Public Program, Parmatma ka swarup

Mumbai (India)

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Public Program [translation from Hindi]

If you give even one rupee, then two lakh twenty thousand rupees will be needed to buy the land. It is not a show business. Whatever one can contribute should contribute. That space is for you only, for your children and everyone. Not only meditation will be conducted there but people will also be cured and they will get their self-realisation. And it will be a great work of “dharma” (ethical practices). We have never spent anything on our dharma. Thinking about self all the time, ‘self-centred’. Do something for dharma. Without dharma, there will be the empire of adharma (unethical practices) in this world. If adharma is established, then you will not get the joy of your money. You will not get the joy of your children. You will not be able to enjoy anything.

This place is being developed for the establishment of dharma. You all know that I don’t need money at all. I will also contribute money to this project. By the grace of God, I don’t need anyone’s money. But everyone should contribute here. So many people come to Mataji (Shri Mataji). They say Mataji please cure my father, Mataji please cure my sister, please cure my brother. I have cured so many like this. But at the time of contributing money, they run away. There is no problem with it. I don’t feel angry about all this. It’s all about your own dharma. Whoever contributes, will be a great beneficiary. Whoever has to work for dharma, he has right, he has understanding, he can achieve. Nothing is for me. You all know very well that the place is going to be constructed for you all. We have to collect money for that. Its registration has been done, so the money will be required. Everybody should contribute as much as possible thinking that we are working for dharma and we will get dharma.

We always give our children and relatives. But what do we give for dharma? Anyway, we are going to conduct a program for this purpose. Whoever can help in its souvenir in whatever way can help. Take it from us and don’t keep it at home. Prepare it, add some money in it and bring. There are many people for example ‘Mrs Lal’, she is not in very good financial condition. But as soon as she heard about it, donated hundred and one rupee from her savings even though she is facing financial trouble. I have seen many very rich people they are such misers that they give money to their children, but not for the work of dharma. They waste money on drinking alcohol but not in dharma. They spend their money on useless things like cinema etc. They do take the benefit from vibrations. It’s not that they don’t take benefits of vibrations. But be awaken in Dharma. (Shri Mataji speaking few lines to organisers in Marathi which is not transcribed and relevant here).

I have told you earlier that how one power gets divided into three powers and works in the form of three qualities (“Trigun”). The First power whom we call Mahakali’s power, is a form of Adi Shakti. From this power activities, events and creation take place in the world. We are here because of this power. This power is also responsible to close the event. The way this power can switch-on the activities, in the same way, it can switch-off the activities too. This power has capabilities to destroy us completely.

If God decides to close his eyes and that means he is not interested in seeing the work of his powers, then this power destroys us. But what contains in this power? Which form of God exists in it. I have told you that God’s form is also known as ‘Ishwari Shakti’. It is ‘Ishwari’ section of God. With the Effect of this Ishwari Power, God sits in the witness state. And we also get witness state within us. But how witness state works out, gets activated in the world? The thing that we know as vibrations now, that is the name of pulsation flowing from that power only. This power is flowing from our inner self. The vibrations that are flowing from us is Ishwari Shakti only. It is omnipresent. Everything, which is dead or active or alive, has vibrations. Means, this power exists in molecules, atoms in witness state.

Many people can call it ‘Chaitanya Lahari’ (Devine flow). But I will not call it Chaitanya because it is the name of God’s complete power. You should not call it Chaitanya; you should call it ‘Lahari’ only. The flow of God’s love (vibrations). Vibrations of his divine love. In the human being, this power stays in his heart. And it pulsates. A life that pulsates in the heart of human being, is the same power. So, you can call it the power of life and this power is the source of life in the world.

The second power whom we can call the power of ‘Brahma’ Or ‘Maha Saraswati’s Power’, is the creator of the whole world. Whole Universe is created by this power. It is responsible for the creation of all matters like planets, stars, Sun, Earth etc. This creative force is known as Power of Maha Saraswati. This power is situated in our stomach and in the stomach of Virat (Universe). It exists in the stomach of all living beings. You can call it an evolving force. If any amebae were not hungry, it would not have evolved. It would not have assented. This power is situated in the stomach. We call it by the name of ‘Rajogun’. Activation of this power that has brought humans to this level, is known as evolution.

