Keep the attention on yourself

Mumbai (India)

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Keep the attention on yourself, Bombay (India), 21 December 1975.

[English translation from Hindi]

The love of Sahaj Yogis is so overwhelming that I cant find words what to talk…
You might be knowing that today in whole world the Sahaj Yogis are heading towards their evolution. Many Sahaj Yogis have reached a very high state, the source of joy flows in them. Some of them became subtle and are active in a special way. But in every country I see that they have their own style or conditionings… human being is everywhere same… and Sahaj Yoga is an innate state of being which has no relation from outside. Still, the ‘Attention’ which is a form of the nature, which we know as Kundalini… has the tape record of all the countries you have been through, all the births you have taken, the ways through which you passed and whatever states you have experienced… this is the reason I see that every country’s human being is little different. Its very surprising that human being catches so strongly to whatever is ‘illusion’….and to catch the truth how much he is arrogant. He is so lethargic…with such difficulty he accepts it… but very badly he keeps sticking to the untruth. That’s why it is so surprising for me.

In the beginning I used to think that human being considers his name, village, position and all these degrees as important, but it is amazing to see that how deeply it affects. As soon as it all gets vanished….
As soon as all this illusion gets erased… we make our attention lighter and lighter. In Sahaj Yoga this ‘ attention’ goes and unites with the God. This ‘attention’ gets dissolved in the omnipresent enlightened Param Chaitanya. This same human attention which we consider as form of nature, this flower which is the part of nature gets dipped in the ocean of Divine love! But sometimes it is amazing to see that this human attention is so heavy…so scattered…

There is only one way to recognize sahaj yoga is that how much joy you are in, how much peace you are in, and how much love you are into… The people who are living in illusion cannot get Sahaj Yoga. What can be done through my hard work? Is that I can take your Kundalini on mine and leave you there but you always drop it… You cannot even enjoy where I take you to.

In every country there are different type of problems. We must first understand what is the problem of our country, because first of all we should know our own problem. And what is the problem of other country also should be understood. Like, recently in U.K I have started my work, very slowly, I have taken very few people in my hands. I didn’t want to take many people, I thought first at least to establish twenty five people who should be established in Sahaj Yoga. You will be surprised to know that those people are very great souls! They have eternal faith in Sahaj Yoga, they understand that there is no other cure except Sahaj Yoga. After reaching the final stage, Sahaj Yoga is extremely ‘dynamic’ thing. And if there is any program of Sahaj Yoga, then there is nothing else greater and important for them. And for hours they will be involved in it….
As if don’t know what is this thing which came from God which is to be given to this world…. And the truth is that, ‘It Is’!! no doubt about it, but even after knowing this truth , I wont call it their fault but the reason for their shortcoming is that they did not get birth in Yoga Bhoomi (Land of Yoga) of India. Don’t know why God gave birth to such great people on that bhoga bhoomi (Land of Materialism) and you people have got birth on this Yoga Bhoomi. That bhoga bhoomi where they have no culture. They don’t even know if they have to wear sindoor (kumkum) on the forehead or on the nose. They don’t know the protocols of Puja, they don’t know the protocol of praying…they have no knowledge about God. They don’t know even how to sit on the ground. They don’t know anything, they don’t even know how to give claps while performing the ‘Aarti’. And such great souls… so innate they are… so loving…they love me so much… such respect they have towards me.. that I am surprised. Whenever they walk in front of me, in fact they don’t, but whenever they pass they bow and pass with their head bent down. They love me so much that anything in this whole world has no meaning for them in front of me. They have such deep feeling for me that they don’t know how should they respect me, in what way. I am surprised that how they have so much understanding of all this about me.
But for themselves they are so much upset, they are behind themselves with a stick. I told them that, “ you can shoe beat yourself 108 times” but they do it thrice 108 times… wherever they get chance they start shoe beating themselves. They say that we want to scold ourselves. I did not hear from them anything else about others individually, no complaints about anyone, nothing, but only about themselves they think and speak, and for other person they say, “ He is such a nice person that I feel shame on myself in front of him” They don’t look at the other person in wrong way. They just look at themselves as wrong. You will be really surprised that all the time they are behind themselves with a stick. Here (in India) I see that all the vision is outside, just opposite.

