Public Program: Chitt apni aur rakhiye

Mumbai (India)

1975-03-05 Chitt Apni Aur Rakhiye Mumbai NITL HD, 46'
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Chitt Apni Aur Rakhiye, Mumbai, India 1975-03-05

[Hindi to English translation]

Yesterday, I told you that when you transcend in Sahaja Yoga, what happens. How you descend into the realm of thoughtless awareness and how, upon descending into the realm of thoughtless awareness, you see waves of consciousness within your awareness. And by them, you uplift others; this is the blessing of thoughtless awareness, a significant blessing even in the Kali Yuga. Its prophecy has been reiterated many times before, that in the Kali Yuga, when many people are searching for the Divine in forests, caves, and engaging in severe austerities with renounced attitudes, the fruit of their devotion, the fruit of their practices, will manifest in the Kali Yuga. Wherein, through the awakening of Kundalini in Sahaja, collective salvation will occur, there will be welfare, auspiciousness, people will transcend. So, the talk of Sahaja Yoga is correct, and what has been said about it is also correct, because Sahaja is simply the way of nature. Nature’s own way is never difficult. Everything is natural, like breathing. Every kind of work that nature does, living actions, all of it is natural. But in Sahaja Yoga, despite being natural, some questions arise. Or it should be said that humans are so unnatural. Humans have made themselves so complicated.

They’ve confined themselves so much and accepted themselves so much in the grip of wrong things that being natural for a human is considered difficult, and this is the first difficulty of Sahaja Yoga. The first difficulty of Sahaja Yoga is this. For instance, in the case of humans, there is a thought in the mind, especially in our country, that until you renounce, you cannot even take the name of the Divine. Externally, taking renunciation is purely external, it’s absolutely irreligious. There’s no meaning to renunciation from within. The inner renunciation is something else, and the outward display is something else. Many people are ascetics from within but are householders outwardly. In the era of King Janak, there was only one like him. But today, there can be many like him. However, when we say this, then householders are considered ordinary people, and householders have become its claimants. But how complicated householders are, that is also a strange thing. Because when householders come to me mostly, just like here most of the women were crying, the same thing is said, ‘Fix our son’.

Our wife has become so problematic, our son has become so problematic, there is no money in our house. In our house, people, children are always sick. Sometimes it’s one thing, sometimes it’s another. The problems of householders are very small, very trivial. That’s why the instinct of householders is very small, there is no vastness in it. If their own child is sick, then it will be a big issue for them. If someone else’s child is sick, then it won’t bother them. Like if their own child is sick, and if the neighbor is playing the radio loudly, it will be very annoying. But if someone else’s child is sick and they are playing the radio here and the neighbor comes and says, ‘My child isn’t sleeping, please turn off the radio,’ then they will say, ‘Okay, close the door.’ Our radio can’t be turned off.  This is the thing, in Sahaja Yoga we have taken ordinary people and householders. It’s because of the questions of householders that Sahaja Yoga slowly, slowly, takes four steps forward and three steps back. It advances five steps forward, then again goes back two steps. If a man understands Sahaja Yoga completely, then he transcends… (unclear). What, has the man transcended, he’s still incomplete. He’s hanging there, stuck. His wife will pull him, ‘What’s the matter with you?’ Because it won’t come to his mind, ‘Why am I not transcending? Who are these people who transcend?’ There is a kind of wickedness in the mind. So she will think, ‘My husband has transcended, why haven’t I?’ So she will teach him, ‘What’s wrong with you? Isn’t it right, you will ask “How do I know”, mother knows everything. She will only say what is the use of involving in all this. There’s chaos in this, there’s confusion in that. Now, he’s a husband, he thinks she’s my wife. Meaning, ‘I have a special relationship with her. There must be some connection from past lives. There must be some connection from previous births. So until my wife doesn’t accept this thing, how can I accept it?’ He saves money, even if he runs after another woman, there’s no problem, that’s okay! If he spends his money on another woman, there’s no problem in that either. And he can do whatever he wants, but when Sahaja Yoga comes, he becomes more committed to his wife, I have seen this. Because Sahaja Yoga teaches you love. So, because of teaching love, he becomes compassionate towards his wife. And he starts thinking about his wife too. And the wife, on the other hand, teaches him a lesson. That’s how it goes, swinging back and forth. Those who have everything are householders, they all swing back and forth. This is a big danger of Sahaja Yoga.

