Public Program: Science/Trigunatmika

Mumbai (India)

1975-03-29 Public Program Sweet Home Hall Dadar Mumbai Hindi Pasq, 57'
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1975-03-29 Science/Trigunatmika

(Side B)

To you people I have told you many times by explaining adequately, displaying and by practically doing it. Prior to this I have said also that what Sahaja Yoga is, what happens in this, how it happens. I have given scientific explanations and scientific definitions sufficiently.

However that which we call “science”. “Science” has not been created by man but they have searched and found it. They call it “science” but they have not created anything of the universe. No laws of the universe have been made by them. No Shastra [science] had been made by them. Its laws and methods all that had been made by God.

For example you see a circle and its diameter. There is a ratio or proportion between the circumference and its diameter that has not been made by you. Its law has been made by God only that it is neither more or less. It will always be the same. That ratio has been fixed. All the laws and the regulations that have been made are by God only.
Many of you have asked Me, “Shri Mataji, why do you say 3 and ½ coil? Why 3+1/2 coils of Kundalini is said to be?”

It is absolutely scientific thing. Those who might have seen the circle of a clock can understand this.

In the clock, the diameter D [Vyas 2R] of a circle and the circumference C [Paridhi 2ΠR=ΠD where R = radius of a circle], if diameter is 7 then circumference has to be 22. Neither less nor more.

Their relationship is always 22/7 and it has been made as coefficient and its name is given as “pi” [Π] which means C/D=2ΠR/2R = Π = 22/7.

If 7 become 8 then in the same proportion the circumference will be.

When this goes through the midpoint [of 3 ½ coils] then it has to become 7. In the same way within us Sushumna Nadi has gone through. In that also 7 come. In that also 7 chakras [energy centres] are made. And in it also becomes [3+1/2] when you divide diameter [7] by 2.

If you make [3+1/2] coils, in that ratio of “pi” [Π], one over the other like Kundalini and draw a line through its central point then it well be divided into 7 parts. But is actually [3+1/2] coils only.

Is there any scientist or mathematician here? When you make coil one over the other and when you make hole through its centre point then it will cut at 7 places, therefore we have 7 chakras within us.

But in case of circumference it is different. When you divide 22 by 2 then it is 11 and make half of 7 then it is 3.5 or [3+1/2]. But you see how much mathematics are there in it. You can see it.

That which goes through middle is as per seven. And that goes through the light is as per eleven. That is why when in our place we give money then we give 11 rupees. Now you might have understood the importance of 11.
Whatever is written in our ancient Shastras [sciences] are endless [Anadi]. It cannot be understood by great mathematician also. Because whatever those sages found had written that Kundalini is a coil consisting of three and half [3+1/2] coil. But they had not been able to tell why it is so.

But scientists may be able to say why it is so. When you wrap three and half like this then the whole circumference is covered. Without that it cannot happen at all. And when you make 7 holes from top to bottom the 7 chakras are made. Now scientists are searching this side [in modern times] and they [ancient sages] found in the past.

So whatever has happened between these two is due to Sahaja Yoga. Where science has no way to go ahead, reach at dead end, where science has bowed down and defeated, there Sahaja Yoga can give them hope and tell them that whatever have been told by them [ancient sages]. The same things are written in your books of science also. Only there is difference of definitions and what are the reasons for that.

Sahaja Yoga is adequately beyond those sages also. It also takes us beyond those Rishi Muni [Pure Personalities] who have found the truth. But we have seen here many great sages and yogis who do not collect money. They are very great people. They are out of worldly affairs and serve the world with their vibrations.

But we have not yet seen anybody like those who can raise Kundalini of people like you by a visual signal, except Shri Ganesha. In the hand of Shri Ganesha there is a small snake that is the symbol of your Kundalini. Except Ganesha and you who are my sons and daughters and are born out of My Sahasrara, I have not seen anybody who can raise Kundalini just by a signal. It is really true. By this many people will say that, “How can these people have done so much effort and have done so much?”
Let Me tell you a special thing that a king has his minister who knows everything about how to run the government and he looks after all the management of the kingdom. But the Gruha Laxmi [the queen] gives the keys of the palace to Her children and not to the minister. Maybe there will be big scholars of high status.

Those who are not born out of My Sahasrara, as long as they do not accept this fact that they are My children, they have no authority and the same is not granted to them.

Therefore My own disciples also put many questions and answers to Me. They say that they had gone to those big people but they do not know the way what we know.

We know which chakra is caught and where it is caught. We can so easily clear it. And with our invitation Kundalini of thousands rises and we get them realized. How is it? The reason is that you are born out of My Sahasrara. One more person is there like this Jesus Christ who was born out Mother’s heart. He also has the authority. But at that time was not proper that such work could be done.

Now the time has come that you people are prepared for it. Now it may happen because we are the normal people. We are absolutely normal and how we can do this work even we do not know. But we are doing it, no doubt about it.
You people can see and raise Kundalini of all and correct it, etc. You can drive out and throw thousands of bhoot, badhas and diseases and all the worldly problems.