The third power is situated equally in the middle of it. It is situated right below the Sahasrara of the Virat at the limbic area. The consciousness that is conscious, is known as awareness. Awareness power which is situated in our minds is known as Mahalakshmi’s Power. The work of this power is to be aware of all happening in the world. For example, if any amoeba gets hungry or any animal gets hungry and it goes towards something to eat or stretch its neck towards something. And its neck starts getting taller. But this power has the power to understand whether its hunger is satisfied or not. And this is known as “Satvaguni Power”.

When all these three powers become one then it is salvation state. It is the state, that is beyond three Gunas “Gunateet”. It means vibrations started flowing from your hands as soon as you have got your self -realisation. this is its proof. You are conscious about it and you know that vibrations are flowing from you and you also know that whether other person has vibrations or not. And you can also make out the point at which another person’s Kundalini is getting stuck. And third is that you have got power to evolve others. You can give self-realisation to others. Do you understand that you have become so great that you are evolving others? You are not able to understand this in your mind that all these three powers of God are flowing together within you and therefore you have consciousness about it and you are aware of it. …. This is the state of Gunateeta (beyond gunas). When we cross all these three states,

then we reach at the fourth state where all three Gunas combine together and flow in one form. This is the fourth dimension. And when we start moving in the fourth dimension then we reach the state of Gunateeta. At this state, all our Gunas are left behind. Then you are at the conscious state and you are one with absolute knowledge, absolute love and absolute bliss. The leftover energy which is saved within you to do this job should be called residual energy. This power is hidden behind your triangular bone (spectrum bone) and it is being used for this purpose. This power only pierces all these three powers to make them one. Then only you reach gunateet state. And after that, you get your consciousness and you are honoured with these three things. Due to which vibrations start flowing from your hands. That’s the reason you start understanding other’s Kundalini. And you can give realisation to others.

These three powers activate within us, we are not aware of it. Our heart pulsates but we can’t hear our heart-beat through our mind. If there is any pressure in our hearts, we can’t understand it. We can’t understand if any problem exists in our stomach except feeling little pain in it. But if you are at Gunateet state, you can understand all your Chakras and find out where the problem is. You can understand yourself that where the catch is and you will tell me yourself that “mother my Agnya is catching. My Agnya is catching”. Earlier, you were not aware of it. You and your instrument were same and you could not understand where the defect exists in the machinery. You were catching ghosts, you never understood. You were catching diseases you were not aware. Now when you reached Gunateet state then you start understanding that this particular Mister (our body) is different and I am (our soul) different. This is a machine whose Agnya (Agnya Chakra) is caught. And its wheel is not working properly. Its dynamo is down. You are telling yourself that your Mooladhar is catching. I don’t have to say this, you yourself tell. But till the time this distinction is not understood properly, meditation practice is very difficult. Till then human will keep moving between higher and lower state. From Guna state to Gunateet state, Guna state to Gunateet state. If someone tells him that your Agnya Chakra is catching, he becomes very angry. If somebody tells him that your heart is catching, he gets very angry. But once he understands that it is a machine only and might be caught and he can cure it through Sahaja techniques then he doesn’t feel bad and can cure himself. Then he shoe-beats himself from morning to evening. Because now he knows that he is not shoe-beating himself, he is shoe-beating to misidentification which he had. Only such a person can grow up in meditation. And who does not understand it till now and keeps himself away from it, he can’t grow in meditation in spite of whatever he says about himself.

Now there are so many people here (in Sahaja Yoga) who are dwarfs (from the depth in meditation angle). Very dwarfs. Some are a little higher. Half has grown. And some have reached the great state. Now, people who have reached very high, I know them not you. And it is necessary that who have reached higher can come more near to me. Because they can understand me better. I have different bonding with them. The feeling of oneness existed. And I see that others feel jealous about it. It shows their smallness. If you feel jealous, your Heart Chakra will catch immediately. I don’t have to say anything your finger will start burning. I don’t say anything. You start feeling jealous of someone, your heart will catch very badly. I don’t say. Your heart will catch so badly that you will be scared. I will not say this. You will sit with your hand on the head. Your Agnya Chakra will catch badly. It will automatically catch. I am not troubling you. You are catching yourself. Slowly you will understand. When this will start then only you will understand that if the mother has said then shoe-beat the guru. You have tried all available solutions (techniques). Now try only one solution. Remove yourself from you. Now how to remove? We have been asking this question since centuries that how will it be done? Shri Krishna has already said that be at witness state. But how? How to get it done? How can this jumping be possible? How to get it? How can we believe that it happens? How can we become a source of that image which we are watching? We are sitting on that image. How can we become subjective?

