and act as fifth column. Supposing,  Russians want to invade America, or  Americans want to invade Russia. They take the name of Americans, go there live like Americans, or they may take the name of the Russians, and live like Russians.

They call them God, incarnations, all kinds of things. In London, somebody told me that Christ has come. I said “Really? I never knew that. How do you believe he is Christ?” “Because he says he is Christ”. I said everybody can say that. What is so great in that? “No Christ has come. He says ‘I am Christ’”. I said there is a very simple test of Christ. You go find out. “You tell him to control the elements. Can he control the elements?”

Christ used to control the elements. If someone says “I am the Adishakti”. You ask him “Can you control the kundalini of people?”. If you cannot, then you are not Adishakti. All these signs and symptoms are already given in our books. 

We have not to believe these people, what they tell us, these fake people. We have to understand that this is all given in our books.

The problem is this modern generation is most uneducated. If you read the Devi Mahatmyam, a simple book written by Markandeya Swami, you will know that all these things given in that, like how to make out a person, who is an incarnation, who is not an incarnation.

Of course, there is an incarnating power which has incarnated which I have told you about yesterday and is going to incarnate

But you must know that if these people have taken some garb, the incarnation is also going to take some  garb to hide and work secretly. You are the people who should know how to judge a person who is real and who is unreal. Who are the people who have come into this world to destroy all the good forces, all the constructive forces, and establish complete destruction . You have to  judge. 

You have to find out and that is the force I am talking about which is the we call the negative forces.

That is at work. Believe me, you may not like it because you just refuse it, whatever is new to you. It exists.  In this city of Bombay you will be surprised  there are many centres like that which are working secretly to harm other people.

You go and pay some money to that person. He will take some money from you and he can put a spell on the enemies of that person. Even for five rupees these dirty people can put a spell on another person, and they do not know that what are they up to.

You can live without food in this world, but with such sinful lives, God knows what is going to happen to these people. I always say forgive them. It is a tremendous profession which these people are working at.

They will show you miracles. You will feel it is a very great thing that has happened. It all works out through these negative forces. You beware of them. They will show you chamatkaras. All kinds of chamatkaras can be shown. And you may start believing them, thinking that they are very great people.

The Sahaja Yoga has come at the time when you people do not know much about it. Your forefathers knew better. That time Sahaja Yoga did not come where they would never believe in a sadhu who…. [UNCLEAR]

Never, never, never.

In my own family we had once a very interesting incident when there was a wedding on, and the people who came were very fussy people. You know in U.P people can fuss a lot about things. They said we will have dahi vadas. You cannot make it so quickly and they said it is very difficult to make it. But there is one Bhigad Baba who was sitting outside the city. “We  can call him and he will  do it”

So they called that Bhigad Baba and Bhigad Baba came and said that “There is no dahi vada in the city just now, but I will get you dahi vada, no doubt, but you should allow me to go away next moment.”

He closed all the doors,  one window he left it open and he sat down. After sometime he opened the door and they saw the dahi vada lying there. Naturally everybody was so worried, that they took the dahi vada and started distributing it.

But when they returned back to see the Bhigad baba had disappeared, nicely from there. From the window he has run away.

Next day, Mahar you know we have got these Mahar people. Of course, still we are continuing with that  dirty method of having some people as untouchables. They came over to me and they saw these utensils, what we call as kulad. And they said who has brought these dahi vadas from our place? We were having dinner there and suddenly all disappeared. Who has brought this here?

And all the  barathis got so annoyed and angry they said “What, is this. These Maharis have brought Dahi vadas and you have given us Mahari dahi vadas” and then they realized why Bhigad baba had ran away.

They take a subtle form. They first of all, control them. They go in the smashanas. They go everywhere Most of these vibhutis that is coming, are coming from smashanas. Don’t eat it.

For heaven’s sake never eat these vibuthis. Your this chakra will be completely ruined. Open your head. Which god gave vibhuti for people to eat? This Bhigad baba had run away. I wish all of them run away. That is the best way to solve a problem. But it is you who believe in all these things. There is a very rich man who came to me and he said certain gentleman had given me, some babaji had given me a very big diamond ring.I knew the gentleman very well.