And now you see these people. I have seen big Mahantas [Priests of Mathas]. When we went to them we too had been caught by epilepsy. He had taken somebody’s epilepsy in him but do not get paralyzed. And nothing can hurt you and your health becomes all right when you are realized. If anybody’s health is bad then it will be cured easily. You have these experiences.

In Rahuri also I was asked the same questions. There I did not tell this thing that you are born out of My Sahasrara. I had created you out of My head that’s why you have got special privilege. You are specially authorized people. I accept that there are people who are also realized from Sahaja Yoga. Great sages are realized through Sahaja Yoga with many practices and penances of thousands of years but within them even now there is no acceptance for Me.

Today I am openly telling you. As long as you do not accept Me [as your Mother], this work will not be done. This thing I did not say earlier. Like Shri Krishna said, “Sarva dharmanam paritajya mamekam sharanam vraja” [means forget all dharmas and surrender Me], the same is My saying. As Christ had said, “I am the Light, I am the Path”, same is My statement, “I am the Destination, not only the Path.”
I did not say this to you because I had very bad experiences. This is the only reason. You people have to come to My refuge. You have to accept Me as Mother and live like My sons. Without that your work will not be done.

With this small reason, the great sages and souls have reached a state of tiredness but they will not achieve. They have not recognized Me. And the other thing is that their mind is still hardened with this kind ego of being something special because they have got realization without knowing and they do not know who is the Mother. But you people have recognized Me then you have got realization.

Now keep it in that if a little bit you go stray then your vibration is lost then you say, “Mataji is All Pervading, then how vibrations have left you?”

In All Pervading too from where the vibrations come? One has to think. Wherever you will be at any place, when you will utter a single word against Sahaja Yoga, your vibrations will be lost and after that whatever you do or remain engaged in whatever work in that bhoots will accompany you but Mother will not be there.

I have seen such people who come to My place and take vibrations for few days and when bhoot-badhas settle in them, then they do work of bhoot-badhas only. That becomes their style and method of working. Their way of telling becomes different. Then they do not see Kundalini. They tell what is the number of the horse, what has happened to your father, what will happen to your mother. They do not come to the reality.

Many such people came to our Sahaja Yoga and got lost. For few days they remained and did this and that work. They worked as if they were great saint and great soul and after sometime it was found that great badhas are settled in them and they were in great troubles.
Therefore try to understand one thing that if you commit sin against Sahaja Yoga, I may forgive but God Almighty will never forgive you. In our own house, My own daughter, I will tell you, one she became a little angry. Immediately from her ears hot air started blowing out. Then I told her to rub her ears and say, “Please forgive me doing such thing is wrong.” Although you are My own daughter but if you say anything against Sahaja Yoga, it is not authorized, it is unauthorized effort.

Today I am standing before you, is because of your call and it was My duty. It is not like this that devotees here and there call Mother in temples and mosques, then the Mother’s heart starts pulsating. You might have seen whenever you call Me with the depth of your heart, then countless vibrations start flowing. If I hear such a song or listen a record or in cinema it is seen where Mother is being called then from My body crowds of waves of vibrations generate.

This you might have also experienced and seen also. You also understand that such is the quality [Love] of the Mother.

Today the time has come where your asking, your wanting and your calling become manifested within Me. I have not come of My own, I have come on account of your calling Me.

From the time immemorial whatever your callings and screamings were heard by Me and that is why I have taken up My body.

Now also you are common [normal] people who will recognize Me first. And those who have become great sadhus and saints and Babaji and sitting, they will not recognize Me. They had not recognized Christ nor Radha and have not recognized Me. And now also they will not recognize Me. Even now they are sitting as Babaji with their ego.

The person who does not know their Mother, how can they recognize the Father?

One should think Sahaja Yoga as an ordinary thing. Sahaja Yoga is not an ordinary thing. This is absolutely incomparable, unique thing, extraordinarily unique thing I have brought. You will not find in any book written like this that which of your chakra is caught. This is Vishuddhi chakra. Did you know anywhere that this is Nabhi chakra and this is Sahasrara chakra? Has anybody anytime told you these things? Has anybody so much openly told you about Kundalini and shown? Nobody till today and earlier done this work in the world like today [we are doing].

But your people’s incompleteness or halfway work done will destroy it. That you have come here to take with you is very great thing, very very great thing. You might not have imagined that a day will come, maybe before My eyes or later when it will spread in the world, that we people have attained a new dimension.
But by you people’s half-heartedness, it may happen that the process of destruction will come immediate. The wheel of dharma is moving anti-clockwise, that you know and also it is seen. The work of moving it in the right way can be done only by Sahaja Yoga.

But those people who are coming to Sahaja Yoga have to be extremely dharmik, truthful and generous. They must learn complete explanation of dharma. Only vibrations will not work. Many people come before Me and vibrations go into them vigorously and when they go away then nothing happens.

