Talk to Sahaja Yogis

New Delhi (India)

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[This is the first recording in New Delhi.]

Talk at New Delhi, 10 King George Avenue March 1975.

When we say ‘spontaneous salvation’, it implies that salvation has to click by itself. The translation of word ‘spontaneous’ is ‘sahaj’. ‘Sahaj’ means: ‘saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ means ‘born’. It is ‘born with[in] you’. That means the right of getting salvation is born with you; the mechanism by which you are going to get salvation is also born with you, and the opportunity of getting salvation is also born with you. But when I say it is born with you, it is spontaneous, it is within yourself, one starts wondering that many books have written like that. So many people have said that salvation has to be spontaneous, sahaj. All the great gurus, the real people, all the great incarnations have described that salvation is going to come to you spontaneously. Even rationally, if you understand that if salvation means an evolutionary process it has to be spontaneous. Till you have become a human being, the evolution from amoeba to this stage has taken place spontaneously, not with your effort, effortlessly. You cannot do anything about living process.

So far man has not been able to do anything whatsoever. What he has done is just to transform the forms of dead matter into something else. But all the living processes have worked spontaneously, have clicked spontaneously. Even your salvation has to be spontaneous.

The only difference between the evolving of human being from animal stage and the evolution of human being to the super-human into the fourth dimension, as I told you this morning, is that so far, all your evolution took place without your awareness. You were not aware of it. A dog does not know how he became a dog from a fish. Human beings do not know how he became, or was not aware, how he became from a chimpanzee, a regular human being. He was not aware even when he was a prehistoric man. He is not aware, how he has evolved his ego, how he had evolved his frontal brain from pre-historic stage to this modern stage.

But now the ascent of man is going to happen in his own awareness. We can say… [Passage in Hindi] In your awareness you will know, i.e. your awareness is the most important thing. Anything that takes away your awareness like trans or switching of the mind is against evolution, is against your ascent. It is something that will deaden you. Now the life force is going to act in your awareness and you will know that you have evolved. It may happen so quickly that you may feel that how you have achieved. For example, suddenly if you jump on to the moon you will be quite surprised how you are there. But if you start feeling the moon, when you start feeling the atmosphere and when you start feeling that you are in a different planet and a different understanding then you will definitely be evolved. You have become a different personality.

So many gurus and avataras, rishi, munis, have talked about ascent of man. Christ, Mohammed Sahib, Guru Nanak, all these people have talked about this that you have to go beyond this maya [illusions], this bhav-sagar [ocean of illusions], this misidentification. Just see how we are misidentified. We are born in this country. We could be born in England. We could be born anywhere. We are born as Hindus. We could be born as Muslims. We could have been born as Christians. We could have been anything. For a Hindu there is nothing like caste and community. If he believes in the previous birth, he must know that he must have been a Muslim. he must have been a Chinese, he must have been anything. He could be anything. If you believe in the previous birth, you cannot be fanatic about this. That is why Hindu religion is the most tolerant of all. It is extremely tolerant because all the findings of this philosophy are done by people in the actual field of spiritual life. It is not based on one personality. But all those religions who are even based on one personality are nothing but flowers on the same tree. They follow us even as Hindus.

Hindus are the most fanatic, extremely fanatic. They are so foolishly fanatic that it is impossible to tell them a small thing like ‘brahmin’ means that you must know Brahma and you are to be born again – is the first thing written down in your books. If you are born a brahmin you are not a Brahmin. I do not know how people have manipulated this terms that if you are born a brahmin, you are a Brahmin. You are Brahmin means the one who knows Brahma, the one where Sahasrara is broken, the one who has become one with All Pervading Power – is the only Brahmin. I am not telling you something of mine. It is truth. How many are there such Brahmins in the world. Even ‘Sikh’ means that, even ‘Musulman’ means that – ‘Musulman’, ‘born again, twice’ – ‘Christian’ means that, they’re baptized. What is ‘baptized’? Where Brahmarandhra is broken. In Nepal, you might have heard that when the king dies they break his Brahmarandhra, keep it open artificially and then the king has to die. That is all artificially done. But unless and until you are a realized soul, you are not a Brahmin. For example Shri Shankaracharya. Think of Adi Shankaracharya. He is the man, he is the person you have to believe, him and not all his interpreters. Read him what he says that you are to be born a Brahmin and that this will not happen through […] It will happen spontaneously with Mothers’s grace – is clearly written down by that great son of this country. How many are there who are following that implicitly?