I said how many rings you have got? He said I dont know. Then I said why did you ask for the ring. He said “Mataji, I never asked for the ring. But the gentleman gave me. And I thought it was ashirvad I took it.” I said “why didn’t he give it to your driver who is a poor man.” Then I said but why have you come to me now.  Your baba has given you anguti. You sit down at home. You do his bhajans raat din sing his bhajan Praise him, praise the lord who has given you anguti.

So the fellow got very upset and he said “Then I must tell you something that I have come for.” I said what is it? He said from my house many diamonds are missing. I said very nice. I said you please call your wife next time, I’ll have a talk with her. The wife came and  I took out her badha from her and I said now talk.

I said what is it happening to you? She said there is somebody in my head embedded in this ring I think? who is telling me this all worldly things are useless. You give them to baba, give all this to baba. And I am giving it to baba. That lady is a lady doctor you see. She is not an ordinary woman. She is an educated lady, a lady doctor of very great eminence. 

I was amazed, I said what has happened to your brain? Have you sold them out? Just think about one thing, that the thing that are stones that are useless things, worthless things for you, why are they so important to Sri Babaji?

Why is he taking them and why are you giving him the stones. That struck her mind. She came to her senses. She said “Oh I never thought of it. And every time I go he asks me how many have  you brought?” This is what happens to your brain. You are washed out.

People will tell you you to take a sanyas. Very nicely you all take a sanyas and give your money up. I  will manage your income tax, come along. 

Very good way of taking sanyas. This is what these people are doing to you and that is one of the greatest impediments I am facing in this country and abroad.

When I find people and when I try to give them kundalini, they say “Mataji, we have just went for his lecture” “ And then?” “No once I danced there.” “And what else?” “No, I just didn’t do much I only paid one thousand rupees. I said “Very nice you have paid one thousand rupees for five or six of them sitting on your head. 

You have no freedom at all left. From one conditioning to another conditioning you are willing to go, but not to a person who will tell you to be free. You will stay with one person who will condition you with something. It is a very nice thing that only by dancing you get God. Very wonderful thing of doing things.

There is one gentleman who goes to America very often. He has made lots of money also. He puts you into Trance. One of his disciples came to India and he discovered about me and then he came to London to see me. His name is Mr. Jean. He told me that “Mataji, I have a very funny thing that is happening to me. I said what happened. ?

“He said that I am the disciple of such and such person”. And then what happened? What is wrong with you?

He said the problem is when I started meditating according to him. I got into trance. And when I came down from trance, I felt that I must kill my parents. They are good for nothing, why should I have my parents? I must kill them. Who are they to me?

“But I started judging. This is not religion. This nobody has done. Rama obeyed his parents. Who has killed his parents? I started thinking about it. So when I went again into a trance, I came back and I felt I must kill myself.” And he said I have tried to kill myself many a times. Many a times I have tried to kill. He is the son of a rich man. And my father sent me to India to meet you. You were not there so I have come here.

I asked him “Jean what did your master tell you, what mantra?” So he told me one name of a very great  rishi. Shringa was a very great rishi who was responsible for the yagnya done by Dashrata for having a son.

I said how can such a great man enter into the psychic it’s impossible? So I said to take the name of Shringa. How do you do it?

So he closed his eyes and started taking the name Shringa, Shringa. Immediately that fellow, a horrible one came on his face, I could see. He had two horrible eyes and very big teeth and he had one, only one unicorn. That also you know, is known as Shringa. Shringa also means the horn.

And it was this fellow with one horn. So I know all these tricks very well. I tied this Mr.Sringa, I brought him home, and I tied him on to one of the, don’t get frightened. centre. Nothing to be serious about. When the mother is there she has to tell you everything.

I tied him  to a tree and I said Mr. Shringa please tell me what you are up to. Otherwise I will never relieve you. I must know what is he up to. As you catch some spies and you take out all that has happened on the other side of the earth. Mr. Shringa came out with the reality. He told me that we are-on the other side on the negative side are trying to build up our empire of destruction, of depravity and for that we few rakshasas are working for one of this gentlemen who is a rakshas. And he told me the name of the rakshas who was once upon a time killed by the Devi Durga.