In fact you must get vibrations from everywhere. Is there any place where I am not present? At every place you must feel vibrations and it must come so much that whatever you do, vibrations flow over you because you are living being.
Recently we sat at the place of Ganapati of [Rajanaon]. There we saw the Ganapati and found that less vibrations were coming. Those who were with Me were surprised to know why less vibrations are coming when it is an awakened place.

I told them, “First you try to know that who has recognized this awakening.” Is it found by a human being that it is an awakened place? He must have been a highly realized saint who might have seen the vibrations and said that it was a holy place. Then a vibrated stone might have been brought there. Maybe somebody might have moved around his hand to give a shape. It might be so and also might not be because a man’s mind runs according to his own, isn’t it? There was no necessity to touch it. After that in the temple its pujari [in charge of worship], all his chakras were badly caught. Chakras of all pujaris who were there were caught. On it sindoor [vermilion], donations, all those which had been offered were caught. One thing is naturally there in a man that it was an awakened and holy place but does not have that much sense that the vibrations coming from there is half of full. Three chakras of his [pujari’s] were also caught. Even now I did not understand when I went inside the temple then Pundit told Me that, “You cannot sit inside, you sit outside and you cannot touch it [statue of Ganapati]. Then I thought that if I could not touch it then the statue will remain like as before. Then I went from behind and saw the statue and went near it and put My Sahasrara on it. Then vibrations gushed out strongly.
Therefore it must be understood that you are the living instrument of Divine. If we say within you, more vibrations can come out compared to these temples. But first of all you must be living instrument of Divine.

Those who like to have dead things, talk about dead things, they die. They become living dead. To run after dead objects [jada vastu] is a kind of hobby.

To run after that or to run away from it is the same thing. To take to sanyasa [leave family life and go to Himalaya] and to run away from sanyasa, there is no difference between these two.

You have to be firm on your position. First thing is you have to make your position. Second is you have to make your dharma. Dharma means you have to allow the flow of these vibrations out continuously.

Sometimes you desire to go somewhere, you see somebody has fallen down. Then run and take hold of him and give vibrations and save him. Let the world say anything. Vibrations are flowing from you and that is your dharma.

I have told you that the quality of gold is not that it is yellow. Its dharma is also not that ornaments can be made from it. Its dharma is only one and that it is never get spoiled by anything. Similarly diamond has its own dharma that it can cut everything. It is the hardest thing. In the same way the man has also his dharma to achieve God and know Him and those people who have achieved has their dharma to assimilate it completely and spread it all over the world.

But when you talk this and that then you will not get either of them. Your vibrations will vanish and all My efforts will become of no use.
There is no religion in the world where Divine vibrations have been told.

It means nobody has said so that vibrations are dharma. They call it “Ruh”, “Water of Life”. They say anything but we say vibrations are real dharmas [religion].

You have plainly known about it, how much it has been enunciated. Adi Shankaracharya has also praised it. It cannot be taught, written and explained. It has to happen.

It does not happen to many intellectuals who think that they are well read and know more. To such great persons [egoists] nothing happens. What can I do? It is an automatic happening. It happens to many, happens to thousands. But if you stick to false and useless things and then you also talk about false things and you continue to catch and remain with false things which make you inert [immobile] then with that inertia [jadata] you will become stuck to that.

The Chaitanya [living power] which is flowing from your person, you have to know how to spread it and for that you have to give some time, I have told you earlier. It is true.

But the ‘priority’ is also a thing. You have to change your priority. Within few days you will be established in your priority then you will enjoy it. You will get all the joy of the whole world.

Whatever are the attractions and beauty of the world, all the wealth and Laxmi, whatever is there which you call knowledge, it is the source of all these things. It also knows, also loves and is the beauty too. It is the same Divine Power [Divya Shakti] about which we have read and known about it thousands times.
And by this Divine Power the whole creation is created. You are created and by this only you will know it that it is the Shakti. This is a great thing. Slowly and slowly it will shine.

Any living process takes time and it grows slowly. It does not bear any quick process. But I see that its roots have gone very deep.

Now I have come from Rahuri. I was very happy to know that the scientists there have proved it scientifically. They have done experiments on their plants and crops and made it a scientific thing. They were telling that they will go and tell the people about it [vibrations] that this is the only Truth. Rest it is untruth. We will tell everybody about its name [Kundalini] that his only is the Shakti which is your own. Your own shakti is becoming useless by the one which is sitting within you.

For example in Yamuna river there were many pitchers filled with water but when in those pitcher holes are made then the waters of pitchers mix with waters of Yamuna and become one with it.

In the same way you should also become [like pitchers]. But I want that you should know it fully and get it like Gopies and Gopes were searching in the times of Shri Krishna. That thing today you have got within yourself. I have told you many times that its depth [subtlety] is beyond microscopes.

I have come to tell you the thing of that depth but become authorized.

Those who have no authority, I cannot tell them. Therefore the thing I have told you today, I did not say earlier anytime.

If anybody from you wants to ask any question then one or two persons may ask Me. Please ask Me a question if anybody wants because I do not know what are your questions.

Translation by C.L. PATEL, May 2010