Now you have reached that state. You have become that is for sure otherwise how would you have known your Agnya Chakra? your Nabhi (Nabhi Chakra) which is catching right now and you are feeling it pinches here. And you are trying to throw this catch by the movement of your hand. But you have got all this very simply and easily. You did not pay anything for this. You did not do any hard work for this.

I have done my farming. Some seeds are rotten while farming. Whatever hard work you do for them. Whatever way you try, they will remain brainless, heartless and useless. They would not be of any use whatever you do. They will keep following the same way, they will not improve will keep doing the same again and again. You can try anything to them. Love them, scold them, speak to them whatever you do they will never improve. Let them be, something may happen to them after ten-fifteen births.

Now circles came up in Sahaja Yoga in this way. Some people come in the inner circle. Some people stay in the outer circle. And some people who stay at the outermost circle, are thrown out of Sahaja Yoga they think of themselves too intelligent and believe that they are not a concern, they are better in staying away. They don’t achieve anything. What can you give after reaching here? You only have to take. It is like that one has come in a religious feast and says that he is so intelligent that he has not eaten anything. Somebody goes near the river Ganga but says that he will not take a bath in Ganga, he is bathing in the well. This kind of intelligent people come. They think that people who are enjoying a bath in the river, taking a dip and have the courage to jump into it, are mindless. And they get angry at the Ganga for making them jump like this. My dear, they only are jumping with joy; I am not making them jump. You people who are standing at the shore, feeling jealous of them who are jumping. My dears they are jumping because they have the power to jump and you don’t have the power to jump. Instead of wasting your time sitting at the shore, get into the river at least a little bit. This is the reason that some people grow very fast and some don’t. People ask me frequently that “Mataji! some people grow very deep and some don’t, why”? Its simple calculation only that as much as you move forward, you will grow deep. As much you stand behind, you will not grow. It is clear to do and get the method of calculation. If someone entering from that door and see that I am sitting here. He may ask that “Why are you sitting there and why am I standing here”? Is there any answer to it? The answer is- what can I do if you are standing there. I am sitting here because I am sitting here. Why can’t you walk and come here? They will not come but will ask questions from the place they are standing that “how others reached forward and I am standing back”? My dear move straight and come forward.

But all easy ways don’t get into our minds. We are complicated and brainless. We are completely brainless in this matter. We only understand complicated things. I have already told that there cannot be any education in it. There cannot be any donation in it. Nothing can be done here. There should only be oneness. Learn to be one with God and be completely clean inside. Learn to be very humble. Learn to make yourself completely humble. But human gets upset on small-small things, useless things. What kind of mind human has; I don’t understand? I am here to grant you the absolute truth. And I am saying this without fear in front of everyone. All those real saints are hiding in the jungle. They don’t have the courage to speak the absolute truth. You all will crucify them. I am no less troubled by you all. I am also being insulted here and there. You all don’t leave even me. There are so many people who backbite. But I don’t care. Anyway, I am not scared of anyone. You must have seen lioness. If anyone even touches her cubs, nothing can be as furious as her. She doesn’t even think that who has put a sword or who has put a gun on her. She fights with everyone. I am into the same state. Neither I am scared of anyone nor it is needed to be scared. I am speaking openly and clearly that what I am, I am and what I am not, I am not.

In earlier times, it used to happen that people who want to write the truth in their books, for example, Darvin, he told to publish his book after his death. Because such people were always scared that who will accept the truth. As soon as a human sees the truth, his eyes get blurred. Human starts jittering and withering in front of the truth. He thinks that kill the person who is telling the truth. A human can’t handle the truth. He wishes to stay with false. He doesn’t have the power to accept the truth. he is not able to analyse the truth. That is why he completely believes in false. And whoever speaks the truth, he crucifies him, kills him, puts him in a very bad condition. All kinds of wicked things he does to the speaker of truth. A human can’t tolerate it that anyone can stay with the truth. But, Now in Kaliyuga, human has the capacity to withstand the truth. I know this. He never had this power earlier but now he has.