And this fellow is in contact with about thousands of rakshasas but there are few who can enter into the psyche of human beings. So I am trained that whenever I am called because there are subtle bodies. I come to those people, I enter into their psyche, guide them, and through me I put these other rakshasas into other people’s psyche. So the thing start expanding.

You get surprised thousands of people thronging for what introduction for that spirit in you. They introduce this spiritual ………[UNCLEAR]. They do not know that they do not care for it. Like it is the introduction of the spirit they do not believe in it. They will never accept it. They will go on with it and go on with it.

But then I said “Why is it? Why is it that you made this fellow kill himself?” He said “It is because we want more dead people. We want more dead people to come in to help us to enter into the psyche of human beings”. And then because he refused to kill his parents, we wanted him to kill him.

“And then what do you want ultimately?” He said that “There will be an epidemic of criminality in the United States”. And that’s the fact. They work when there are drugs on. You take the drugs, your awareness goes out and immediately they enter in.

This is a very wonderful way of doing things. Here I am alone standing with my  half hearted disciples. Because I do not entice them. They are free, absolutely free in their own freedom. In their entire awareness they have to accept it and take it and to practice it and to go ahead with the war of love. We on one side  are preaching love the other side is hatred, but they will take the name of love and hit at it. That’s why you will find they are always contradicting  themselves. There is no other proof. But you will find in their minds a tormenting soul. A person who talks of religion has to be a very peace-loving, affectionate, kind, helpful person. While these dharmic people-if you find them-they will beat their wives, beat their children, beat everyone that is possible. If it is possible, they can kill  also.

Because there is a depraved personality inside. And ultimately they will have a senile. They will die of insanity.  At this moment in kali yuga we are standing so precariously on this verge of destruction. I am not telling you stories. Believe me, it is. If you want the complete transformation, of this age, into a beautiful age of reality, of truth and love and bliss. It is in your hands to choose today in your own freedom.

You have to gather courage and know that you are the chosen ones who have to do this job. Nothing is needed much. Nothing is to be done but to accept the bliss of God. Do not play into their hands. 

Yesterday as I told you, that when you get self-realization, then you jump into your unconscious mind. Then you find these are vibrations flowing from your fingers, you can when I am speaking put your hands towards me, doesn’t matter. It helps.

You will find there are vibrations, cool vibrations flowing towards you. Please put your hands. There is nothing wrong. Don’t be obstinate. You will find very cool breeze flowing into your being. I am cooling you down, making you tranquil and peaceful. It is not a trance, you are aware. Absolutely aware. You are listening to me, what I am talking. And on your hands, you will find that there are these chakras represented. These chakras are the centers I talked to you about. They are absolutely there. For example if you have ten people and blindfolded, if they had to test one man, you put them together-all of them together-put also five children and when you ask them what is the matter they will all raise one finger. That means on the right hand side the vishuddhi chakra is caught up.

You ask the person “Are you suffering from any trouble of the throat?” He says “I have been suffering for many years” If you put your vibrations on his vishuddhi chakra at the back from far, this chakra will open out and you will find he will start  getting the vibrations. Here we have shown you, but I don’t know if you can see, I will show you on my own hand that these are the two hands of right and left. I have told you on the left hand side is the negative side or we can say is the side that belongs to the Chandra nadi. And this belongs to the Surya nadi.

Where they meet in the center are the deities. Now this hand has got five fingers. This is the Mooladhara chakra, you can see, and these are the three channels which we know which side is the heart and which side is the aortic plexus which you can say as the Swadishthana chakra. This is the Hriday chakra and this is the Swadishthana chakra which is guided by Brahmadeva and this is guided by Shiva.

Now if this finger is burning then you must know on the left hand side, on the Heart, means on the heart organ itself there is a problem. If you take the name of Shiva or if you say ‘Om namah Shiva’ if you are realized, otherwise not. Then you will find the problem will go away and the person will be alright. It is absolutely automatic. You don’t have to get education for this, to understand this nothing. For small children I have seen, they find a little burning, they go on rubbing. They go on rubbing their fingers you find the person is cured. Children are very simple, are very simple and it works very fast with them. 