Such dedication they have that when I was coming, there were tears flowing from their eyes, I tried, but their tears didn’t stop. So much sahaj and simple is their feeling… Till now I could only get around 21 people like them. But, they are deep, what we call as genuine.. they themselves come and say that we are not genuine…as if somebody is coming and telling me that I am not genuine. “Mother, I have this fault, I have that mistake and untruthy within me…I am carrying untruth within me…” they say it with completely opened heart. And they don’t feel shy for it… to call themselves bad they don’t feel shy… but they don’t judge others. And they also tell me about the reasons why they are like this. They will come and say, “ I am like this because My Father was like this, this thing happened and so…psychologically it is like this so I am doing like this.” they tell the reason why they did something wrong, because it happened so at that time, that’s why I am doing like this. One or two people also come who have lot of badhas (negativities). They work hard and are quiet. They don’t speak anything but say that, “ please let all the untruth get out of me, may be something is still hiding within me” they are so much deep in silence within. But they have this problem that they don’t know how to do Puja, how to worship, poor people don’t even understand how to do it…. I told them that I don’t even send any money to you still how you manage?
Once I told them that I like this bread very much. So every time they came they brought same bread for me. I told them: “Who will eat so many breads?” I just said, but they don’t understand how to surrender, how to give. They are very well educated and intellectuals, they have read all your scriptures and literature.

So its not difficult to make them understand Sahaj Yoga. They say that, Sahaj Yoga is the process of getting to subtle from gross state. They have written an introductory book about me. You wont believe it, they brought all the philosophers of the world and put them on Mother’s feet… They say, “They are nothing… these philosophers raised only questions, but Mother has answered all questions!!”

They praise their fate and say that we are so fortunate to have Mother…One day Sahaj Yoga is going to reach a very great height and recognition. You are my foundations. Imagine how strong the foundation stones have to be. First thing bring in your attention
“Are we genuine?” look at yourself, not on others… Look at yourself! Am I genuine?

Look, they even don’t know how to pronounce the mantras, they cant even say “Shri Krishna” with lot of difficulty they are able to pronounce ‘Radha Krishna’. For you it is so easy… that you can cleanse your Vishuddhi. You just say ‘Radha Krishna’ and its cured… Now, they cant pronounce clearly ‘Radha Krishna’, so Shri Krishna gets little angry on it. Their pronunciation is also not all right, but, with you its easy and you can awaken him easily. They don’t know how to put kumkum. They don’t know what is kumkum for. They don’t know how to offer flowers, they don’t know how to make Shri Ganesha, they don’t know how to make swastika, every time they make it reverse. They never knew all these things.
But even being so much surrendered and devoted, they are unable to achieve what you people have achieved. You have received a lot, but its value, still very few have understood deep within. Not that I have not given them Sahaj, not that I have not given them free of cost… I have given them same as you people have got from me. But, the Love they have for me is so unlimited. It seems that they have understood my relation with them since many births but you people have not yet been able to understand it.
Why are you so limited to yourself? Being cells of same body, being part and parcel of same body, still you feel each other as separate and different. And there, no question of teamwork raises, they solve it among themselves. One boy there started smoking. All of them just got behind him. They made him all right in such a way that he left smoking. They corrected all his arguments, helped him in every way, as soon as they saw him smoking, they used to call him, sit with him. Went to their home and took all the packets out where ever they found and hid them. It wasn’t cigarette smoking, it was something else, what you call it…drug. And they said that if you continue then we will inform in Police. And, that boy did not feel bad about it, he said that please you do something about it. That boy himself said and used to run to them and say “ please save me, that desire is approaching me, please save me, anyhow”. So much hard work they are doing to correct themselves.

Here (in India) your society itself is corrected one! You don’t know in what heavenly land you are living in. there they don’t know about mother or sister… Such a filth and dirty is there… every house there is liquor… drinking… such bad relations they have… Nothing like family, don’t know about mother, don’t know about father. You ask someone what about your mother? He will say, “ don’t know, she has married someone else and gone”. Characterless… everyone with damaged Mooladhara. Even being born in such country they came with Shri Ganesha to me… “ Mother please give us innocence” they broke the head in front of Shri Ganesha, catching ears…asking for forgiveness… and a bravery in it. They are so much aware of themselves and also about others. They told about so many miracles and experiences of Sahaj Yoga. You have got one letter which I sent. It was all of them who found that thing out about me. About me they found out the fact. Still, you people could not understand it and haven’t seen it, but they could. They understood that yes it is like this, this is it… to say it is Mahamaya but within us it is truth.