Repeatedly, the mind gets entangled in small things, very small things. Why didn’t you come? That’s how my husband was. His sister’s such-and-such marriage was arranged, we had to attend it. So what? Alright, go. It’s not like someone will abandon their responsibilities in the world, but what is essential and most important are the inner strengths, the support we need to rise, the duty to the divine. That becomes significant, and until you consider it significant and not everything else, your household won’t be right. Nothing will be right for you. Even if your wife creates obstacles, don’t listen to her. If anyone puts up an obstacle, explain to them that it’s wrong.

“In Sahaja Yoga, you discover that there is a lot of importance to the Nabhi Chakra, where the residence of Goddess Lakshmi is. If there’s something wrong with your wife’s Nabhi Chakra, no matter how hard you try, money will never stop flowing out of your house. Your money will keep flowing away…(unclear). But if your wife’s Nabhi Chakra is fine, and if she too gets elevated, then you will feel content. The kingdom of Lakshmi will come into your home. The kingdom of Lakshmi doesn’t just mean a lot of money coming in. It means contentment, joy, glory, fame, generosity, and fear.”

“It’s like when a girl from a wealthy family comes to your house after marriage, a girl from a big family. So, you see, it’s strange, hard to understand. ‘She doesn’t clean her own house even at four in the morning, doesn’t tidy up the room properly.’ She’s from a big family. She has many servants and maids at her place. So, you tell her, ‘This is not how you do it, I don’t understand. You wake up late. Leisurely sipping your tea, she’s doing this, that. It seems like we’ve brought a useless girl.’ But brother, she’s your daughter-in-law. You didn’t bring a maid, she’s your daughter-in-law. But you brought a girl from a small house. She’ll wake up at four in the morning, set everything straight, keep everything in order. 

But if a servant ever comes to your house, you’ll see that the girl from the big house will wholeheartedly offer her something from her belongings. Your mother-in-law might say no, but she’ll insist, ‘Please take it.’ But the girl from the small house will behave like a servant. She’ll say, ‘A small house doesn’t become big with money.’ I mean by nature. It should never be messed up; it’s about nature. Nature doesn’t come from money. This is what we call “nature of royalty”. And when a girl from a humble household comes, where the nature of servitude prevails, many times even the guests live in servitude. What will she say when she comes? She will say, “Why to give this?” She will hide her mother-in-law’s belongings. She will hide her children’s food. If someone comes, she won’t offer them food, she will count so much before giving it.

 “This difference, this is a significant difference. This is the essence of household life. When householders come into the house, sometimes their ways become like those of a girl from a small house. When maturity comes into the household, oh, it’s like the icing on the cake! If a mature person comes, no matter what happens, even if it’s something of the world, I am sitting in Sahaj Marg and will continue to sit in Sahaj Marg. Then Lakshmi will come into his house for sure. He won’t even raise a question… (unclear). His entire house will be fine; all his children will be fine… (unclear) because the Divine will manifest within him. All the powers of the Divine Mother will operate through him. He has a style, he has a way… (unclear). But pettiness thrives in household life, it thrives a lot. In the office, things keep happening, a man goes up, this man comes down. This happened, that happened. He did something up there, he swindled so much money in my business. He did this, she did that. And women’s matters, even more destruction… 

Marathi (unclear). 

She will keep on talking about petty things.” “He will keep cutting in it, keep struggling, keep hard working. He will exhaust all his strength in it. If such a yogi comes once, consider him a confirmed ascetic! And filled with love, he will say, ‘Mother, let me get salvation.’ So what is salvation? It shines brightly… (unclear). Such a person won’t speak, all his cycles are gone, all his cycles have ended, that’s the difference.”