Now in the centre is the Nabhi chakra which is controlling the solar plexus. Here this finger in the centre. This is the Nabhi chakra. Now, this centre when you start getting burning in your hand, all the problems of the Nabhi chakra are denoted through this.

This finger, I have already told you , the vishuddhi chakra is here. For this there is no education needed nothing. Only thing you need to do is raise your finger if you do it like this. Even the most uneducated can do it. You just jolly well have to do it. It is the truth and a fact and a science.

I am not telling you stories. You come find out for yourself. This portion of the hand, if it starts burning or these portions if they start burning here, then it is an inheritance in you. So you have to ask your parents in your heart to depart. Maybe your mother or your father is hovering, or something is happening on this chakra or this part, or the inheritance. This finger is now very important because it is here.

You must have known that anytime you have to apply to left to God, you have to use this finger, and on this finger, is the Agnya chakra, which is like one rod moving. Here in the front is Christ, and here, this side is Shri Ganesh, Bhairav and Hanuman. Two of them join here but actually Christ is controlling. If this chakra is caught up, you have to take the name of Christ and it works out. It opens up. These devils that are working out their satanic forces are working through this chakra or Nabhi chakra because these are the two places where they hit.

The turn this in the opposite direction and throw something inside so that you become ascetic. The other day I had some gentleman who came to see, started arguing with me too much because he thought he was all very knowledgeable. I asked, “Who is your guru?” and he gave me some name of somebody in Puna. I said “Alright put your hands” and he started shaking. And afterwards he said “I am getting frozen now, Mataji” I said “I am not freezing you, I assure you I am not freezing you. Tt is somebody inside you that is freezing you. It will go away” He said “ What is to be done?” I said “Can you beat your guru with shoes?” He said “That’s too much” I said you have to do it. You try. You try.

So I told him how to beat. This is Quran-e-Sharief has written. These things are given in Quran-e-Sharief. I said “You take out your shoes from your feet, and beat him there. I will tell you how to do it with a parabola around it.”

And this fellow couldn’t bear it, he could not do anything. He said “How can I beat?” I asked somebody else to do it and he immediately became normal. I said “How much money have you given to your guru to begin with?” He said “ Only seven thousand rupees”. I said “Only? And what else?” He said “For sixteen years, Mataji, I have suffered like that. I have lost my job, I have no money, I given also whatever I had to him”.

In London I meet so many boys, young boys, english boys, and american boys, and german boys, who do not even have shoes to wear because they have given away all their money to these gurus, and the gurus are moving in big Rolls Royce . They should be ashamed of themselves. Their parents have drained out all their property to satisfy these children.

And then gaanja, all these things are available with these gurus, in a secret manner. To them religion means nothing, no holiness nothing. They will flirt with women. They are gurus after all, yes they are all Krishna. They are all Shri Krishna’s Avatar  they tell me. That’s why they are flirting with women. There was one gentleman like that who told me he was Krishna’s avatar. I told him that if I catch hold of your dadi you’ll be shaking. The one who at five years of age who killed Kalia. What are you talking about? And you’ll be surprised, I didn’t curse him but after a day somebody caught hold of his dadi, and he was dancing for half an hour. That’s what I heard from people.

There is Shri Krishna. There is Shri Rama. These are all the enemies. The Kansa has taken,the Ravan has taken birth and are calling themselves by the name of God. So in this hands, you can see for yourself in these two hands these are the temples of God. These two hands are the temples of God. In bhakti, if genuinely you ask Him, your bhakti becomes aakaar. It becomes avatar, and it comes on this earth to save you, and give you salvation.

These two hands are not to be spoiled by doing wrong things. There are the deities sitting. When you talk of doing seva to others, remember you are not doing any seva to anybody else but yourself. Sahaja Yoga is the only method by which you do this collective seva without doing any karma. You are curing people automatically. You are improving their conditions, you are improving their minds, you are giving them peace, their family life is improved. They are chaste people. They are wiser people, they are healthier people, they are beautiful people. What other kinds of social work you are doing? This is the greatest social work you can do to others. is to just stand and give vibrations, which is pouring through you.