They have not achieved what you have. But they have put everything for it, all their efforts, they have understood that the time of evolution has come and Sat Yuga is standing on the door. They know that if this door wont open then destruction could not be stopped. And they feel responsible for it, they feel that everyone has to be responsible that we have to do it. They are responsible for Sahaj Yoga. No one can dare to speak against Sahaj Yoga. They don’t speak against Sahaj among themselves, but if someone else speaks then they just take him to task and make him understand what it is. If I tell them that 24 hours you sit without food, they will…!!! But, it does not mean that you people are less than that. Some of you have achieved the heights and state, its extraordinary. But that feeling of achieving is the problem about self.

There is a meaning in keeping the attention steady. It doesn’t mean that you look here or there. The attention is steady only when all the dirt over it gets cleansed. When it becomes light. There is a very big curse on our country (India). It’s a very deeply located within us and that I call as ‘Sin against the Father’. We have committed sin against our Father in heaven. What is it? It is all the time thinking that “we are poor, we have poverty.. We don’t have money, how will it go like this…what about my stomach… all these beggar like thinking. How will we pull on with money, what will happen to my children. If you have faith in God then at least leave this to him that he will give you food, otherwise what is there to have faith in God that even he cannot give you food and look after your needs. This is very great sin we are doing. If we leave this food and all arrangements on God, then Indians can achieve very great height.

There are two kinds of Sin. One is to doubt on the fatherhood of the father, and second I call as ‘Sin against the Mother’ that is there in West in which there is immorality, indulgences, materialism, comfort and to get totally free… out of control, this is the problem there. Both the ways lead you straight to hell. Doing anything for Money, whatever wrong you have to do to make money… its all right. this is the sin of Indians. I am not talking about government. I am talking about God about the kingdom of God.

When you are in the Kingdom of God then, he will give if he desires or he will not if he doesnt… what’s the problem in at least having this attitude within? He will do if he will and he will not if he wont… “ As you keep me, I shall be” if a Sahaj yogi just has this feeling within that “ As you will keep me, I shall live!!!, let me see how you will keep me” you can just enjoy everything. You just start enjoying it… you say, “ let me see how you will keep me, you will keep me hungry? O.K let me see how many days you will keep me starving!!!” “As you will let me live, I shall live!!! You make me walk, I will…, make me sit on horse, I will…., you will get into this bliss and joy….!!!!! You people are lucky to have been born in this great country that rest everything is all right, your parents are all right, your wife and children are all right, you are moral… most of you. Some of you are… But not so bad… it can be corrected.

There is so much sin, the other one, that everybody’s eyes just keep moving…like this… this… all the time, of every man and woman… its such a negativity in them. Transmitting the negativity to each other through eyes. One woman goes, she looks on men, then the men look on women, then other,… it just goes on there like this… I said what is this? they said, ‘ Mother what to do here everyone gets this negativity in eyes.. what to do?” I said, “keep your eyes to the ground.” How was Shri Lakshmana, he only used to see the feet of Shri Sita. Keep the eyes low. Gradually all these badhas will go away spontaneously. If you will not do all this then what will that negativity do living in you?

That bhoot which is playing through you and doing all this and using you, will run away by itself. If you don’t move your eyes here and there then that bhoot will just run away from you. And, till you will keep moving your eyes, the bhoots will keep sitting there in you. They accepted it… and now when they walk on the street they walk with eyes like this on the mother earth… low… this is obedience… Mother said and it is accepted and agreed!! These are the sign of true children. It is for your benevolence, for your wellbeing.