“I’m not saying that you should all take renunciation, never. But I’m telling you the difference that householders have very small minds. Very small-minded. Day and night, they are engrossed in their children, household chores, insects – spiders. But work has to be done within these only. It’s in these tasks that householders have to find spirituality, it’s in these that flowers bloom. Lotus blooms in this mud. But if a man in the household stands up, he will immediately say, ‘No sir, I have attained.’ I have only found Sahajayoga within myself. I have understood it completely. If there is any upliftment in it, it is through householders (unclear) etc., everything gets suppressed (unclear).” “Like a lotus blooms suddenly. It flourishes suddenly, rises up. But all the mud rising with it that everything falls apart, not even water can stay on it. Now householders should think about how to reduce their pettiness. Household members should think about how to correct the pettiness within us, those who have transcended. For those who haven’t transcended, it should be said right now that brother, first transcend. Because until a broom comes into your hand, what cleaning will you do! How will you clean if you don’t separate yourself from the machine? How will you know others if you don’t know yourself? Many mothers come and say, ‘Correct my child.’ When I see the mother, she herself has become a ghost. She is a ghost herself, so how can she correct the children, brother, first you should be fine. So first come into Sahajayoga and everyone should transcend completely. Don’t let anyone hold onto any chakra, keep your chakras clean. When that state comes, then go to others. No need to listen to your wife, children, or anyone. If someone gives you advice, you should never listen. This is your weakness and this weakness will finish you up. I have seen many Sahaja Yogis who will keep an eye on other women, but become slaves to their wives in Sahajayoga! Such people will not go far. They neither benefit from Sahajayoga nor can I help them. But those who have completely internalized Sahajayoga, they are ready. Those whose pot is completely ready, from that pot, this Lakshmi, this Lakshmi of the householder is about to over whelm.” “The household of such a man will definitely be fine. In this matter, even if you have to be forceful, there’s no harm. In this matter, you may also have to clearly say, ‘No, this is wrong, I will not do it. I will not go down this path. Even if it feels a little bad, there’s no harm. Slowly, gradually, the establishment of righteousness can happen. When righteousness is established within the home, when that valor comes within you, when that effort comes within you, when you fully grasp that thing, then the other person will also start melting. Then, by their melting, you will never be able to harm them. No matter how bad you think about them, you cannot harm them. They will be redeemed, they too will come on the righteous path, they too will transcend. Theirs too will be auspicious. But mostly what you’ll see, after transcending, is ‘My mother is like this, my father is like this. My sister is like this, my brother is like this.’ It’s as if there are two people in the house, husband and wife. Here, we have many people whose husbands have progressed significantly in Sahajayoga, and the wives are disciples of Shirdi Sai Baba.”

 She should not speak the truth, she should speak lies, I don’t know what to say. She is running behind these possessions, she is running behind them, she is running after miracles. She is doing this, he is doing that. Someone else is going, she is going. Where women dance, where they say ‘throwing the pitcher’, that’s where she goes. This happens, that happens, she goes there.

Didn’t you go there? Did you go or not? You definitely went! That’s why. Everything has come from there to you. Then you say to me, “Where haven’t you been?” Then keep your hand there. I say in general. Keep such a hand. Where they throw pitchers, don’t go there. All that is the work of ghosts. They are ghosts! What comes in the wife’s body is the goddess! Does the goddess have wisdom or not, to go into the arms of a pot-bellied woman!

There is a lot of this in our Maharashtra.

From here to there, I am going to straighten out such people. If anyone went there, then see! And then this happened at home, and it happened. Give everyone a taste of chilli peppers.

Go to all the temples, touch your feet, you all go, everyone. Come by spreading the fragrance of chilli peppers in the temples, everyone will run away from there, all those boastful ghosts. It happens in household life that a person, caught up in the whirlpool of household affairs, forgets his original duty. That’s why it becomes easy to make a household person to transcend, but it becomes very difficult to stabilize him. Because they consult with each other. Now if there is a saint, he will consult with the saint. If there is a saint tomorrow, he will consult with that saint, and if there is a non-saint, why should saintly people consult him? Why talk to him? Why ask him, “Who are they to speak?” After fulfilling your own sainthood, then you can ask others, you can tell others. So you should know that the work of Sahajyoga is to be done in the ordinary, common household life, in household life. But keep in mind only one thing in it, that the householder should know that household life is also a great obstacle, a great impediment, and a great illusion, temptation, and entanglement. This does not mean taking sannyasa, not running away from it. This means not turning away from it. Instead, it means to light your lamp in that household itself. It means illuminating that darkness. When our lamp lights up there, then that household will shine so brightly that people will say, ‘Ah! This is a dynasty. This is such a household that the entire house is immersed in righteousness. Their children, everything!’ There are many impediments in Sahajyoga anyway. One of them is that everything happens naturally in Sahaj. Suddenly everything happens. Like suddenly you are taken to the moon and seated there. You didn’t understand what this is? If you reach the moon, then you will know what the moon is? Ask, see.