You just keep on the medium of that Divine power. And not only that you are giving but it gives you the joy, the complete joy. How does it gives you the complete joy? I will tell you. It is very short. 

We have three beings :emotional, mental and also physical beings. These three beings exist within us that we know of and at least you believe in. The fourth one we do not believe in is the religious being, doesn’t matter. But when we think of our physical being, we want to enjoy the body by giving it comfort. But while trying all that we form habits, we become slaves of this life. Why be the slaves of this life while we can be the king. Then we start possessing things. For example, the myth of possession works onto you like a headache and you develop tension and tension and tension. 

Because when I look at this all I think “Oh God how will I take this home?, how will I get money? Where will I go, how will do it?” All ideas come into you. You listen to music, you start thinking who is the musician, who is singing, what is he singing, is he correct or wrong. All the thoughts in between.

But if you are listening to that music, absolutely in thoughtless awareness, in silence when there is not a ripple of thought in complete freedom. The artist is pouring his heart before you. All the joy that great artist is pouring through that, you feel a wave of enjoyment falling on to you from top. The bliss coming on to you. You don’t say anything. The silent, the silent joy of creation becomes one, identified with yourself.

And you feel the joy. In mental pursuits also we  are searching out. In the science we find out this, in science we find out that, this we found. Are we happy with what  we found? You are not. It doesn’t give you happiness. And spirit is out.  You find out one theory, it is thrown out. You find out another, it is thrown out.

But this just responds to the absolute knowledge. Then the whole thing becomes open like a book. And the greatest knowledge: you feel it that we are all one. There is only one thread passing through all these beads of beautiful pearls. Only one thread. And Once you jump onto that thread, you become one with God. his knowledge is the greatest knowledge of all. And then all the knowledge pours in

Because now you are at that point from where the knowledge sprung out. The whole dictionary the whole library of knowledge is open to you. Whenever you want to know something, just dip a little handkerchief in that ocean and you know it. You become one with that knowledge, so you get the complete enjoyment, in the emotional side also. Your emotional being, you love your husband. Husband dies means you are finished. You love your wife. Wife dies means you are finished your own children

The idea of conviction of your husband and children. If the husband dies you will be crying for the husband but you will never do what he wanted all his life. See the conflict. This is the thinking and the knowledge and the love. There is no integration between the three. Even if you rationally understand, “Yes, my husband said so, that I should have done this, I should have done it, and he was very much wanting to do it” 

But still physically, you will say ‘Oh I can’t.’ There is no integration between these three things. And the love that is bound in one’s love, the sap of love, it is finished in one flower, can kill the whole tree and the flower dies automatically. All such love is the death of love. But the love that just pours, the love that flows without any ask, like the sunshine, the love that just gives, and the joy that it is filled with flows and flows to pour the joy-that infinite love of God can be yours at this moment-that is what is flowing, this pranava, this omkar, this roop, this unhalak. This is flowing through you which is controlling on one side-the gross of all the masses, the creative part-the other side, all the storing of the dead and the third side  your evolution.

The same pranava is acting in three forms, the powers of Adishakti. The mother is the primordial mother, the spouse of our father. 

May God Bless You.

I would request you to stay on for meditation for sometime. Yesterday, some people did get vibrations and it was very good. I saw them this morning, I was overjoyed. Today also I hope that you get it and do come for meditation tomorrow morning. Try to come because there we can find out. Give little time to yourself. I know you all are very busy people doing very important work, but little time you can give to yourself. You should try to give a little time to yourself. You are the people who should first become doctors, and then you can treat other people. You can treat and you can improve them. You can give them awakening and also realization. In these three days, I could not cover up the whole thing. It is impossible even if you give me the whole year. And people have been with me for five years and every time they say “ Mataji, this we did not know, that we did not know.” Now, the trouble is that I want you to subject yourself to be the knowledge yourself so that you will know what I am talking about. I will not tell you. You are your own guru. I am only a mother who looks after the child when the child is born, for sometime. Then when you are grown, you are matured, nobody can affect you. You are prophets. Then that is the glory of the mother to see her children grow.