You must understand this, that whatever you have got in sahaj yoga, you have to achieve it in this life itself. I have to achieve it, not the other… I have to… not others, leave of others, don’t worry about others, look within, how much I have achieved the state till now, how profound and deep I have gone in sahaj yoga? How am I behaving with myself, why am I acting with myself? Why am I cheating myself? Why am I lying to myself. Why am I torturing myself? What have I got? Look….. all the treasure is opened for you… just come in…. no matter how you are, just come in, get inside.. I will give you bath and make you sit cleansed. Then what to think? How deep have we got inside the cool wave of Ganga. It is just flowing completely… “take whatever you want…take it my child…” how much pitcher we have filled? Our attention is just scattered and running here and there… the moment you will have look within, you will understand that it is you who has cheated yourself, no one else. This is a very big gap. It is harmful for sahaj yoga. Not to keep attention toward self is the most harmful thing in Sahaj Yoga. And this introspection is only in that person’s nature who had been seeking since many lives…. And knows that because of my mistakes I could not get it till now, so I wont commit mistakes anymore.

Its like you are closed in a dark house and cant see the way to get out of it. The one who has broken his head by striking against the walls in darkness knows and thinks… No, look towards the door…keep the attention towards the door.. to the way to the door. He doesn’t know anything else but knows and says… yes, I know, I have got it, the vibrations are flowing from within… My Sahasrara is pierced and I have known the truth!!! And his face is towards the door… he is catching that door and then if Mother says anything then it is not that “ I don’t believe or I don’t agree..” whatever Mother is saying, every word is truth! And the moment they say this.. all the wisdom starts flowing through them. Your baithak (sitting) should be perfect. It should be strong. I cant even tell them about baithak. They don’t even know this word. English language is useless… They don’t have any culture of that sort, no talks like this. So unfortunate they are… Here you have sages and saints. You people are so fortunate. I took birth in your country. On this Yoga Bhoomi I was born. But you have to see what you have got, not what others have got or did not get, what others say, where others are… nothing to do with this. What have you achieved and got. The moment you will get it, you will become surrendered to God. What are you? you are just a little part within Him, isn’t it?

I have told you hundred times that I need 1000 people who can sit on this Sahasrara. I need 1000 people to sit on horse who never get caught. Is it difficult. Those who are detached… If you are doing something for Sahaj Yoga, you are doing for yourself. If there is someone who says that I went to the market and purchased so much gold for myself, so many things and did shopping.. I worked so hard. Whatever you worked hard, whatever you did, it is for yourself, isn’t it? Not for anyone else. You have seen, that whatever you have done till now, you are enjoying the benefits of it.

There were so many people till now in this world who could achieve. One or two were there in every Yuga (era) you have met, seen and known, so many people in this world, how many are realized? Very few you will find. And today it is great naad (sound) of Kali Yuga… There are so many animals today… The animals without tails. But in this Kali Yuga itself, in this dirty mud a great work has to be accomplished, you know it is happening… in this time, you must take as much as you can. Otherwise you will be thrown out of this evolutionary process. That time is not far away, I told about it. In 1979. That till 1979 this work has to be done and by the year 1999 Satya Yuga (the era of truth) will get fully matured. Now it depends on your wisdom, otherwise Kali Yuga will also flourish because of you only.

If you people wont like to work it out then the responsibility of destruction will be on your head… use your wisdom in such a way, bring your intellect to wisdom and think that ‘ what have I taken from Ganga? What did I achieved and what have I to yet get?’ you have got so much joy and still you have to get much more. You must keep remembering that moment of what you have got. And you must tell your mind that “I have to be always in that moment (of realisation)”. You will get sticked to it. And rest all useless thoughts which are coming, just stop them. It is not prohibited to anyone of any age. It is not restricted to the person of any colour or complexion, it is not restricted for the person of any state or caste.

But most of the people are cutting their own feet with their own hands. Making groups. I don’t understand what should I say for all this… how are you separate and different from each other? If I move my finger here, everyone’s Sahasrara gets activated. If I shake my feet a little… it just can be felt on everyone’s Sahasrara. How are you different and other.. that you keep talking as separate individuals. Don’t you understand it? You cannot be separate. It is just like you break one hand and take it away and that hand says that Oh! I am doing such a great job! I am very sad to be united with this body, so I must get away…it is something about instinct. When the human being desires its own death then he starts doing all this. But, that person who could understand that you are part and parcel of one ‘collective personality’ On that very moment everything gets solved. You know that you are…you are aware of it. All sahaj yogis know this. Anyone who comes from England, from America or from India, he will talk same… that Agnya is catching or heart or anything else… others cannot know about it. They even don’t know this language of our’s. It’s a new language!! Have you ever thought of it? Immediately you come to know, what is the problem, what is catching… what is the depth of the person… whatever is happening. The only difference is that because our attention is not on self, so we cant see what’s problem within us but can see what is problem in other very clearly. It is same like this hand is getting rotten and the other hand is not bothered about it, then that hand will get senseless and what will this hand get out of it. No one has to fall down, and also not the other should fall down, but first thing is that you should not fall down.

