Letter on Mithya

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Letter on Mithya (Translation of Her Holiness Mataji’s letter in Marathi sent on the occasion of Sahasrar
day celebrations on 5.5.1975.), 5 May 75.

My dear Damle,
Many blessings,

Received your letter It is a very good sign to feel a pull on Sahasrar, because only through Sahasrar endless rays are poured in man’s heart and new doors of inner being are opened. But before this grace descends in, there should be a pull in Sahasrar. We understand the pull of heart which is also silent, but fop-sided, that is emotional. But pull of Sahasrar becomes all-round. There, man is in integrated state, in that Dharma (righteousness) and awareness implore for chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) that is God’s love. This happens spontaneously. Although it is the skill of your Kundalini, your personality should strengthen the Kundalini You earned that quality in previous lives and hence this life is great that gems of persons are available for my work.

If you understand that although my physical being is here I am all over, it should also be realized that even this body is an unreal (Mithya) appearance. It is difficult to come to this stage but if gradually unreal is discerned, the truth will be established effortlessly and waves of great bliss will envelop your being. I am explaining, in this letter, what is unreal (Mithya). It should be read out to all and assimilated by all.

Unreal starts soon after the birth in this world. Your name, village, country, horoscope, forecasts, many such things get attached to you or others attach them to you. Once Brahmarandhra is closed, many types of illusory ideas become a part of your mind. False thoughts like ‘it is mine or they are mine,’ identify with outside objects ! Besides, man-made bindings such as “My body should be healthy and beautiful” are inculcated. Then unreal relationships like, ‘he is my father, he is my brother, she is my mother’, are on your head. As ego develops, foolish ideas, such as, ‘I am rich, I am poor, I am helpless, or I belong to high family etc. come in your head. Many officials and and politicians become egoists (Donkeys). Then, there are anger, hatred forbearance, separation, sorrow, attachment under the cover of love and temptations in the guise of social status. Man with great affection keeps clinging to this unreal way of life. If you think of getting rid of all these, and make efforts, what you get is illusory knowledge, because the attention (Chitta) moves along Pingala Channel, and then you are involved in Siddhis (Powers) and other temptations. A vision of Kundalini and Chakras is also illusory because there is no gain from it, on the contrary it is harmful. Whatever self-controls and mortifications you insist on practicing effectively, all of them add to the limitations on your Chitta (attention). As such there is no way for liberation.

But all unreal does not fall off with the Self-Realization. It can be broken off gradually. If, with firm conviction, you deny from Your heart all that is unreal (Mithya), you will have the realization of the Self (Atman) in its pure form. Thereafter it is established within you. Albeit, the same mortal human Chitta is drenched in that which is of the nature of love, truth, having no beginning and end, verify the Shiva. Human Chitta is meant for realizing that reality. This Chitta must become one with that Atman. Only that Chitta, which progresses renouncing all unreal (Mithya), breaks all known and unknown bindings and becomes verify the Self.

Atma is never disturbed or destroyed. Only human attention (Chitta), in pursuit of desires, leaves its inner path. This is Maya (the illusion). She has been intentionally created. Without her the attention (Chitta) would not have developed. You should not be afraid of Maya and should recognize her so that She will illuminate your path. Cloud hides the sun as also makes it seen. In the same way once the Maya is identified she moves aside and the sun is seen. The sun is always there but what is the purpose of cloud ? Because of cloud you have an urge to see the sun which shines for a moment and again hides somewhere. It gives strength and courage to your sight to see the sun. Man has been created with such great efforts Only one step on his feet and all is successful. But, still it is not becoming possible. Hence, I have come as your Mother.

Write your problems to me in letters. Sit down in meditation. It is best to discuss only Sahaja Yoga even amongst each other. Attention (Chitta) should always be kept going deeper and deeper within. Forget outside as much as possible. Have confidence that everything about it is taken care of. There are many instances to prove it. Then, in whatever you do, your Chitta (attention) remains in oneness with the Self. All bindings of sin (Pap) and merit (Punya) are snapped. Distinctions like worldly and non worldly vanish, because that wicked darkness, which has created all the discriminations, ends. Everything becomes auspicious in the light of true knowledge, whether it is the destruction done by Shri Krishna or the Cross of Shri Jesus.

All this will not be understood by explaining. Just showing the path will not help. The path will be known only after walking on it.

When I get your letters I fix the targets. After some time even that will not be necessary. But, for the present all should write their own experiences and progress. When I come, we will see how many of Virata’s channels (Nadis) you have awakened. It appears, this work will come up in the case of holy land of India, and when fully developed, it will spread in all countries and directions.

When Sahasrar day was celebrated in London today, I invited only about 20-25 people and decided further course of action.

Many blessings and infinite love to all.

Ever yours

Your Mother Nirmala