Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)


Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India), 31-03-1975

[English translation from Hindi]

People who had come earlier to meditate I had told them that the Lord Almighty has three aspects that is why His three powers work in this world. First one is Mahalakshmi, second is Mahasaraswati and third is Mahakali power. The Makahali Power lives in all jada jeeva [inanimate life] and all things as pranav which is the vibrations you are feeling that exist only in human and in living hearts. It beats in the living forms. When this Mahakali shakti lives in inanimate life it feels as electromagnetic waves and in living things it shows up as vibrations. The world’s existence is because of Mahakali power. When this power goes away from molecule the molecule gets destroyed. This is the power used in atomic energy and hydrogen bombs. When reversed this energy is very destructive. Like so srujan [unclear; at 2:30] works. Because this is the witness power. Lord Almighty watches over the world with this energy, using Adi shakti’s power. When Lord Almighty stops enjoying this creation of His, when world goes astray and world cannot run anymore then this power goes as tandav in this world and destroys the world. This energy as witness power, in every form as bhoot matra ( 3:58 ) meaning what has happened, has become, it becomes alive. When it comes up in human beings it comes as vibrations. It is a part of left sympathetic nervous system. In human heart there is Shri Shiva’s place from where Shri Shiva witnesses everything. He manages the emotional side of the world. And this is Pranav which comes into the heart and vibrates. When this energy raises in human beings it is felt as vibrations in the heart. When it is felt in heart it is called ‘Anahat’ meaning ‘without percussion’. Then you can feel the vibrations.

The second power of Paramatma – the Lord Almighty –  the Saraswati Power is the Creative Power. The Mahakali Power witnesses the creation like a person watching herself in mirror. Now in the Virat’s body all the universes are created by the Mahasaraswati Power. Virat = the great God. This is seen in our right sympathetic nervous system. This works in our human brain called the limbic area. It is also in Virat’s brain where it plans, becomes aware. It exists in human beings as mental being. When Adi shakti is Trigunatmak [possessing three gunas] then there is Mahakali Shakti that witnesses and destroys everything if it does not like its creation. The second Shakti/Power is the Hiranya Garbhini aka. Mahasaraswati Power is in human abdomen ruled by Shri Brahma Dev who is in Swadishthan that is why Bhavsagar is created in humans and in Virat. In Virat’s Bhavsagar we were all created. It is this energy which creates the 5 elements from which the universe and human body are created. It is also called the Creative Power.

The first Shakti is Tamo Guna: desiring power; second one [Rajo Guna] is activating power aka, creating power; third one is Sattva Guna, called Mahalakshmi, the power present for evolution of human beings in this world. The third energy works in human beings for evolution. The beings are unaware of the existence of this power. When human beings were in evolution as monkeys they were unaware of it. When you have to go beyond human then these three Powers have to unite, these three Gunas have to merge. The Kundalini leaves the Sahasrara together where the three Powers merge. This Power resides in humans as Kundalini. This Power also incarnates in the world and helps human ascent. In this energy evolution happened and Mahalaxmi changes incarnations. Like Mahalakshmi is Shri Gauri who is representation of Kundalini and Mahalakshmi is also resident in humans as Shri Lakshmi who is Shri Vishnu’s power and She is also Shri Saraswati, Shri Brahman’s power. This same Power also is Shri Durga and Shri Sita, and when it raises further the same Power is also Shri Radha who is Shri Krishna’s power, and on Agnya Chakra She is Shri Mary, Shri Christ’s Mother.

The same energy is the Trigunatmak when it raises to Sahasrara, where all three Powers unite. That is why through Sahaja Yoga you go beyond the three Gunas. The pranav flows through you which is Mahakali Power and your creativity opens up, your collective consciousness opens up. You can raise other people’s Kundalini. With creative power you become conscious. With Sahaja Yoga all the three Powers integrate and you can feel vibrations, other people’s chakras, catches and you have evolved. Your evolution has happened when these three Powers unite and people who can go beyond these three Gunas are Sahaja Yogis. When your Awareness/Chetana, Vibrations and your Evolution/ascent, all integrate, then you become beyond Gunas/qualities. This is what has been spoken of at various times in the world. Mahalakshmi has incarnated in the world many a times. This cannot happen by conviction. It has to happen. You have to get your Self Realization.