It is working and is activated all the time all around enveloping… what we call as unconscious! What is called as pranav (divine breath) to what I call as ‘Divine Love’ is all around…for helping you, circling around you. Bhairavnath is sitting here, Hanumanaji is sitting here… there are thousands of them with you, working hard on you, for you.
This experience and Realization which you have got, how many could get it till today? Tell me… Might have been great sages and great saints, could anyone know so clearly about ‘Collective Consciousness’ how much you people know? No matter how many books you read. And those great sadhus (sages) and saints ask me that, ‘for what have you given them this, what for?’

It’s a very great thing… I have given you birth on My Sahasrara!! I have not given them this… I came on them but to you people I gave you place in my heart but have given you birth through My Sahasrara. Such great state you are in! I have not even given birth to Shri Ganesha like this as I have given to you!!

Its something special…with immense love I have nourished and given to you. Love thyself, when you will love yourself then you will shed away your faults and weaknesses. As you like this sari… you see there is something wrong…you take it out and make it all right… whatever you love anything you try to make it all right… to keep it perfectly all right. And whatever you don’t love…you abandon it. I have loved you so much, how much have you loved yourself? Be loving towards yourself!
I am looking forward to that day when this wave will become synchronized as one thread! Now you people have no doubts on it, because you have felt vibrations. No one is doubtful about it. Whatever Mother is saying is truth we know because we can feel it through vibrations, so no doubts should be there. Some of you have reached there to that state. Look at them who have raised to those heights, that level…and head towards that direction. You will be just pulled up!! Like the fishes are pulled on one single net…same way you will be pulled… but first keep strangled in that net of Love! You should not come out of the net of Mother’s Love.

Don’t use your brains into it… I know how much intellect and brain you have. Did you know where is Kundalini and all this… you knew nothing, isn’t it?
Some of you are even elder to me are aged than me in age, but I am million years old. How can you be elder than me? You are my son, my child… I wish that you all should get into this ocean of joy and work it out for whole world.
Just a little you need a push, a little effort and the boat will get across!! It is just moving little left and right, going forward and backward… Still I don’t say that the boat of sahaj has gone across, you people keep pulling it, pulling it here and some are pulling it there….

The boat has to be brought across to the shore. But the ‘Groupism’ is not to be done. “This man is not good, that man is not good, he did this, he did that…” No one will tell me all these complaints. I know each and everyone inside out! I am not going to listen to anyone’s complaints.
You just keep watching where you were and where you have reached and where you have to reach further. That’s all. When you are walking on your way, do you keep saying all this? You just keep saying: “ when will I reach there, when will I reach there, when will I reach”.

First throw that out which is torturing you within… leave everything behind and move…leave every second behind you…leave every past moment behind you and stand on this very second… it is the question of getting inside! I am sitting here to push you all there. But all of you don’t fall on my head… two or four will fall, its all right…

What argument can be in Sahaj Yoga? If your heart is caught, it is caught, if your Agnya is caught, it is caught… nothing to argue…you have to accept. What is there to feel bad about it? If it is caught, it is caught… If you have to get rid of it, you have to get rid… that’s all.

If you get cancer and go to the doctor and he says “you got cancer”… will you beat the doctor? You will say: “All right if it is so, I have cancer so please cure me now… make me all right.” Same way if your Agnya is catching, the how can you say, No Mother, how can it be, its not caught… If it is caught then you have to get rid of it. Whatever is negative within has to be taken out… that’s all, finished…! Cant you understand such simple straight thing… what is there to argue and what to say? If by saying or arguing someone’s Agnya chakra gets all right then try it.