After reaching Sahaja Yoga, until you see it, reach it, know it, you cannot believe that you have achieved something. Therefore, after transcend, it is necessary for you to come into meditation. Because after transcending only, you have to learn everything and understand, what is this? What happened? What is this? Who are we? Where have we come? What is this flowing from the hands? What can happen from this? How did we attain this? All this knowledge can only be imparted after transcending. Because whatever knowledge is imparted before that, it’s all hypothetical, it’s written in books. A lot has been written about it, but it’s of no use. You should experiment it later. There are some people here, they did it on flowers. Give vibrations to the flowers. So, the roses used to come so many (small) flowers and now they have started coming big. It smelled very good, its color has become very beautiful. You can experiment with these conscious waves on humans very well. If someone is mentally disturbed, they get cured. If someone has any diseases, only Sahaja Yoga can cure them, and nothing else. I keep saying You should experiment it later. repeatedly, whether anyone believes it or not, only Sahaja Yoga can cure it. Its usage, in eating, drinking, waking up, sitting, speaking, behaviour, thinking, reading, writing, in politics, in everything, you can do it. It’s such a huge thing. The true nature of love, its power cannot be described. It’s so powerful. I went to Delhi recently, I didn’t tell anyone. Because I was with my husband, I went to Patna. The day I returned from Patna, all the Sahaja Yogis there started feeling cool in their hands all of a sudden, and strong vibrations started coming. I didn’t tell anyone. So they called my brother and asked, ‘Has Mother come back? Why are we feeling so cool?’ So my brother said, ‘She has come back, but she won’t meet you right away.’ So some of them rushed over. It becomes evident immediately that Mother has arrived. Today we were walking on the road, a man was walking towards us. 

He felt like someone was pulling him from behind. When he turned back  and looked, he saw that I was sitting in the car. He began to say, ‘Mother, I saw that you have come. I felt someone was pulling me. How wonderful thing you have got, you can use it everywhere. Such amazing power! But you are still wandering in the same three-dimensional circle. You want to wander in the same, wife, children, this, that, home, politics, position. I have made many big people transcend, many big people. People you call ministers and what big names they have. Secretaries, these, those. Their priorities, their values, assessments change. For them, a file is very important, except for Sahaja Yoga… (unclear). When I went to Delhi, Mother, the vibrations stopped. Brother, what did you do? We are doing our job by the grace of God.…. … Did you do meditation? Your priorities should change. You should meditate, your work becomes like this, like this. It will be dynamic work, and no tension will come upon you. You will always remain blossomed, happy. But the priority will remain the same, if you have to meet a minister, that is more important. Mother is there, what is the need to meet her? Yes, if someone in the family falls ill or gets cancer, then leaving the minister aside, they will come to Mother. Mother comes to mind every day in sorrow. Ministers cannot cure. Come, let’s go to Mother. That’s why when householders suffer, only then they bow towards God and only then do they move towards that direction. But as soon as the sorrow ends, then what! How will progress be like this? How will you know about that thing? I want to open the entire store of knowledge in front of you. How will you know all that knowledge and all that love and all that powerful joy? Until you stop all these futile things and don’t become aggressive towards it. They will want to do it, but you should also know how to take it. You should also know how to spend on it and then come to enjoy it. Otherwise, what did the father give a lot of property to a useless boy, what? … (unclear).

Yesterday’s meditation practice was particularly successful, ….(unclear) We will do the same again today. And for those who have transcended, who are new, who do not know about transcending, there will be another class for them. One for men and one for ladies. There should be two classes. You should talk to them. In this, you should know that some people have made significant progress, absolutely no doubt. And if you have to learn from them, then what’s wrong with that, they are like elder brothers to you. Whether you are older in age, there is no place for jealousy in that. You should also become like them, you must also know it. You should also get into depth, you should also understand that thing. There is nothing to feel bad about it for anyone. There is no sentimentality in it. What is a fact is a fact. Many of you can come to this level and rise higher, and you have to rise to even higher levels than this. There is no question of rising higher than this, that’s unquestionable. Now, today, I would definitely like you to ask any questions if you have them. But ask as someone who is realized, not unrealized.