But the truth that I am showing you, I am showing you is practical analysis. Just now he told me “Mataji! I am not getting vibrations in my right hand”. I told him “Son! Shoes beat ten times”. As soon as he did, he started getting vibrations. (he is sitting in front of me). I am sitting here only. And you can see it practically. It is all in front of you. I don’t need to show you any book for this practical. I don’t have to give you any analysis that this person has said this and that person said this. It is all I am showing you practically. You can see and understand. You can see whether your hands move on other’s Kundalini. You can make sure whether you can understand other’s Chakras or not. Or whether it is the same chakra or not. It is all practical. It is a practical religion. It is not a superficial religion which may say that speak only truth. One may ask why should we speak the truth. If we speak the truth we may go to jail. Then why speak the truth. Here (in Sahaja Yoga) you have to speak the truth because if you tell a lie your vibrations will stop. It is a clear calculation. You can see. If you look at a woman with something bad in mind, your vibrations have to stop. You will understand dharma immediately. You will say that Mataji what’s wrong with me? If you have picked up alcohol with the desire to drink, your vibrations will immediately stop. I am not putting any restriction. I am just sitting here. I may be sitting in London then also you will see that vibrations will stop. I don’t stop you; I don’t say anything. But you will see that if you smoke your Vishuddhi Chakra will catch. You will say ” Mataji it is paining here”. I will ask ” Why? Did you smoke Son”? You will say “Yes”. Then I will say “bear the pain”. Now you have become real Brahmin. Now you have become real Muslim. Now you have really become a religious person, you can’t ignore dharma. You have to carry it on your heads. You have to take dharma with you. Whenever you leave dharma, your vibrations will stop. It’s simple. Even a little insult of dharma will stop your vibrations. In small-small things, you will see that vibrations stopped. For example yesterday my typist told me that ” Mataji! Your tape is not working”. I said, “show, let me see”. I saw that a small switch was off at place from where I was speaking. I told him “Son! See this was off. If you switch it on, it will start”. He said that what a minute adjustment is there! I said, “human being also has similar adjustments”. Disturbance in any adjustment will stop vibrations. Vibrations are its judgment.

Who is the true guru and who is false? There are only two types of gurus. There are only two casts available in gurus one is true guru another is a false guru. There is no other caste in between. Whoever has got the certificate from God, whoever has got vibrations flowing from hands, who is self- realised, who learned this knowledge, such true guru can teach the dharma. No other person has the right to become a guru. All such gurus shiver in a funny manner in front of me. Why did this happen to them? A person who has dharma and is appointed by God to teach dharma, he only can teach the dharma. The rest of them who are teaching dharma are false gurus. Some are demons out of them some are very bad devils, some are friends and some are normal.

You can even take a seat in the elections by telling lies, there may not be any big punishment. The maximum you will be fined or you will be jailed. Or maximum you will be hanged. But in the case of dharma whoever is doing this kind of businesses, they may be punished very badly. From Patal lok to seven path such bad vagaries are made that these people should be very careful. Because they are diverting people from the right path. Diverting them from right path for their own selfishness and for money. Smugglers will be saved. Thieves will be saved but these people will not be saved. For their ego, for their name, to earn money or dirty desires they are pretending as religious and guru. They are going to get the toughest punishment. So, you all don’t be part of them. Be away from them. They themselves will go to hell but carry you also along with them. It was ok until you were not aware of true and false. But now you know true or false through your vibrations. There should not be any doubt about it. Now you have got the vibrations, you know the vibrations. When you are blessed by God with vibrations, then it is the biggest sin to insult it through your mind, body or act. Since you have got it free don’t ignore it. It is the biggest dharma. Aadi Shakti has decorated you with great difficulty, brought you at this state and showered her love on you. Now her insult can never be tolerated by Father. And don’t try to be over smart with it because it is an illusion (Maya). And under the influence of Maya, a human can never understand how easily he got it. You don’t know the value of it and what a great thing you have got. You have got such a great treasure so simply that you ignore it. But you should know that if you have to estimate its value then find out what have you got. Understand its seriousness. You can’t play with it. You can’t mess up with this. You can’t do politics with it. You can’t do any fraud with it. If you have done it, I never had any grudge against you in mind and it can never get into my mind because no such thing stays in my mind. But one great power is sitting above you which is watching all this game. Be aware of it. It is a great matter of dharma. Now after getting vibrations, if you drink alcohol it is a big sin. I told you earlier that you can’t insult your consciousness. It is an insult of yourself because the lamp of Divine power is enlightened within you. You need to put oil of dharma for this lamp. I don’t mean dharma as hypocrisy here. Dharma means to me here is the inculcation of ethical practices(dharna). You need to respect yourself completely because you yourself become a temple. God has enlightened his lamp inside it. You have to take good care of this body. You have to look after this body and keep it beautiful. You have to keep your mind clean and beautiful. Do not allow any dirty thoughts inside it. Now you will not have any conditioning, any problem. If you decide that no I am not going to do it, I have to move in the way of dharma. No power in the world can attack you. You decide that whatever nonsense anyone says, I don’t care for that. My route of dharma is decided, I have to move ahead. Not to become superior in the world, but to become an instrument for the flow of the world’s most superior thing, most dynamic thing. It should flow fully through me and I turn into it’s a vehicle only.