It is not going to work out with talks… it is subtlest of the subtle Love which works out. Those who have got realization… have they got by your arguments? By your speeches or by the books they have or written or you have read? How did it happen then? It was like a miracle and spontaneously…in second you got realization…
Gagangarh maharaj (Mother mentions about him in the incident with happened when he tried to stop rain when Mother went to meet him and Mother did not let him to) used to say that, “What is this Mother? That’s you just came and everyone’s Kundalini got awakened!! Not even single person Gagangarh maharaj gave realisation and thousands of his disciples are ready to give life for him. How many of you are ready to give life for me? I don’t want it… you have to just take out what’s negative in you…. just this… that’s all.
Here our children will also get spoilt like this because we are ourselves half baked. There are so many nice children in India… but even they have got jealousy and hatred in their mind through parents… they get spoilt by listening to the talks of parents all the time. But there it is not so… they are such strong children that they even stand against their parents who are wrong. All those children are getting ready and prepared. In next 10 years those children will get ready. And in your house also such children will come. There are… many.. Those who are standing on their feet, firm. As soon as they will grow they will stand on their feet. No need to teach them sahaj yoga, they are all already learnt, they are my own.

But I would again say that you people from Bombay are the foundation stones. Everyone says that people grow very slowly in Sahaj Yoga.. It is spreading very slowly. The reason for it is that they see you people and say, may God save me are they sahaj yogis? We don’t want such sahaj Yoga. By seeing you people Sahaj Yoga is going to spread…

Many people told me that we must add the organization to name… like sahaj yogi Amte, sahaj yogi Tamte, I said, “no” otherwise it will get stick… we cant add this to anyone’s name. They said: why? I told them that this is like today you are graduate and tomorrow you will be a donkey totally. Today you are on sky and tomorrow below ground. We are not to give any degree to anyone, if you give a degree then it will be just difficult.

So now I have come, and now you think and tell Me what all you have to work out further. Go home and think about it. Taken a months leave, now there are going to be programs in coming two three days, let me see what talents you show in it. Sit in meditation… sit in meditation for three days. Go in meditation and say that, who all will come for meditation, what all will they do in meditation, in collectivity… put your attention on them. Put attention on them whom you know personally. You attention has all that power. Take that attention, use it… that ‘he can come, they must come, they should come…’ put your attention, give bandhan for them to bring them to program. Also give bandhan to yourself after reaching home. The blessing of God will come on you!

Don’t identify yourself with anyone else… that he is my this relation and he lives there… etc.. they are mine and this thing wrong happened with him… Not this. But, “What can I do for Sahaj Yoga, this person should come, from there they should come, those people should come…” put your attention…

On your attention is the Shakti…. Shakti is sitting on your attention. If you will put it on wrong things or mundane things then it will just sleep. If you will put it in Sahaj Yoga then it will awaken and shine. I met him, I talked to him, I cured him… sit down today in meditation and take your attention on all of them.

You are not going to talk to me anything other than Sahaj Yoga, I am not going to listen to anything else. Its enough… my wife ran away, my husband ran away…my child got this… etc… I am not going to listen to this from Sahaj Yogis. He told me this, he scolded me, he troubles me… all this… I am not going to listen to. And those who have to talk all this or tell me all this should leave Sahaj Yoga.

The one who has to enjoy the bliss… should come here, the one who has to enjoy love should come here, the one who has to enjoy the whole world should come here. All the property of joy which God has made for you is flowing on you, if you have to take it, then come here.

And you all are the leaders. You are the leaders of that Sat Yuga (era of truth) which is going to come. Go to the history… If you are not going to be important for this, then please don’t come here. I am saying this for the first time to you. The one who has to achieve, the one who has to get should individually come, not as a group. Individually. And when individually you will get inside it then you will become like a drop when becomes Ocean. Otherwise you will carry the dirt of everyone along with you.

You must decide that except Sahaj Yoga I will not talk anything else with anyone… no discussions, arguments, etc. You are so many… I never got so many people in any incarnation as many as you all are. So many!! And with their help the boat will go across.

So, its my prayer and request to you…that if really I have loved you and have given love to you, then when the fruit is to come then you wont have to do any stupidity. Of any kind. You must get maturity… don’t act childish. And those who talk childish, you must say “ Keep quiet” and don’t listen to them. Talk like matured elders… You have become matured fruits. Be silent within… and enjoy!! Break all illusions and differences… and the blood of life will start flowing within you… and will fill you with joy, peace and bliss!!
Talk ends here.