Question: (unclear) 

Shri Mataji: I had told you before that there are three channels within you. Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. Your work is done through the Sushumna channel. Now, the Ida and Pingala channels are like this, and the Sushumna channel is made in between them. Now understand that if there is any problem on this side of yours, or if any kind of obstacle comes, then this thing stops. So it doesn’t flow from here. And if it happens on this side, then it stops here. So it doesn’t flow from here either. Both the Ida and Pingala channels get to know into your hands. So when the right side is blocked, it means that the flow on the right side of  yours, has stopped. Because there is something wrong with the channel on your right side. Now understand, most of the time you should understand that if the channel on the right side is blocked, then the Ida channel is caught. Now if the Ida channel is caught, what does that mean? Either someone has done some yoga.

Shri Mataji: What is your yoga? Which aspect of yours is caught? Is it the left side? Alright, if someone has done good yoga practice, has performed the ‘tapas’ of the sun, has recited the Gayatri mantra, etc., then their right hand will become weak. Meaning, they will face obstacles. Now, if someone has spiritual obstacles, it means, as I told you just yesterday, that these so-called gurus are mostly possessed by spirits. The real gurus, I haven’t seen many, they are very few. Most of the time, they are found in forests. Most guru, who figures, demand money, and they also make unauthorized efforts. Therefore, most gurus are actually possessed by spirits. Because of them, your left side can be affected. Someone can cast a spell on you. There might be a spiritual hindrance on you, maybe you’ve gone near a cremation ground. Sometimes someone gets scared, or maybe someone goes mad, all these are related to psychological or emotional problems. Emotional problems will show on your left side, and mental problems will show on your right side. Mental issues are not that clear, but you can understand emotional issues. Shri Mataji: What is your yoga? Which aspect of yours is caught? Is it the left side? Alright, if someone has done good yoga practice, has performed the tapas of the sun, has recited the Gayatri mantra, etc., then their right hand will become weak. Meaning, they will face obstacles. Now, if someone has spiritual obstacles, it means, as I told you just yesterday, that these so-called gurus are mostly possessed by spirits. The real gurus, I haven’t seen many, they are very few. Most of the time, they are found in forests. Most guru figures eat money, and they also make unauthorized efforts. Therefore, most gurus are actually possessed by spirits. Because of them, your left side can be affected. Someone can cast a spell on you. There might be a spiritual hindrance on you, maybe you’ve gone near a cremation ground. Sometimes someone gets scared, or maybe someone goes mad, all these are related to psychological or emotional problems. Emotional problems will show on your left side, and mental problems will show on your right side. Mental issues are not that clear, but you can understand emotional issues.  

And understand one thing, what you call ego. There is one type of ego, and there is another type, superego. This one is ego, and this one is superego. Ego is excessive, it is for those who work very hard. They say, “I work day and night, this is my responsibility, I have to do this. I am the secretary of this place.” People who think like this, their this side gets caught. Those who are lethargic, but are stuck in spiritual obstacles, somewhere they got scared, somewhere something happened to them. Those who have emotional problems, whose superego is messed up, their other side gets blocked. Both sides work like this. You should understand what flaws you have within you. If you could have served Guruji for some reason, and as a result, they might have ended this Kundalini power of yours. It’s possible! Mostly, this happens. Their treatment is very dirty but effective. You know that. What should I tell you! You know that the cure for this is written in the Quran-e-Sharif, that such a person’s name should be taken, and he should be rounded up and beaten with a parabolic, shoe beating must be done. And that treatment is the best, we have seen it. Lemon, it’s even better. And you should beat him at least 108 times. Understand, it’s your child, a boy, mischievous, drinks alcohol, troubles others, if you want to reform him, you have to yourself transcend first. You have to yourself transcend first. Write his name and beat him with shoes, he will be fine. With such things, you can cure many. That Boy’s health will also improve, his mind will be fine, his intellect will be fine. Because even if you beat him, whether you hit him with a sword or do anything, his salvation is bound to happen. But you should be right. That’s why sometimes your vibrations decrease, diminish. Doubt arises; and now many people transcend. Their doubt is how could this happen so easily? Why did this happen? Just vibrations stop. Even if there’s a sense of injustice in your mind, it will stop. Even if you eat food at a wrong person’s house, vibrations can stop. The reason is that that person, understand, is very bad. He has murdered someone and is feeding you to please you. If you eat his food, there are bad vibrations in your navel chakra, the deities there, Vishnu Ji, He goes to sleep. Those deities disappear, go into hiding. They become calm. Now, if they don’t remain, where will the vibrations come from? They operate through them. For those whose navel is caught, it’s good that when you take water in your hands, just vibrate it a bit and apply it to your forehead before drinking. Before eating, also circulate it around the food three times clockwise. Give vibrations to it too. Put your hand in the water and vibrate it, then drink it. Give vibrations to most things before doing them. You need to talk to someone now; that person is not okay, you know that. Give him vibrations right from home and go to him. If he is talking nonsense, give him vibrations. Even if someone is talking against God, keep giving him vibrations. By doing so, a bond of love will be formed on him. He himself and his issue will be fine. Vibrations will come to his crown chakra, and because of that, you will correct him. Thousands have cured their children, you know. How many have cured their family members, their wives, their children? Gradually, they themselves will come on the right path, and their lives will also improve. If you have any questions, please ask.