These who believe in the reality of Hinduism, in the reality of their religion, must go to the essences of religion. Now there are many Sikhs. I can talk about Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak has clearly said, I would say nobody has said so clearly as He. So clearly has said it, “You are just singing these songs from morning till evening in your Darbar Sahib.” These are the descriptions your great Guru has given you to search within your [Hindi word] When are you going to do that? Stop all that. I am not against your bhajans. But now entertainment is not the way. Let it be over now. Let us search it within ourselves. Find out that centre which he has said. What are we singing about? Have we done any justice to our Guru? Have we done any justice to our Adi Shankaracharya? Have we done any justice to Christ or to Mohammad Sahib? We have not; we are doing just the opposite of what they have told us.

Muslims are very fanatic people. I would say Mohammad Sahib was the least fanatic personality. He suffered so much. I think, in that incarnation, no Guru has suffered as much as He has. He suffered too much beyond description. Ultimately he was given poison. He was killed.

Ask these Muslims, “How many of you are real Musulmans?” The time has come for all of you to take to the principle of religion, the power of religion – the awareness on which all these flowers have bloomed. We have taken them away from their sources and we are building them according to our way of dead thinking. We have made them dead. They have lost their fragrance. They have got their angularity. They are dying. But the truth cannot die. These great people cannot die. You may die, your dogmas will die. All misidentifications will die. They will live, for ever and ever.

Today for us all religions people who believe in religion are real and not for the prevalence. This is what Sahaja Yoga is.

Some say that I am the author of Sahaja Yoga. Now how am I to tell you what is my aim? I have lived for thousands of years doing Sahaj Yoga. In all my lives I have been doing Sahaj Yoga with all these great people. Sahaj Yoga, we have tried in all lives, in all nations and countries and people. Today is the day, now is the time to achieve results of all the work and the effort and the prayers of all the speakers.

Today is the day to receive the blessings of the Divine which is represented by these great incarnations, these great Gurus on this earth. It is. This is going to happen to many of you. But there are very few who come to this.

Today again somebody told me I do not charge any money. They think, “How can it be without any money?” Just see the falsehood of life. How can you purchase God? How much money do you have to purchase your Mother?

A journalist told me, “Mataji, you do not charge any money that is why people do not come to you. You may advertise any amount, but you must put up some ticket on that to satisfy their ego and they come here that they are doing something in the name of God.” When I say you do not have to do anything, it is sahaj, it is effortless – your ego is immediately hurt and you say how can that be. But just think of it. If a seed has to sprout, it will sprout spontaneously. Suppose you stand on your head, say any mantra or anything, whatever you may try, nothing is going to work out. It is going to work out by itself. Can you sprout a seed? Even one single seed? Can you? You cannot.

I say One who is doing thousands and thousands of such miraculous things in a second, in a split of a second, you are challenging and trying to buy that personality! See the myth of man. See the misidentification! Who wants reality? That is why Sahaja Yoga prospers slowly, but gradually and steadily.

Of course, as I told you this morning that there is a mechanism, there is a method, there is an engineering behind all these lines charged by switching off and on of one switch. There is a light which works automatically when you push a button. But that does not mean there is no engineering, there is no mechanism. There is a mechanism, a complicated mechanism of God which works on the Power of Love. Can you think of Power of Love that thinks, which is wisdom? You cannot imagine such a power that thinks, which is wisdom itself. Can you think of electricity that can think, which can control its light automatically according to the need I want to have, which can think? This is the power which is within ourselves which thinks, regulates our being, growth, evolution. That is the power we are going to harvest. That is the power we are going to be one with. That is the power which is going to get us that integration of the vibration which has created all this universe which exists even in the molecules and atoms, with our awareness. This is the power which I call as Kundalini which is kept in your being absolutely waiting for the day when you can receive the blessings of the personality who knows the job, who is love Herself. That is the day it is going to rise automatically, it is going to work out. This is written in our books. Even if you read Bible you find it is said: “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” That is nothing but the centers, the chakras. They really look like tongues of flames. Specially the Sahasrara looks like tongues of flames. There are so many sentences – in the Bible, Granth Sahib or any book you read. You will find that what I am saying is absolutely the same thing that you find in them. There is no difference whatsoever but the only thing is I will show you the practical aspect.

Sahaja Yoga, which is now in modern times, I have revived and channelized that is how you can call it, whatever you may call it. It has got a new shape, is the practical religion which will explain all the religions and all the great leaders of Kali Yuga. It will give you the basis, the practical basis, the actual basis, the factual basis to prove the existence of the Truth. That is described in all these great books. It is absolutely scientific, even a child can understand.

May God bless you!