Gunateet – Beyond the Three Gunas



Talk, India, 1975-03-13

Those for whom it has to happen it will happen. Some people have badhas [problems/issues]. This is such a new thing and it has to happen. Kundalini needs to rise. The pranav that happens in heart needs to happen in all parts of body. If you look at such a person with stethoscope, you will see anahat passes through many centres. This is beyond the three gunas [qualities of tamas/rajas/sattva]. People who come to it, do not understand the importance. They think this can happen in other organizations. But it cannot. But it needs to have been established. When there is a problem in human ascent in terms of their ways, then such organizations go against humanity. We are not against any organization. Lot of people come just for the name of it. Very few people understand it. There is a churn of such people. The one who understands it in his/her being then only they will do it with the understanding of it. There are lots of brainless people who think they have become Sahaja Yogi. Meaning of Sahaja Yogi is that people find themselves beyond Gunas. All illusions [mithya] will drop. This simple test will determine your depth. ‘I’ ness goes away. People catch. Taking out each catch takes time. People feel bad if told that they have badhas in them. Those who take these out understand the pain it’s. Be thankful to those who help cleanse your badhas. Clean your life, yourself, clean your heart, be humble, don’t be bad, don’t complain, don’t cheat, don’t take people off of the path of truth. Lot of people are not up to the quality needed to be in the Kingdom of God. You have to be beyond the three qualities. Then problems do not come to you.

Yesterday a 16-year-old kid who had issues was cleansed in 30 min. He was shivering. Some people who have come went to other gurus, came here to be cleansed. It is a very important thing to be beyond the gunas. When you come to me it is not for me it is for your own benevolence. You have to raise to the level where you are clean and beyond gunas and can cleanse others. Fill the heart of others with such love that others also become beyond gunas like you. There are such people here and there are others who are not up to the mark. Such people go out and talk ill about us. They still have jealousy. Some people feel they are senior. But government seniority does not work here. You have to take a sword and get rid of the badhas of people. Such people are senior. Most people are mediocre. Once a very old man came here, got Realization. He came in a chair lifted by others. He went down walking. He lived 3 years and passed away. Realization is not associated to age.

In your awareness find the quality of beyond gunas. Your kundalini is your individual Mother and She can tell you whether you are beyond gunas. Full of vibrations, you ascend. You take others also across. Your sight or your hand movements can raise Kundalini of others. Lot of saints could not do it. But you can do it. You should understand your importance. A maid became a queen but her movements still remained like that of maid. A person who is a king internally will remain like that. The certificate of being beyond gunas is that you can give Realization to others. How many people have you taken badhas out of? You should know that our past birth actions impact us this birth. Therefore, it is important to be beyond gunas. All issues around you will go away. You will become like a king.

Now for example this person came 2-3 days back. His wife has a badha and that was impacting him. He got Realization but his wife did not. He shoebeats everyday on his and his wife’s name. He is getting vibrations now. Lot of times people get cleansed, then they get badhas again then back and forth sort of like laundry gets dirty and clean again. It is not a big deal to clear badhas. But it is important to know your importance and cleanse them. Be in thoughtlessness always.

Talk to each other, learn from each other. I leave tomorrow. Ask any questions you have. Question: Our past actions give us trouble. Why? Answer: Now they go hand in hand. If you walk carefully you do not get dirty otherwise you will get dirty. We and dirt both dirty our clothes. If someone talks bad of Sahaja Yoga and you bow down to them, you catch. If you are totally capable then you do not catch. When an earthen pot is being made until it is ready it keeps attracting dirt. When it is ready it does not gather dirt. You are still growing up in Sahaja Yoga. As you grow you will see your device separately from Self and you will clean it with a detached feeling. Ambarnath is a very great person. He came and told me his Agnya and Vishuddhi are caught up. He was detached from the problem. That is the difference between an incarnation and a human being. Your Agnya catch bothers you. But an avatar’s Agnya catch creates a lot of soldiers. Such a person’s fever will cure a lot of people’s fever. This creates antibodies. Avatar’s problems cure issues for a lot of people.

Another question: I have colitis. I came once. Why am I not cured? Answer: First clear your colitis your hand. One hand on your colitis other towards me. You came once. Clear your issues, then grow deeper in Sahaja Yoga. Kundalini is your Mother. She will bother me when you have issues. I am not a doctor. Some others came and their physical problem got cleared and they got realization. If your body is important then it does not work. For the one who thinks that, “Body is a vehicle and I need to know my true Self”, such a person will get Realization and also get cured. Those who are thoughtless in Nirvichar they do not have a lot of questions.

If you have photos of Gods/Goddesses at home, not an issue. If people make such pictures with complete devotion then it is fine. But usually the person who makes it is full of badhas then that comes into his/her work. That is why it is important to check vibrations before doing anything. I went to a photo vendor and saw all pictures have bad vibrations. I took one picture home but it has such bad vibrations that I had to dispose it in water [visarjan]. I asked someone to get some artificial black bead necklace. They got a plastic one without much vibrations and it felt as though there is a fight going in. After 2-3 days I saw that bad vibrations in the necklace. There were Shri Krishna’s enemies who got stuck in my throat and got ended. Vibrations get bad.

Some people still have roving eyes when they come for meditation. That is not right. They have bad thoughts in heart.
Similarly Paramatma has his own working. There are some Chiranjivis. There are 12 like Shri Ganesha’s, full of vibrations. Kolhapur Bhavani, Mount Mary, Mahalaxmi temple, Mumba Devi has lot of vibrations. There are lot of bhoots also sitting there. Put bindi for you for $5 and give you bhoots. You purchased bhoot for $5. Sidhi Vinayak is also very well known.

(Some Marathi talk.)

‘Gunateet’ means ‘one who is beyond the three gunas or qualities’.
First by which Chitpranava swaroop – left sympathetic nervous system.
Second by which you witness – sakshi swaroop, and constructive. In your belly, creative – right sympathetic nervous system.
Third evolutionary power is the third Central Parasympathetic nervous system. It is unaware to human.
Once your Kundalini/evolutionary energy which is resident/inactive gets activated then all of it raises and the three powers meet and make you beyond gunas and push Kundalini up your Sahasrara.

In three dimensions: Tamogun [left] you become Sthit/stable, Rajogun [right] activates it and Sattvagun takes you in Dharma/righteousness. Fourth dimension is when human is beyond these three, in Nirvichar [thoughtlessness]/universal unconsciousness.