Question: …(unclear)

Shri Mataji: In your head, you will first feel throbbing here in the Sahasrara. Meaning, the life force in the heart, the prana, rises up and hits here in your limbic area. This is the practice of yoga. When the life force within you merges with your consciousness, it becomes one, and then it becomes calm. At that moment, vibrations start emanating from within you. Meaning, the third power, the state, the one that belongs to Shiva, starts flowing, which are vibrations. And when you say that your vibrations are going from your head, you should understand whether vibrations are going from your head or if you are experiencing throbbing within you. Throbbing is not a good sign. If there is throbbing inside you, then your Sahasrara is active. It should be calmed down. Tell it to calm down. You can put one hand directly on the photo and place the other hand on your head, like this. Or you can do it towards me as well, that’s fine. Here, where our talu is, which is called the Brahma-randhra. There you should put your left hand and the right hand towards me. Now you should check each chakra. If you keep your hand on the photo for a while, you will know that one of your fingers will start burning if there is any obstruction in your chakra. Otherwise, vibrations will come from within you. You will immediately know which finger, where we are experiencing burning. Now, if there is burning here, understand that it is in the Agnya chakra, and if it has occurred here, then it is in the Nabhi chakra. 

You will get information about this from everyone here, where these are located. According to that, you will then place your hand where you are experiencing the obstruction. Only about the heart chakra is that the left hand should be towards the photo, the right hand should be on the heart, and for the rest of the obstructions, the right hand should be on the photo and the left hand should be where you feel the obstruction, and everyone should rotate clockwise. By doing this, your chakras will be corrected. But I told you yesterday as well, and I am telling you again today. That the best way, the most excellent way, to always keep all your chakras pure is to remain thoughtless.

Once you say, “This is Maya, all this is Maya, and we are standing inside, watching.” Then slowly, that Maya will unfold, hide, and the truth will be revealed before you. Keep your attention inward, not towards others. I see that even when I am giving a speech, everyone’s eyes are wandering. Is it necessary to see a man who comes? The wandering of the eyes must be stopped. For a man whose eyes wander a lot, it becomes very difficult to transcend. And I said this in the Thanah to people, especially to the men, that nowadays people have developed a habit of looking at every woman, every man they see. Once it is said, “This is illusion, all of this is illusion, and we are standing inside, watching.” So slowly, that thing called illusion will unfold, it will hide, and the truth will be revealed before you. Keep your mind inward, not towards others. I see that even when I am giving a speech, everyone’s eyes are wandering. Does it need to see a man who has come? Eye wandering must stop. It is very difficult to transcend the man whose eyes wander a lot. And I said this to the people in Thane, now Ambarnath, that nowadays people have developed a habit that to look at every passing by woman, to look at every passing by man. Lifting the eyes up is a very bad habit. This makes ghosts sit on the Agnya Chakra of the eyes. And this flirting, what we call flirting, is a kind of ghostly behaviour. It is entirely a ghostly behaviour, and for a man who develops this habit, it is very difficult to transcend. Then he starts looking at another man. Such a man will also influence you, just as we have seen in them that this habit develops. When you look at another person, this habit develops in them. And this increases, and these unsatisfied beings enter into such people. And in the way they are unsatisfied. And after entering every person, they do their work. And the Agnya Chakra of such individuals sometimes gets so bad that confusion arises in their minds, and their memory deteriorates in old age. Therefore, it is very important for the eyes to be steady. Your eyes should be steady. If you have steadied your eyes, keep them steady. There is no need to look around at everything. As long as you don’t have to write anything, don’t have to do anything, keep looking in thoughtlessness. There is no need to gaze at someone else. Keep looking towards yourself. Keeping the eyes steady is very important. Similarly, I have also said that it is very important to steady the tongue. Just as people have a habit of either talking too much or remaining silent, they should remain in between. When you need to speak, it’s necessary to speak. When you don’t need to speak, remain silent. Babbling, talking nonsense, is also a symptom of a ghost. I get a headache if someone who talks excessively comes in front of me. And if someone doesn’t speak at all, that’s also a symptom of a ghost. You see that many crazy people are of two types, either they talk a lot or they suddenly become quiet. These are all signs of madness. A Sahaja Yogi should have full control over his tongue, he can do it. Similarly, another thing is eating. The man who has a lot of greed for food, eats a lot, he is also a ghost, and the one who does not eat is also a ghost. I have already told you. So, it’s not good if someone has a strong taste preference, that this person likes this or doesn’t like that. Whoever starts too much, his tongue goes astray…(unclear). This doesn’t mean that you force-feed someone, if it’s available, they eat it, if not, they don’t. We shouldn’t be slaves to anything. Whether it’s the tongue or the eyes. Whatever senses we have, we shouldn’t be slaves to any-sense. Be in your place. When needed, then use them, if not, then sit. Like when we have to go out. Then we say to the coachman, ‘Brother, come on, bring the car in front.’ It’s not like we ask the car, ‘Tell me, are you going to run or not?’ So, all these are your vehicles. You can have complete control over them if you have your seat in Sahaj Yoga. So, you can establish your influence on everyone. But the ultimate principle for everyone remains thoughtlessness. The ultimate principle is thoughtlessness. Stay in thoughtlessness, and if your chakras are holding, then you cannot even be in thoughtlessness. As soon as the chakras are released, you will become thoughtless. It’s completely simultaneous. Remaining in thoughtlessness is the principle of it.