Human is very foolish also. They are so foolish that how after becoming so educated, being in such higher posts, being so rich, so successful they can be so foolish. God knows what kind of mind they do have. They don’t have wisdom at all. They can’t even think where have they stuck themselves. There is no evaluation of it. It is more important for them if any cinema actress arrives then everybody will try to reach near them. Once I was invited to a program where some cinema actors had also come. They had all the chakras caught. I was given a seat among them (Shri Mataji is Laughing). I saw that everyone was running to see them. What is there in cinema actresses? It’s all is adharma, very wrong. Why people are running to see adharma? Why human is running eagerly towards it? Why is he trying to catch it? What is he going to get? He is running towards it for the sake of his weaknesses. So, you should know that the basis of these vibrations is dharma. Its basis is dharma. If you are telling a lie, doing duplicity and you want that your vibrations flow freely. It’s not possible dear son. And you see where these vibrations are flowing freely, everything becomes dynamic. Just now one person was telling me that “Mataji! I earn enough money but it’s all go. Money does not stay in my home”. I told him that Nabhi Chakra of your wife is caught, clean it. If the person has wisdom then he will think that Mataji is saying for my betterment. If the person has no wisdom then he will think that Nabhi Chakra of my wife can never catch. Then what should I speak to him? Am I going to get any benefit by saying this? Whatever I am saying is for your betterment. For your well-being. For your benefit. That is why I am telling this to you. There are so many people among you who have achieved a lot, who have done a lot and they have gone deep inside. You all grow like this. Now I am here for one or two months. Afterwards, I will go. There is no reason for worry, remarkable creation and achievement has been done in this regard. So many people have got it. But, here you should all know that I am talking about the fourth dimension. I am not talking about the third dimension where you ask me “Mataji my husband does not have a job, please get him a job. Mataji my brother has this or that problem. My father-in-law is suffering from stroke please cure him”. These things are of 3rd dimension. What you have to achieve is your own spiritual growth and betterment. Think of that only. Don’t think of others in this regard. Think about others while giving but, think about yourself only while taking. Don’t give importance to others no matter how close they are, you achieve your state. One person is here whom I asked how he cleared his wife’s Nabhi Chakra. He answered that everyday morning I shoe-beat her. Somebody will think that how Mataji can tell to beat someone with shoes. No, you have to write the name of the person and shoe-beat at it. And her Nabhi got cleared. He started feeling better. But not yet completely clear. Then I told him to tell his wife to shoe-beat herself then it will get completely clear. When she started shoe-beating herself then it got completely cleared. Earlier, the wife was not ready to shoe-beat herself. She used to think of herself very intelligent. It was their loss, loss of family members and everyone. But she insisted on not to shoe-beat

herself. She used to think herself great and the truth is something that people don’t want to listen. They will immediately try to avoid it. If you speak some truth human being will avoid it because he knows that he is sitting on false so he wants to see false only. If Mataji is not speaking what I like, then Mataji is of no use. But, what you like is beneficial for you or not? You understand this also. If it is not then the mother has to tell the truth to children. Is there any mother in the world who can say “Son! If you like then go and burn your hands and come”? Have you seen any such type of mother? No mother can do this whether she is an obtuse, ill-mannered, misdemeanant or unworthy. Then why do you expect me to tell you to burn your hands?

Such great courage, such fearlessness, I am doing all this for your love only. Otherwise great people also feel terror in saying this. You all know this. They think a lot before saying even a small piece of truth even after assuring their own safety. No one can say openly in this manner. I am telling all this by getting courage from you people only. You are also supposed to stand on truth itself. Believe in truth only. We are also nothing here only truth is everything. The only truth is most important within us and lets the illusion of ‘I’ which is false be broken. Keep this in mind then move ahead. Then see how strong you become. How powerful you are when a very strong force needs to be carried. We need such solid things who can carry it. Those wires also need to be very solid and strong who are tightened with the criterion of truth. And such kind of people, who have got vibrations in this way, not only they became very strong themselves but also making others strong. They make others also capable. And they lie on the road in the form of flowers which is taking this world towards its welfare. It’s enough of the lecture today but it is necessary to be in meditation for a few moments. Nothing is fruitful without meditation.