And as much as possible, remain thoughtless, in thoughtlessness. Because through thoughts, all the senses also become sensitive towards you. All things give you feedback through thoughts. If thoughts do not arise, then you will merge completely within yourself. This doesn’t mean unconsciousness, remain thoughtless. Remain completely thoughtless, keep looking inward. By remaining thoughtless, your progress can be maximized more than anything else. 

And ultimately, I have told you many times before, that Sahajayoga, which is emerging today in the Kali Yuga, in the state where evolution has reached. In that state, the form of the Virata is completely revealed. And therefore, all of you are the limbs of that Virata. And if you sit at home and say, then you cannot progress much. You have to come to this gathering repeatedly. You have to come together, you have to come to this organization. I have created this organization, no one else has created it. There is no need to oppose it. Those who are wrong in it will fall on their own. They will have to go on their own, they will not stay here. It is wrong to speak oppose the organization or against the organization. Another thing is that some people are aggressive towards you, it is necessary to consider them important. Until you consider them important, you will not be considered important either. If you are an officer and there is a senior officer, until you consider him an officer, no one will consider you either. And to reach there, you have to consider him. To reach there, you have to follow his path. Otherwise, you will never reach that position, you should not be jealous of them. Those who have risen above you should be considered as such. Their words should be considered because Sahaja yoga practice and organization can also be two different things. But those who have reached ahead in Sahaja Yoga may be educated or not. They may or may not have a position. Whether they are in any condition or not. But in Sahaja yoga, if those who have reached the top are there, then they must be considered. Its seniority is established, it is not a government-made seniority. It does not work on recommendations. Because you cannot understand yourself very well, you have to accept his words. You should not be jealous of them, because these are wrong ways. I have seen many people speak such wrong things or take wrong paths. And therefore, they do not progress at all, not at all. They are stuck where they are. You sit forming groups and indulge in such nonsense. And they do not realize why one person is so close and why the other person has fallen behind. Make progress yourself, elevate yourself, and come closer. Keep coming closer, become one with the power by coming very close to the power, this is possible. This can happen, it can happen within household life. I salute this household life many times. And you will be surprised that every time the manifestation of the Adi Shakti occurred in this world, she did not come as a renunciate. She protected her household life and worked in the world. Today, vibrations are very strong in meditation. I will not say anything more, you understand through vibrations. There is no language in it, there is form. It flows on its own, even small children understand it. Whatever language I speak, whether English, Marathi, or Hindi. But those who have reached ahead in Sahaja Yoga may be educated or not. They may or may not have a position. Whether they are in any condition or not. Know this love that is flowing, it needs to be known. One who understands it can attain everything.